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Jennifer Drilling

2 years ago

This place is absolutely spectacular for a shelter. So many amazing dogs and cats... they care so much about the animals. It truly shows and the volunteers make this place even better.


2 years ago

It was warm feeling. The girls there explain the process and they where very nice. We loved all the dogs its hard to choose which one to adopt.

Phil Shekerlian

2 years ago

Absolutely incredible. I wish I could give them 10 stars. We have been trying to adopt a dog through several other "rescue" centers and all of them have overbearing applications and requirements. To give you context, I am not complaining because I am someone who should not be adopting a dog. I own a very successful law practice in Orange County, have a very dog friendly home and yard, and a 6 month old puppy. I came to Priceless Pet rescue on a Tuesday at 4pm. I did not have to make an appointment a week in advance, I did not have to bring in paycheck stubs, insurance cards, etc. I spent 5 min and filled in an application and I was approved. They let me introduce my puppy to the adoptee "Dawn" and spend quite a bit of time there getting to know Dawn. When we realized Dawn was a perfect fit, we paid a very reasonable fee and we were on our way. I suggest coming here first to adopt all your cats and dogs.

Matthew Laster

2 years ago

Hands-down this is the best animal rescue I have ever been to the volunteers and staff are amazing the facility is very clean but most importantly I love that they do real time updates on what exactly they have to adopt. If you are looking to adopt an animal whether that be a cat dog bunny this is most definitely the place to go. I myself am in the process of becoming a volunteer I just loved this place.

Rebecca Cordero

2 years ago

I feel like these people really are huge animal lovers and it shows. The rescue is clean, the volunteers are kind, friendly, and oh so patient. We waited a long time for a kitten to find us, but when that didn't happen (in about a years time) we went to find one. The kittens had been raised so well and socialized properly by fosters and I love that you can bring them home the same day. Were forever grateful ♡.

Emmy W

2 years ago

I love Priceless Pets! Where I got my baby!

Jeffrey Lerner

2 years ago

Although I have not been there, any place that rescues animal gets five stars for me.

tonya sumner

2 years ago

I love Priceless Pets. Ruby is my second family member.

Valerie Ann

2 years ago

The best dogs and volunteers ever. I wish I could take them all

Crystal Rodrigues

2 years ago

The volunteers love the animals here. If you are looking to adopt a fur baby, this is the place to go!

Kendal Drucker

2 years ago

Manager was very very nice and helpful. I'm so glad I found my furrever buddy!!!

Cyndi Thomas

3 years ago

Great place! They care about ???? s.

Rashad Strong

3 years ago

Best work experience I have ever had. Amazing people and adorable animals. I loved it!


3 years ago

I stopped by to talk about volunteering. The animals are ready for their new homes, so if you are looking for a pet, please visit. I saw the cutest kittens. You can also check their Facebook for adorable pets also.

Diyonne Raines

3 years ago

Our new lovie "Honey". Gonna be spoiled !!

Duck D

3 years ago

They gave me the best dog ever yesterday they're the best

Guadalupe Rodriguez

3 years ago

so it seems like to be a foster you have to be white?? I’ve been wanting to foster a pup from here for a while and it seems like they’re always ignoring me. But then I started noticing that all the people that foster are white. If not all, then a REALLY big percentage of them. They also seem to get treated better? I’m Mexican and very dark skinned and I do have a bit of an accent but I understand English perfectly. I guess maybe they don’t trust me because of my race or something I don’t know what it is. And when I walk into the building the lady sitting at the front desk with the reddish hair never greets me or anything, I feel very uncomfortable and unwelcome. She doesn’t help at all.

Hilda Cervantes

3 years ago

The woman that runs this place can use some etiquette lessons. On what can be a wonderful experience, her poor attitude ruins it. Great place roughly run. Not someone I’d be around let alone my kids. I’d make the trek to other locations if you’d like to avoid the bad attitude.

Javier Valdes

3 years ago

Have adopted 2 cats from them, very thankful

Jay Wong

3 years ago

They take good care of the animals & screen potential adopters carefully.

Jennifer Heckman

3 years ago

We had adopted the kitten Toby at the Costa Mesa location. First off the only number they have is to a recording for all of their locations. 2nd make sure you check for fleas!!! Even though they say they treated them for fleas & worms check check check. When we got Toby home we didn't think to check because we had trusted that the shelter did their job. Within a couple of weeks my daughter noticed he had fleas. Mind you we kept him indoors. Then I noticed he had tapeworms which is common if a cat has fleas. Needless to say fleas are extremely hard to get rid of. We tried fogger, treatment behind his neck, flea bath and flea collar. In the meantime we where all getting bitten up. It broke my little girls heart but we gave him back. So hopefully Priceless Pets will not miss lead people who want a new family member and do what they say they did.

Kimberly Stanizzi

3 years ago

I was very disappointed in my experience working with the staff at the Costa Mesa location last month. Although the situation was very stressful for the staff due to Covid19, we were spoken to rudely and were extremely rushed through the process of finding our dog. They did not share much information with us about the puppies and their story. When choosing a pet that is going to be a part of your life for 15+ years, I felt like we deserved to be treated more kindly, and have our questions answered to the best of their ability. We were pushed out the door quickly so they could move on to the next person. We did get a very sweet pup despite all this, and are very happy with her. I just wish we felt more comfortable with the rescue we got her from.

Leonardo Ferre

3 years ago

Great staff, great dogs, great place!

Stephen Jones

3 years ago

I got a great rescue pupper from here. They have the right business model for adopting rescue dogs.

Stefan Feldt

3 years ago

We have been having a lot of trouble finding the right dog during covid but the woman working was very friendly and informative. I definitely recommend checking this place out if you are looking to adopt.

S. Chang Kim

3 years ago

No kill shelter and friendly volunteers. What's to say? They are beloved of God.

Rob Guzman

3 years ago

Very nice staff and I truly appreciate them rescuing dogs that are set to be euthanized.

Renshai 12

3 years ago

No one picked up the phone and I couldn't get through to a voice-mail. Either way, they were recommended by Collar and Leash, so they are doing good work...make a donation if you can...please!!!

Loren Gameros

3 years ago

Great fun for the entire family! Food was good too!

maddy rozint

3 years ago

I adopted the best dog at the Costa Mesa location. I had to wait about a week to get him (he needed to get neutered and some other things) and they welcomed me back to take him on walks and give him blankets while we were waiting to take him home. The volunteers there are amazingly kind and helpful but I felt very pushed away by the manager (I’m assuming). She seemed as if she didn’t want me adopting him and made me feel like she thought I was under prepared. I also felt like they didn’t know much about his temperament or even took him on walks because he was labeled as high energy (which he isn’t) and had no idea how to walk on a leash when I got him and walked him when I came to the shelter. With lots of training and love he has learned to become a normal dog and is finally a healthy weight but I think you should do your research about the breed before adopting from here and spend a lot of time with their dogs before adopting. (PS: I got to take home a sheet which had foster notes on it about his personality- however he was at the shelter for under 24 hours before I adopted him and stayed there before I was able to take him home. I have no reason to believe he ever left the shelter and the notes were very contrary to his personality which is why I suggest getting to know their dogs before adopting!)

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