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M alva

2 years ago

Just rude over the phone

Rene Lopez

2 years ago

Hello guys, my cat got a jaw fracture and they told us to take him to a doctor so he can get surgery the price for his surgery was in the 2,000 or below but they made it seem like it would be a lot and he had very little hope so we asked if we can get the money first and then take him to get his surgery they ended up telling us no and that they would euthanize him that same day!! And not allow us to pick him up if we didn’t take him the very next day(we still took him the very next day because we obviously care even if it’s not in our finance we still care and put them before us) but for them to be so insensitive was disgusting . When we took him to the other vet it turned out his jaw fracture was not as bad as they made it seem it was a very easy and fixable fracture . They were going to kill our cat! Over us wanting to save money to afford his surgery !! They are just a money hungry clinic!!!! and it’s so disturbing to know there can be such people in this world . They even keep him there for a long time when they didn’t do much to him besides the testing and X-rays and each time I would call to see how he was doing they would tell me he’s in a kennel so I wonder what was really going on and if they just kept him longer for the money to put you guys in my perspective he was there from around 1 in the afternoon till 10:30 at night . The vet they recommended though was amazing! It’s called pedley square clinic they did an amazing job with my cat and we’re so friendly they explained his jaw fracture .

Jerry Herrera

2 years ago

I've taken both my dog and cat here for treatment several times, from minor checkups to serious issues. These folks are compassionate, caring and professional and go the extra mile. Can't recommend enough.


2 years ago

We got there right b4 closing after being rejected from emergency clinic on 7th n mountain. They tryed to stabilize him and got us transferred to n all night clinic

Brittany Hoosier

2 years ago

Gave wrong diagnosis and still waiting for a call back. They definitely are not certified for eye problems.

Dani Hicks

2 years ago

Plz do not come to this place. There r horrible will not help ur dying pet if you don’t pay for it first . Horrible can’t be in the animal business if you don’t love animals on a different level . Lady wouldn’t even let me drive 15 minutes home to pay for my pets medical stuff because there were closing. We finally have someone send us money to pay and she tells us we have to wait 30 minutes. When we could of went home and grabbed cash to pay for the expenses. She gave us options to go to another animal clinic all the way in diamond or come back tomorrow without giving my cat the medicine he needs. Trying to send him home when he could die

Donners Dee

2 years ago

The Veterinarians here are very knowledgeable and seem like they genuinely cared about the wellbeing of my kitty. All staff members i dealt with were great.

Payton Is fabulous

2 years ago

They are really professional and helped my dog and now he is feeling better!!!!!

Thomas Weber

2 years ago

Did nothing, cost 1000.00 never got results


2 years ago

Really nice people. Helped me at the right time.


2 years ago

My Jabels has been coming here over 7 months since Dr Easthouse diagnosed his heart condition. Jabs has been with us since he was 9 months old. It's been 12 wonderful years, so he is Def an extension of our family. I've had some close calls with Jabs but Dr Easthouse has alwsys treated us with kindness and my pet with dignity. His staff is just as kind and wonderful. They are quite sensative to your needs as well as your pets. This is one of the best wet terrain I've been to in jabs 12 years, his own Dr didn't catch his condition.. So I would highly recommend this place of love and compassion for your pet. I guarantee youre pet will receive outstanding service. ????❤️w

Lissette Chappel

2 years ago

My dog chocked on a dog treat and could not dislodge it. She was having labored breathing so we rushed her here. We had to call to be let in but the lady over the phone refused to see her stating that they were at full capacity. I explained our situation and askef if someone could please just come outside and look at her as all the ER vets nearby were not available. The lady we spoke to was not sympathetic at all and very rude. I understand not having a bed to treat our dog, but if you have a dog struggling to breathe right outside your door the least you can do is be nice and maybe address us in person.

Jamie Singleton

2 years ago

Super great people. Very caring staff would definitely take my pets there again

Frank Dominguez

2 years ago

Very caring staff. Quick care if our pet. Very detailed and easy to understand. It helps under stressful situations.

Billie Valenzuela

2 years ago

Never again will i go here. Never gave me an estimate for treatment just talked down to me about unnecessary things. Does not care about the animals.

David Wilbert

2 years ago

$1,500 later, no surgery, blood work and xrays...way pricey, but only place that could take her, but can't complain much. My baby is doing better!

Fred Daniali

2 years ago

They are very good people, especially Maria. She was very sweet with my weimaraner and I will definitely go back to them again!


2 years ago

We took our kitty here around 8pm or so, they took her right in. It was pricey but that's expected. They treated her and 3 hours later we were on our way home. Came back a week later for a "re-check" I don't know why it took so long... Our appointment was at 3pm, our kitty didn't get seen until around 6pm.. so that sucked waiting around and I'm sure my kitty was uncomfortable there just because she is the way she is.. I recommend this place only if you have an emergency.

Karen Tatum

2 years ago

Our first time using this clinic, so glad we chose to take our cat here. Our cat had an abcess which needed attention & of course it was on a weekend. When we couldn’t get ahold of our usual vet we called Urgent Care & was able to get our pet in immediately. She needed an operation & we are so thankful to the doctor & staff who helped us. Very caring, answered all my crazy questions & everyone was so nice & professional. Thank you again, Urgent Care Pet Clinic, for all you did to heal our cat, our fur baby.

Elizabeth B

3 years ago

I can't express how grateful we are to Dr Easthouse and his truly gentle kind team. I've brought my fur baby Jabels here numerous times, only because the first time was so comforting for my son and I. Jabels my pet has been with us since he was a baby he's part of the family and I was hoping to find a caring and understanding kind vet who would be just as caring as any pet owner would be, and he's surpassed that by far. Please don't hesitate to bring your fur babies here especially during Covid where you don't have as much contact with anyone yet here they do all they can to make you and your pet feel safe. ❤️????

Gabrielle Leal

3 years ago

This is the the place to take your fur baby!! Everyone here was so nice and friendly, I knew my pup was is good hands. I was also so impressed that my pup was actually seen so soon with it being the same day I called to bring her in. The prices for medications and tests that were ran were surprisingly reasonable and affordable. Shout out to Lucy & Marisela for being so patient and nice. 10/10 ????????

Tiffany Huerta

3 years ago

THE WORST SERVICE I HAVE EXPERIENCED AT A VET, UNPROFESSIONAL I made an appointment at 6 pm on June 17th as my cat had an eye issue that day. I would have taken him to my regular veterinarian, but by the time I was off work they had closed, so I decided to take him here. He was in pain and was not eating or active like he usually is. I got to the location, the technician told me that the vet would be performing surgery and it may be that my cat wouldn’t be seen until after. That’s fine, I go home to wait. I get a phone call from the vet at 8 pm, telling me that he has an eye infection and she would like to prescribe him eye drops and run blood work for his other symptoms. She quotes me $480, that’s fine. She tells me she will run the exams and call me once she gets results. Two hours later I call the office at 10:11 pm because I have not received any calls from the veterinarian updating me. A vet tech answers, she says that the vet would like to run an ultrasound and it would be $730+. I tell her that's too much and she gives me an alternative, which is to give my cat a shot/IV drip. I accept, and she tells me that they will administer it right away. Throughout our call I voiced my concerns that my cat had been at the vet for over 4 hours and had not eaten since morning, and she did not seem concerned. I call again at 11:06 pm since I have not received any phone call and speak to the same technician, ask when I can pick my cat up as he has been there for 5 hours and has not eaten. She tells me that I can pick him up at 11:40 pm. I wonder what they have been doing with my cat, since it has been over an hour that they told me that they would administer the fluids. I get to their office at 11:35, call, and wait outside. A tech finally meets me outside 10 minutes later and she was not wearing a mask. She tells me that they were not able to administer the fluid/IV drip to my cat because he was being uncooperative. I am livid at this point. I have waited well OVER AN HOUR for them to administer the fluids, yet they tell me they couldn’t once I came to pick him up? That is extremely unprofessional. They didn’t care to update me until they had to see me in person. Calmly, I ask the technician, “ OK, so he has just been sitting in a cage….?”. The vet technician says yes, sees how bad that sounds, and eats her words back up by saying, “well.. No.. we did do the check-up but then…” and stops talking. I ask her if anything has been applied to his eye and she says no. So my cat has an eye infection and you have done nothing to help alleviate it? I tell her that I have been waiting for a long time and my cat has not eaten, and she just says, I’m sorry. I ask her what was wrong with my cat, and she tells me, "The vet never called you? I’m sorry, she’s busy right now but let me try to get her”. So she leaves then comes back and says, “I’m sorry I couldn’t get a hold of her. She's in another room talking to someone and she talks a lot. I will tell her to call you”. She asks if I can come in to get my cat. I go inside, and I see six employees, ALL OF WHOM ARE NOT WEARING MASKS. How hygienic can you be if your staff does not wear masks, and you as the vet do not enforce masks within your staff in a pandemic? I see my cat huddled in a cage and his eye infection looks even worse. He at this point, had been at the vet FOR OVER 6 HOURS. I was charged $355. We get home at 12:20 AM and I give my cat food and water. He was so hungry/thirsty - it seems that my cat was not offered food OR WATER. The vet calls at 12:28 AM and tells me what my cat had. I administer the eye drops, and 7 days later his eye did not improve. Yesterday, I took him to my regular vet and my cat got better treatment. My vet gave him an ointment and pain relief eye drops for his eye, a shot to immediately lessen inflammation, ulcer check, and E-Collar. My vet always applies the first dose of meds, which Chino did not do. I don’t know why the Chino vet did not give an E-collar or pain relief for my cat, he was obviously in pain when I visited them. Horrible service.

Thalia Aguirre

3 years ago

Amazing so far! In the midst of this pandemic when the 12 vets and animal hospitals I called would not take my cat (who had a large abscess on his neck), this place did!! And they are super understanding and helpful. Marissa, thanks so much for being so helpful and patient, even while my 2 kids under the age of 4 were acting like maniacs! I am so grateful you all are there working so hard for these beautiful animals! Thanks again!

Sabrina Garcia

3 years ago

I came here after being referred by another clinic for a stray kitten I had found and decided to keep, she was in very bad shape and the staff was so helpful and caring it made me feel comfortable with leaving my kitten in their care. Doctor was great and made me feel better with the rough decision I had to make.I 100% recommend this place if you ever need urgent care for your pet I will definitely be telling my friends and family about this place.

Rene Lara

3 years ago

Felt like they were just running test to charge us money, they even laughed at us after giving us a high estimate and us agreeing to pay, like it was funny we agreed (we just wanted our baby to feel better).We went on Friday night and then again on Saturday night and they guessed that our pet might just have a stomach infection based on the blood work/xrays and symptoms. Our pet was still not feeling better on Sunday so we went to a different emergency vet and first test they did was a parvo test and our dog came out positive. I believe if the vet payed any attention to the symptoms, blood work and our pet's age he could have detected it sooner and it would not have been as aggressive as it is currently, or as costly.


3 years ago

They are open until 12 midnight even on the weekends.

Luis Garcia

3 years ago

Clean. Staff was very helpfull in many ways, but more importantly, took care of my dog. Thanks.

Lala LaPoint

3 years ago

I have edited the original post. I brought my cat in & apparently had 5 teeth pulled. Nothing more was said if he had further issues. After keeping him there we were sent off w) wrong medication & charged over 700. Now 2 months later cat is having more teeth problems & never had his teeth cleaned according to different vet. So no work & wrong medication.... who is running the show because this place over charges for service not rendered & wrong medication....I see a lawsuit happening for unethical practice & fraud

Khadijah Perry

3 years ago

I visited the clinic the week of the yorba linda fire after calling around Many of clinics that was booked or hours wait because my Dog back Limbs stop working completely paralyzed.This is my 1st dog & i went to multiple clinics her condition started off with shaking and wheezing which was later discovered bc of back pain. But the 1st clinic said stomach nevertheless as soon as we left there her limbs went out i came here i was a bit skeptical bc of the 1st clinic but here at urgent care pet clinic chino hills the wait was not long at a the front desk lady was humble and seemingly genuine and the vet assistant was very patient and took time to explain & listen to all my concerns then the Doctor Mr East town was very sympathetic and explained and gave concern very thoroughly of past cases like this & also All possibilities (some doctors just rush u off the phone) . Nevertheless i still wanted to go to another doctor for mri and see what treatment they suggest and i didn’t take the medicine bc i am very indecisive & worry about the worst (libra) thankfully my dear Friend talked sense into me I returned for medicine and they were still so patient and understanding. Long story short within 2 days My Princess Pup took her few steps . I am so delighted all this to say The Vibes combined With patience, compassion & medical Advice from this facility saved me Time money & most importantly brought/ bringing my Furry princess pal back to optimum Health. They even did a follow up call which no other vet since i had princess has done i 100% recommend this facility to any new clueless pet Owners like myself they will not take advantage of you.

Julie Amaya

3 years ago

They took so much care & concern for my little dog Simon. And I was able to bring him in right away with no waiting. The staff is so nice!

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