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Richard Benson

2 years ago

Dr. Palmer is the best! We highly recommend her "soft touch" approach to spinal adjustments. Our Schnauzer is almost back to %100, taking into account his age. Here is Our Story: At about 8 years Buster developed a clicking in his back that the vet described as arthritis, until one day he was dragging both of his hind legs and just couldn't stand nor walk. So we took him to the Veterinary Hospital for X-Rays. They confirmed that he had one collapsed disk that was possibility herniated and that the two on either side were in bad shape. They recommended that he get an MRI ($4K, which we were willing to spend) and that he would most likely need surgery. So the Vet gave us a regimen of anti-inflammatory meds and told us that Buster would need plenty of rest. This went on for 5 months with very little improvement. We seriously debated having the surgery and worried that he might be too old (13) and may not survive the procedure. That's when my wife asked the Veterinarian Surgeon about seeing an Animal Chiropractor. We were were instantly met with strong opposition and the comment that "it will probably make things worse". What to do? We didn't want Buster to suffer, nor go thru surgery that may or may not work if he survived. So we went and Googled "Best Animal Chiropractor". And after screening out the human only chiropractors, we luckily found Dr. Palmer DC. We needed to make an appointment 2½ month in advance, (that's how good she is) but it was worth the wait. During our office visit, Dr. Palmer assessed Busters condition, gave us clear and informative explanations and managed our expectations (given his age and type of injury). I swear after 3 visits, I watched our poor little limping dog start to gain back his old pep. It's been about 7 months and Buster is doing great. Thanks to Dr. Palmer, he can now walk, poop and pee all by himself again.

Helena Hallstrom

2 years ago

My 16 year old labrador lost control of all 4 limbs. I took her to Dr. Palmer and within that night I noticed her knuckling was better in her wheelchair. After the next session, she was able to sit on her own which she hasn’t done in months! I was in shock. Along with a few other minor improvements, I am going to continue to take Luxie to Dr. Palmer. Praying that Luxie continues to improve through Dr. Palmers work!

Elizamarie Augustine

3 years ago

I wish we had thought about chiropractic for our dog 7 years ago when we got her. We learned our Dutchess was a rescue, and had been hit by a car when she was about 4 months old. We did not know her then, as she is now almost 9 years old. Early on as a 2 year old dog, she showed some signs of having gait issues, even though it looked somewhat 'cute' wiggling her backside when she walked. As time has passed, she was slowing down and even seemed uninterested in running after the ball and frisbee like she use to. Until - she had her first chiropractic adjustment and has responded exceptionally well. Dr. Palmer is wonderful with her understanding, knowledge and care. She is absolutely skilled with her healing hands and techniques that my dog has shown significant improvement, even from her very first adjustment. Regular maintenance of adjustments is so important for the quality of life for your pet. After seeing my dog looking more relaxed and in less pain and discomfort, and even happier, I encourage you to visit Dr. Palmer. If my dog could talk she would say the same!

Amber Reese

5 years ago

Dr. Palmer is a professional and knowledgeable doctor. She has been helping our pug Buddy with chiropractic adjustments since he had an injury involving a fall and seizure. Since the treatment Buddy has improved and bounced back incredibly!! His recovery time has been reduced and we couldn't be happier. Dr. Palmer truly cares and we highly recommend her!!! Thank you Doctor :)

Marina Luna

5 years ago

AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Is the only way I can describe Dr. Palmer's work. She has been the best thing that we have done for Zima, ( our 10 yr old German shepherd ). Zima's onset was sudden. We began to notice she was starting …

deannarae white

5 years ago

Our dog Allie was unable to walk and had been yelping in pain after jumping the fence chasing a raccoon. Dr. Palmer came to our home and adjusted her. Within minutes she was hobbling around and within a few days she was back to her normal self. We are so thankful to have found Dr. Palmer and would highly recommend her services!

Aprille L

5 years ago

Dr. Palmer is a wonderful animal chiropractor. She is currently treating my labrador who had orthopedic surgery at another animal hospital several years ago. After a few treatments, my dog's mobility, as well as her energy level, has improved. We continue to bring my dog to Dr. Palmer for maintenance, and it has improved her quality of life. She absolutely loves Dr. Palmer and is always excited to see her at every appointment.

Ann Yoshinaga

5 years ago

Dr. Palmer is absolutely wonderful! Ollee, my mini doxie loves to jump and throws her back out. Dr. Palmer fixed her right up. Ollee's back to her old self again. I will continue to use Dr. Palmer's services. It's amazing the difference!

Dulce Aguilar

6 years ago

Dr. Marissa is a very knowledable chiropractor and compassionate person. She genuinely cares about the animals and she will do her best to help them in their healing process. Thank you Dr. Marissa!

Joan Parker

6 years ago

We have a couple of mini-Aussie Shepherds. They're pretty small, mini-toy sized. Our guy had been limping some, favoring his back left knee. Our vet said to keep an eye on him, that when these breeds are shrunk down, bone structure doesn't always translate well. The vet said we may be looking at surgery down the road. We were still seeing him limp, mostly after being idle. So, we decided chiro was a good next step, our cat had been helped by it. We're new to So Cal, but liked what we saw on Yelp re: Dr. Palmer and scheduled a home visit. Dr. Palmer is super. She is a great combination of expertise, smarts, and genuine care. Our dog responded to the first treatment well. He is no longer limping and we are spreading his check-ins with Dr. Palmer farther and farther out. She does not prescribe treatment that is not needed. Her home visits make for easy care. She is likable and kind and loves animals. Dr. Palmer is everything others have noted here on Google and more. Highly recommended. 5 stars.

Kat Budkiewicz

6 years ago

Our girl Nela was limping for a few weeks when we finally decided to call dr. Palmer. After one visit Nela never limped again. We were so happy because we thought we would have to go to the vet and spend 10x more money and probably never …

kay holstein

6 years ago

My 13 year old Labrador began walking with stiff gait, lost interest in her toys and bones and rarely wagged her tail. After a few visits with Dr Palmer she seems more engaged, wagging and less stiff. I would recommend Dr Palmer as alternative therapy to try on your fur baby. Also she has a real love for animals. Penny responds to her like they are best friends and patiently allows Dr Palmer to work on her.

Leah Carpio-Hernandez

6 years ago

We could not be happier with the results and service our older dog has received from Dr. Palmer. Our 9 year old female boxer was diagnosed with bones spurs on her spine which began affecting her ability to walk. I was searching for …

Levi Stowers

6 years ago

I have a dog named Charlie that injured himself and I called Dr. Palmer she came over and now he feels a lot better and can walk naturally Thank You so much

Lisa Watson

6 years ago

My little canine Pomeranian experienced an injury and Marissa really was wonderful in helping my little Sophie. She is much better now and I will continue with the adjustments for her spine it really really works and is beneficial.

Siete Olatay

6 years ago

Dr. Palmer is knowledgable and superb with animals. She is accommodating with her time and keeps communication. My dog is getting use to the adjustments. I am happy to know my dog can run at optimal because of Dr. Palmer. Thank you!

Monique Smith

7 years ago

My 6 year old beagle basset suddenly couldn't use his back legs. We took him to the vet and they said he had a herniated disc probably from jumping and they sent us home with steroids and pain relievers. They said it would either get better or wouldn't and if we really wanted him to walk again he would probably need surgery. Being a believer in chiropractic, I thought it was worth a try... Dr. Palmer came to our home and she was very thorough and great with our dog, he loved her. He had his adjustment one week ago and he is back to 100%! Thank you so much Dr. Palmer!

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