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Coreen Strom

2 years ago

I've been taking my dogs here for several years. Sorry I didn't write a review sooner. They've always been awesome and the prices are fair. One of my dogs, out of 5, got a haircut, bath and nails done today. Sam looks great! Thanks PuppyLand, you rock!

Jeanne Ketchum

2 years ago

I called for an appt and no one called me back. It has been over a week. So I can not rate them.

John Agnew

2 years ago

My golden doodle has had a lot of haircuts in six years ,after four hours their worst haircut ever, Never take my dog back there again in my life


2 years ago

Non responsive, do not return your text or calls. I had an appointment setup that I booked almost 2 weeks in advance. I received a text the morning of my appointment at 6am saying they had to reschedule due to a sick child, which I totally understand and told me they would be on vacation until may 11th. I tried to text back on May 12th to reschedule and got no reply. A few days later I tired to call during business hours around 11 am or so and got their answering machine I left a detailed message as it request with my name and number and did not get a call back. I waited over 24 hours after each attempt to reschedule to give them time to reply. I would have been a first time customer and now I will find somewhere else to get my dog groomed.

J.R. Stock

2 years ago

David was terrific & very gentle & loveable w/my babies even tho I took them in only for nail clippings!

Shannon G

2 years ago

Did a fantastic job of bathing, grooming, and brushing the teeth of my Border Collie. They followed my directions of how I wanted her haircut to the letter. A little bit pricey and I think I'll leave the teeth brushing to my vet techs. Overall though worth it.

Sheila Susmarski

3 years ago

Have a 12 year old Malamute and 2 year old Husky, and they are very difficult dogs, and this place was amazing with them ❤ between the care and grooming!

Michelle Brandon

3 years ago

WARNING. You get what you pay for and if you care about your dogs, take them somewhere else We tried to support local and took our doodles here. We are low key and understand that it is easier for groomers to shave them down and with COVID, my dogs were overdue. Part of the overdue was they rescheduled us TWICE due to "family emergencies". We were understanding and flexible and even were understanding about the poor quality shave down and gave them another opportunity. They even commented that we were not like other doodle owners who are high maintenance. They did a basic shave down, but did not do all of the items on their charge list for full service. I chalked it up to a misunderstanding and sought after a long term relationship with a local groomer. I attempted to schedule a 3rd time, I left 3 voicemail messages (in one week) with no return call. I should have stopped there- they must be too busy to provide basic courtesy of a call back. The location is convenient so I tried one more time the next week and they finally called back a couple of days later. When I brought up the unanswered voicemails, he said "ya, things have been crazy". We scheduled for today. He gave me choice of times 9 or 10 and we set the appt at 10. They open at 9. My husband was dropping them off and I called 45 min before our appt in hopes that I could make sure we were all on the same page about what would be included. They didn't answer. We arrived today at our scheduled time. My husband walks in and the first greeting was "you were supposed to be here at 9". My husband questioned that as we were certain of when it was scheduled. If they were sitting around during our supposed missed appt time, why didn't they answer the phone? Even if our appt wasn't at 10 (which it was), why did they not extend the same grace we gave them for not being responsive to our voicemails or try to find a solution/compromise? the answer: horrific customer service- lack of care about their reputation and clearly taking whatever business they get for granted. We should have honored our gut when they showed their character. I am sure they have a niche of customers but doubtful they will survive as a business with such poor customer service. If they treat customers like this, how do they treat your dog when you are gone. Not worth it.

Heather Maynard

3 years ago

Excellent customer service and they treated my baby with such amazing care!!! My dog is very shy and had never been groomed but when he came back he was so happy and excited! Will continue to take my fur babies there and spread the word to my friends and family!! Thank you Puppyland for all you do!!!!

Breeze Ninja (MyOwnMaster)

3 years ago

Unfortunately this place came recommended . I drove from Phoenix to have my 3 pups taken care of. I had 1 rat terrier and 2 pugs. My rat terrier was to be given the works with a shave completely down . They left a furry tail . He looks like a squirrel. My pugs were to be desheded and bathed with nails. My dogs came out smelling like wet dog and had never been more furrier. My pups went in at 9:35-9:40 AM and I got a call that they were ALL 3 ready at 10:10 AM. My babies were terrified . That is 30 minutes for 3 dogs . When I called to discuss this a gentleman took my number and never called me back after I called in my concerns.

Sandy Green

3 years ago

Dog loving, gentle groomers with a reasonable price.

Sandra Smith

3 years ago

I love this place that did a great Job on my dogs

Richard Radcliffe

3 years ago

Owners and workers refuse to wear masks! With that they want to stand in front of you talk, take give you pet from you at close quarters. Never going back. Opens late most weekends looking like they just rolled out of bed in the back room.

Liz Nylin

3 years ago

Loved the experience at PuppyLand. They have new ownership and the gal at the front desk was very sweet in taking our appointment and caring for my Yorkie when we brought him in. Best service- love the location and price was reasonable as well.

Joel Austin

3 years ago

These folks do such a great job with our dog. They really care about the animals.

Shonnie Rae

3 years ago

Great job. Fair price. Friendly.

Debi Sherman

3 years ago

Live close by they are great with my pup never any issues. I could use a large business however I find no reason to. The prices are fair locally owned. Support local businesses make your town a fine town. I recommend Puppy Land. Great people.

debbie vecchetti

3 years ago

I was only there too have my dogs nails clipped

Chelsea Riddle

3 years ago

Since the new owners took over they have been amazing!

bill sweet

3 years ago

First visit for grooming. Friendly, professional, efficient staff. Excellent grooming on my Pomeranian pooch

Autumn Terry

3 years ago

My dogs are nervous when they get groomed. Here they go right to the staff and they aren't traumatized in the process. They look great and their prices are very reasonable. I will never go anywhere else.

Tabatha Pitts

3 years ago

New owners are super great! Always pleased with my puppy cuts and reasonable pricing.

Theodus Brown Barbour Jr.

3 years ago

I have been taking Maximus here for years. Always a good experience.

Bj Durance

4 years ago

Iv been yelled at and "shamed" for my dog pooping on the floor. Iv asked for bags to clean up after my dogs and they dont have any????? What doggie place isn't prepared for "accidents"? Also the way they talked down to me about it......twice.....i wont return. Hair cuts are about average. No issues with that.

Vivian Gustafson

4 years ago

I have been taking my Shih Tzu To Puppyland on Hunt Hwy. for over 2 years. This last time she was groomed, a rubber band was placed on her tail. This was not noticed for a few days until she started wanting to lick her tail, and crying . Took her to the Vet, and her tail was severely damaged, with infection. The rubber band had cut deeply into her tail. She is on pain meds, ,and antibiotics. Hopefully we will be able to save her tail. Took pictures provided by the Vet, along with the bill, and of course they said they would never do something like that. As a result will NOT pay any of the $375.00 Vet bill. I regret all the referrals I have made for Puppyland.

Sue McCourt

4 years ago

I took my toy schnauzer for his first haircut at Puppy Land today. He weighs 15 pounds, 10 years old and very easy to groom. The guy at the counter said it would be $54, which I thought was a little high, but OK so the guy took my dog in the back and presumably put him in a crate.. Then a women comes out and explains that if I want the skirt cut, there would be an additional charge. I said, you are going to charge me $54 and not cut all the hair? She said to cut the skirt would be $15 more!! I also heard a dog yelp in pain while I was there (it could have been my dog, not sure). I told them to give me my dog back, I wouldn't pay an 'extra' charge to cut all the hair!

Lisa Roberts

4 years ago

NEVER again 1st time they cut our puppy in the nose. 2nd time they shaved him way too low. Left terrified. Current groomer says he was mistreated with the why he acted with her. They was not patient with him. They won't get a 3rd time with him.

Lauren Miller

4 years ago

If i could give this place 0 stars, i would. Don't bring your dog here, I repeat DONT BRING YOUR DOG HERE. I had an appointment at 11, and was told it would take 3 hours. My dog was done at 4, that's 5 hours. They treated my dog terribly. That's not the worst though, I got the complete opposite of what i asked for and honestly looks like someone just took a razor to my dogs entire body!!!!! The job looks awful and they even cut off all her whiskers?! They clearly do not know what they are doing and i can't believe i actually paid money to put my pup through that.

Karron Walpole

4 years ago

Not quite sure if I will be going back. I have never heard of a grooming place that the weight of your dog depends on how much you pay. To have my 83 pnd. dog get her nails clipped and get bathed for $72. That's a bit much, I think.

Jeremy Kristina

4 years ago

I will never bring my dogs here again false advertisements! Dishonest! You can trust that my dogs and any other pet owners I know will never go to your place of business ever!

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