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Bryce Moon

a year ago

Patient and knowledgeable doctors/staff, they were a great help when I called to ask about my boyfriend's parents dog who stole a pill pocket from the other. Doggy was fine just like they said.

Rhonda S

2 years ago

This was our first visit into this clinic and the first time our cat has seen a vet. I was hopeful that even though every time I called I would get voicemail, that we could give this place a chance. When we entered the office, there was one lady who saw us but didn't even welcome us in, and another that came up to the front desk with everyone's paychecks in hand and after looking at hers, then asked if she could help us. After mentioning the appointment she said someone would be with us soon. Not a "hello, how are you today, or welcome in". After waiting for someone else to help, we had been asked several questions that took forever in between while waiting to go in the back, again with no "welcome in" and no warmth at all. I was then told we would get an estimate of what the fee would be for the shot that our cat needed and visit and did not. I was just told before we even left the exam room what the balance due was and asked for payment. When we were leaving we weren't offered an invoice, or follow up in writing as to what to do with our pet and when I called the next day as I was told it would be emailed, they said they would get it to me by the end of 3 more days. I was able to request it and get it in my email the same day after complaining. Again with the email, no "hello and thank you for coming in" just an attachment. I would have left this place the minute I walked in. There is no warmth, no appreciation, and appears to be no compassion for pets. Do NOT go here.

Leigh Crossen

2 years ago

Dr. McClure and her staff are the very best.

Rina Szwarc

3 years ago

Good for the ladies who lunch, or don't need to work. Medicine prices and office visits high, especially since they do not do all the procedures they are scheduled for on the same day. Not open to writing prescriptions for discount pharmacies. Not open to finding lower cost options. Communication terrible. Requires several calls just to confirm procedures. Voicemail ignored.

Lindsay Clark

3 years ago

Life saving team. I could not be more grateful for the care and attention my little one has received especially from Dr Judith McClure who’s generosity and kindness has changed my life. I’m so lucky to have the support from the Powder Paws team in a time of need ????????????????????????

Hanna Brown

3 years ago

I needed to get a Rabies shot for my boss’ dog and they were able to accommodate me at the last minute. Very friendly and genuinely concerned for the doggie health. Thank you!


3 years ago

We brought our 6 year old puggle here for treatment for a broken digit in his paw! They were caring and very informative on his treatment and the follow up appointments. It has been just over 2 months and he is back to normal at this point. He had a brace for 6 weeks.

Debbie Enciso

3 years ago

Very caring, kind & compassionate doctors here!

Barb G

3 years ago

Best best animal clinic! The staff members are all pleasant and knowledgeable. Both Dr. McClure and Dr. Ahn are very special vets! I highly recommend them.

James Woodard

4 years ago

We love Sandy Paws and the terrific care they provide for our two cats. Dr. Judith and the rest of the staff are very caring, friendly and easy to work with. The fact that they are located in our neighborhood is an added bonus.

S. W. Bill Back

4 years ago

Dr Judith McClure is excellent in explaining and performing whatever is necessary to earn your trust and attend to your loving pet's challenges and needs. I've never felt so confident that my dog Riley was really getting the best treatment.

Killin It Here!

4 years ago

For the life of me I can not remember the lady vets name, but she is my mom's dog "Chase" vet. Chase is not afraid of her or going into the office. She is spectacular with Chase. I highly recommend Sandy Paws. Oh, all the staff is super too!

Kathy Mathy

4 years ago

The best place in town to take your animals for excellent care. Judith and her team are amazing! After each visit you are provided with a detailed analysis of the exam and care instructions. Highly recommend!

Jeff Franco

4 years ago

Sandy Paws Animal Clinic is by far “The Best”! From Judith McClure to all of her staff. They have been treating our little two Longhair Chihuahuas Sophie and Roxy since 2015. They are closed on Sunday’s and we had an issue with Sophie. I sent them an email hoping they would see it first thing Monday morning. To our surprise, Judith called us very concerned right after I sent the email with instructions and care. We also just rescued an 11 year old Chihuahua that the owner wanted to put down but Judith refused and went as far as getting a power of attorney so we could adopt little Princess. Thank You Judith and staff for being so compassionate animal lovers. Our little Sophie ended up spending the night at an emergency veterinarian hospital that Judith referred us to. Again on a Sunday when Judith is off, she was in contact with the hospital wanting to know update on the status of Sophie into the night. If that's not going over the call of duty, I don't know of any one vet that would do this! My wife and I can't say enough good things about Judith as she is truly an angel sent from above to guide us along.


4 years ago

Excellent staff. Dr McClure is absolutely wonderful, great vet.

Uchi Deshi

5 years ago

Dr. Judith McClure is a great vet. We've been coming here for over 6 years. It's always a great experience and she obviously loves her patients. She will refer us to specialists when necessary and calls after hours to see how our animals are doing. Highly recommended!

William Mountford

5 years ago

This Vet is more interested in profit's than the well being of my Scottish Terrier. Josh has been in for skin problems and they did a good job caring for him. We also get Nexgard flea treatment from Sandy Paws because this is the flea treatment that works for Josh. Recently went to Sandy Paws for some Nexgard and was told by Joan unless I bring him in for a physical they will not let me have anymore Nexgard. My dog is healthy and being on a fixed income cannot afford a physical just for the heck of it. Joan could use some customer service training.

Robin R

5 years ago

If you care for the well being of your pet, and don't have hundreds to spend each appointment, look elsewhere for a vet. Staff is extremely rude and dismissive and the main vet hardly ever shows up to her own office. Dr. Judith was there for my boys first examination, but has not been in her own office at any appointment I've gone to since. I also let Dr. Judith know at our first appointment that he might need a dental cleaning. She dismissed this and sold us some waterless toothpaste meant for impoverished children. I don't know about other dog owners, but to me it's laughable that my jack russell will sit patiently and keep his mouth open for me to brush his teeth. During another visit several months later, I let one of the techs, a large young man with dark brown hair, I believe his name might've been Michael or something like that; I let him know that my dog has been pawing at his ear lately and asked if he could just look inside his ear to see if he notices anything wrong. He did not do that. Instead he took my dog back for his usual allergy shots, came back and said "We also clipped his nails for you". Fantastic, but did you even look into his ears? Nope. Management should seriously look into communication and customer service training. Otherwise their clientele will continue to dwindle down to just the yuppies who have hundreds to spend each appointment. Find a vet who cares about your pet, not the size of your wallet.

Mary Louise Kean

5 years ago

Sweetness, Shih Tzu, and I have been going to Dr. Judith for 5-6 years. We love her; Sweetness gets very excited as approach the door to her office. Dr. Judith has helped us maintain Sweetness's general health and has been wonderful in helping treat her many allergies. No other veterinary doctor for us!

jamie savarese

5 years ago

This was the first time I had to bring my cat to see a vet. I was pretty nervous, I wasn’t sure how my cat would handle it. I also don’t make very much money. I really was worried I wasn’t going to be able to afford not just the visit but the medicine if he needed any. The people at sandy paws are so nice and so caring. I never felt rushed or ignored. They were extremely patient which helps so much especially when its the first time having to visit the vet. ???? They worked with me when it came time to pay which was such a blessing. My cats my best friend. I am so thankful for the doctor and the nurses at sandy paws for helping us out. I would definitely bring kitty back to see them again and recommend them to anyone looking for a great vet.

Camp Diego

5 years ago

Took my dogs in for a Rabies Vaccination update, they were still current on their rabies but we wanted to get it done ahead of time. They are small dogs (8 lbs). One is blind in one eye and I told them so. Their vet tech was a big guy and had already examined the one with the bad eye and set him on the couch in the exam room. When he approached him to pick him up again the dog snapped at him leaving 2 tiny marks by his thumb, looked like it didn't even break the skin. Got a visit from Animal control the next morning putting the dog on Quarantine for 10 days with a $50.00 charge. I looked it up and a dog who is current on his rabies vaccination can NOT GET RABIES and they were the ones who had given him his RABIES shot last time. Also they charged for an exam for both dogs. I had ask for a revaccination only. SO the bill was $ 146.00 + $ 50.00 for the Quarantine = $196.00 for 2 shots. Won't be using them again!!

Jason de Queljoe

6 years ago

great service, honest employees, medicine prices are very high

Kate K

7 years ago

Not surprised by Meghan's experience. I have never been to a more 'care less' vet office. I don't feel they are all about the money, but they certainly don't provide service or care. The tech's up front are rude and the main dr never shows her face. I wouldn't send any friend there.

Meghan Alonso

8 years ago

I only went here once and that is all it took. Everyone in the office was very kind and Dr. Jarvis was very sweet to my dog but here is what I experienced before my dog and I were fired as a patient and asked not to come back...... 1) Everyone in my neighborhood raves about Dr. Judith so I called to make an appointment with her. When I arrived at my appointment I was booked with another vet...I stayed anyway since I had taken time out of my busy schedule. 2)When the vet suspected that my newly adopted dog had kennel cough (since she is a high energy breed but was acting mellow) she instructed to keep away from other dogs for 7 days and they would see me in a week after medication was complete. I got the appointment scheduled and then they cancelled on me the night before after I had already arranged my schedule...they said they had made a mistake and said she needs to finish all of her meds and has to stay on the meds for 14 days! 3)I called back to re-schedule the appointment and said that the dog was fine...I don't think she even had kennel cough at all...she is just a very mellow dog. The receptionist responded saying that was great and we can schedule her with the vet tech for her booster immunization. I thought that was awesome since it would save me $$ for a vet visit and time...since they had already messed with my schedule before. 4) The night before I was supposed to go back they called to confirm my "appointment with the vet" and I said no...we have an appointment with the tech. They insisted that she needed to see the vet and that I had to pay a follow up exam fee. I told them I needed to think about this and said this wasn't fair...they were the ones that suggested I see the tech and now they want to charge me, change my appointment, and have her see the vet again. 5) Spoke with the office manager and told her how I have been very dissatisfied with their service thus far as a first timer. They are doing something right because everyone in my neighborhood likes them so I told her I would work with them....if they would agree to waive the follow up fee I would go back. We both were very nice and cordial to eachother on the phone which I appreciate. She called me back and said that the Dr. did not want to see me and that was "offended" by my comments. In my many years of working full time for quality companies with great service, including Four Seasons, this service is far lacking and they need to work on the communication of who is manning the phones and what they tell people as well as verbally communicate and write out clear instructions for medications on all discharge notes. The right thing to do would have been to waive the fee and they would have kept a patient...instead they get a bad yelp review and I have already told people about my negative experience.


9 years ago

Absolutely the best vets I've ever been to. They called and got my 14 year old dog's medical records and spent 30 minutes reviewing them with me. That was BEFORE I saw Dr. Joe. He spent a lot of time with me especially going over things I might expect as my dog ages. I'd say it was the most comprehensive exam my dog has ever had. They are very compassionate and obviously love animals. I wish I would have switched years ago!

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