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c w

2 years ago

I have taken my pets(dog, which they laid to rest and my cat), for several years now. It seems this place is going through a transitional phase right now with temporary vets coming in and out like a revolving door. I recently took my cat for an appointment for bowel issues. I decided to not do blood work at the time understanding that to refill his prescriptions he would need them. I asked if the blood work would be just a vet tech visit or another office visit. I was told it would be just a vet tech visit. I tried to set this up and I was told it would be three weeks out. The person helping me said he would call me back to see if I could get in sooner since this was supposed to be just a vet tech visit. After several hours I checked back and was told I would get a call back. When they called back, they told me they would no longer see my cat since he is a senior and they don't have any full-time vets there. Really??!! Very unprofessional practice! Oh, I ran into a former employee outside of this practice and that person warned me to change my vet care. I should have listened.

Beth Thompson

2 years ago

I was with Dr. Tracy Kormos and she was phenomenal. I have an American Pitbull terrier and she gets judged a lot because of her breed. But Dr. Kormos was so sweet and good with my Ellie. She got on the floor with her to comfort her because she was very nervous. She took her time to let Ellie get comfortable. She was kind and caring about my dog and this is what I've been looking for in a vet. I've had an experience at stonecrest where my previous vet was very kind of sending and negative toward Ellie so I'm so happy to switch vets.

Judith Neillie

2 years ago

Vet & tech were both very friendly and loved our Golden retriever. We’ve been using this place for 10 years and they have changed vets quite a few times but they all have been great with our pets.

Lisa Merritt

2 years ago

Very friendly awesome staff. They were all very kind and caring with my dog and made her feel comfortable. They did not try to push extra tests etc


2 years ago

Stonecrest Animal Hospital is always a great place to take your pet for the best care. The vets as well as the staff and front office are pleasure to deal with and will always put your pets' health first before anything else.

Keith Holman

2 years ago

Good place. Super Pricey though. Nice people. Going to have to change vets though as the prices continue to rise on already high prices.

Mark B

2 years ago

The staff are always extremely friendly and we are always given a very thorough report at the end our visit. Our most recent visit was an emergency and the staff allowed us to come in with our dog 15 minutes before closing and they stayed 30 minutes past closing to take good care of her. We really appreciate the compassion they showed us. Thanks!

Nicole L.

2 years ago

The groomer is always so patient with my difficult German shepherd.

Stephen Kelminson

2 years ago

Reception missed the point of the visit and had neglected to review the extensive records I forwarded to them. Re- explained in detail to reception. Waited 1 hour to see the doctor who then again had no idea why we were there and I had to re-re- explain. Ultimately reached an understanding which is what I had suggested in the paperwork I sent them. Very frustrating with no sense of contrition. Doesn’t that deserve some type of apology— or why not a discount???!!! As a physician I understand running behind but I ALWAYS apologize. Everyone’s time is valuable. I don’t understand not reviewing a chart before seeing a patient. I’m giving them another chance because I did like the staff but hoping for better.

Bill Rozenwaser

2 years ago

Been going to Stonecrest for many years. Excellent medical care for pets, grooming services and short term boarding while on vacation. Glad they’re nearby.

Willett Edmonson

2 years ago

I’ve used Stonecrest going on 3 years. All of the staff are friendly and competent.

Barbara Krueger

2 years ago

I have mixed emotions about Stonecrest. I have two dogs and had serious health concerns about both of them. I had difficulty in making appointments to get in to see the Vets at Stonecrest. Only way to get an appointment was to call in at 7am and pay for an emergency appointment for that day. Otherwise, they had no appointments available. My one 14 year old dog was diagnosed with stage 3 kidney failure. Dr. Conway was great. Unfortunately, yesterday morning he wouldn’t eat again and started whining and crying. I called Stonecrest to get in to see one of the Vets. Like the last few times, they were booked and could not see him under any circumstances that day. She could hear my dog crying on the phone. I called several other Vets and they were all booked, but not being a current patient, I can understand that. I ended up at VetMed ER. The Vet there recommended that my dog stay with them several days with IV’s and drugs to flush out his kidneys which was anywhere from over $3000 and 5000-. Then he said he would probably need to have subcutaneous fluids every couple of day. I made the very difficult decision to put him to sleep. It would have been nice to have been able to make this decision with my Vet who knew more about his history. I am still wrestling with whether I made the right decision or if there might have been an alternative choice. I need a Vet who can see my dog when it is sick and am thinking of finding another Vet. I have no problem with Dr Conway, but if you can’t get in to see her with your sick dog, it doesn’t matter how good she is. Luckily, my other dog is doing very well.

Accurate Translator, llc (Joe Simunaci)

2 years ago

We have a locked mail box, so we retrieve our mail maybe every 7-14 days. I got to my mailbox today and find a card from Stonecrest. On June 18, at 3:15p.m., we used the compassionate services of Stonecrest to put down our 14-year companion - our Dog Molly. We had her since she was barely weened. Me, a fifty-year-old man became an emotional crying mess. I grieved hard for longer than I thought I would. Their card was heartfelt and not simple signatures, but actual condolences. They truly get it. If I am lucky enough to adopt a new pup, I will be using no one else.

Laura Lucas

2 years ago

We love Stonecrest! They always are friendly and have been there for us and our pup Bruce since the first day we got him! From saving him when he had parvo to neutering him and pulling his puppy teeth, they have cared for him and try their best to fit it into a reasonable budget and timely manner. Highly recommend!

Marnie St. Germain

2 years ago

Our 9 month old puppy had an appt for his regular vet on a Monday for a rash. Got really bad with him biting himself raw on his back which we didn’t even see until we got up Saturday morning and saw a huge clump of his hair. Our vet wasn’t open so I searched for one that may be open and willing to take a puppy that wasn’t their regular client. Everyone there was awesome and took care of Tucker very quickly! Would highly recommend! Simone and Dr. Conway were awesome!!

Cindy Bowman

2 years ago

Stonecrest Animal Hospital staff and Dr. Blazer always go above and beyond for anything needed. I truly appreciate their kindness and love of their profession.

Allie Solan

2 years ago

I move around the country a lot so finding vets that I trust is always something that I take very seriously. Stonecrest Animal Hospital was recommended to me by my best friend who takes her dog there as well. I had noticed that my cat, Nala was potentially having some urinary tract issues and they were very informative about everything they were doing. I have been to vets where I get the bill at the end and am completely surprised but they informed me of everything throughout the whole visit. Thank you guys :). I'll see you next week with my dog, Rosie!

Vickie Smith

2 years ago

Staff was very friendly. We adopted dog from Humane Society and it was VERY sick. We had called 30+ vets to try and get an appointment and Stonecrest made room for us. They were thorough and treated our pup great. They will be our new vet!

jose ornelas

2 years ago

I was obviously worried like crazy when I saw my Emma had something growing out of abdominal area obviously due to this whole pandemic taking her anywhere to get her to see a vet was almost impossible. Everyone needs an appointment and the appointments were months out so I tried taking her to an Emergency Hospital to see if they could do something. Upon arrival to the emergency place a nurse come out and gives her a visual inspection and politely let us know that they wouldn’t be able to help since what my dog was experiencing was a growth from her imbalance of hormones from being as old as she was and not being spade. She printed out a few hospitals that could help and I picked Stonecrest and honestly when I first dropped her off for her exam and I waited patiently for her diagnosis in my car. The doctor that checked her out talked to me and explained everything about what might need to be done any questions asked they would be answered. They are so helpful to the point that the receptionist informed me of a website that helps to fund these types of situations via Care Credit. It helped a lot and I can say that she was in good hands.

Kim Chi

2 years ago

The staff was incredibly friendly & went above and beyond to get my cat in to see the vet as quickly as possible, even though they were booked. The vet spent time discussing the different options for us & also answered the many questions I had. I will be a return customer because of the level of service I received!

Gabriel Medina

2 years ago

I took my 7-month-old papillon there to get spayed and the doctor did an AMAZING job. The incision was so tiny it really help with the healing time and the comfort level of my fur baby. The staff there is amazing. My dog was in GREAT hands. Thank you Stonecrest. ❤️????

Deborah Peterson

2 years ago

The people at Stonecrest are wonderful! Always professional and they always treat my Maggie with much love and care!

Amanda Spirek

2 years ago

The Dr. Blazer, her team and all the staff at Stonecrest are magnificent. We have an older German Shepherd who is struggling with health issues. All of the staff treat him so kindly and always love on him. Dr. Blazer is very thorough, answers all of our questions and clearly cares about her patients. We cannot recommend this office enough and trust them whole heartedly!


2 years ago

It's probably not the best place to bring cats since their knowledge of them seems to be inferior to the nearby VCA hospitals I've been to, but if you have a dog it's probably great like everyone else says. Definitely wouldn't bring your cats here if they need anything major done if I were you. Unfortunately I'm locked in for regular checkups until next year because of the PAW plan. It seemed like such a great deal, but its usefulness wears off after you get the vaccinations done.

Kate Schumacher

2 years ago

As a former Vet Tech I appreciate the time the staff takes to explain the whys and wherefores of a treatment plan. It was very important as my dog aged and finally crossed the rainbow bridge. They are extremely kind with the wild hair of a pup I have acquired.

Holli Denoyer

3 years ago

My dog Chiefy has extreme anxiety so we wanted to find a place that had a good vibe and professional. It took us months to find a place. We called places and some staff were impatient and rude and we definitely don't want to leave any living thing with cranky people . We were referred to Stonecrest Animal hospital and there are no words to describe how amazing their staff is. Patient kind knowledgeable. You could tell they really love animals. Ashley took care of our baby yesterday and my first question to her was " Do you ever want to see my dog again?" Because I know him and how he is her response was that he was one of the best dogs she had that day. Finding a permanent groomer is a huge relief. I could tell Ashley was going to be good to my four-legged baby she is sweet and kind. My husband and I are so grateful for Ashley. We are so grateful for stonecrest animal hospital. We are actually going to be taking our 13-year-old 6 lb Yorkie there in 2 weeks for his grooming.

Anthony Monico

3 years ago

There are vets closer to me. This place is 25 minutes away. Try driving 25 minutes with a 3 month old pit bull... she’s a handful and already knows how to get out of her cage so I don’t even bother with a cage. But I will ALWAYS drive 25 minutes to Stonecrest. They are so patient with ME! And they show my pups some serious love. They treat her so well and she comes out a little sad she is leaving. They treat her well and she’s so healthy thanks to their advice. They go above and beyond. Trust me when I say they provide a great value and GREAT SERVICE!!!!!!

Janea Klein

3 years ago

What a lovely caring facility.

Lisa Ann Osofsky

3 years ago

Although it sucked having to wait in my car.... In addition to being kept late after hours.... I am so grateful I was able to get a work in appointment at the end of the day. And even though it was well after closing time the doctor nurses and entire staff stayed until every last patient had been checked out.

Thomas Kerr

3 years ago

They take great care of our animals!

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