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Cc Roberson

a year ago

Best veterinarian hospital I've been to and I've been to a few I have a couple of dogs

Angelique Alvarez

a year ago

Doc is a great vet. She has helped all my doggies and parrot.


a year ago

This veterinarian clinic was there for me in my animal. Getting me in quickly. Same day appointment. Wonderful service.

G. Morales

a year ago

I love the Dr and the nurses, they are super cool. I took in my pug for shots, and my dog didn't even feel the shot, that's how good they are. I loved this place.

The Official Essential

a year ago

Called to schedule an appointment as a new client, the vet acted like he wanted my business and we went to schedule an appointment, then I asked if he takes the insurance I have and he said "not really" and hung up the phone on me instantaneously. Wasn't a professional experience at all. I could have still went in, paid, and made a claim with my insurance. his loss.

Pranesh Sami

2 years ago

I highly recommend you take your pet here! If no other vet will help, this Doc will!

Mayte Martinez

2 years ago

WORST EXPERIENCE EVER! DO NOT BRING YOUR DOG HERE!!!! I'm not from town but this was the only place that would see my puppy asap called several places but no luck.. instead of providing adequate treatment she created another horrible issue for my poor dog to deal with.. brought her in for a broken leg and left with a swollen and infected paw due to her negligence. Which she then blamed me for! She failed to provide a proper splint molded to her poor leg which could have caused more damage to her fractured leg than good and is the reason why her paw got infected.. the medication she provided came in a sketchy bottle which I was told by my puppies Veterinarian from home that shouldn't have been prescribed to her since it prevented her fracture from healing. She also failed to provide me with a copy of her x-rays that I paid for and told me to take a picture with my own phone, had to ask her repeatedly for the actual physical x-ray copy. How is she still even licensed when she provides improper treatment. Thank God as soon as I came home I took her to our veterinarian and she received the proper treatment that this women failed to do. She also stated my puppy needed surgery and told me to find a specialist, but after looking at the x-rays our veterinarian said it was a normal fracture and did not require surgery that with proper care she would be okay! STAY AWAY PLEASE!!! If ZERO stars could be given I would !

Marco Fierro

2 years ago

My puppy Lady had a bad allergy reaction to something. She had hives all over her mouth and eyes. I called all hospitals to see if someone can help her. Allen Road hospital was the only one to say" bring her in now ". She , the veterinarian, was so nice and checked Lady thoroughly and gave her meds. She was awesome. Thank you Doc.

Hazel G

2 years ago

My friend recommended this Vet. I called several here in town because my dog was having a kind of emergency situation… Blepharitis of the eye (inflamed, swollen, loss of pigmentation) all due to severe allergies. Everyone I called said they could get us in, in July or August (it’s the last few days of May!!!) The emergency vets are a 6 to 8 hour wait right now, and it’s $120 JUST to walk in ???? I called this Vet, as they said they’d get us in the next morning at 10:30. My dog has severe allergies, inflamed paws, constant licking and biting so much so that they’re raw, plus the eye situation… we were there one hour and 20 minutes. I left VERY pleased!! She’ll be my new go to!! The last Vet that treated my jack-chi for this problem have her too strong and were rude to boot, but THIS VET, she’s very nice and professional and quick. THANK YOU Doctor for helping my dog!!! ????

Kin Krause

2 years ago

We had a great experience. The diagnosis was correct and he is great now. It was very busy and clean. We will go there again.

Mark Richardson

2 years ago

The doctor is very nice and caring.

Jessica Spillers

2 years ago

Love it been coming here for years

A& E

2 years ago

Horrible customer service!! Rude over the phone and in person. I am appalled on the service I received! Lady even hung up the call and said “I’m busy” !! Won’t be going back for sure needs to hire professional people !!

Rene Tapia

2 years ago

Discriminated against my health problem and kids. She literally click. She didn’t explain anything but said, “I’m do busy!” No bye or explanation. Didn’t see my dog. I’m not the only one. But it was the only “vet” that was available. Neighbors in my neighborhood also had bad experience here.

Brooke Tovar

3 years ago

The Dr saved my dogs life. She had my dog seen within an hour of calling her. My dog wasn’t able to even stand, she got down onto the ground and helped her. She didn’t do any unnecessary tests. She quickly diagnosed her and treated her. Without the Dr’s fast response and treatment plan I would have lost her. It has been 2 days and she is looking like her normal self again. Thank you Dr. for having a heart and for saving my best friend.

Karin Hart

3 years ago

We just love Dr kameel

Jennifer Johnson

3 years ago

Not sure why this vet gets good reviews. The vet is terrible. She speaks broken English. Our doxie waited 6 hours before she would see him and he ended up having cancer. She refused to treat him until we paid her first. She put him on prednisone and ruined any chance of his survival and treatment. Her irresponsible decision cost him his life. This woman is terrible and our dog is not the only pet she killed with her bad diagnosing and treatment decisions. Awful woman. She should have her license revoked.

Eren Salyer

3 years ago

Total fraud of a veterinarian. I have 3 cats that used to come here and after treatment for two went completely awry, we found better options. For one of our cats, she had urinary issues. Dr. Kamel DVM prescribed her Amoxicillin and Clavulante for an apparent UTI. In my opinion she did not give a good enough evaluation of my feline. After using the entire bottle, the urinary issue remained. She asked for a urine sample and found high levels of bacteria. Antibiotics is supposed to kill bacteria, so either this vet is lying or she prescribed something incorrectly. She charged $60 for the bottle when the exact same stuff can be purchased on Amazon for half of that. My other kitten who had a “scratched eye” was prescribed medication that could also be purchased (the exact same items, mind you) for exactly half of what she charged. Not to mention that during her evaluation she inserted a swab in his eye in a heartless manner. This vet doesn’t wear her mask properly during a pandemic either. The apparent value may seem worth it, but don’t be fooled. Dr. Kamel is a scam artist in a white coat. The front office staff was good, but the sheer lack of professionalism, prescribing medication that’s nearly double rips apart any remainder of their creditably. My cats hate coming here, and frankly I can’t blame them. This vet isn’t the profession for loving and healing animals, she’s in it for the money.

Jamie Talmadge

3 years ago

This woman has no business practicing. Took our dog in to have his ears checked and she made him scream “cleaning” his ears and put a nasty gel inside of them. Now he can’t even hear. Also she threw some dye in his eyes saying his eyes were “scratched”. Charged $100, no explanation for anything that she said was wrong. Never explained anything while treating him. I’m so beyond furious. Do yourself a favor and go to any other vet. To say she is careless would be an understatement.

IRENA Holmes

3 years ago

I moved and live across town but for my fur babies I still drive across town. For them to be treated by Dr Kameen she great with them. And reasonable prices.

Gunner Asch

3 years ago

Great Veternarian! I love her knowledge and caring..and her prices! We do dog rescue and fostering and this is our Go To place!

Janice Gunia

3 years ago

All the good comments are true. Shes a very special vet. No unnessessary test or charges. Shes not a crook . My chi had a large growth and she did it right when i brought her in. Shes appreciated by me and maggie mae ????


3 years ago

Main veterinarian was short and cold to staff and me. I will gladly wait for an appointment elsewhere to avoid her in the future.

Brigitte Ingersoll

3 years ago

I would recommend this vet/hospital. You'll get an appointment very quickly, no long wait at all. The vet seems very knowledgeable and prices are decent. I have been at this location 4 times already

Amy M

3 years ago

Kindest Veterinarian I've ever met. Very knowledgeable and confident. Helps Exotic pets like bunnies! Helps my bunny with malocollusion usually instantly, if not then within the day. Does not do a bunch of unnecessary extra stuff so she can make money. Just a straight up person. Thank you God.

Advance Management & Taxes

3 years ago

Friendly helpful knowledgeable. They care about your pet more than the money.

Michelle Thomas

3 years ago

I had a great experience with the staff and the vet. They were able to get us in the same day. Other clinics in area would not see us because we were not established clients. We will be back to see them again.

Ray Ferrer

3 years ago

Quick,good advice,current best medications for your pet,always

Christopher Perez

3 years ago

Not organized. Took hour and half to just register my dog. It wasnt busy

Whitney Herbst

3 years ago

This is a wonderful office! The vet is very knowledgeable and I felt comfortable to talking to her. This is an office I will definitely visit again. Also she doesn't upsell and her prices are great. She has a lot of love for animals. She took time in evaluating my kitten in terms of, cause for illness, needs and how to give care/medication. I had a very positive experience!

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