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Amy Erasmus

2 years ago

Dr. Massicotte saved my dachshund from undergoing an $8000 surgery! She helped heal his back injury with acupuncture treatments allowing him to walk again in less than 2 weeks/4 treatments! Luke injured his back by attempting to jump up onto my sofa. The next morning, he was unable to use his back legs. We visited my vet and he recommended surgery as the only option to help Luke walk again., along with a heavy round of steroids, muscle relaxers and pain meds. The following day we visited the neurologist who also pushed for surgery and saying this was Luke's only shot at having mobility again. My intuition was telling me this was not the only option and so I decided to try acupuncture. After personally experiencing transformative healing with acupuncture treatments for my back, I had faith that it could work for Luke as well. I found Dr. Massicotte and called her on Friday afternoon (2 days after Luke's injury). Although she doesn't typically doesn't treat patients on the weekends, she welcomed us to her home office on Saturday to get us started on Luke's healing journey. The level of care that she has provided Luke is remarkable. She spent 2 hours on our initial visit really taking the time to understand Luke's life from his birth leading up to his injury. I immediately felt like Luke was in great hands with someone that wanted to help him heal as much as I did. I noticed results the next morning when he surprised me by walking into the kitchen! Before the acupuncture treatment, he couldn't put any weight on his back legs and both vets said he wouldn't walk without surgery. Our 2nd treatment was on Monday and again I noticed results the very next day. His legs were regaining strength and mobility and he was able to walk a longer distance without stopping to sit. We've had 2 more treatments and he is walking more and more every day! I've really enjoyed watching his progress and learning so much from Dr. Massicotte about how to continue helping Luke live a healthy, happy life!

Mike Schaar

2 years ago

I cannot say enough about how much help Dr. Massicotte has been to my 12 year old fur buddy. After two years of routine debilitating hip/leg pain and a variety of vet visits and some trial and error with other treatment methods, he is very much able to live a better life and he has the mobility to do so - minus the pain he was experiencing. Dr. Massicotte's care and knowledge is priceless and worthy of far more recognition than I can give here. Pepe thanks you doctor!

Christine Gaan

2 years ago

Dr. Massicotte has worked wonders on my 13 year old terrier. My little fur baby has 6 compressed spinal discs, arthritis, a liver condition and a heart murmur. Working with acupuncture has enabled my fur baby to regain a pain-free quality of life and put pep back into her step — and all without pharmaceuticals! The fact that Dr. Massicotte has a long veterinarian background gives me added confidence in her expertise and abilities. Truly thankful that we received this referral! Would highly recommend, and actually have recommended, AcuPetAZ to anyone considering acupuncture for their pet. It works!

Colleen Randall

2 years ago

Tessa and Colleen Randall Tessa is my 17 year cat. She has Chronic Kidney Disease and Hyperthyroidism. I was so grateful to find Dr. Massicotte. Tessa's western medicine vet more or less told me it was time to let her go. I was not going to give up on my girl. I saw immediate improvement in Tessa after the first visit. We have continued to see Dr. Massicotte for over a year. Tessa is happier, healthier and more active because of her treatments from Dr. Massicotte. I highly recommend acupuncture treatments from Dr. Massicotte.

Quora Neeff

2 years ago

Dr.Massicote is one of a kind! She has helped me in different dire situations with my cats with her mobile acupuncture service. She is extremely knowledgeable, has a calming and professional spirit, and her work yields immediate results! The first time she helped my cat Peter when he was having stomach issues. Our regular vet was going to put him on a feeding tube since he hadn’t eaten in 16 days, 5 mins after the first acupuncture service with Dr.Massicote he ate again! She also helped reduce a high fever in my other cat and he also immediately ate after her treatment. She also knows how to handle a Wiley kitty who was upset and trying to bite/scratch while staying calm! We are very grateful for all she has done for us. Highly highly recommend!


2 years ago

I can’t say enough positive things about Dr. Massicote. My 11 year old Golden retriever was diagnosed with a degenerative nerve disorder and could barely walk let alone get up by herself. After a few acupuncture sessions with Dr Massicote, my dog is much more mobile, able to get up by herself 90% of the time and is much more alert. She even started playing with her toys again. It’s now been close to 6 months since our first session and my fur baby girl is getting around much easier. Huge improvement! Highly recommend. ????

Chaz Rayner

3 years ago

Our dog Max has a herniated disc in his lower back which has caused him to become paralyzed. Our vet prescribed him steroids which has helped some but we are pursuing all avenues of treatment to help him heal and be comfortable as much as …

georgeine jones

3 years ago

My 9 year old papillon had been to 4 veterinarians in 7 days, twice they took blood test and x-rays, I still did not know what was wrong with my Murphy. I had my Murphy out in front of my house and a Neighbor told me about Dr. M she gave me her phone number and I went in and called her immediately and left a message on exactly what I’ve been through and told her he had not eaten a thing for 7 days, which meant no bowel movement either. She called me the next day and I went in with Murphy to meet with her. After one session which about two hours she’s very thorough she went over every single thing that has happened to him in the past 7-8 days, his diet his attitude everything and she did acupuncture on him and he started eating when I got home and the third day I was worried because he hadn’t had a bowel movement yet but she text me and said be patient it will happen and she was right because that night he had a bowel movement. I took him back today for his second treatment and she was happy to see a different dog and of course I was so happy. He acts like a puppy very happy very active and he’s eating like he’s has never eaten before. She is so good with animals, so calm and gentle. I am so thankful that I found her because now I have my little companion back and he is very happy and so is mama. I would recommend her to anyone that has any problems with their dog or cat she’s wonderful.????❤️????❤️????❤️????❤️????❤️????❤️????❤️????❤️????❤️


3 years ago

My regular vet recommended acupuncture for my 12-year-old black Lab who was having difficulty walking after slipping on our hardwood. I found Dr. M. on the Internet after taking Doyle to another vet who said they did acupuncture. What a horrible experience that was! Thankfully, Dr. M. completely changed my opinion about acupuncture. She made Doyle’s last few months so much better. After every treatment, I could see improvement in his ability to walk. And even when he stopped eating, she had a treatment that got his appetite going again. She is so pleasant and was willing to come to me when Doyle couldn’t manage the car ride. She takes her time with him and me, answers so many of my questions and provides solid recommendations for other possible treatments. I have recommended her to other people who also have had the same experience. Her background as a veterinarian is a plus, as I feel she offers advice based on knowledge and experience. You and your pet won’t go wrong with Dr. M.!

Terri Emerson

3 years ago

We love Dr M!! She has all the characteristics of an incredible vet, she is very knowledgeable and explains process and health in a way that is understandable, she is very empathetic and she is a great listener too! I highly highly recommend you have her take care of your pets!

Carol Topczewski

5 years ago

We have an 8 year old yellow lab that has a variety of issues including elbow dysplasia, spondylosis in her back, 2 repaired CCL ligaments and seizures. A few months ago she injured her iliopsoas muscle and was barely able to walk. We took her to the vet and tried a variety of treatments but after 2 months of minimal progress we decided to give acupuncture a try. I called Dr Massicotte and she spent 30 minutes with me on the phone getting details and discussing options. A few days later she came to our house for the first treatment with treats in hand which made her an instantaneous friend for our dog. After a thorough exam we started the treatment. She spent almost 90 minutes with us and never rushed. Our dog remained calmed throughout the whole treatment and I can say within two days we noticed an improvement with her limping. We did three treatments in all and our dog is now playing with her sister and getting around better than she has in a long time. We did add some CBD oil to her treatment plan which also seems to help overall. Our dog has not had a seizure in 7 months and she was having them monthly. I cannot thank Dr Massicotte enough for helping us out. I would highly recommend her services and will use her in the future for our dogs needs. Her mobile service worked out perfectly for us too. Don't be afraid to give alternative treatments a try. They can work well by themselves or in addition to tradition medicine.

ganine davis

5 years ago

My husband and I decided to bring our 2.5 year old very active boxer to see Magda due to some limping. After multiple visits to the vet, meds and X-rays later, we decided to go a different route. Our experience with Magda has been wonderful …

David Osgood

6 years ago

When our dog, Fitzgerald, suddenly lost function of his rear legs we were understandably distraught. We took him to 3 veteranians, the best, by far was Dr. Massicotte. She spent over an hour with us diagnosing and treating our dog. She was …

JS Rousseau

6 years ago

I went to see Dr.Massicotte (same name has mine! furthermore in Scottsdale close to my home! I mean I had to give it a try) for my cat’s skin issues. Taco was not feeling well: sores all over, itchy, painful... After a few acupuncture …

Alex Rizk

7 years ago

I couldn't be more grateful for meeting Dr. Massicotte, when we met her for the first time we were already prepared to euthanize out 6 years old boxer named Pupuce. She had a terrible time walking and our former Vet thought she had nerve …

tom scanlon

7 years ago

Dr. Massicotte was great with Cookies, my catahoula/pit/princess. Cookies came up lame during a walk, and Dr. M was able to do in-home acupuncture the same day. Cookies was very relaxed during the procedure (it's painless) and was back to …

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