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Jocelyn Cardon

2 years ago

My poor chiweeny had to get half his teeth Removed and they did it for a reasonable price! They were the cheapest in town and I really appreciate them taking such great care of my baby! The owner was very impressive with her knowledge and taking the time to answer all my questions!

Sabrina Fendley

2 years ago

Great, friendly atmosphere for my dog and cat.

Loni Vallejo

2 years ago

The staff at Pet Dental were wonderful and explained everything that my dog needed. They were caring and made us feel comfortable. Dr. Redmon was wonderful and did a superb job on the surgery! I highly recommend Pet Dental if you are questioning.

Jodie Reichert

2 years ago

From making the first appointment to arriving the dental assistant to the Dentist very friendly and knowledgeable and willing to answer All questions. Dentist takes her time and explains exactly what needs to be done ✅ Smooth check in and out. We're scheduled for surgery for tooth extraction and cleaning. Please do not give your dogs bone marrow bones, they broke a part of her tooth and cracked one!! It only takes one ????

Mercedes Martinez

2 years ago

They very professional and friendly.

Melanie Pierce

2 years ago

Average cleaning is $500 to $800. They always want to do more than just clean........

Linda Denny

2 years ago

Good place to get lower cost vaccines and a Gree ckup on ur furry babies teeth!


2 years ago

I bring the Doxie's here as needed.Dr.does a great job. I don't like handing off my babies, but thats the way it goes ????

Jill Tormo

2 years ago

I have used Pet Dental for my dogs dental needs for several years, and I am never disappointed. I had a free dental exam performed on my dog today, and the Pet Dental staff are always friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient. Dr. Redmon always goes over her findings, and comes up with the best plan for my pet. My dog is scheduled for a dental cleaning next week, and I have no concerns, as I know she will be well taken care of. I have been in a veterinary-based business for the last 20 years, and their professionalism, and skill is beyond anything I've ever witnessed. I would highly recommend them to anyone whose dog or cat needs a dental exam and/or a dental cleaning. If you aren't sure, what do you have to lose by having a FREE exam performed? Give them a will be so glad you did????

Michael Glow

3 years ago

Super friendly staff. Very reasonable prices. Love the curbside service. Highly recommended.

Brittany T Hill

3 years ago

I had an amazing experience at Pet Dental. Dr Sanders was kind and answered all of my extensive questions at my consultation. I was so nervous the day of the procedure and the staff who did our intake helped put my mind at ease. The total cost was in the middle range of the initial estimate. My baby seems to be doing well. I will be sure to return for a regular cleaning in the near future.

Kitty Thurman

3 years ago

Wonderful customer service and animal care.

Turbo Optimum

3 years ago

Great place friendly staff awesome doctor

Allans Flowers

3 years ago

They are great here. They really care about your pet and have taken extras precautions right now during Covid 19. I appreciate their care and their prices are very reasonable.

Ana Johnson

3 years ago

Great service better prices for your pets. Recommend 100%

Ba Beck

3 years ago

We were excited when this clinic opened a few years ago. Their prices were a lot more affordable than our local vet even during our Vets “sale month”. Just returned and had a recheck for another dental on one of our dogs. The pricing had gone up about 20%. We have returned to our local vet. This vet has a charge for everything.Detail line item , 5 types of bloodwork to select , injectable gel, anesthesia, pain meds, antibiotics. Plus extractions per tooth. Old vet charges one charge as a package deal. Looks like we will be saving about $400 by not returning here. Think they are worried more about paying for their student loans than having competitive pricing. Will not return, shop around.

Becca Borawski Jenkins

3 years ago

I am posting this review here because even though I took my cat to the Peoria location, her surgery was performed by Dr. Sanders of the Prescott Valley location. My review is as follows: I brought my cat here a week ago for a full mouth extraction. My cat died while in the care of Pet Dental. The cause of her death is not known -- Dr. Sanders could only offer guesses after-the-fact. It was disturbing, though, that the things Dr. Sanders mentioned to me that might be contributing factors -- whatever underlying condition caused our cat's stomatitis, Dr. Sanders' administration of more steroids, etc. -- were not mentioned to me at all prior to me deciding to schedule the surgery. Had I know these things could increase our cat's risk level, I would not have scheduled this surgery and at the very least would have requested more tests while I considered whether or not surgery would be the right thing to do. Pet Dental offered to do a necropsy, but I declined. My cat died, I didn't get to take my best little friend home that day, she is missing from every moment of my life now, and no necropsy changes that. Additionally, I did not want my cat to be touched any further by anyone at Pet Dental, much less cut up during a necropsy. To be fair, perhaps my cat's death was simply something that happened, that no one could ever have known would happen. But Pet Dental did not handle it well. They did not warn me of things ahead of time that they were quick to bring up as possible "reasons" after the fact. And, if for no other reason, I am writing this review simply so that this occurrence is properly recorded for anyone else considering taking their loved one to Pet Dental. Whatever the cause of my cat's death, you should know that it happened here -- and that it does happen. In addition, it is clear to me that their staff is not appropriately trained in how to handle pet death. While I understand that they too were hurting and perhaps surprised at the loss of my cat, they should try to get past their own awkwardness and sadness so that they can properly care for their clients/patients. It is unbelievable to me that I had to fumble my way out the front door while carrying my dead pet in her carrier with no help at all from the group of staff that were standing and sitting around and behind the front desk staring at me. The least you could do after I trusted you with my cat's life is open the door for her and I on our way out. --- To address the response from Pet Dental: -My cat was not malnourished. She was active and eating regularly leading up to the surgery. She cleared your blood panel and was examined by your staff and determined to be fit for surgery. -Risk factors were not once, even for a single sentence, discussed verbally with me. -If I am supposed to be prepared for this outcome by the simple fact that you handed me a piece of paper and I signed it, then your staff should be thoroughly and properly trained to handle this outcome as well. By your own admission, they are not. As you brought up in your Facebook response to me, suicide is a current crisis in the veterinary field. The fact that your employees are not prepared for these outcomes is not only a shame for the animals and clients involved, but also for your own staff.

Brandy Vandervort

3 years ago

Always so nice and they get ya in and out.

Jerry Towne

3 years ago

Doctor Redman experience came through again. Her compassion is evident, skills obvious. Jerry

melissa bardsley

3 years ago

I brought my two six year old Chihuahuas to Dr. Sanders. They had terrible dental problems; bad teeth, etc..They had half of their teeth extracted because it was necessary. Dr. Sanders goes over all the X-rays and explains the status of all the teeth. She is very professional and caring. The prices are better than any vet you will find for major dental work, and I had taken my older dog to her last year and he only had four teeth pulled even though the estimate said it could be more so they are honest and only do what is necessary. My dogs are healthy and happy now! They feel so much better! Thank you Dr. Sanders!

Nina Fry

3 years ago

They took really good care of our dogs.

tammy corey

3 years ago

Great experience! Very friendly staff and doctors. It was worth the drive to Prescott Valley from Flagstaff.

Danielle Dawson

4 years ago

Based on the good reviews, I brought my 5 y/o dog in who needed a cleaning and some teeth pulled. Pet Dental USA wanted to pull literally HALF (around 20!!) of my dog's teeth! I said no thank you and took him to a regular vet. The vet said they would probably need to pull six teeth. They ended up pulling FIVE, and he is healthy and happy. I don't think it's right to deprive an animal of teeth just for the sake of inflating the bill. Not recommended.

Donna Cimarelli Harriman

4 years ago

Everyone was very kind and helpful! My kitty and I felt genuinely cared for. We love Dr Sanders, and the entire staff at Pet Dental here in Prescott Valley. My kitty and I recommend them very highly!

melissa anderson

4 years ago

They literally scam you into doing uncessary things for your dog . Don’t go here !

Susan Bell

4 years ago

Very professional and personable team plus significant savings...a win-win!

Patricia Egan

4 years ago

Did excellent job cleaning my dog's teeth.

Cheri Fielder

5 years ago

I took my two cats there Doctors were very good and very caring and the price was very reasonable especially for all the work that was need on one of them. I recommend them to all who are looking for a dentist for there pet.

C. Alan Reber

5 years ago

Great pet care at great prices...Nice, caring people


5 years ago

Really impressed. More for less is what you get with everything here. Staff is friendly and professional and could not be nicer. The free dental exam was very helpful. The dental cleaning is as cheap as it gets without any shortcuts in quality and they include digital x-rays. After the cleaning when you pick up your pet, you talk to the vet and see the x-rays.

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