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April Brambila

2 years ago

This rescue is a wonderful organization! We had a great experience adopting our puppy at the Chino Hills location!

Chrisean Kim

2 years ago

Good for both cat and mid size dogs. The staff was very kind. I adapted white cute cat for my daughter. East location and easy parking lot at Chino hill area.

Joel McDonald

2 years ago

It is definitely fabulous to rescue and save dogs. However, hopefully they change some things to ethically benefit the dogs in their care. To be fair and ethical to the dogs, a clean, sanitary kennel environment should always be maintained. Also, there are dogs kept in not very large crates; even big dogs kept in too small of a crate for the size of the dog. To be fair and ethical to the dogs until they are adopted, dogs should only be kept in extra large crates

Javier Avila

2 years ago

Got may dog needs taken care of.

becca san miguel

2 years ago

I adopted my kitten, Kevin (Max), in early October from the Chino Hills location. He quickly developed an eye infection. And then he started having these strange sneezing fits where he would be sneezing non stop for at least 10 seconds at a time. I took him to the vet and after the vet heard crackling in his lungs, she decided to test for feline leukemia- something Priceless Pets never did. His test came back positive, as did the confirmatory test we sent out for. My boyfriend and I were devastated and scared because we have another cat that might have been infected. Thankfully our other cat tested negative but they would now no longer be able to live openly together. He developed anemia because of the leukemia. His red blood cells had dropped 10% in just two weeks and he would very likely not make it to a year old. Unfortunately, he only made it to the following week. Yesterday, 12/8/2021, we had to make the difficult decision to put Kevin’s needs above our own and put him to sleep. He couldn’t eat, he had liver failure, and overall was in pain. He was only 6 months old. My boyfriend and I are so incredibly heartbroken over this. We loved Kevin and will miss him forever. When I originally spoke with PPR to tell him Kevin MIGHT have FELV, the woman offered a bunch of meaningless condolences. She was obviously trying to placate me. When I asked why they don’t test at their facilities, she said that the tests cost $25 and they just can’t justify that cost. But with four locations and a vet clinic, it’s hard to imagine that they’re struggling for money. At the very least, I feel as though they have a moral obligation to disclose the fact that they don’t test for this. ESPECIALLY because at the Chino Hills location, the cats are in a small room together sharing the same litter box and water bowls. When I informed them that Kevin did in fact test positive over email, I received an email that to me, proves they don’t really care. It was a hurtful and sarcastic response, shifting the blame onto me (like other reviews have stated). The woman I spoke with said they would add the fact that they don’t test to their paperwork. I don’t trust them. They said that they would reach out to all the adopters who adopted cats around the time Kevin was there. I don’t trust them. Please, if your cat was there in early October, go get them tested. I would hate to think that another family is as heartbroken as we are because of Priceless Pets carelessness. Judging by the numerous other 1 star reviews talking about PPR adopting out sick animals, this will continue to happen. They just don’t care.

Carole Valenzuela

2 years ago

Very compassionate people. Listened to my issues and gave me guidence

Kristi Hernandez

2 years ago

Matt and Denise were professional And friendly they made the adoption process pleasant pleasant and I brought home a new family member

Sherry Horgan

2 years ago

Priceless Pets is a great place to find a rescue pet. They have dogs, cats and frequently rabbits and guinea pigs. It's a great place to volunteer and help out pets in need

Becky E

2 years ago

Great volunteers. Always new animals to save and animal supplies to be adopted.

Nadine Hernandez

2 years ago

Rescue dog walks every Sunday @ 8 am

Taylor Destroy

2 years ago

My boyfriend and I have been in search for the perfect cat so we stopped by this shelter! We explained what we were looking for and the woman brought us right over to Sheeba! (We renamed her Misa.) We instantly fell in love and knew we would be taking her home. They walked us through the entire process letting us know every detail of her past and how to go about the future. I love how much they care about their animals! Everything they do is for the safety and care for their animals. Misa was such a natural! She snuggled right up once we got home. She is the biggest love bug and I’m so happy to have her be apart of our forever family. Thank you to everyone who helped us adopt this beautiful sweetheart! I highly recommend this place. I wanted to review not only to inform people to come here, but to update the staff on their Sheeba! Thank you all again so much ❤️

Nirali Patel (Niroo Biroo)

2 years ago

The volunteer experience was amazing. They teach you how to do everything and you grow connections with some of the pets. I learned a lot while volunteering. I would recommend adopting at Priceless Pets. They treat their pets with care.

Kyle Jepsen

2 years ago

Priceless pets has been fantastic over our first month with our pup. They have been helpful and understanding of any questions we have had. They were all super nice and kind while we were adopting. They continue to show how much they care even after we have had the pup home for a month. Go here if you want the best service.

Fionna Freeman

2 years ago

Priceless Pets cares for their volunteers and their animals. As a volunteer and an adopter, this rescue does wonders to serve their pets and their community!

Geo. Brawn IV

2 years ago

This is a very good no kill rescue. I have gotten two of our forever pets here from them. Always turned out really well.

Ashley Juarez

2 years ago

Great experience adopting our cat, Kiwi and puppy, Fiero(now named TJ Max). The staff are so welcoming and friendly and we’re able to answer all of our questions. They also gave us a complimentary vet exam which helped diagnose our baby Max who had contracted the tick disease. They provided us with his antibiotics and the adoption donation covered all of his vaccines which is a great value. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to give these furbabies a furever home ????❤️

Randolph Oden

2 years ago

Very helpful and knowledgeable. The process was quick and easy . We love our new addition to the family Clarabell

Diana Avila

2 years ago

We went to Priceless Pets to adopt, I had lost my dog and was ready to love again. I did not have a breed that I wanted or didn’t want, just that I wanted a puppy. They brought the puppies in and we were told that the mother was FULL black lab (lol) one look at those puppies and I knew they were definitely 0 lab, more of a Staffordshire mix but again I didn’t care, they were so cute. Now the people behind us asked about the breed multiple times and each time they were told that the mom was full lab. Well months later I did a DNA test, and guess what? NO LAB. which I already knew, but it really bothers me that they blatantly lied. I understand that they probably did it to adopt the pups out, but don’t lie to people. I love my dog he’s as sweet as pie and I don’t care what breed he is, but some people do - this is a lifetime commitment, they should be setting people up to succeed. Having had said that, the people who work here truly care about the animals, everyone was kind and patient. All the animals were clean and appear to be well taken care of and are often taken out of their cages for walks and lots of love. Rescues is hard and I appreciate their hard work and dedication and OF course forever thankful for my beautiful boy. Adoption fee was about 250 which may seem steep but is actually a good deal since it covers shots and neutering.

Bryan Saunders

2 years ago

Clean and organized. The staff is very friendly and helpful clearly love all the animals and the volunteers are awesome!

Anh Nguyen

2 years ago

Great place and people. Great service and very friendly

Phill 0

2 years ago

I love the fact that this is a no kill shelter. It makes me happy knowing that all of these animals will find a forever home.

Ken Hu

2 years ago

Adopted my two cute cats from Priceless. They are very responsible with their vaccination too!

Theresa Abernathy

2 years ago

I got my baby Rambo there everybody there was so nice more importantly they were so good to the animals and all the animals seem to love them there was a very good experience thank you guys so much

star shifters and cats

2 years ago

Kind staff and good cats

Rachel Alarcon

2 years ago

My family recently adopted a puppy from here. After a day of having him the dog started coughing up blood. We quickly took him to the vet where he was diagnosed with stage two pneumonia, his right lung filled AND kennel cough. Clearly the dog was not taken care of well. These people should not be handling animals

Kimberly Perez

2 years ago

I love this adoption center. They rescue all sorts of pets, including bunnies ????, we had the chance of adopting this handsome Catahoula Leapord-Coonhound mix. He is absolutely what our funny needed. Excitement, movement, extra loving. I know a few neighbors who have also adopted rescues here (different breeds, each family)and they all turned out to be great additions to their family. We look forward to spending our years with our new boy Loki.


2 years ago

Love there dogs and they take really good care of them


2 years ago

HORRIBLE! They were very disrespectful and do not take care of their animals. They all laughed at my child when they gave their animal to someone els in front of her. She was sobbing. Would not recommend coming here!????

John Chavez

2 years ago

Great place to adopt and donate food for pets.

Hannah & Carrot

2 years ago

I got all my dogs from this area. Right now i have 3 dogs. and they all are healthy!! Looking forward for the 4th dog!!!!

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