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Mike Senko

2 years ago

Excellent training and have already put it to use. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Andrea Hansen

2 years ago

This was my 3rd time going to aversion training and I can say by far Rattlesnake Ready was the best experience compared to the last 2 aversion training classes I had attended. Highly recommend

Deana Cornwell

2 years ago

Cody does a great job with the dogs and the snakes!

Mike Wilson

3 years ago

Outstanding service and professionalism by both Cody and Kate. They respect the snakes they use. Takoda retained their initial training very well and demonstrated that at her refresher a year later. Their new facility is great. I highly recommend Rattlesnake Ready!

Jill Bartlett

3 years ago

This is absolutely the place to go to keep your pup safe in Phoenix. The facility is exceptionally well kept and clean and the snakes look well cared for. The price is fair. We have a 5 year old HIGH prey drive German shepherd who I’ve been procrastinating snake training. He chases everything and sticks his nose in bushes. Finally took him to get snake trained and he absolutely learned to avoid the nope ropes. He wanted NO part of it when they were done. They used all the senses to make sure they avoid the snakes. I don’t feel like the shock collar was used excessively which made me feel better but my dog definitely learned the lesson and learned it good. I take my dog backpacking and it’s essential he knows to avoid snakes. 15 minutes will potentially save your dogs life and perhaps your life. Completely worth it. If you have dogs in Arizona this is necessary.

Patrick Collins

3 years ago

Cody does a fantastic job. Our Goldendoodle loves everyone and enjoys investigating new things.Thanks to the Rattlesnake Ready training we are totally confident that he will avoid the sight, sound and scent of a rattler should he ever encounter one. It’s effective, safe and a great investment. We highly recommend it.

Matt Rubel

3 years ago

Cody is an amazing person to work with. I've seen the care he takes in the facilities and with the snakes. He's obviously dedicated to quality and making each client's experience memorable and effective. You can't do better than Rattlesnake Ready!

Joanna Wachtmann

3 years ago

Very pleased with Cody’s knowledge and professionalism. My dogs got it right away and although nothing is foolproof, I feel better knowing they’ve been “trained”.

Hacim Oneast

3 years ago

I'll definitely be recommending Cody and Rattlesnake Ready! He was very professional, explained the process and each step clearly, and ensured the safety of our pup and his snakes. As other reviewers have noted, the training covers rattlesnake scent, sound, and sight. I hope we're never in a situation where his training will be put to good use, but if/when the time comes — our big guy will be ready! Thanks, Cody and team. ????????????

Freddie Blish

3 years ago

Cody provides excellent, professional, thorough, and safe training for dogs to avoid rattlesnakes by sight, scent, and sound. …

Elliot Johnson

3 years ago

Cody drove all the way out to my house to do snake training with both of my dogs. The training was extremely effective and I have a lot of confidence in the results since he uses live, un-caged rattlesnakes. My dogs went from being …

Collin Stewart

3 years ago

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff!!

Brittany Gleason

3 years ago

Cody is amazing! He is great with dogs and the training is quick and effective. I am also glad that he treats his snakes humanely and with respect. I don't love snakes but I don't want them to be mistreated. Wouldn't use any other person to rattlesnake train my dogs!

Beth Howard

3 years ago

Cody was amazing with the handling of the snakes and teaching our heeler pup, Jasper, to stay away from rattlers. Highly recommend for first timers and retraining. THANK YOU Rattlesnake Ready LLC!

Alex Young

3 years ago

Fantastic experience with Cody and his wife. They worked us into their busy schedule and the training was excellent. I (like you) googled rattlesnake training and found multiple options with most using snakes in cages and slightly cheaper. However I decided my dog was worth a few extra dollars for what seemed to be more realistic training and I would highly recommend doing the same! Cody definitely has a passion and commitment to this field and it shows in his professionalism and care for both the dog and snake!

Adam Carmen

3 years ago

I highly recommend Cody & Rattlesnake Ready. Friendly, professional, skilled, safe, efficient, effective. Though I'll likely schedule the retest every year to play it safe, pretty sure my dog will be giving rattlers a wide berth from here on out. I also recommend reading through their website before your appt. A lot of helpful info on there. Thanks Cody & Kate!

Sam Spade

3 years ago

They do a great job! Highly recommend for anyone who hikes or hunts with their dog. Great efficient process to get your dog to avoid rattlesnakes

Tanya Dehler

4 years ago

I would recommend rattlesnake ready to anyone! We have their cards and brochures at our vet clinic. Kate and Cody are very helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable. My Aussie and heelers are not the friendliest and they loved Cody. Training all …

Megan Dyer

4 years ago

I had my dog trained for both rattlesnakes and toads and would highly recommend Cody and Kate to anyone. Kate was extremely responsive, proactive, and helpful, and Cody was highly knowledgeable and caring at both trainings. Having never …

Mary Grossman

4 years ago

Fantastic! Cody brought 2 live snakes to our home and spent lots of time with our dogs and kiddo, educating us all! Great experience, highly recommend!!

Linda McQueary

4 years ago

Amazing on the steps taken by Cody to ensure my dog, Pepper, was aware of the danger imposed by rattlesnakes. Thank you


4 years ago

My mom and I had our dog trained for both rattlesnakes and toads. Both are extremely effective programs, and the results are excellent. Cody and Kate are amazing, and we will definitely be back for the refresher course in a year.


4 years ago

Had all three of my labs trained by them, they were very patient with both me and my dogs. Two out of three were very curious about the snakes to start with, and by the end all three wanted nothing to do with the snakes????The training goes …

Kathy Stevenson

4 years ago

I was extremely impressed with their technique and knowledge of how to make a dog want to stay as far away as possible from a snake. We want our dogs to be protected from their own curiosity especially living in …

Jennifer Paradonx Farm

4 years ago

I recommend Rattlesnake Ready to everyone! We had Cody come to our house for our 4 dogs. It was amazing to see how he cares for the snakes and the dogs both. Each dog was focused on individually because each dog is different. Cody was spot …

Jennifer Johnson

4 years ago

As a veterinarian new to the Valley, who lives in the hills and loves to hike with my dogs, I know that the best protection for all active dogs is rattlesnake avoidance training, professional yard protection and vaccination. I highly …

elyse rossi

4 years ago

Amazing trainers! I organized training for 15 dogs, some of them had prior snake avoidance training at a different facility and some were being done for the first time, and a few have serious behavioral problems. Cody and Kate were …

Cynthia Correll

4 years ago

Very professional. Address all the senses. I’ve had other training that was the snake in a box and my dog learned absolutely nothing. Highly recommend these folks!

Kristina Hefner

5 years ago

Cody is the best! He came out to our house and trained my very prey driven 1 year old rescue - he was so patient and great with Hawkeye! I’d definitely recommend this company!

Jennifer Stetson

5 years ago

We did a training with my dog when they were in Red Bluff many years ago. It worked great!!! My husband spent many happy years tromping about rattlesnake-laden territory without any bad encounters. Several times our dog froze up and went …

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