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2 years ago

I have high respects for doctors and veterinarians. Dr. Lopez has lost it all, he talked to us in such a rude tone, didn’t answer any questions and just wanted a cash grab. I dug further and seeing reviews about putting a dog down in a truck bed, not letting people go into the room with their pets, and price gauging? That’s a no-go for me.

Ro Ru

2 years ago

I had a sick bird (eye infection or wound possibly) Called around, Thought brookhurst animal medical center was a good option because of price being lower 1) he doesn’t allow visitors in the building being he fears catching the flu or its C19cousin - so you don’t know what they do with the animals. Whether or not they’re thoroughly checked.. no clue. 2) ended up paying $80 for some eye drops, prescription made issue seem worse at first, after 5 days it started to help a little .. or maybe natural healing. 3) called for advice on whether to continue eye drops due to inefficiency, sent him very clear picture updates and everything 4) he insisted I schedule a recheck for an extra $35 5) few days later I asked if he by chance ran any diagnostic screening for some common chicken ailments that can cause eye issues. - no response 6) asked for pricing to run the simple field test (product requires license to order, just like any other medical racket) - again no response 7) I would not recommend this business

Patrick Coffman

2 years ago

Great place. Very affordable. Went to another place that was supposed to be low cost wait time was 4 hours in the car called this place had my dog inside In about 20 mi s with a emergency fee added to the bill. But was still cheaper than the low cost clinic. Later that year had my dog laid to rest received her ashes in a very presentable wood box very much appreciated the love and affection they show the animals and me and my family when the time came. Will be taking all my animals there... THANK YOU GUYS!!!!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!

Samantha Huff

2 years ago

Dr. Lopez and his staff are truly the most amazing people. This is a place that is the real deal when it comes to providing the best care possible for your animal(s). I have been with Dr. Lopez for years and have always trusted him with my dogs, I have never met a vet who is so good with people and also so phenomenal with animals. ( To top off the amazing efforts that they put in to help animals, this Clinic is also very understandable when it comes to financial cost and do not gouge you like many veterinarian offices do.) If you are currently looking for a vet, but not sure where to start this would be the best place! :)

Cheryl Herbert

2 years ago

Very quick and explained fully what is going on. Prices reasonable

Nina Troglin

2 years ago

Staff is very friendly. Visit here was an emergency visit. Prices are outrageous. I was quoted $500 for dental work on my guinea pig. I went back to out regular vet and the same procedure was $95.

Kev C

2 years ago

This place still doesn't offer in person service. The Dr just made a one minute phone call telling what medication and how much the charge was. The assistant didn't explain well and when we asked questions, the assistant asked us to text/call the doctor. The doctor never responded to text.

Ana B

2 years ago

I am having a very positive experience with Dr. Lopez. My kitty is in the best place he can be considering what I have to work with. Kitty is hospitalized here so he has graciously allowed me to visit (party of 1 only, due to Corona virus) The inside is extremely clean, well organized. The prices are very reasonable in relation other vets. Dr. Worked all weekend even though it's a holiday at that. I'm impressed by his dedication to the welfare of the animals. He tells it like it is, plain and clear, no smoke and mirrors, just what your pet needs, after that it's up to you. I completely trust 100% in the care my precious, loved family member is receiving. Dr. Lopez is a blessing. I highly recommend Dr. Lopez for your fur baby.


2 years ago

Took my black lab in after an incident the staff was very helpful, we decided to have her stay for observation. They were straightforward and I trust them with my pets.

Kelsey Repik

2 years ago

I came in a bit of a panic on a Sunday afternoon. The doctor ended up being in an emergency surgery when I arrived but the assistant was helpful. My pug had gotten bit on the ear and neck, luckily it was not too bad, however, he also has chronic ear infections that I have not been able to manage with his previous vet. The doctor was able to take him in first thing the next morning (Monday) and care for his issues. Although the visit overall including the medications was a little over $500, I am very appreciative for the prompt, caring service and being able to relax a little with a medication routine that is managing his ear infections as well and his dry eyes. He is doing so much better!

Ian Mai

2 years ago

my appointment was at 3:00 i was there at 2:40 waited and no one respond to me so i left. Waste of time

Karen Lunsford

2 years ago

Did not have to wait a long time everyone was very nice and helpful and my kitty is getting better. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH

Kim Christy

2 years ago

Love dr. Lopez and staff

Kathy Schriver

2 years ago

We are very pleased with the attention Harley received for his ear infection and skin condition on paw. Very friendly and caring for animals. Super fair prices. Brookhurst will be our vet from now on. Thank you

Danimator2 2017

2 years ago

Brought my bird in for feather picking and to remove a couple cysts. My precious bird came back to me and the poor thing could barely breath. Dr. Lopez also gave us Chlorahexidine for the cyst recovery and to treat feather picking that he said was safe if swallowed and then left town/closed his office with no notice. Had to take my struggling bird to another vet that did xrays and blood tests that showed trauma to her trachea and also toxins in the liver due to the Chlorahexidine since it is toxic to birds, doesn't work for feather picking, and should not be used near the head EVER. Now my baby is dead two weeks later. Dr. Lopez was remorseful and talked to the other vet about the mistreatment my bird received, but he refuses to stop treating birds with this toxin. If this is how stubborn he is, do not trust him with your child. Take them to Bird Clinic instead if you want expert treatment.

Alejandro Molliendo

2 years ago

Worst veterinarian experience I ever had. My dogs are not a cash grab. Went in for a regular check up and shots. They wouldn't let me inside so I waited outside for both my dogs. Never got any updates or met with the vet. Finally they bring my dogs out and they claimed they both had "ear infections" they went ahead and did a "wash out" and prescribed ear drops. An additional 200$ without my consent. I asked for the vet after I saw the bill and I told him why he would do this without updating me first and asking if it be ok. His response "well they needed it". This is not the right way to do things. If you bring your car in for an oil change and when you arrive the bill is an extra 200$ because you needed a brake fluid flush you should not have to pay if it was done without being notified. I'm leaving reviews on all platforms and I will make sure to tell everyone not to come here. Do not trust this doctor

Nat Perry

2 years ago

Took in a stray kitten and needed to get her shots. Honestly, everything was fine, but the guy who gave her back to me flatly said "I hate most cats, to be honest with you." Like, what?! Do you know where you work? In their defense, it seemed like it was a very busy day with a small staff and he had a bandage on his hand from a previous feline patient. Still, it was off-putting.

Melissa Boyle

2 years ago

I only went once to help a friend & the guys were nice but it's a little pricey.

Itzy Reyna

2 years ago

I have a ball python who had a very bad prolapse, and I wasn't very knowledgeable about it. Thank the stars that the staff seemed to take great care of Nat, and got him treated. Nows he's back at home and he's his usually active self moving around. I cannot say how thankful I am that Dr.López helped my boy.

Ashby Florence

2 years ago

I called in saying I was worried my bunny was passing away to which they said I could come in. After about 10 min in the back room the doctor said he was in bad shape and he was going to give him a shot of electrolytes. After that he sent me home with some meds and 10 minutes later my baby boy passed away. Having bunnies before he should’ve seen his shape he was in and put him on fluids or at least TRIED to stabilize him. This is going to be the SECOND time I ask for a refund from this vets. Do not bring your pets here if you love them.

arnel baroy

2 years ago

Best animal hospital i ever since all the staff are friendly and professional specially the doctor

Carly Fleming

3 years ago

Super nice, and clean. They took only abt 15min and they figured out what was wrong w our animal and they have great prices

Extra Phone

3 years ago

I had called all the surrounding veterinary clinics in my area, I live in paramount mind you, and none of them would take my hatchling Western painted turtle with an infection on her shell, but when I called this medical center they relieved me and told me to bring her right down and they were very professional and careful with her quarter sized and soft shell body. They gave me all the information and medication for my turtle without knocking my bank account out. Would highly recommend and definitely I will come back here. If you love your pets, bring them here.

john moran

3 years ago

Great doctor and staff that care about your animals and charge a good price.

Lissette Fajardo

3 years ago

Yesterday my 4 week silkie chick that I hatched got trampled on by her siblings... I thought she was going to die. She was gasping for air and lying on her side. It's not easy finding a vet on a SUNDAY that would see an exotic. So happy I found this place. I live in south county so it was a drive.. but definitely worth the drive. The doctor saw my baby right away and immediately put her on oxygen. Within an hour or so she was standing up and breathing normally! The doctor even texted me pictures while she was there. So happy I found this place!! My little one is now running around and playing like nothing happened! Thank you Dr. Lopez!

nozomeme tojo

3 years ago

he saved my chickens life when i didnt think she could make it!

m g

3 years ago

Great place they take care of your pets

Reyna Ortega

3 years ago

Place fair prices compare to others. The availability is fantastic. Fast service. Great comunication addressing your pet needs.

Roxane Cornell

3 years ago

I love Dr. Lopez, but prices are to high!when making an appointment for rabbie shots $125.00, I mentioned to his assistant wow! Per dog?? She said yes, I said that is to much! And she brushed me off. I been going to Dr. Lopez for years. But with prices so high, I am going to garden grove $58.00 for rabies shots. Dr. Is great, and cares, his assistant, not so much.

Sandy Denny

3 years ago

The vet and office staff are amazing and very friendly!

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