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Mike Van Meter

2 years ago

Been going here for years, friendly staff, they love animals. They always make a fuss over my dog. They were very compassionate, when I had to put my old dog down.

Johns Mains

2 years ago

I had to put down my dog who was almost 15 years old. The staff was very caring loving. Thank you for his paw print.

Amber Neathery

2 years ago

This vet hospital is very friendly and caring. They were very understanding and apathetic when I had to make the hardest choice of my life and put my best friend down after 9 years. After I had to put her down, I received this sweet gift and card in the mail of my baby's footprint. I highly recommend them and they are worth the wait. All vets are very packed and they try to squeeze you in for emergencies.

Angela Garner-Malone

2 years ago

I had an appointment to get our newly rescued-off-the-street ginger-tom, named Morris, of course, a checkup, shots, and neutering. The doctor listened to his lungs at check-in and determined something was off. They advised me to hold off on the neutering and provided prescription antibiotics and rescheduled for 10 days later for a follow-up and hopefully lungs will be clear so we can get his procedure done along with vaccinations. They are very efficient and friendly and the doctor was very nice as well. I like the older building they are in too. It has character and shows that they have been around for awhile.

Luisa Fowler

2 years ago

They took care of my cats. I got my girls spayed and my boy neutered. I recommend this place because the vets are very nice and extremely caring.

Caroline Comstock

2 years ago

North of the River is the best veterinary hospital I have ever experienced. I will never take my animals anywhere else. Thank you to Dr. Frank Virga as well as the entire staff for their professionalism and most of all their compassion. Thank you for everything.

Jozi Neal

2 years ago

Horrible. My old dog (15 years) was brought in with sudden inability to use his hind legs and poor balance. The vet told my hubby they had no idea but he needed to leave him for 3-4 days but they suggested putting him down. They were going to charge approximately $1500 on the cheap side. Said he would need a feeding tube even though he was eating/drinking. When hubby told them he was taking him home they threatened to call animal control then denied when questioned. It's been a week and we put my dog on antibiotics for inner ear infection. It's more than likely a vistublar issue (vertigo). He is walking much better., almost 100%. Glad we didn't listen to these people! First and last visit. If I could have given negative stars I would have.

Vikki Vega

2 years ago

They remember my dog and me, altough we are infrequent medical appt visitors. Long term employees always signal a good vet. Before I moved, saw same vet for 26 years. My first visit here, I knew I'd found my new vet.

heiditoo shubin

2 years ago

I was so very grateful they got me last minute ????????❤So very kind and quick. Leela is already getting well❤️

autumn bohannon

2 years ago

DO NOT TAKE YOUR PETS HERE. I made an appointment on 7/26/21 for a spay on my 5 month shih tzu. I was told MULTIPLE TIMES that the appointment scheduled and that the deposit I made was for 8/24/21. This was confirmed multiple times with the receptionist by me and herself. I purposely sought out a vet that could do this spay as I wanted to get my shih tzu spayed before turning 6 months to reduce her future risk of cancers as well as wanting to get her in before September to accommodate my busy work and school schedule. They sent me a letter in the mail and I took my dog at 7:30am 8/24/21. The vet tech could not find my dog in their system and when they did they told me I was a whole month early. I told them that must have been a mistake given the lengths we took to confirm the date of 8/24/21 including a deposit for the spay. I even made arrangements with my job to make this day work , which is not something I take lightly. The tech was incredibly defensive saying that that could not be possible, essentially saying that I was wrong regardless of what the receptionist confirmed with me time and time again. I heard the tech go into the lobby and ask the receptionist about the appointment—the receptionist said that if it’s not in the system then it’s not in the system, essentially. I expressed my concerns for their ability to confirm one date and have it in the system for a month later. She told me I could take it up with their reception manager who made the appointment and I told her that the person who made the appointment was the problem. I just called and cancelled the appointment because I was able to schedule my dog’s spay for 9/02/21 with a much more reputable vet. So to whoever the tech was that told me it was impossible to get a spay scheduled before two months out—you guys were once again wrong. Apparently my deposit is non-refundable. Surprise, surprise. Don’t bring your pets here, don’t waste your time and money here. Why trust a vet when their reception can’t read dates correctly.

Crystal Gardner

2 years ago

Unsanitary and don’t believe in wearing masks.

Don Martinez sr

2 years ago

Very heart breaking had to put my boy chuey asleep they were very kind to me an my boy .

Janice Garcia

2 years ago

The girls there are so polite and helpful. My dogs have gotten the best care❤ ever there.from there shots to Spaying my female frenchie. Thank your from Minnie Mouse RIP, Little Coco Garcia ???? ❤

Rena De Anda

2 years ago

I had hopes of finding a good Vet, but that was lost when the Vet said he would be giving meds, nose drops & a steroid injection to my 14 year old cat with allergies. He then clarified he had no nose drops until order arrived next week. I, still had hopes & figured I would come back for them. Then upon check-out the office girl was charging me for: Office visit, antibiotics, & steroid injection. I said 'Um, no injection was given" she went & checked with Vet who said "Yes, he gave injection". I said, no you didn't, we talked about it but it was not given. He then raises his voice in lobby & says: "If I ssid I did, I Did & if you don't believe me, find another Vet". Needless to say I left in tears. I can't believe he said that. Won't be going back.

Kaylee Owen

2 years ago

Way too rough with the animals. The vet was very unprofessional and made a comment that I had no sense of humor. I don’t even trust the medication they gave us.

Sonya Hatley

2 years ago

Not sure long story but I think the veternarian is just out fir money

Susan Knieriem

2 years ago

I own 4 doodles so any Vet care can be expensive. I am new to Bakersfield so a bit nervous finding my babies a new Vet. After a horrible experience with a NW Vet, I found North of the River. Dr Virgo and his staff are amazing, accommodating, knowledgeable and not rushed when seeing my doggos. They are currently being boarded there for 2 weeks due to me having stomach surgery and I’m soo comfortable with knowing they are being well cared for. Minimally 5 stars to entire team! Susan Knieriem


2 years ago

I brought my dog in for a hot spot. It was a very long wait. When I finally saw The vet Dr Virga was extremely unprofessional. He at one point asked me “do you love your dog?” He talked down to me and made me feel like it was my fault. He tried to get more money from me by putting him under anesthesia without even attempting to clean his wound and having my dog stay there over the weekend. But I took him home and planned to come back Monday (thank god I didn’t leave him there. So I left with no medication and his wound unclean. At 3am the next morning I had to take him to the Animal Emergency & Urgent Care off Easton Rd. and they TREATED my poor miserable dog. They cleaned his wound, gave him medications, a thorough evaluation and took the time to explain things to me and get to the bottom of the cause so it wouldn’t happen again. I felt the need to give this review because I am still shocked to this day how TERRIBLE the vet was at North of the River. I want to add though that the vet techs and front office staff were absolutely great but I can’t imagine how you work for that vet. Good luck. DO NOT TAKE YOU ANIMALS HERE.

Jon Gallegos

2 years ago

Great place! Nice, friendly and knowledgeable staff. They really care about the animals.

Lisa Ruozi

2 years ago

I took my Queensland for a dental cleaning. They did a great job at half the price I was charged at another vet. Indefinitely will go back.

Taree Woods

2 years ago

My pup is a very good judge of people & he loves the people who work here. So that tells me that they're good to him & that's what's important to me!

David Bentley

2 years ago

Super friendly staff that loves animals. Pretty much says it all.

Nina Belcher

2 years ago

Friendly, clean and very loving to our fur babys!


2 years ago

Fantastic. Best vet I've been to in Bakersfield. Dog was thurally checked by very qualified Vet. He also protected us by serving in Vietnam war

Arthur Kowal

2 years ago

Spoke with receptionist regarding my dog's hearing. She was so helpful and knowledgeable. I felt so comfortable that I look forward to "Piglet's" appointment

Michael C.

2 years ago

I took my dog in last October to be fixed nothing else and she decided (WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION) to do more than just fixing him and took out a tumor he had that unfortunately we knew what it was and we just wanted a few more months even a few more weeks before having to put him down THIS VET KILLED OUR DOG AND WE WILL NEVER COME BACK. THEY WILL DO SURGERY WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT IF THEY GET MONEY OUT OF IT

Rosa Contreras, Corbitt

2 years ago

They take good care of your pets

Christle Nicklaus

2 years ago

Other then waiting an hr for her room... everything and all treated us fabulous!!!!❤️???? I love the folks here...just scary to be stuck out side with other critters...I have a bluenose Pitt and she's amazing with all till someone acts a fool ..I was a bit concerned about another client that showed up with an aggressive me & mine bounced to car. Till they were ready for my beautiful babygirl

Michael Maxson

3 years ago

Awesome staff and they take of my puppy.

Nathan Barnett

3 years ago

If 0 stars was possible, that's what I would have went with. He did not even bother to look at the problem i brought my dog in for. Instead, terrified my dog. And did unnecessary things to bring the bill up. Once I heard my dog chokingfrom him pinning him down and tried to leave. They"took his temerature" even though I said no. But still charged me

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