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Tom Rowe

2 years ago

Very Clean, Professional, Caring. Great Place Full of Love for your Babys.

Lindsey Tyner

2 years ago

We have an elder boxer that was severely injured and Dr Shaul saved our old girl. Over 70 staples and countless stitches placed along with wired Canine bone stabilizer. Our old girl broke her jaw where her canines connect and instead of just removing the canine teeth and bone Dr Shaul was able to create a stabilizer in her mouth that allowed her to keep both canines and the bone healed properly. Without Dr Shaul that night we would have lost our Chloe. Dr Shaul also helped (is helping) our Koda with heartworm treatment. Koda is a rescue we found on the side of the road so of course we bring him in for all the bells and whistles and his heartworm test came out positive. Through treatment Dr Shaul gave us very clear instructions for at home care in between treatments along with treating our Koda with the best care in the clinic during treatment at the hospital. The vet staff assured us he would be cared for and loved on during his treatment and they did not disappoint. They cared for and loved on our Koda so good that he actually loves seeing his friends at the clinic and loves going to the vet now. We also do a lot of boarding with center hill. We normally board 3 dogs with them and I can not express how much our dogs love boarding with them. I swear they act like it’s a vacation. All 3 of them get so excited to see their friends at the clinic. We know that they are cared for, fed, loved on, and walked regularly while boarding there. We honestly couldn’t ask for a better Vet team! We love everyone there!

hannah Tyner

2 years ago

We Love Dr Shaul, Dr Bishop and all the vet staff at Center Hill Animal Clinic. We have a beautiful American Staffordshire terrier that Dr Bishop helped and assisted with a healthy 6 puppy litter. Post delivery of the pups our momma dog got extremely sick with Pyro (infected uterus) and Dr Bishop was quick to the rescue. During her surgery she discovered hives on our Letty’s intestines. An unknown allergy was present and without Dr Bishop finding the hives we would have slowly killed our baby without knowing. Thankfully Dr bishop knew immediately what kind of allergy this was and now Letty is perfectly happy and healthy eating her Hydrolyzed food that they have available at the clinic. A couple of our pups had entropion (eyelids grow inward) and Dr Bishop fixed them right up with minimal scarring! Very pleased with the results of both pups eyes!

Elizabeth Kelley

2 years ago

This place is wonderful. My daughter was in a very bad car accident a few months back. Both of her dogs were in the vehicle with her. One unfortunately did not make it. The other, her black lab Dawson, was in extreme pain as the result of a broken jaw. It was broke in 3 places. I was told by a not so friendly place in memphis that i had 2 days to come up with 8000 for surgery or he would have to be put down. Economic euthanasia they called it. How sad. People are forced to lose a member of their family that would have a wonderful life post treatment all because they cannot afford treatment. I managed a miracle and i paid memphis veterinary specialists the 8000 and they did surgery. A few weeks later when he ran out of pain meds on a friday i was told they did not have a doctor in and they had to see him before refilling. Which they coukd not do until monday. So my dog would have to suffer all weekend. Unless i wanted to take him to another vet pay all their fees have them get the records and get a script from the new one. I coukdnt believe what i was hearing. It was a blessing in disguise. I then found this place and they were great. They called immediately and got his records. They saw Dawson and got him out of pain. Very very nice people. I recommend them highly. Oh and if your still reading my novel of a rating and your interested to know, 2 weeks after getting his meds refilled it was time to go back in to have the stints removed. Can you bekieve i was told another 2000!!! To take.out what they put in in the first surgery wasnt included in the 8000. Ridiculous. I do not recommend memphis vet specialists.

Ashley McMillan

2 years ago

The staff and vets at Center Hill Animal Clinic are extremely professional, kind people. They take excellent care of my pets. They are organized, communicate well, and are upfront about what’s going on and what it will cost. They also work with several rescues and help the animal community in so many ways. I drive well out of my way and across state lines to have my pets seen at Center Hill!

Jana Tripp

2 years ago

We love Dr Shaul and Dr Bishop and all of their staff so much!! Dr Shaul and Dr Bishop are both very knowledgeable, professional, and compassionate. The quality of care is top notch. The techs are very attentive, well trained and nurturing for the animals in their care. They care and love on your babies like they are their own. All of my pups are so happy to come into the office to see their favorite people. You can't go wrong with bringing your fur babies here.❤

Kyra Clement

2 years ago

3 weeks ago my dog Dixie was limping. We took her here. They told us she had a fractured shoulder blade. Did X-rays and ran tests. Gave us meds and sent us home. She wasn’t getting any better. We took her back a week ago. They did more X-rays and told us it was a spider or snake bite. Gave us meds and sent us home. She has gone from limping to putting no weight at all on her leg. We called this morning and they tell us there is no record of any fractured scapula or snake/spider bite. Said no one ever told us that. So I guess we just imagined it. And despite paying $400 for the last 2 visits they refused to give us the X-rays so we could take her somewhere else.

Leslie Hardin

2 years ago

Best vet I've ever used. They are fantastic with diagnostics and really go above and beyond when we've had some big medical cases. I run a large rescue and would trust these vets (Dr. Shaul and Bishop) with any of my dogs. They are amazing and have saved so many of our dogs from near death. 100% recommend if you want excellent vet care.

Colten Fisher

2 years ago

I've now had two visits with this clinic. First time I wanted to get my dog spayed so called around for availability and pricing. Found center hill and settled on the price. Brought my dog, dropped her off. A few minutes later after they had her I get a call trying to "upsell" me on all kinds of additional items. ECollars, stomach stapling surgery, heart worm prevenative, and so on. I was "scared" into the stomach stapling by being told that it's very likely she will have her stomach turn at some point and tie into a knot which could kill her. I've had many dogs and large breed as well and never once had this issue. First time I've personally heard of it too. In either event we went ahead and did it at the clinics advice. I verified a price on the phone and confirmed. Recorded as well like all calls. When I went to pick her up I was met with a bill nearly $200+/- over what I was quoted. When asked they initially wouldn't correct. I had to demand it be corrected and the vet herself then spoke with me and realized where the confusion was and made an adjustment. We left feeling they had corrected a mistake in billing and was satisfied. It is normal for dogs to have nausea after this type of surgery so as normal I expected a day or two of vomit. This continued for every night over the next two weeks. No blood or anything just stomach acid and vomit. The dog never did this before... can't connect directly to the clinic but highly ironic that after having a surgery to help prevent stomach issues the dog has... well stomach problems. Visit # 2 - Thanksgiving We were in need of kennels to board our pup and our old lab. Center hill is near our home and we promised the vet we would come back if she corrected the billing on our previous visit which she did. So her we are. Brought both our dogs to stay for 3-4 nights. Dropped them offand left with no issue. Picked up and in the car immediately smells horrendous. They had feces on their back and it smelled like pure urine in our vehicle. I could be wrong but based on the statement from a kennel worker it seemed like they only stopped by every 12hrs during the holiday to feed and let out. If encourage them to hold their bladder for 12hrs. I was more amazed they were delivered back to us in the condition they were in. When we got home they stunk so bad we had to wash them outside before entering the home. I'll say this, I don't like leaving a bad review but on occasion it is warranted. The vet herself was nice and polite but I don't believe she has a firm grasp on those under her. The massive error in billing. The back and forth, the front desk giving incorrect estimates, and returning what I consider family back to me in such a deplorable condition... I'm sure many have great experiences with this clinic and I'm honestly happy they have. It's been my experience though that has led me to go elsewhere and not return. On a note of comparison with the kennel situation.. we have used Cat and Cow Veterinarian on Bethel road and everytime our pups come back clean, smelling good, plump, and happy. I've not once out of the past ten visits had an issue. Perhaps look at their practices to establish better ones at CH clinic.

Mitzi Sheets

2 years ago

Wonderful staff. They are doing great with our dog.

Jill Walker

2 years ago

They are awesome. They love your fur babies. I never worry when I need to board my girls or if medical care is needed.

David Rose

2 years ago

They are a bit slow to get your animal seen but they take the time to listen and treat the cause instead of the symptoms.

Amanda Daniel

2 years ago

Great facility, nice staff, and great prices! Highly recommend!

Tina Ortega

2 years ago

Really good vet office. Reasonable prices and fast service!

Phillip Bass

2 years ago

Great team, always take great care of our cat

Black Lotus

2 years ago

Only have been a few times, but my overall experience was great. Dr. Bishop and all the veterinarians was great and I will continue going there.

Alicia Murillo

2 years ago

Amazing! Very helpful and patient.

Jeremy Jennings

2 years ago

Couldn't ask for a better vet they saved our boxers life and his new friend Andy she is the best

Janelle Dayton

2 years ago

We love center hill. They take care of your fur baby as if it were their own pet. They are exceptional at keeping you informed at every step, you seriously don’t need to worry about your pet being in their care. 12/10 would recommend them. Even if you don’t live near by; they are WORTH the drive. I’d add more but I think Google has a limit on how much I can type.

Jacqueline Casey

2 years ago

My dogs are like my children and this vet is top notch. My boxer Kobe recently had to be rushed here for an injury and they saved his life. Andy is awesome! Y’all need to keep her around forever!

Charley Short

2 years ago

great staff, they really care

Laura Mendoza

2 years ago

The best!!! This clinic saved my dog's life ????

amberly reeves

2 years ago

I love this place!! My animals have been sick a good bit lately. With every visit they were so kind and explained everything to me.

Crystal Tittle

2 years ago

Had to make the tough decision of putting our 16 year old cat down. The staff here were all excellent, caring and supportive. I couldn't have asked for a better experience with him in his last moments.

John Hanel

2 years ago

Reasonable Price, Great service, Very knowledgeable Dr


3 years ago

Awesome experience! New to the area with a new pup! Super clean, super nice, and seem very knowledgeable!

Veronica Byrd

3 years ago

Good people very knowledgeable and good with my old girl!

Sandy Young

3 years ago

Everyone that works there is so kind. I recently had to lay my dog to rest and each and every time I had to take him in it was like being at home. I couldn't say enough good things about this place. Everyone that works there is awesome!!!

Melanie Barnes

3 years ago

The staff was very professional,caring and loving . Dr Davis was very knowledgable and caring . The clinic was very clean and beautiful . Will definitely be back.

Jeannette H

3 years ago

BEWARE! Took my 3rd dog in for annual exam and shots. When it came time to pay they charged an extra $40. The lady at the desk went on to say they just changed their price on Saturday and here it is Monday. Needless to say our appointment had been made prior to Saturday and at no point did any staff member inform us there would be an additional charge for the same service we previously received for our 2 other dogs. Very unprofessional and we will not be returning to this vet!

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