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Pamela Elliott

2 years ago

I have been going to Country Pet Hospital for over a year. Very pleased with them. They diagnosed my Cavalier after 3 other vets did not. Eclap, Cuyamaca animal Hospital, and a a clinic in Rancho San Diego.

Mary VanHoose

2 years ago

They were very caring for my little girl Sissy. Even giving me time to spend with her and being with her as she took her last breath.????????????????????????

Christy Franco

2 years ago

This was the closest vet to me so I decided to take my cat here when I saw his paw swollen and bleeding. They were nice at first and saw my cat. They wanted to do everything from sedation, blood work, x rays, etc… and told me that his nail seemed to have grown a lil into his skin. I had examined my cats paw before taking him in and saw that his nail was not in his skin- so I’m unsure why they told me that. Seemed like all they wanted was to charge for everything possible. I decided to take my cat home after they gave him antibiotics and trimmed one nail. They said my cat was aggressive and they could only trim one nail. Ok. Fair enough. A few days passed, and my cat was still in pain so I decided to call back to set up an appointment for my cat. This time- they wanted to sedate my cat immediately before taking blood, saying that she was too aggressive. I thought that was unnecessary and asked the guy over the phone if there was anyway they could draw blood without sedating him. Next thing, a woman gets on the phone and starts screaming at me and saying that they won’t do anything without sedating my cat because they don’t want to cause anymore stress to him. I told her that my cat was over 17 and expressed my concern about him passing away from sedation. She said if it happened then, “my bad”. I also asked if she could explain the process so that I could be better educated on what the procedures entailed. Instead, she continued to scream and also said she “didn’t care if I left a bad review on yelp or whatever”.. and hung up on me. I haven’t heard anyone scream this way in a very long time. She seemed very ghetto over the phone. Hopefully, the woman finds peace in her life. There really is no reason to scream at a customer who is worried about her 17 yr old cat being sedated. I feel sorry for her husband or bf if she has one. Anyhow, I wouldn’t trust this vet- they are unprofessional, disrespectful, horrible customer service, unwilling to listen, and money hungry. They didn’t even realize my cat was a boy… smh. There are other vets out there who will treat their customers right. This place will never get another dollar from me or my friends as long as I can help it. After dealing with this madness, luckily I was able to find a vet who actually listened and made an appointment right away to help my cat. ❤️

michele wright

2 years ago

Won’t do any procedure without also several unnecessary procedures. Can’t speak to the actual vet. Rude staff. Doesn’t do what’s best for the animal. No craps given.

Gregory Huntoon (Greg)

2 years ago

Had both my dogs' teeth cleaned, excellent job, very caring staff.

mailliw ogral

2 years ago

This vet is horrible and expensive. They will demand for unnecessary diagnostics. We knew what the issue was and they would not test for what I told them instead they tested for what they wanted to test for the bill came out to $300 and my results were exactly what I had implied in the beginning. Customer service isn't the best either. If you decide to go here just have your purse our wallet handy maybe bring your credit card.

Austin Vinion

2 years ago

Very great service kind and well took very good care of our cat

Nirvana Avila

2 years ago

They always provide great customer service. They treat my pet amazing

Strive Hope

2 years ago

Excellent place to bring your pet!!!! They are REALLY good with your pets too and excellent customer service TOO!!!!

Paula Barton

2 years ago

The best ever Dr. Brar ???? !!! He’s been taking care of my My fur kids (dogs)for 9 years I love this guy!! He’s smart knows what he’s doing! and he care’s.I want to Thank him for all my pets needs and health???????? and the staff to for their part and concern. Especially Lynn what a sweetie! Dr. Brar your a 5 ????????????????????

Megan Johnson

2 years ago

Please read reviews other than on Google. Giving 2 stars simply because the 2 ladies I interacted with were very kind. I took my German Shepherd here because I noticed she was having some ear pain and was scratching at it. I was able to get a same day appointment as our normal vet was booked out over a week. Because of covid, they did not allow me to go back there with her. Within a few minutes they came out and told me they weren't able to look in her ear and they wanted to put her under general, flush it out, and do some exploring. They quoted me around $800. They said they needed to keep her overnight etc. I allowed it because I didn't know what else to do. After leaving her there, I read so many reviews about them doing unnecessary procedures for extra money. I picked my dog up the very next morning and was able to have her seen at my vets sister clinic. Turns out it was an ear infection and I paid a third of what they quoted me to have it flushed, and be sent home with medications. My dog was very willing to have the other vet look inside her ears, so I believe they didnt even try. Be very weary and trust your gut feeling with this place.

Bill Swegles

2 years ago

I'm a retired neurosurgeon, subspecialty cranial and cervical surgery. Dr. Brar, the Vet at this location, is brilliant, attentive, caring, and fast and correct in his diagnoses. He is careful not to medicate or treat unless it's required. My family trusts him.


2 years ago

The staff is very caring and is ready to work with, even the parts like them.

Tamica Keimig

2 years ago

I called to describe my dogs symptoms and to see if it warranted a trip to the vet and the person who answered the phone felt like he wasn't listening and just said "Its up to you" Thanks for nothing. I wasn't looking for medical advice.

Sandy Walker

2 years ago

I just wanted to thank everyone there today. You were all so kind, helpful and professional. Thanks for taking care of our kitty Minx.

Katy Riel

2 years ago

Don't take any animal you love here. They are rude, uncaring people and the Vet there doesn't take care of animals. My dog was attacked and bitten by another dog, saw the vet for less than 30 seconds and he said my dog was fine. Now he has permanent damage to the inside of his nose. Not only that, there "standard procedure" foran ear infection includes mandatory sedation, microscopic biopsies, and they jacked up the price if the meds. Its a joke, he is just after your money and doesn't care if your animal is in pain or sick.

Brooke H.

2 years ago

I can not say enough good things about Dr. Brar & his staff! They are honest, thorough, compassionate, kind, & detailed in explaining EVERYTHING. They took the time to answer my questions, with respect & never made me feel rushed. I’m forever grateful for the great care & surgical work they did for my dog. They truly care about their work & those they serve. Thank you. Thank you.

Terese Phillips

2 years ago

They had to remove my dog, Grizzy's red ball that had become embedded in his teeth and lower jaw lining! No more big red balls for him! The staff was very caring and professional. I would recommend them. Seemed a little pricey, but when I considered the "emergency" appointment, anesthesia conducted and the take home medications I felt more comfortable.

Dogbreath whohaha

2 years ago

The murdered our family puppy. He was 2 years old and happy, vivacious and strong from regular hikes with me. The botched the surgery. Sent him home after only 16 hours and he died shortly after from internal bleeding. They are hacks!!

Martha Glad

2 years ago

Fast and efficient! Great bedside manner. Made my fur baby feel so much better.

Scott Kreger

2 years ago

Not a fan of "drive through" pet hospitals. Virtually no interaction with the vet himself. Sorely missing Dr. Hackett.

Manny Casanova

3 years ago

Great service, friendly staff, fair prices

Laurie Clancy

3 years ago

What can I say...This is the best vet hospital. The staff is just amazing and so caring. The dr is thorough and compassionate. I got the run around from a few other vets I will leave un-named, but they are in El Cajon and LaMesa.???? They wouldn't even see my little guy. Thank God for Country Pet Hospital. They took care of our little guy and brought a little bit of light back into our lives. Thank you Country Pet Hospital staff❤

Micah Hatton

3 years ago

We have cats and it seems like one of them's always coming home limping from something. One of our cats is really prone to infections and the Country pet hospital went beyond what I expected to make sure Porco was good to go before being sent home. Thank you I'm a quadriplegic and he is a good therapy cat LOL

Odette Nudera

3 years ago

Right in the heart of Alpine, CA....we were met by a Vet Assistant immediately, she was very personable, friendly, assessed our dog's situation, and immediately took him inside for examination & check-up. We were seated outside the front door of the clinic, as they kept the exposure of the sanitized clinic to bare minimum, no public. After about 30mins, a Doc/Vet came out & gave us his prognosis of our Dog's issue, and proposed to keep him in the hospital overnight for observation. We communicated the next morning & in conclusion, the Doctor allowed us to take our pup home as w meds he may do better. I called a couple more times & they were very professional, & accommodating. The biggest shock was the "cost" of everything - X-ray's, Bloodwork, urinalysis, stay & etc. - $1400!! That's OK, Our Dog is all healed, Thanks to the able hands of the Doctors & Staff!

Sergio Ponce

3 years ago

Nurse was very nice, as well as the other staff. Did get yelled at not to come in but that's my own fault for not reading the sign posted on the door staying their C-Virus policy not allowing anyone in the office.

Rachele Botello

3 years ago

What didn't go wrong with this visit?!! Medication discrepancies ( take for 5 or 10 days??) Given 2 1/2 doses of meds for $30 Puppy was in severe pain after shot Called and Vet said no pain meds, just ice. (He had another shot recently and was just fine afterwards- different vet) Failure to recognize me the next day when I had to return to pick up meds. I should have been given meds the same day! Not too sure they didn't mix up the stool samples Not a good experience!

rick whorf

3 years ago

I want to thank everyone for their dedication to taking care of animals. They are the best they have been taking care of our pets since 2005. Thanks for taking care ofJJ during and after his surgery. Lynn you are the best, and Doc thanks for all you do.Happy Holidays

Roger H

3 years ago

Took very good care of my aging chihuahua. Listened carefully and noted everything I said, what an unusual and highly admirable trait. I couldn't go with my dog due to restricted access (Covid-19), but the doctor and staff were so attentive and responsive I was totally at ease while they treated her. They ran labs rather than guess, told me what they found and recommend, and they did what they said and all for a fair price. I'll take my dog back to them as I trust them.

Simply RAD

3 years ago

Most importantly, kind staff and knowledgeable vet. They have a partnership with boarding which also proved to be useful and effective for post surgery.

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