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K. Ng

2 years ago

Dr. Fahrer is really great. Been taking my cat here for years. Very busy clinic though so book ahead if you know your pet needs regular eye check ups.

Tiffany Harper

2 years ago

Parking is a bit weird. Staff is amazing and kind. Dr. C Fahrer is really patient, knowledgeable, honest and sweet. My baby boy wasn't AS stressed at this location as he was everywhere else so that was a huge relief. I would love to come back to this location!

Daisy E Mancia

2 years ago

I can't give 0 stars for receptionist terrible customer service terrible communication skills. Unfortunate to have to say.

Dirk Janssen

2 years ago

Great clinic, Dr Fahrer is super knowledgeable and a nice person.

Vee Rocco

3 years ago

Great place for animal care ☺️

Tom Adams

3 years ago

Good doctors just very expensive

Mike N (Evil Monkey Army)

3 years ago

Wonderful, caring people. Better than some of the (human care) doctors I go to.

Jay Gordon

3 years ago

Extraordinary care from the first person I spoke to on the phone to the through explanation from Dr. Christin Fahrer.

Fran Kissel

3 years ago

Can't get an appointment for more than a month!

Amber Drsata

3 years ago

Dr Fahrer is simply the best!

Andrew Mckenzie

4 years ago

They really care about your pets here. If you suspect any vision issues whatsoever give this specialist a call.

Boot Scoot

4 years ago

They did a fairly light check up on my cat and then charged me $200

Jim Frye

4 years ago

Great customer service by the front desk they helped my dog. Great place definitely recommend bringing your dog or whatever kind of animal you have

K Ledenbach

4 years ago

Strong recommend. Compassionate, skilled veterinarians.

Michelle Rodriguez

4 years ago

Dr. Fahrer is the best doctor I have ever encountered. Period. I've had pets with serious medical issues over the years and been to many doctors. I'm very picky about the doctors I choose to care for my family. Dr. Fahrer is extremely competent. She takes the time to explain what she is doing, why she's doing it, gives a detailed assessment of the pet's eye health and goes through all the options. She is extremely empathetic and non-judgmental. he is the best.

Valerie Kiefer

4 years ago

Very informative. My 8 year old Chihuahua mix has a bad cataract in one eye and one forming in the other. Not sure what we will do but I'm grateful for all the information provided and to know there are options.

Andrew Daly

5 years ago

Competent Dr.'s handling your dog


5 years ago

Dr. Fahrer is wonderful! Informative, kind, and compassionate, I highly recommend scheduling with her if you are in need of a veterinary ophthalmologist. Pricing is higher than a normal vet. However for specialist care, compassion, and peace of mind that came after my first visit with Dr. Fahrer I can comfortably say it was/is money well spent. Tip: Arrive early, because the entire facility has VERY limited free parking on the roof. If roof top parking is full, there is metered parking across the street.


5 years ago

I had to wait for a long time to get my dog from surgery although I called in advance saying I was coming and they said he was ready. The receptionist waited for me to complain twice to give me an explanation. Good clinic with bad customer service.

Jacqueline Underwood

5 years ago

I can not speak highly enough of Dr. Christin Fahrer. THANK YOU is just not adequate enough. She provides excellent top of the line care, communicates well, and goes out of her way to support us fur parents. When working with Dr. Fahrer you quickly come to realize this is more than a job for her. She truly cares and invests in both fur baby and parent. Jazzy and I were blessed to fine her at eye care for animals

Pam Schmidt

5 years ago

Great care although the office is very busy so the wait time can be long.

Nancy Hardy

5 years ago

12/14/2018 After being referred by my vet I called Dr. Fahrer’s office at 8:00 am, noon, 3:00pm & 5:00pm. Never got a return call. When I finally reached someone they said there were no appointments till January 2019. I explained that this was not a routine visit. Receptionist put me on hold to talk to her manager then said her manager was gone home. I’ll get you a tech to talk to. Put me on hold. Then hung up on me. Don’t waste your time. Terrible office staff.

Clare Maxwell

6 years ago

I like the doctor but the office never calls back or answers email. I have been trying to schedule an appointment for weeks with no responses from emails or voicemails.

Kirsty Lingman

7 years ago

Edit - I got hold of them via email & scheduled an appointment for Friday. Hoping all goes well. (Not sure what I'm thinking about them, can't even get through on the phone & it doesn't let me finish my voice mail. I'm just trying to make an appointment & no success, that can't be good. )

Linda Lyon

7 years ago

I was at the Jefferson Blvd office. It's a shlep but worth it.They are very caring and kind, quick, efficient and all around great at what they do. Contrary to the bad review below where the person complained they tried to push a $4,000 eye surgery on their dog.... i took in our Boston Terrier with the same situation (a 50%-60% eye gash in the cornea which had become infected. ) We were requesting immediate surgery --anything as a quick fix) and Dr, Feherer said no as it was not necessary as she could see the eye was trying to heal itself naturally and that we should give it a chance to go that route first before going the drastic route of surgery. Today is the 3rd day going the natural route with the antibiotics and ointment. Mookie is going back in today to see if she is continuing to make progress. The doctor said it will take about 3 weeks or so to go the less invasive route of giving the body a chance to heal itself...and i like that. Mookie might look like hell but i believe it's a compassionate and wise choice by the dr.

April Woods

7 years ago

Great place to take your pet for eye isses! The staff & doctors here are friendly & competent. What more can you ask for?

Ann Lewis

7 years ago

I will never use these people again. I was dog sitting 2 puppies. When they were playing, one scratched the others eye and it ulcerated. I promptly took her to Dr. Fehrer. She was very nice, recommended surgery or an eye drop treatment. We agreed to try the treatment for a week and return Thursday. Next week the eye shown improvement and pressure went from 6 to 11 which is now normal. Again, continue treatment but reduce from 4 to 3 times daily and come back in a week. The owner picked up his puppy and after 2 weeks the ulcer was 50% of the original size and doing well. He took the puppy to Dr. Fahrer who ge claimed said derogatory statements about my treatment. Said I refused a necessary surgery (which the owner said he would pay for from the beginning if necessary) and if surgery is not done, her eye could sustain irreversible damage. I found this out because the owner publicly posted this on Facebook accusing me of carelessness. I have dealt with this specific breed for many years, this is common and not a doubt in my mind that the drops will heal the eye. It just takes 4 to 6 weeks. Not 2. There is also not a doubt dr Fahrer said this in attempts to make an extra $4,000 on an unnecessary surgery. If Eye care for animals recommends surgery, definitely get a 2nd opinion. They are in the business to make as much as they can from each client. They are good eye Dr's but i lost, what I thought was a good client and was publicly bashed via Facebook even though the puppy received around the clock care by someone with 35 years experience treating dogs.

Joanna Cortez

8 years ago

Horrible customer service! About a month ago we noticed my dog's left eye was clouding up so we decided to take him to our local vet. after 10 days and no improvement we where referred to Eye Care for Animals. The first visit was fine. My dog was given medication. Two weeks later we had to come back for a check up and when we scheduled it, the receptionist forgot to mention that it was in Culver city and not at their second location in Woodland Hills. Woodland Hills was the office where we had our initial visit. So okay it was a slight misunderstanding, fine we get it. I called to schedule an appointment for Thursday of the same week(The office in Woodland Hills is only open on Thursdays). I did not personally take my dog, my brother did. He told me that the doctor had left and the receptionist told his that our appointment was in Culver city. The receptionist from Culver City failed to mention this to me... again. I am beyond disappointed and furious with this situation. i have wasted my gas and mileage for what? The receptionist at Woodland Hills left the front office unattended and left my brother alone. She completely ignored him and waited for him to leave. This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I called to complain about this situation and I evened decided to give this people a second chance. The lady on the phone admitted her fault in not explaining that the appointment was in Culver City and not in Woodland Hills. She was suppose to call me back to verify when the can squeeze me in. Can you guess what happened next? NO CALL BACK. I'm done with this place. You need two different numbers for your offices. Better yet stick to one office or none.

Veronica St Claire

8 years ago

Wonderful Dr who really connects with the doggy patient - terrific support staff too

Erin F

9 years ago

The doctor's here are only okay, and the supporting staff is terrible, inconsiderate and rude. No one wants to be helpful or do things in a timely manner even when all you're asking them to do is call in a refill for your pet's meds. I was literally laughed at on the phone when I called 24 hours later to check in and see if they had called them in yet. I have been taking my dog here for months now and he never seems to get better or worse. His eyes are still swollen and they just keep giving him copious amounts of meds and charging me for expensive check-up visits. I am beginning to feel like they don't care at all and that they are focused mainly on making money. The fact that his eyes aren't getting better doesn't seem to concern them and I never feel confident anyone one there knows what they're talking about. I'm trying to find alternative eye care for my dog in the area, but it is not easy. If anyone knows of a good place, please leave a comment and let me know!!

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