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Kachi Okoronkwo

2 years ago

Been coming here a long time and I'm going to keep coming until I have no reason to. They take good care of you and your loved ones

Kevin Riggs

2 years ago

Best vet I’ve ever been to. Especially Dr. Kristen Harris. Whole staff treats everyone really well, loves all the fur babies and they all have good memories for their regular clients.

Charles Cheng

2 years ago

While in California, Kona is well taken care of here. The staff and doctors are all nice and caring. Not Kona's favorite place for obvious reasons but certainly a place his family trusts!!! As a professional in human health care, both Drs Harris and Wagner and their team deserves 5 stars!

David Visman

2 years ago

Our doggy felt much better after a visit to Alameda Pet Hospital. Highly recommend!


2 years ago

Dishonest and narrow-minded. We were abandoned when our dog was ill and made worse by Dr Buchinger and Dr Harris. Not even the front desk answered us. It's all about the money for this place... at the cost of our pets. RIP our beloved girl

Kristen mariposa

2 years ago

They've taken care of all my pets since they were still at south shore mall. Almost 40 years!

ma c

2 years ago

All round the best vet in the East Bay.

Seth Feldman

2 years ago

Goid people and reasonable pricing.

Betty Stouffer

2 years ago

A very conservative culture of care practice there. Great customer service if you can get through the lines...worth the wait

Denise W

2 years ago

Long term client, all of my dogs and cats have been patients here. Very accommodating, personable, great communication. I'm never worried about the care my pets receive.

Rachel Plato

2 years ago

Love the staff here. So patient and kind with my animals.

Michelle Robbins

2 years ago

Had to schedule dental procedures for my 7 year old fur baby after dreading it for the last year but seeing a big decrease in eating and a change in Behavior it was definitely needed. Alameda Pet Hospital was great, they were very upfront about procedure and cost and kept the total price with in the original estimate. They even called the next day to check on Tucker post-op. I would highly recommend them for any Veterinary needs, we have been going with them for years and have never been disappointed. There covid-19 compliance is great and I never once felt sad for leaving my pet even though I couldn't take him in to the building and I had to wait in the car when it came time to pick him up

Kelsi Mannhalter

2 years ago

Really nice staff and wonderful vet! They always take great care of my kitties.


2 years ago

The first visits for both our dogs went well. We loved how Dr. Harris took the time to speak with us, sometimes at length, and we liked the care she showed our pets. There were a handful of visits with Dr. Harris prior to 2019 that we were very happy with. May 2019: Ginger unfortunately had a couple isolated seizure events. We appreciated the time Dr. Harris spent with us, listening to our theories and not completely dismissing them. We spent the next year tracking every single seizure and her blood sugar in case it was relative. Interestingly, we found her seizures to be happening within the same 3 hour timeframe after her meals. The main advice the vet could give us was telling us we could take her somewhere to have an MRI to further diagnose and prescribe zonisamide. We didn’t like the seizure meds. It made her a shell of herself and mostly just sedated all the time. She also was getting skin rashes which we attributed to the meds. Sometimes she’d still have seizures, too. We changed her from a high quality fish-based kibble to a home-cooked chicken diet as a last ditch effort to stop the seizures. Remarkably, it worked. For the next few months things went better. She still had seizures but it was less frequent and we had actually gotten her completely off her seizure medications. We attributed the occasional seizures to a low threshold from all the vaccines, flea meds, food allergies, diabetes, etc. At the end of 2019 the GI issues started. Both our dogs had diarrhea and we took them both in to get some help. Out of desperation we scheduled with Dr. Buchinger as Dr. Harris was unavailable. She met us with skepticism and judgement. She told us Ginger’s diabetes was out of control and that’s why she was so thin. She looked at us like we were crazy when we mentioned her seizures were diet related and she didn’t do ANYTHING to help with Ginger but charge us $25 to check her Blood Glucose with the same tester we had at home and after we told them we check it regularly. They determined from that and her weight loss that we weren’t giving her enough insulin. They didn’t address the dehydration or anything. They only did a blood panel on our other dog. Per Dr. Buchinger’s advice, we upped Ginger’s insulin and the next two days were a battle with hypoglycemic seizure events. Two weeks later the GI issues still existed; they were losing more weight and even more dehydrated. We considered taking them elsewhere, but we decided to give Alameda Pet Hospital one last shot and made sure to get Dr. Harris. Dr. Harris’ listened & tried to come up with a plan. Unfortunately, she was limited in her own expertise to give us much help. At this visit she tested for parasites, she determined they had an allergy to chicken so she sent us home with some Hill’s prescription food to try for both and although we really didn’t want to go back to any kind of store bought food, we did what she suggested. They also treated Reese with subcutaneous fluids but did nothing for Ginger’s dehydration at all. The GI issues were magically fixed but after MUCH research and the vet’s recommendations we chose a food that was the highest quality food, not 24 hours later, Ginger had her second ever seizure cluster event. We took her to get emergency care. Unfortunately that day was the last day we ever had our normal girl. After staying for a couple nights at the Emergency Vet, she returned to us on a second seizure medication as well as the one we worked so hard to get her off that ultimately caused too many side effects and a few months later we lost her. While we know Dr. Harris did as much as she knew to do to help us, we still have had our trust ruined with this place and most traditional vet care and store bought/prescription diet foods. Our other dog is healthy and happy after following INCREDIBLE nutrition advice (that we tried and desperately failed to receive from Alameda Pet Hospital) from Creature Comforts on a 100% home-cooked diet.

Seth Marbin [he - him]

2 years ago

They take great care of our doggy Grayson!

Maria Thorne

2 years ago

Alameda Pet Hospital has been our vet for nearly 20 years and has always been consistently excellent. Great vets, techs, and staff. Their prices are very reasonable and some of the best in town. The pandemic protocols they have in place are well thought out.

john grimaldi

2 years ago

We have Queensland Heeler who is a "spirited" dog. Alameda Pet Hospital has always been very caring and understanding with her. The staff is friendly and helpful. We lived in Alameda for 23 years and would not go anywhere else.

Paul Scholz

3 years ago

Wonderful care for my cat and dog

vicki harris

3 years ago

Every time I have gone to APH the staff and Dr's are awesome. They listen and really care about my pets. They have been minimal on treatment never in excess of doing this and that that cost a bundle. I have been in the other vets in town and i love the coming here. They never let me furries down❤❤ I am thankful for them

Imants Vinerts

3 years ago

Outstanding care and follow up for the numerous animals that I've had since 1996. As I've moved from Alameda to Oakland I continue to have APH address all of my pets' needs. A very professional and caring group. Thank you.

Vertna Williams

3 years ago

Extremely pleased with the service

tony rodrigues

3 years ago

Please be aware Missy was stolen on the first day of the month the new year please let me know if you have a chip information that's in there it's very important please thank you please let me know as soon as possible

Tommie Veirs

3 years ago

So good and caring with my very senior kitty!

Tara Tiger

3 years ago

Kinda sad you can't get a animal in that needed care there is such a backup of people waiting even if you have been there before and have a file.

Caitlyn Matuska

3 years ago

The vets and staff had the sad role of providing end-of-life care for both of my elderly cats. They did so with a good balance of professionalism, frankness, and empathy. I felt my cats were cared for well.

Christina Montanez

3 years ago

Always friendly & our vet is great.

Dhruvi Naik

3 years ago

After moving to Alameda last year, I started to take my dogs there for a regular vet visit. Upon the first visit to the Alameda clinic, I was told that I should consider doing a bunch of EXPENSIVE, UNNECESSARY, and UNDIAGNOSED test for my 4-Year-old dog, who is super healthy. The entire visit the doctor seemed so focused on getting me to agree to all these tests and not pay attention to the overall checkup which they charge a lot of money for. However, I still gave it the benefit of doubt and tried out with another vet at the facility. This time around we got Dr. Wagner. She is a decent vet, seems to care about the patient, and is pleasant to talk to. Unfortunately, she too recommended a bunch of unwanted tests that would be beneficial for my dog in her words. I once again didn’t think too much of it and didn’t take any of those “recommended” tests. About 4-5 months back, I once again needed to visit the vet since my dog needed to get the required vaccine for the year. Simple right, just a couple of shots, and we should be on our way. Unfortunately, didn’t go down like that. First, they didn’t have all the shots available for the day even though I had scheduled the appointment ahead of time, so this led to me coming in twice and getting the shots for my pet. Which is still fine but they charge you a hefty health & wellness checkup fee EVERYTIME YOU SET FOOT IN THEIR facility, even if it’s a shortcoming on their end. SUPER UNORGANIZED AND HAVE NO COURTESY FOR YOUR TIME. Also, on the same visit, they inform me that my dog needs a tooth extraction. All of the sudden, out of nowhere we get a recommendation for an extraction. Where my dog hadn’t been showing any discomfort or anything. This would require my dog to go under and would be surgery. So, I really wanted to make sure this is needed but at the same time, I don’t want my dog to be in any pain. So I consulted with doctor Wagner, she told us that dogs chip their tooth sometimes, and since my dog had lived on streets before we adopted her, she might have chipped it there. Sounded fair so I went ahead and booked the appointment for the extraction. However, I was still not convinced and afraid for my dog’s well-being at the same time. Also, the estimate for the extraction they gave was between $900-$1200. Needless to say, I got a second opinion. The tooth Alameda pet hospital said needed to be extracted is not even chipped and is in perfect condition. Please avoid them because when I needed them in an actual emergency, my dog broke his dew claw and was bleeding profusely, I took him there in emergency thinking this is my regular vet, THEY TURN ME AWAY. I waited outside their facility from 7:30 am- 8 am, with my bleeding and whimpering dog in my lap. They proceeded to tell me they have no slots open and that for the emergency they have 6-7hrs of wait time. I couldn’t keep my pet in that much pain for that long of a time, so I took him some other vet. They were able to fix him up in under 20 min because all that was needed was to remove the damaged part of the dewclaw (like our nails) and treat him with some pain and infection meds. THIS FACILITY IS JUST A FRONT TO GET PATIENTS TO PAY FOR EXPENSIVE TEST AND PROCEDURES WHICH ARE NOT NEEDED. THEY DO NOT PROVIDE CARE OR CONSULT. PLEASE, IF YOUR PET HAS A REAL ISSUE, AND YOU CARE ABOUT THEIR WELLBEING DON’T BRING THEM HERE.

Donald Brown

3 years ago

Friendly and convient. Easy with my pet.

Karl Neuharth

3 years ago

The staff make this place great. Kind, caring and definitely attuned to helping our animal friends. I commute from Vallejo to this clinic, which I will continue to do as long as my pup is around.

kristen mariposa

3 years ago

Dr Wagner is great. Shes been really good with my dog and understanding in regards to when dogs let them know theyve had enough poking and prodding. She does not suggest expensive unnecessary procedures or treatments. She is very kind and personable and will explain everything clearly so you understand. My family have been taking our pets here for about 35 years and they have been great.

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