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Ollie Zirbel

2 years ago

Got caprice about 2 years ago from LYFF. She has become such a snuggler and love bug. She is great with my deaf pup who uses her for clues and I can’t love them more than I do.

Taylor Laborde

2 years ago

This organization is absolutely amazing! We had a stray cat who liked to hangout around our house, and since he wasn’t fixed he would fight with our feral cats. I reached out to LYFF and they went above and beyond helping us with the catch and release process. They allowed us to barrow the trap cage and arranged to have him fixed. After we released him, we set food out for him and the food would be gone when would wake up in the morning, so we hoped it was him eating. He gradually started showing up to eat earlier in the night and began to trust us more and more. Our feral cats now get along with him. 8 months later and he now lets us pet and hold him. We are so grateful for everything LYFF did for us!!

Kim Myrick

2 years ago

Love Your Feral Felines is an AMAZING group! I rescued 2 kittens from under a friends house, at about 4 weeks old. I didn’t know where to turn after that. I was referred to LYFF by a friend who had adopted cats as part of their barn cat rescue program and she also enlightened me about their rescue efforts for cats/kittens as well. They have made a HUGE commitment to not only saving cats/kittens lives through rescue, but stopping the overpopulation, by offering an affordable spay/neuter program. I applied for the services and both my male and female kittens were “fixed” through the LYFF program. It was an easy and very affordable option for me to help guaranteed I was part of a solution not becoming part of a problem. LYFF has helped over 7,000 cats/kittens since the inception of the program and they have won “Best Charity” two years in a row now. The spay/neuter program is a key element in helping decrease the number of kittens who end up in shelters and on euthanasia lists. Without their efforts, who knows how many other cats/kittens would unnecessarily lose their lives. As a responsible pet owner, I so appreciate LYFF and the opportunity they gave me to spay and neuter my babies at an affordable price. I am forever indebted to them and proud to give them my 5 star ⭐️ review!

yolki doki

2 years ago

Hi, I'm a 19 year old who was on the look for an emotional support animal as I have lived with severe ADHD, Depression, and Anxiety. I heard about LYFF from two friends and decided, as a person who has owned cats all her life, that I would go visit them. I got to play with them and feel deeply in love with one of their kittens, I filled out the pre-adoption application and everything. Even though I am 19, and that is pretty young, I again have always owned cats, and still in fact live with my parents and they help me with finances. After waiting the 72 hours, they still had not responded to me, so I sent them a email asking if I had filled everything out and to check up with them. They never responded. Last Sunday I went to their adoption event, to talk with the staff, one lady was incredible rude, while the other was helpful. After talking with them the organization told me they were uncomfortable moving on without any reason. One of the volunteers told me that it was due to my age, and to try and have my mother, whom I already told them I live with, to register. They denied her, again for no reason. This severely hurt my feelings and is kinda bias, thinking I was unable to care for an animal who I would again be registering as MY emotional support animal. They are very unresponsive, and again quite bias about who and who can get one of their cats, which really damages adoptions like these. I do not want to ever adopt from them again due to my experience. Go and adopt somewhere else and save yourself the heartbreak, it's not worth it.

Laurie Su

2 years ago

LYFF helped us to get our kitten spayed. It was a quick and smooth process. We're so happy to have worked with them and our kitten is doing great after the procedure.

Sean Johnson

2 years ago

We’ve had cherry and cucumber for about 1.5 months now and they’re just awesome. What a great addition to our family. The staff when we picked them up we’re also awesome. They answered all of our -new car owners- questions and left us feeling confident about our new addition to the family

Sabrina Tucker

2 years ago

Where do I begin?! LYFF has been the biggest blessing in my life. They have taken the best care of my stray kitty I took in and her kittens. Look no further for the best rescue in the SD/North County area! Thank you again for your wonderful selfless service to the feline community! :D <3

Tom Solazzo

2 years ago

LYFF saves baby kittens and has dedicated fosters who bottle feed them, take them to vet appointments, and then help them get adopted. We have been a part of this process and we adopted two beautiful kittens. Thank you, LYFF!!

Angie Kozair

2 years ago

The people at LYFF are awesome. I was looking for a female kitten as a companion for my family and adult cat. I went through an application process which I appreciated because I like knowing that the kitties are being placed in appropriate homes. I got to meet several kitties but ultimately came home with my first choice, Daphne. She is the most loving and affectionate kitty I've ever had and I couldn't be happier. And the fee was totally reasonable considering she came chipped, spayed, vaccinated, and with a free follow up appointment for her 2nd set of shots. Overall, I highly recommend LYFF!

Anne Rubio

2 years ago

We had such a positive experience adopting our new kitten!! Thank you for all that you do LYFF!

David Reyes

2 years ago

Thanks to lyff we adopted a beautiful healthy russian blue kitty boy named Zeus who naps on everything, eats everything, and plays with his korat sister 24/7! Highly recommend.

Alexander Schack

3 years ago

Gabriel and Christine were a godsend . Our barn had terrible rodent problems. They made it so easy to adopt five cats and give them a second chance at a good life. They provided all the things I needed. . Ten weeks in, four of my five have become semi tamed and live in our barn to control my rodent issues. Thanks!

Brenda Hansen

3 years ago

If you are looking for a barn cat, or even a companion cat, I highly recommend LYFF. We have adopted 4 cats over a course of a year from their barn cat program. They delivered the cats to us, provided advice and after care (one of our cats had a runny nose and they provided antibiotics) and even provided a nice care package with the last two. Some of the cats only spend a few days in the shelter, but one of them was about ready to be euthanized before he was brought to us. This gives the cats a chance at the life they want to live--even though being outdoors is still a risk for them--that's where they came from originally without being spayed or neutered, or having a steady source of food and water. Most of the cats warmed up to humans pretty quickly. We even have one that hangs out with us all day and follows us around the ranch and sleeps on our front porch. The interaction with the staff/volunteers at LYFF has been very positive and they really care about their cats.

Caroline Aldridge

3 years ago

Did a quick phone interview to qualify then we went to see our new kitten and fell in love! The adoption process was easy and everyone was wonderful to work with.


3 years ago

Christine and crew were very helpful, knowledgeable, and attentive during our search for our two cat. I would highly recommend them to anyone also searching to adopt.

Gina Bellah

3 years ago

LYFF responded to our application to adopt a kitten asap and saw to it that we are connected with the kitten that we wanted. I got a phone call less than one hour after filling out the app. as their team truly felt we would be the best fit for our kitten. They saw to it that we were connected with our new fur baby and communicated with me everyday until we got to pick her up. I feel that this organization is a well oiled machine ran by a team that truly cares to connect people with cats and kittens that need a forever home.

Harold Clary

3 years ago

Adopted a kitten a month ago and am happy with how everything has gone. LYFF is always available for questions and checks up on how he is doing as they should. I highly recommend adopting from or donating to this organization so they can continue saving lives and finding great homes for felines!

John McCormack

3 years ago

I reached out to this business seeking out a specific kitten. The application process was straightforward and I got a follow up phone call to make sure he would go to a safe and loving home, and then got follow up texts regarding his availability. I’m very happy with the process, and even more so with the super sweet kitten we got from them. I’m very sure the family who took care of our kitten and his sister poured love into them, cause he’s the best.

Kat Donnelly

3 years ago

We loved the entire process of adopting our barn kitties. Our two little kitties were chosen to help us keep the rodent population down without harmful chemicals. We are so happy. The entire process was simple from the application to the delivery of the kitties, and the specific guidance in between. The entire team was very communicative and you can tell they love what they do! We are about three weeks in and are excited to soon let Basil and Hazel out of their crates to live a normal life again. Basil is getting restless and who can blame her? They are the cutest little girls. Thank you LYFF! It's nice to give these girls a second chance.

Nanci Weinstein

3 years ago

We adopted our sweet kitten through this organization. I have nothing but post I've feedback to provide. The cats and kittens are well loved prior to being adopted and I appreciated the time they took with our family as we selected a kitten. A very good experience!

Ursula Alder

3 years ago

We have had such a hard time finding cats to live on our property. I found this organization from a random google search and it has been the best discovery. They were so thorough in understanding our needs and hopes and also so helpful in setting us up for success with our barn cats. They delivered two barn cats and lent us an appropriate crate to keep them in initially. They were also very detailed and clear about what materials we needed to set up on our end. They continue to check in periodically and always offer to come out to the house to help, despite us living in a fairly rural area. I’m just so pleased with our experience all around.

JoAnn Flores

3 years ago

Couldn’t be happier with LYFF and the ladies who helped us out!! We were new to town and our builder recommended them, filled out the application on line and they called me that night. They really care about the cats that they place and walked me through every step of the process. It’s been over 3 months and they still check in on us. Over all a very pleasant experience!!

Maria Jacobo

3 years ago

I was struggling to get my Reeses spayed because i couldn't afford it. I even thought I'd have to give her up. Someone told me Feral Felines might be able to help, so i gave them a call. They went above and beyond my expectations. They did all they could to help me out. And then some. My Reeses is now Spayed and even got some immunizations. They also gave her a huge bag of cat food. They were all super friendly, professional, and understanding of my situation.

Rachel Antle

3 years ago

LYFF give feral cats a second chance in life!

Faith E

3 years ago

We love fur babies and were referred to LYFF by a colleague as a great organization to adopt a kitten (or two!) We had high hopes for adopting two seemingly bonded kitties but have been sorely disappointed by the adoption process, lack of consistent follow up and what feels like arbitrary application of implementation of unusual filtering. For example, there is question about whether renter vs owner and if landlord approves you having pets. These are normal and customary questions. What is unusual is a seemingly rigid halt to application process to reach out to an applicant's landlord to gain 3rd party consent for having pets. As a quite seasoned and mature adult, it is unusual to have an organization seeking confirmation from a person's landlord where things like this are already stipulated, outlined, or addressed in one's lease. To me (though still invasive), a copy of lease would be better avenue as landlords aren't accustomed to 3rd parties contacting them about pet adoption for their tenants. Nonetheless, it took two follow ups from me and a direct ask about the two kitties we were seeking to adopt before I received a reply stating that they were waiting for my landlord to reply to them and that the two kittens we'd applied for were adopted out to someone else. I understand understaffing and high volume as I work as a Manager for a major Branded hotel but to not proactively inform an applicant that the kittens they're applying for were being redirected felt like a slap and severely insensitive. Since receiving the info that the two kittens we had applied for were adopted out to someone else, we've received zero feedback, follow up, or reply. Particularly during these times, I find it difficult to believe that our application was halted because of a landlord reply when there are many alternatives to confirming, proving pet allowance. No other cat adoption organization or humane society appears to function in this manner. Perhaps this was a one off process for us which was quite unfortunate. I love sharing great experiences and positive stories. This experience however has fallen harshly short in so many ways. Hopefully others will have a better adoption journey with LYFF than we did.

Bre Marie

3 years ago

I got my kitten fixed through this organization and I had a wonderful experience very professional and quick they are very loving and really do care for animals . Thank you for helping me fix my kitten kilo Update I got my two new kittens fixed and I’m so happy with the service they are health and doing great after there surgery’s .

Anahita Rahimi

3 years ago

I have terrible experience with them, since March I am applying to adopt a kitten and they kept rejecting me for no reason! I am really really hurt by this organization because they are the one who causes people " buy" pet instead of " adopting" them. After multiple emails, phone calls, application, texts, they got back to me after 10 days and saying we are not comfortable with your application and you cannot adopt!!!! My salary is high, I do have a 3 bedroom apartment and its me and my sister in an apartment, I really cannot understand why I have to suffer this much to adopt a cat!!? Why a very pleasant experience should be very hard and painful? Since March,2021 I am looking for a cat to adopt from their organization and today is May.9th! They really hurt my feeling, really, and finally I ended up " The cat lounge rescue in La jolla" and adopted a beautiful, healthy kitten! The process went really smooth and they really appreciate you by adopting a cat from there, and helping a community!

Gisela Sotelo

3 years ago

We found this organization simply by chance and we are so grateful we did. After contacting them, they made it so easy and quick to get our cat neutered. We truly appreciate the help in getting that done because had we not found this I honestly can’t say if we would of gotten it done. Love Your Feral Feline is a great organization! Would definitely recommend.

Cassie “SimFeetUnder” Schilliger

3 years ago

Love these guys! Helped us get Chai and Ceylon (the kitties in the picture) fixed which was very much needed. I like them so much I set my amazon smile donations to go to them :D I would absolutely suggest them to others!


3 years ago

Great experience with LYFF! They have helped me get my kitties spayed and neutered, and the process was so easy and my cats were given great care. At affordable prices!

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