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Drew Simon

2 years ago

ZERO STARS. WORST VCA EVER! We moved to Burbank a year ago, and after having a great experience at the VCA in Hollywood, we've been shocked and sadden at how terrible this Burbank VCA is. They've consistently made errors or missed illness/injuries with our dogs. They overcharge on everything. When we've called them out on their mistakes they brush it off and suggest it's actually our fault. We're not Vets! We don't know what's wrong with our dogs, which is why we brought them to the VCA! We're now going to drive 40 minutes out of our way to bring the dogs to a different VCA, because we just can't stand this Burbank VCA's incompetence and bad attitude anymore.

Veronica Castillo

3 years ago

Technicians and Vets are very friendly, location is clean.

thelma mitchell

3 years ago

This is excellent place for your pet they take really good care of them!

Robert Avery

3 years ago

Have used their services for years treat pets very well.

Ray Ortiz

3 years ago

Best vet's ever???? Dr Coates thank you and we love you‼️❤️

Patty Aande

3 years ago

Super staff ❤️ Very compassionate. Dr. Leon is amazing. They truly care.


3 years ago

Great staff, they treat my dog well.

Murphy Romano

3 years ago

Dr Helen Sindell has been a life saver! She is kind to our dogs and is a very good diagnostician! The veterinary staff is very friendly and competent... and another important thing .....the wait is not very long!! They also provide acupuncture which has been a wonderful help with our achey pets! I would recommend them any time! Murphy and Ed Romano

Jackie Franklin

3 years ago

Very professional and you feel safe and I could tell my dog was happy!!!

Dawn Erwin

3 years ago

Great place for your pet !!

Connie Porter

3 years ago

Had to Cancel Staff on phone understanding and sympathetic offered future appt Nice , will try in future Cat escaped No capture for appointment so Sorry...

Audrey Morton Parker

3 years ago

Dr. Coates is the best thing to happen to cats, ever. Just honestly and truly the person in the world we trust most to take care of our babies. Humans don’t deserve her, she is a literal angel. Dr. Coates and her colleagues have run the gamut with us, from regular checkups to delivering awful news with incredible compassion. Everyone at Burbank (front desk included!) seems to be the best at what they do. They take their time and they’re all personable and gentle and I can’t gush enough about them. Definitely not the least expensive vets in the area, but if 30+ years of pet companionship has taught me anything, it’s that if you can afford to give your pet the best care, you should. VCA Burbank is, hands down, the best care my pets have ever received. It shows, because getting a close appointment is pretty impossible these days, compared to a few years ago! We’ve had to take our pets elsewhere in emergencies and the experience is just not even close. Thank you Dr. Coates, Dr. Sindell, and EVERYONE at VCA Burbank! You work so hard and we’re very grateful.

Alix Generous

3 years ago

My cat was quoted for a dental upwards of $2,300-3000. This is for a yearly procedure. It's ridiculous. My animals have been patients for 4 years. I have found a vet for the dental procedure that quoted me 550 with anesthesia and extractions to give you perspective.


4 years ago

The entire staff has always been so kind and thorough each time I brought my two pups. Dr. Sindell is extremely sweet, well knowledgeable and, has a passion for animals. I would highly recommend as she never left us confuses by any treatment or diagnosis, rather she thoroughly explained everything in detail so that we know what's going on with our pups and why. This is so important to have in a vet for your fur babies. She also provided recommendations that were more cost effective which was wonderful.

Allen Diamonds

4 years ago

ill make it short. Clean - yes, Good service - eh, Prices - WOW, very expensive

Kadeem Nichols

4 years ago

VCA as a whole is an overpriced organization that capitalizes on the welfare of your pets. In two different occasions I was given false information which of course resulted in getting overcharged for a procedure. Just seeing my dog for 15 minutes cost me over 60 dollars... this place is unacceptable

Luca (AvantinavA)

4 years ago

Extremely over priced for what they offer. Charged me 75 dollars for an " inspection " on my cat, were not able to weigh him properly, take his body temperature, nor were able to neuter him until I paid $150 dollars for blood work that is more expensive than what it would cost for a human being. That doesn't even begin to cover that they wanted payment for the neuter prior to the surgery which would've taken a MONTH's wait. They over price most if not everything that is very basic in terms of general health for animals. I was charged $35 for a profender that would've costed me $11 dollars on the Chewy, and to get my cat neutered would've been a total of $800 dollars. There is no way that a vet should even charge close to this amount and there are other organizations that perform all these basic tasks at a much more reasonable price. This is place is pure extortion and this my second visit and will be my last. First time they gave my a cat a shot without my permission prior to informing that the cat was a in door cat only and had no need of a rabbids shot. Please do not come here if you think it's an ideal location due it being local I would highly suggest driving the extra mile or two and spend your money more wisely on gas and your animal rather than getting exploited by these people.

Ross Hayduk

4 years ago

Great customer service and professional pet care. Prices are on-par with traditional vet clinics and the VCA Care Club is available, too, so I look at the high level of customer service as an additional benefit to coming here.

Boris Winogradow

5 years ago

Best animal hospital in Burbank for our pets

C Sal

5 years ago

I signed up for Pet Paws during my puppies 1st year. I wasn't happy with their service, I called twice to ensure my dog had all his necessary vaccines before I cancelled. Both times they assured me he was up to date. Today I find out from my new vet location that Burbanks record show he wasn't given all his shots. He was missing the 2nd booster shot! I have been taking my dog to the dog park and hiking, and he's not EVEN PROTECTED!

Emily Shkoukani

5 years ago

About a month or so ago, I brought my cat in as he had been throwing up hair balls multiple times a week for several weeks. While cats do get hair balls, this was definitely excessive and abnormal. After the vet did a check up on my cat, she guessed that he had a sensitivity to the proteins in his food and had Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). She told me that there were a few tests they could do to determine exactly why he was throwing up so excessively. She also listed a plethora of other things to do to help with nausea and digestion. I was then shown an itemized bill of what they wanted to do including: X-rays (to check for blockages/if he ate anything), blood tests (to check for disease/abnormalities), anti-nausea shot, and a prescription diet. The total cost would have been $650+. I explained to them that I did not have the money to do all of that, so I went ahead with just an X-ray because my cat is known to eat things he shouldn't (still about $250). Later that day, I get a call from the vet with the results from the X-ray, saying that they saw something in his stomach but could not determine what it was, that it could potentially be food, and that they needed a second X-ray. At this point, I began questioning them and made it apparent that I was not happy that I'd have to pay another ~$250 all because no one asked if I had fed my cat that day. While they explained that most animals don't need to fast before getting X-rays, it does happen. I explained that I already told them I couldn't afford the $650+ bill earlier, so why would I be able to afford a SECOND X-ray. They eventually gave me a discount, and I went forward with it. The second X-ray showed nothing of concern, but the vet continued to insist that my cat had IBS. At this point, I became untrusting of the vet. Why? Because: - The vet immediately wanted to do a plethora of tests on my cat, and yet she also claimed to not want to be too invasive when figuring out what was wrong with him - I looked up IBS in cats and there is absolutely no correlation between hair balls and irritable bowel syndrome (also got a second opinion) - Irritable bowel syndrome (as you can guess from the name) primarily has to do with going to the bathroom, and I never expressed that he had any problems or that his stools looked irregular - The vet used fear tactics to get me to go with the second X-ray by saying his first X-rays looked suspicious, and yet the second X-ray showed nothing. FINALLY, after taking matters into my own hands and deciding I did not trust this vet, I switched my cat to a hairball control diet (no prescription necessary). He has not thrown up in over a month. It was truly that simple. In conclusion, this place is sadly only in it for the money. I did not feel they cared for my cat, and only sought to take advantage of me. The cost if I had paid for EVERYTHING they wanted to do: $650+ The cost for two X-rays that showed nothing: $450 The cost to switch my cat's food: $25

Ginger Calhoun

5 years ago

I brought my two cats in which are normally fine at the doctor's office but firstly, they do not have separate waiting rooms for cats and dogs. Secondly, there was a rather energetic dog there that was taken back while we were still waiting and when the attendant that brought him back out, let him him run almost all of the way up to my cats (as we were deliberately sitting the furthest away from the hall way) before returning him to his owner who was sitting across the room from us. Afterwards, my youngest cat was extremely upset and couldn't even be examined she was so upset. IMO, this is not something that should happen. The other personnel there seemed professional and helpful and the doctor that we saw was very knowledgeable and kind. Overall it was a good visit but now my cat needs a sedative before returning so that she can be handled. She normally isn't aggressive but under these circumstances I believe that it has attributed to her uneasy there.

Helen Glen

5 years ago

I want everyone to meet part of my family Mimi ????! Yesterday she got her ear surgery done, everything went normal till that time i went to hospital to pick her up. While she was disconected form IV she start coughing,in seconds her tongue turned blue and she knoked out. Dr Sandal, whom i want to dedicate that post, react very well and fast. So Mimi is alive and now doing prety well. All night we slept with her, affraid of another episode of coughting, during that time i was sewing.. i though why not to thank Dr Sandal with a small towel with embroidered Mimis picture on it and little message? ☺️ Glad that people like that doctor exist , with big ❤️ #vcaanimalhospitalburbank

Luana Mancuso Harley

5 years ago

They always take good care of my kitty :) very friendly staff, nice clinic.

Rita M. Carreon

5 years ago

At VCA Burbank, not only the Dr.'s attend to your pet's every need, but so do the Technicians as well as Office Staff. Each one treats your pet, as well as their owners with care, compassion and Excellent patient thoroughness. I highly recommend and Trust VCA Burbank.

Steve Moberg

5 years ago

They are a great caring staff...

Janna Loeffler

6 years ago

Brought my dog in because she is old and I had some concerns about her leaking urine and losing weight. Agreed to a senior blood panel, because she needed it. Got the results back quickly, which is great, and they showed a definite UTI plus low T4. She’s a 13 yr old Doberman mix, hypothyroidism is prone in Dobermans, no biggie. Vet called me with the results late Saturday. I was driving and did my best to talk with her. Called back 8am Monday morning to get antibiotics and start a culture on my dog’s urine as suggested by vet. Vet staff would not tell me how to proceed to get a culture started and would not help me get my dog started on antibiotics. They told me I had to wait to talk to a vet, even though it was suggested by my vet and they have all the paperwork. Called back at 3pm when I hadn’t heard from the vet. I was assured the vet would call. It’s now after 7pm, they are closed, and the vet never called. So now my dog gets to suffer for yet another day. Completely unacceptable!


6 years ago

Your fur babies are given great individual care by caring staff..

Jenifer Foxx

6 years ago

Everyone was super nice and handled my crazy dog very well (sorry!) . Great hours. Great follow up as well.

Jon Farhat

6 years ago

Hideous. Our Golden Retriever had been going there for a while. One morning he woke up barely able to move with a lump on his side of his stomach. We rushed him in, (he couldn't walk) and the idiot doctor felt the side and then started chewing me out for "not noticing this bump" on his side. He insisted it was a tumor. I told him the bump was never there until this morning, and he didn't believe me. So I rushed him to VCA West LA and they Xray'd him and it was TORSION. His stomach was twisted in a knot over night. They confirmed this was no 'tumor'. VCA in Burbank is lazy, hideous, and insulting. Shame on them. We've never been back and have been driving from Burbank to VCA in West LA for all our pets ever since. Don't waste your time with these lazy insulting morons in Burbank. If I could give no stars, I would. But his makes you give at least one star just to post a comment. Our Golden Retriever went through extensive surgery but the damage was done and he died. I have to think that if the Burbank VCA doctor had bothered to consider other options, he might still be alive. Very Shameful.

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