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Rachael Berggren

2 years ago

They managed to fit my cockatiel in last minute when she was suffering from egg-binding. They were very professional, treated us kindly, and were quick to act. They didn't push any treatments onto us and the entire thing was less than 400 dollars for an emergency admission! I fully expected to pay closer to 1000 based on my experience with my dogs and their medical issues. The doctor was kind, articulate, and gave great advice on how to keep this from happening again as well as a few auxiliary questions I had after they helped her pass her egg. Overall, very pleased with their service! I will be taking her back to this location again.

Pennie Schotsch

2 years ago

Appointment at 5 pm at 545pm dr came in said yes your pet sounds like it has a cold but could be worse let’s get a price for X-rays and hospital time in case medication doesn’t work said no let’s do medication first haven’t heard from anyone 620 pm sitting in room waiting for medication nurse someone to come back in room but nothing just a waiting room of people waiting to check out too . Terrible way to treat people and your sick pet !!!!

Elizabeth Adams

2 years ago

I had to put my snake down and everyone was so supportive and understanding. It was a very sad day for me but they helped me so much. Thank you for being amazing workers in the veterinary world!!!

Amy K

2 years ago

Wonderful facility! The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. We had to take one of our chickens in for the first time and her exam went really well. I would 100% trust this place with my entire flock.

Arthur Babikian

2 years ago

We love Dr Lamb, she's the best!

Claire Jaramillo

2 years ago

My hamster Tater Tot was pretty sick and I called a different vet to try to get her in. They were two weeks out and suggested I call Arizona Exotic. I called them and they were able to squeeze me in next day. Turns out my hammy had a UTI and diabetes. Everyone here has been super friendly and kind, and Tater Tot is feeling much better after some new medicine and a change in diet.

Gail Tewalt

2 years ago

My 9 year old bunny had a problem. I thought her life expectancy was 12 years. (I'm a cat person! Bunny was a rescue.) Vet certainly should know that actual number was 8-10 years. However, letting me know that might not have made them much money, so I was advised to do diagnostic exam, over $800, just to hear her prognosis was "guarded." (That was the limited exam!) I then opted for surgery, another $1400. Prior to surgery, I was advised to hand feed her. She was dehydrated, and I had to suggest SubQ fluids, they didn't even mention it. Several trips back to vet for supplies at substantial markups. After her surgery, late in the day, I had a scary issue. I called to bring her in and was told to "take her to the Mesa location." 50 miles one way, at rush hour, and I cannot drive after dark. I called around and found ROADRUNNER would see her. They were appalled at the amount of surgery done at her age and in her condition. The looks on the two vets faces said it all. Upshot - bunny passed away a couple of weeks later, before I paid the first installment on my credit card. Just to add to the fun, I had a $3 credit on my account from 3 years before. Not surprised, as my invoices were only itemized when I requested it. What I paid was not the amount I was credited for, the balance shown did not match either number. AND they did not credit the $120 required down payment on the surgery. If I had not requested itemization, I might never have caught it. If you have lots of loose cash, and don't want straight answers, this is your place!

Kathleen Gudiel

2 years ago

Everyone was very nice and I was seen fairly quickly (which I never expect since I know vets in general can get busy). My appointments felt slightly rushed at times but overall my bird was seen and they treated us very well. We got everything done that needed to be done. I would definitely recommend coming here!

Kristel Pugh

2 years ago

Wonderful, kind, highly skilled! Avian specialist vets available. I've had 3 of my birds to see the vets at AZ Exotic Animal Hospital. The service and people are amazing. Highly recommend!

Paul Benchwick

2 years ago

We recently brought our parakeet Mr. Blu to the facility for evaluation by the avian specialist because of some troubling changes that have manifested. We met Dr. Anna-Marie Ruoff, who was very thorough in her examination, and explanation of his condition. She as importantly, was quite sensitive to the nature of his condition and thoughtful and empathetic to us, understanding our feelings for the changes we will be facing in the near future as to the anticipated loss of our beloved budgie. As a health care professional I can say without reservation ,SHE is whom we needed to see at this time as we face losing our much loved intelligent, clever, multilingual playful family member. Thank you Dr Ruoff.

Alaina Jose-Miller

2 years ago

As long as you do not have any concerns that you would like the practice to address, you will most likely have a reasonable experience. Their PROFESSIONALISM, ABILITY TO HANDLE ISSUES THAT ARISE, AND CONCERN FOR CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AND WELL-BEING are SORELY LACKING. To be fair, during our visit with the vet we received appropriate and reasonable, though pricey, care. Unfortunately, we had an issue with one of our 4 medications prescribed, due to a lack of communication on the part of the office, and we had to replace the medication. I asked for them to replace it for free or at cost as it was at least in large part their error, as 2 staff members concurred, and they refused. The office manager returned my call with obvious defensiveness from the moment she initiated the call. After I explained the situation she did soften some, though without any effort at taking responsibility. I had to drive back in the next day and refill the medicine for an additional $50 out of my pocket after already spending $350 with no effort on their part to remedy the situation. Following that issue, I received a call to check in on our pet and we discussed that we would be back in in a couple of days for our follow up. When I arrived, after rearranging my schedule to be there, I was informed that we did not have any follow up appointment scheduled and we could either leave our pet there all day for the vet to look at when he had time or schedule for another day. As it is an hour round trip to get to the office and I didn't have 2 hours to spend in the car that day, I was frustrated and asked to speak to the vet. I'm sure I was more frustrated due to the issues leading up to the "lost" appointment and probably would have just dealt with it if it was the first problem I had encountered. The front office staff tried to prevent me from speaking with the vet, and after eventually saying she would let him know, she admitted 30 minutes later that she hadn't informed him yet that we were waiting. At that point I calmly stood up near the entrance to the clinic hallway to see if I could catch the vet between rooms to let him know that I wanted to speak with him. The front office person with some obvious hostility insisted that I sit back down or she would call the police. For what I'm still not clear. She was clearly uncomfortable and unprepared to deal with any situation that could arise, and thus responded disrespectfully and way out of proportion to what was occurring. Needless to say I left and will be seeking care for my pets elsewhere, ANYWHERE, really, compared to this practice. its not worth dealing with the lack of respect and unprofessionalism. I am honestly still dumbfounded that this even happened as I reflect back on it, as I have never had a similar experience in any customer service, let alone clinical, situation. I strongly recommend to anyone who expects to be respected by their vet practice that they find a practice other than Arizona Exotic Animal Hospital in Phoenix.

Amanda Piunno

2 years ago

Took excellent care of Cupid at his first checkup. Very professional and knew what they were talking about & were very loving towards him. This is the perfect place for any exotic animal owner, just please know exotic animals = exotic prices! This place is not over priced, but keep in mind this is a specialty service!


2 years ago

They care about your pets and their needs. It's not just a business to them they are there for the animals best well being.

Donzo Fargo

2 years ago

It's great to be able to take your pet to a professional and receive proper care, very valuable.

Marchenprince 94

2 years ago

They do such a good job taking care of my chickens and figuring out what the chicken is sick with. The other week they saved my Guinea pig from pneumonia. They are also all kind, caring people who love animals. Have never met anyone with a bad attitude there. They truly want what's best for your animal and they find ways to help you not go broke, which I highly appreciated.

Owen Miller

2 years ago

If I could give them a 0 star, I would. We went in to get a check up for my lizard, and were informed that We were not on the appointment list. I even had a person call me a couple days prior and inform me my appointment was today! We asked to talk to the vet, and the person at the desk said she would ask him to come out. 25-30 minutes passed and no response. We went back to the lady at the desk and she said he is in a case right now, so I haven’t told him yet. We stood near the hall where the vet would pass by to let him know We would like to talk to him, and she said if We didn’t sit back down she was going to call the cops, which she supposedly went to do, so we decided to leave. They made no attempt to remedy the situation and took no responsibility for their error (for the second time) but definitely created lots of inappropriate drama. When we could actually get it the care of our animal seemed appropriate, But once you get behind that the place in unprofessional, unhelpful, and feels like a scam. I highly recommend finding someplace else.

Xena Baza

2 years ago

No one wants to go to an animal hospital, but when you need to because your pet is sick, you want to make sure you go to a place you trust. It was my first time here, the staff was very kind and knowledgeable. I never waited too long and they were very accommodating. I ended up having to put down my pet due to the nature of the disease, but they were very professional and caring with how it was done. They even gave me a souvenir of my pet that warmed my heart during such a difficult time. 100% would recommend this hospital. Thank you so much for all you did.

JR Trevas

2 years ago

Everyone was helpful and concerned about the health of my tortoise. She was treated and I was able to bring her home for her aftercare. It appears as though the treatment that she received has been effective.

Nadia Lefcourt

2 years ago

I made a general wellness checkup appointment for my parrot. Staff at the front desk were efficient and pleasant to deal with. I saw the vet at my appointment time (no waiting) and they were kind and thorough. I would recommend this veterinary practice.

Russell Laramie

2 years ago

I have been taking my 18 year old cockatiel here now for the last two years. They are very caring and gentle with him and understand how fragile and delicate a bird who is the equivalent of a 90 year old man. The staff and doctors listen to all your concerns and does the best they can to make their feathered patients as comfortable as possible. I will be using Arizona Exotic Animal Hospital for as long as my bird is around in his declining years, and I will also use their services for any birds I may have in the future.

Tony Saenz

2 years ago

0 stars. The worse. Take your pets elsewhere. Perhaps the office should get it together. Fire everyone and start over.

Wendy Balduf

2 years ago

Dr Lamb was very thorough and professional evaluating my cockatiels. We all enjoyed the experience.

Emily Faun Cory

2 years ago

Dr. Lamb is always fantastic with all of my birds, as are all of the staff. Everyone is professional and friendly. I only wish they were closer!


2 years ago

Took my new baby tortoise in for a full check up for the first time here. The staff was friendly and the doctor is awesome. This is our new vet for sure! Thank you guys!


2 years ago

Good doctors and good treatment. My pet is now in good health again thanks to this place. Only complaint is there can be decent wait sometimes after you check in, but they saved my pet's life and that's all that matters to me. Thank you!

Boris G

2 years ago

Been taking my Macau parrot to this location for a few years and very happy with the service. Dr. Lamb is excellent!

Frances Fyffe (Franky)

2 years ago

If I could give this place 0 stars I would! They are so unorganized and could careless what happens to your pet. Please stay clear of this place if you want to bring home a happy and healthy pet.

Gavin Cornell

2 years ago

Great Vet! They definitely know their stuff, and helped my gecko a lot! Thanks!

Linda Lyon

2 years ago

Before I started taking my parrots to Arizona Exotic Animal Hospital, I took my Amazon to another bird vet (only once!). I have great confidence in any of the vets. One of my parrots has some health issues that were diagnosed; he is on daily medications and is doing well. I wouldn't entrust my birds to any other vets.

Vanessa DiCarlo

2 years ago

They may know rabbits, but the business practices are very shady. I definitely have concerns about the quality of care given the unscrupulous ways they interface with their clients.

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