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DavidandShannon Austin

2 years ago

They do a great job!

Alexandra Goswick

2 years ago

Incredible work!! Dallas always comes back looking so fresh! Their work is above and beyond.

Terri Perino

3 years ago

Jaime did a great job on our little guy. My only complaint would be, they do not mask up for the front desk transaction. I will be back, though.

Selena esquivel

3 years ago

I use to take my babies here not anymore the new owners, don't know what there doing


3 years ago

It’s unfortunate I have to write this review in the first place. My dogs have been going to this business before the second owner who took over in 2015. The previous owner was extremely personable, polite and displayed gratitude for her customers. We never had any issues until the second owner took over. At first, she was a great, very bland personality but did a good job so we continued to patronize her business. About 9 months ago I was on my way to take my dog to get groomed and he had started to develop symptoms similar to he ate something bad or was ill. He began excessively vomiting and seemed very lethargic. He had not ever experienced anything like this before and it was so sudden so I became concerned took him to the vet and they told me he needs to rest and lots of fluids so I had to cancel my appointment. Of course, I missed the appointment as I was at the vet, it was the first time I have ever missed an appointment. The vet said he needed rest and didn't think it would be wise to take him in case he had the flu. So I called the owner apologizing profusely and she was not understanding she did not care about the well-being Of my animal. I did not want to risk getting any other pets sick! You'd think she would appreciate me not wanting to possibly get other dogs sick. Fast forward to this incident I had an appointment scheduled for February 18th at 9 am written both on my paper calendar and my phone calendar. I walk in and she abrasively says your appointment yesterday and I apologized and said there must have been a misunderstanding because I wrote it down on two calendars. *** SIDE NOTE***this same incident has happened to SEVERAL customers according to her yelp reviews and googles reviews so I am NOT the only customer this has happened to as she claimed I was the only one ) *** She goes into saying all these unprofessional and abrasive things and begins to make comments about my life how I need to manage my and priorities differently. Mind you, I run several businesses and a family so that was not relevant obviously she felt the need to pick apart someone to make herself feel better. I understand how challenging it can be to run an independent small business however it's all about being professional, having grace, post your rules and regulations in case of a missed appointment as salons and other groomers so. She obviously seems to have deeper issues and I believe that is a reason why she hashed out so incredibly volatile. I will never bring my business to doggie delight and all the other customers who I referred years ago to get their pets groomed as a result of my experience will take their business elsewhere.

David Austin

3 years ago

They did a great job with my pups!

Beth Hopkinson

3 years ago

Very friendly staff. Nancy loves going

David Delgado

4 years ago

Nice place to get our dog nails trimmed.

Pam Lovingood

4 years ago

Jamie does a wonderful job on my little 4 pound Lilly. And she comfortably quick. My little old lady dog appreciates the prompt appt.

Patrick Letizio

4 years ago

Always friendly and great with the dogs.

Sharon Magnuson

4 years ago

Very affordable. Quality service.

John Kalous

6 years ago

Real good care friendly staff

Tom Hutchison

6 years ago

Doggie Delight is a money grabbing place that takes the easy way out. I made an appointment for my 2 Labradoodles explaining that we had been camping for 2 months and one of the 11 month old pups had tight hair and burrs that would need extra attention. I agreed to pay extra for this added attention. When I arrived to pick the 2 dogs up, I was shocked to see my beloved pet scalped with numerous bloody nicks from the brutal shaving he got. His legs, face, butt and belly were shaved even though he had short hair in those areas and could not have possibly been matted. No extra charge for this service; just a fast zip-zip to get my $50.00. This is not grooming. My pet was traumatized, isn't eating, and looks like a Nazi prison camp survivor. He is not the same pup I dropped off. There was no attempt to call me to discuss options. When I registered my complaint, they told me it was my fault and hung up on me. Rachel shouldn't be in business. My 11-month-old puppy will never be the same with any groomers. He was whimpering when I picked him up. I have never heard him whimper before. I fear for infection from the cuts, although I was told to put neosporin on them from the receptionist. Additionally, they made me pay before I saw my dogs. The groomer did not even bother to come out to greet me. This is bad business practice. These people are hacks and need to be shut down before they really hurt a dog or other beloved pet. There are too many caring groomers in Prescott to put up with this outrageous and contemptuous behavior.

Dennis Hutchinson

6 years ago

Rachael is the best groomer ever! My dog actually likes going there?! She grooms service dogs for no charge and that is a really special way to give back to her community.

Krista Moore

7 years ago

Best groomer in town! I've been to a total of 3 groomers in the Prescott area and this salon by far exceeds the rest :) My little MinPin comes home smelling like sweet bubblegum every time and is always very happy when I pick him up ♡ Not only do they do an excellent job, but the staff is extremely nice and professional! Always! And compared to the others, their price is right.

mary weiss

7 years ago

i live in puerto penasco mexico, but spent the summer in prescott with my cockapoo, chuy....while there, rachel groomed him twice or three times, but i was so happy and impressed with her and her business that i am now driving 5/1/2 hours to have rachel groom has ruined me! lol he is 12 years old and rachel is the best groomer i have taken him to!

Penny Devlin

7 years ago

I have 2 Belgian Sheep Dogs and one is quite a handful. Rachel and her team do a great job grooming and handling them. I highly recommend Doggie Delight.

Steve Hodges

7 years ago

After my first experience with Rachel cutting my 4 Shih Tzu's. I knew I would always take them to her. Unlike other groomers she doesn't keep them all day and stress them out. They are usually out within 3 hours. I highly recommend Doggie Delight. Rachel is the best.

Judy Freeman

7 years ago

Max was happy with Rachael...again????????

Ashley Tate

7 years ago

Terrible service and my babies came back not finished!

Dave Riley

8 years ago

Nice job on my dog, very happy with his haircut. One place I took him, he seemed traumatized. He looked great, seemed happy, great, friendly service and a ggod price. Winner in my book.

Kama George

8 years ago

Love, love, love Doggie Delight! My Toy poodle has never looked so good! Been to practically every groomer in the tri city area and I received the best cut, customer service, price, selection and groomer experience a pet grooming facility has to offer. Extremely happy with my pets perfectly coiffed do. I will be coming back again and again!

Katlyn Edwards

8 years ago

New to town. So delited to find doggie delite. Excellent service. good price. Thank you team!!!


9 years ago

I bring my standard poodles to Rachel because I trust her and she's always very cheerful when I bring my babies through the door. Rachel has groomed my babies for 3 years and I just wanted to give her props!! Thanks Rachel!

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