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Gb G

2 years ago

Dr Ferreira is a very well-rounded veterinarian! They appear to be very busy however so if you need to make an appointment don't wait till the last minute!

Katy McCrum

2 years ago

Is it possible to give less than 1 star? Only one other pet in the building. I was immediately taken to an exam room. Someone came and took my dog, did an "exam", apparently gave a vaccination, and brought her back to me. Tech told me what the doctors exam found and I paid. It was a quick and disappointing experience (car door back to car door in less than 15 minutes). I have always taken our family pets here and I will not be back. Lacking customer service, I hope they did vaccinate her, but this time they did everything out of the exam room- very odd. The vet tech did try and sell it like the vet actually looked at my dog- but unfortunately she didn't actually address my concern. I didn't see any point in objecting or asking for professional care or customer service. I do wonder if they took her for a lap around the office and brought her back to me. I was only billed for the vaccination. $52 for rabies (3 years). Go elsewhere-


2 years ago

We had been taking our pets here for 15+ years & really liked the staff. The newer staff that's been there just the last couple years & less are not friendly or caring at all to their clients both human and furry. They've always been a bit expensive but they're rates go up all the time yet service goes down!! We won't be back and no longer recommend.

Grace Benanti

2 years ago

Amazing vet, very clean and COVID safe facility. Responsive and kind employees!

Carlos Vega

3 years ago

Great service fast professional . Very courteous

John Wetzel

3 years ago

Won’t let me be with my son. And the name is offensive

Debra Lewis

3 years ago

They let me go in and Dr Ferrera was caring and honest in his advice.

Rose Knapp

3 years ago

If I could give a negative rating I would. Dr. Ferrara failed to follow his own directive and assured me that performing a c-section on my dog would be ok and the puppies would be ok as well. It was one of the worst experiences of my life and we lost the litter. He used to be a decent vet but over the past few years clearly doesn’t care any more.

Samantha Kimmel

3 years ago

We brought our entire lab litter here from the beginning. We knew they charged more than other offices but they came highly recommended for puppy and mom care so we didn't care. The front office staff was always very helpful. I have never left a negative review for a business online but I genuinely feel people need to be warned. Dr. Adele Murad was dismissive and condescending. She refused to treat us, suggested we come back the next day and see another doctor, and still charged us her fee. And she was wrong. We received word that one of the puppies had become very Ill with a curable autoimmune disorder and was being treated with steroids. The next day we noticed our puppy had developed the exact same symptoms: red, oozing eyes, swollen lymph nodes, and difficulty walking. I brought her right in to Dr. Murad. I informed her that the sibling had been diagnosed with puppy strangles and that her symptoms were identical. She said our puppy seemed fine to her and she wouldn't recommend doing anything. She said since only one lymph node was swollen it couldn't be puppy strangles, which after researching isn't true and doesn't even make sense. I asked about the pus draining from her eyes and she asked what I wanted her to do about it. Did I want an eyedrop? What I wanted was professional help for my sick puppy. We took the eyedrop, paid for our visit and left. A couple of hours later our puppy was breathing so fast, wouldn't stand or open her eyes. We had to take her to a 24 he emergency vet because we just couldn't make her go the night that way. When we got to the emergency they immediately admitted her and diagnosed her with....puppy strangles! They said aggressive treatment with steroids would be the only thing to make her get better and that it never just gets better on it's own. Rather, it can kill if not treated. Two months later and we are finally ready to stop steroids. Thankfully she is doing much better but it was a rough road. I am so glad that I didn't trust Dr. Murad's opinion and do nothing or we could be a lot worse off now. What it seemed like to me was that Dr. Murad was not experienced enough to feel comfortable treating this particular disease. That would have been fine with me if she would have just had the humility to say that and suggest one of her colleagues deal with it. Everyone has to learn some how. What is not fine is acting like you know something when you don't, treating the customer like they are the idiot, and refusing to accept any responsibility or even apologize for being wrong. In no other industry would someone expect to be paid for a service that they refer to someone else or didn't want to attempt. I would have paid whatever necessary to get my puppy comfortable, but that doesn't mean I love throwing money away for nothing. We knew what was wrong from the start and in the end we had to pay Dr Murad, and hours later a huge fee at midnight at an emergency vet, all to just get a $20 medication. An autoimmune disease that attacks the hair, skin, lymph nodes, and joints and I walked away with an eye drop that I basically had to ask for from Dr. Murad. We tried to follow up with her to resolve the issue. Afterall, we were established customers. She herself promised someone would get back to us. It has been more than a month so it doesn't seem like they have much interest in taking care of customer service issues. I've since found a much more thorough and knowledgeable office. I just don't think I could ever trust going back to squaw peak after this whole experience. It seems like they have a lot of good reviews. I hope I'm just an isolated incident. Either way, I just hope that they can learn from it and get better for next time.

Fran Borg

3 years ago

On average my 4-legged family has been 2 large dogs, 2 cats most of the time. I’ve been going to SPAH since 2009. Most of the care has been routine animal healthcare. Though 4.5 years ago, my little Tina (Tina Bo Nina - 6 1/2 lb., blue tabby, Amer shorthair, 15 YO the time) had gone into renal failure. The vet talked with me about how this would progress, renal food and part of which was SubQ fluids every other day or so to keep her hydrated. I attempted to manage the fluids at home for two weeks, but she was so small and it was very difficult to manage by myself. Knowing she would die if I couldn’t take care of her, I called the office one day to talk to them. The response was “Bring her here, we’ll do it for you.” I bought the fluids monthly as I would doing it at home too - I was never charged for the time it took for them to do this and manage her records. So, from April of 2015, Tina and I went 4 times a week most weeks – about 850 visits to the vet in a little over 4 years. We were always met with welcoming smiles and hearts. Last Monday, Aug 10th Tina had a seizure and on Wednesday 8/12/2020 they helped me put her to rest. Squaw Peak was Tina’s and my second family and I believe they’ll miss her almost as much as I do. They also do great with the rest of the kids! Thank you doctors and staff, hope to see you soon!

Glenn Crooker

3 years ago

Anyone taking their pet to the vet has trepidation. Clinic provided safe friendly and professional environment when bringing my pet Abby in this morning.

Gerald Franks

3 years ago

Very kind and thoughtful staff

Jessica Vance

3 years ago

Rude staff, rushed service, no care provided. I was charged $85 to tell the vet my dog had arthritis. She was in the room with me for less than three minutes. She asked what I wanted to do about my dog's arthritis pain... I am not a vet. When I asked the receptionist what I was paying for exactly, she said, "time with the doctor" in which no medications were prescribed and no medical advice was given. Absolute joke. This is after I had arrived on time for 7:30 (opening) appointment, waited ten minutes, and called four times before the receptionist came to the door to let the other 7:30 am patient in. I moved to the area recently and chose this clinic based on the "good reviews", so I feel obligated to relate my experiences. Choose somewhere else.


3 years ago

Squaw Peak Animal Hospital is great. The staff is always very helpful and friendly and they keep our dog healthy and up to date with his shots.


3 years ago

Great vet!! The staff is super friendly.

S Gray

3 years ago

They are so great with King (65 lbs norweigen elkhound). He is not a fan of the vet at all and they handle his antics so well. Another plus is they have super cute reminder cards.

Sam Hamman

3 years ago

Squaw Peak Hospital is great. When our vet moved there from another hospital we followed her. Dr. Murad is caring and professional. When I call the staff is always helpful.

t. r.

3 years ago

Right now, not at all like it was on our last visit in 2020. Rushed. Cold. Uncaring. New vet Michelle O'Brien with our dog didn't even look at her chart for history.

Ken Thomas

3 years ago

Took my puppy to have his ears cropped. After the surgery, an assistant came out with my puppy's ears all wrapped and e-collared up after the operation, which seemed ok. What didn't sit right with me was the fact the doctor performing the surgery never came out to let me know how the surgery went. Needless to say, I went home assuming everything was ok. It wasn't until a week and a half later when they took the cup off and taped his ears back the problems started to occur. First, when i brought my pup back home, 30 minutes later i hear him yelping in pain. We then realized why. The bandages completely came off his ears. I immediately called the clinic back and they told me it was ok; as long as he was not bleeding and to keep the collar on. Crazy part is they wouldn't let me come back to rebandage them. Needless to say, i listened to what they said until the follow up appointment 4 days later. I brought him back, they took the e-collar off and posted his ears. As soon i got him back, something didn't look right with his right ear. It looked somewhat severed. I called the assistant back and she said it was ok, he just has skinny ears. The post themselves looked shoddy at best. They were not braced properly to the base off his ears, which caused them flail around. I decided to put the e-collar back on to help prevent him from shaking his ears all over. I am disappointed in the post surgery service. I should have at least gotten follow up updates from the doctor and not an assistant, especially after a surgery. I pray that it is nothing serious. But if it is, someone is going to have to answer for the unconcerned approach that I have received concerning my puppy's pain and suffering. Unfortunately, it won't let me post pics.

Leland Bettis

3 years ago

They have been more careful during the pandemic than a lot of "people" clinics I have visited. My canine companion has also been appreciative of correct diagnosis and treatment.

Christine Cruz

3 years ago

We love this place. It is a little far from where we live but worth the drive.

Christina Mack

3 years ago

Do not use squaw peak for reproductive services, which they claim to specialize in. I have taken 5 different female bulldogs there for breeding, none of which have ever gotten pregnant through their services. However these same 5 females have had pups on previous heats or the following heat.

Chris Paul

3 years ago

Outstanding, Caring, People. Love 'em

Chris Flores

3 years ago

It's a helpful place for me to take my dog there to see if it has any allergies or anything.

Chelsea Adams

3 years ago

We spent thousands at our old vet, and never had results. Just over medicating our Old English bulldog. Decided to try Squaw Peak. An acquaintance told us they bring their English bulldogs here. One day visit and seen results immediately. Awesome place. Highly recommend. Our dog is much happier and healthier.

Cay Cowie

3 years ago

I had a 1:30 appointment. Thought it was nice that I actually got to go in tp the exam room. But there I waited. Listened to the front desk laughing, knowing no one else was in the waiting area. I waited bot 30 minutes, then a technician cam and got my dog, said she would bring him back after his exam and vaccinations. A total of 4 minutes, she brings him back. Then I waited for another 10 minutes, no one came. So I went to the front desk to pay and leave. They said "you haven't talked to the doctor", I said I know, but that I had a 1:30 appointment for a 4 minute procedure. No other clients were in the office. I don't know what the doctor was doing, but she definitely was not interested in respecting my time, nor giving my dog the amount of time necessary to give a complete exam. She, the doctor, saw me at the desk checking out and still never came to talk to me. She never emailed me with the result of her exam. I have been going to the office for 40 years. I will not go back. They simply to not give the level of care one expects when they pay $285 for a 4 minute time of the vet.

Barbara Bavier

3 years ago

They truly care about your fur babies. And they listen.

Alain Hackstaff

3 years ago

Great service good vets very social distancing aware.

William Hawking

3 years ago

Vet Kim Angue did a routine dental cleaning but she didn’t not tell us the dog aspirated durning the cleaning, did not tell until a week after, sent us home without oxygen, then tried to extend antionotics. The best was seeing her at a local Resturant, she was very nonchalant and friendly. We loved our dogs, please take care of them and avoid taking them to her. After finding a different vet, we find out how much Squa Peak overcharges.

Dan Az

3 years ago

Would not give any consideration with scheduling and was specifically uncaring

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