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Jeremy K.

2 years ago

Nice people no problems with my usually problem child dog :)

Liz M

2 years ago

Called to make my appointment after I noticed my kitty had blood in her stool. I love how close to my home Dr. Kang's practice is as car rides stress my cat out. His lobby is clean and calm. His exam rooms are clean as well and a good size with no places for kitties to crawl into and hide. The vet techs were so kind and gentle with my skittish kitty. Dr. Kang came in and we went over her health history. He asked many questions to get a thorough history and performed a routine exam. He was also very gentle with my kitty. He explained what may have caused my cat's stool issues and explained what the first treatment session should be. He started out with a simple blood test and a stool test which was reasonably priced. Dr Kang and his staff taught me how to administer some medicine for her. The next day, Dr Kang personally called me to go over her blood tests and explained everything clearly. My kitty is very healthy! ❤️ I also called to report my cat's vomiting after medication administration and Dr Kang called me back promptly to follow up and provide instructions. Thank you Dr Kang and staff for your kindness and compassion towards every animal and human that come to you for care. Edit: after returning a few more times, the doctor took a flea comb and SCRAPED so hard down my cat's spine that she tried to get away from him. He was so gentle and kind the first time, I'm not sure what changed? The vet techs are always kind, this was the doctor. He found one flea and blamed all of her skin issues and hair loss on her having fleas even though I treat her with Bravecto as prescribed. I no longer take my beloved kitty here and take her to a cat specialist who is extremely caring and much more kind towards her.


2 years ago

They are so nice and helpfull I come with my crazy dog and my two kitten, they give me a room so they can play. And prices are the best

Tatiana Torres

2 years ago

Took my cat Buddy to Fairview and the whole staff was ao friendly! They were also so sweet to my little guy. I had checked them out due to a extremely high recommendation from a friend and her pet.

Cristian Aguilar

2 years ago

Dr. Kang is the best!!

Roberts Christie

2 years ago

Great caring staff. I was worried about the drop of but the staff is very good with the process.

Julia Lindquist

2 years ago

Great vet, wonderful staff, can't say enough great things about this place.

Santiago Dearing

3 years ago

The Fairview pet hospital's team and Dr. Kang are amazing. They are always available for emergencies and give the best advice over the phone. Dr. Kang is a great MDVet and will take great care of your pet.


3 years ago

This hospital is really nice, they are very friendly and efficient, i spend three hours in another hospital and it wasted my a lot of time.but here it takes less than an hour to solve the same problem.love here:))

Nathan May

3 years ago

Always welcomed whenever I have to visit. Really helpful and willing to work with you whenever a situation arises. Great Dr and staff!

Joe Add

3 years ago

The very best, wonderful staff, great doctor!!!

Diane Baesman-Cowan

3 years ago

Dr. Kang and his staff are wonderful. We have 4 dogs, 2 with health issues. I appreciate his calm nature.

Chuck Hults

3 years ago

We’ve been coming here since Dr. Park.... Best vet around.

Bree Keffler

3 years ago

The receptionist is the sweetest and she's even knowledgeable. The doctor is great, always realistic with treatment plans and considerate of all economical situations.

Mark Geater

4 years ago

Always an excellent and cost-effective service. Knowledgeable and attentive staff.

Abel Manansala

4 years ago

Assistants were nice and caring, the doctor took the time to examine our pup and explain the details and took extra precaution


4 years ago

Such a nice staff. Decently fast service and the vet is very nice and caring with animals. My cat hates new ppl and he is so calm with him. Only didn't give 5 stars cause if it costs a lot I'm pretty sure you can't make payments. Other than that, I highly recommend.

Brad Rhodes

4 years ago

Consistently great experiences here with my 4 cats.

Cami L

4 years ago

It was very easy to make a last-minute appointment. The staff was friendly and the place is very affordable. They also give a discount to first-time visitors. My appointment was way less expensive than vets I’ve been to in Los Angeles. So even though I live there, I visit this area often enough to where I may just bring my dog here next time!

Carrie McKay

4 years ago

Great with my cat, fits me in for emergencies.

Chris Davidson

4 years ago

Dr. and Staff are very professional and caring. Never feel like I'm being "sold" on treatment.

Danae Aballi

4 years ago

We love Dr Kang and Fairview Pet Hospital. Their pricing is fair, they’re friendly and thorough. The staff is great as well. Highly recommend.

Danna Michelle

4 years ago

Love the doctor and staff. They always fit me in their schedule for my cat's nail trimming.

Francesca Agrusa

4 years ago

This is a way overdue review about Fairview Pet Hospital and his wonderful staff of people and the kindest man my husband and I ever met Dr Kang. We have all our cats in Dr Kang's care and we couldn't be happier on how he treat us and our furry babies. Dr Kang is very knowledgeable and always upfront with explaining treatments when necessary. He's heart is there for the well being of our beloved pets. We found also his prices to be very reasonable without trying to push medications or procedures if they are not necessary. Last year our senior cat Major Tom developed a lump which Dr Kang removed but it turned out to be a very insidious form of cancer, fibrosarcoma to be precised. Dr Kang worned us that these kind of cancers do usually come back and to keep an eye on it. So we did. Few months later the tumor was back but grew in such a way Dr Kang adviced us to go to an oncologist because at this point do to the nature of this particular tumor and the location in Tom's body, he felt that a specialized oncologist would be more appropriate to take our case for a second opinion. At the oncologist visit we sadly learned that Tom's tumor was unoperable and that he probably had another 6 months more to live. We took him back to Dr Kang where he prescribed medication to allow Tom to live more comfortable for what ever time he had left on this earth. Recently Tom started to declined and visibly he was in a lot of pain. So my husband and I made the decision to let him go. We called Dr Kang for an in-home euthanasia. We felt our boy deserved to go in our home and in our arms. Dr Kang came on time at the set up appointment with his assitant Monica (God bless her!). The all experience was sad but beautiful. Dr Kang after assessing Tom's health, explained everything was going to happen first and he gave us time to make our final decision. So we signed and the process began. It was slow, humane and emotionally painful, but Dr Kang and Monica presence gave us strength in the process of saying goodbye. When Tom crossed over they gave us time to be with him in private. No for a moment we felt rushed or have a sense that these people where there for another euthanasia. Dr Kang and Monica were kind and compassionate all the way through. I can't imagine another way to part from our beloved one. I wish to all of you reader to consider also this service for the last day of your pet's life. I couldn't talk more highly of Dr Kang for everything he does for our pets and for how he runs his practice. A true gem of a person.

Kathlene Wang

4 years ago

Nice staff, knowledgeable and kind doctor. My mom’s cat came back to me calm and clean. I was able to get him in quickly too.

Shane Robbins

4 years ago

Great place for my pups...

Michele tremblay

5 years ago

Great experience ! Long story short, my new kitten got stung by a bee and my regular vet was not available. I called and got an appointment within 15 min, went and the vet gave my kittens some meds, I was in and out in 20 min, and the price was very reasonable. I highly recommend this veterinary practice !

Magana Co.

5 years ago

I would give this place a zero if I could. My dog was attacked, and I rushed him in into this animal hospital wrapped in a blanked and covered in blood. The girl over the counter looked at me and didn’t seem to care and made we wait in the lobby for 10 minutes. When she finally gave me a room the doctor came in and walked out to speak to her for another 10 minutes. The nurse returned and gave me an estimate for more than 1000 dollars for the surgery and I would need to leave my dog there for a day and a half. When I declined and tried to take the estimate the Dr hesitated and told me it was policy and he could not share the information??? I took my dog to a second vet and was charged below 500 for the surgery plus medication my dog was also returned in 2 hrs. I do not know what they are thinking here but it seemed like this place likes to take advantage of the situation.

Lisa Bogdan

5 years ago

Dr. Kang treated a friend's dog and her puppy in the kindest way. If I were closer, I would be there thanking him in person and taking my 6 dogs there as their primary vet!!

Tina Barber

6 years ago

I took my dog Mochi to see Dr Kang. There's no waiting, the staffs are great, Dr. KAN awesome. Thanks and for sure I will bring her back.

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