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Donna K

2 years ago

Thank you Dr Ray and Jessika for your patience and understanding (while my plans in place backfired because Sophie was a scaredy cat) had to unfortunately be put down due to untreatable cancer and losing her was hard she was so young, but knowing she was in good hands and the compassion and care they took to help her cross over to Rainbow Bridge with my Mom and Betty White waiting was comforting. Bless people (Angels) like them that do this job I know it is not easy, but knowing a pet/furbaby will be gently put out of suffering or upcoming suffer when you have done all you could do brings peace.

Rachel White

2 years ago

We could not have asked for a more loving and caring experience. Both Dr. Rachel and her wonderful assistant were incredibly considerate and comforting. Laying our beloved doggie to rest at home surrounded by love made it a peaceful journey for him and us. I highly, highly recommend Angel Vet!

Agnes Tjandana

2 years ago

If I can give 10 stars review for Angel Veterinary Services, I will. They are very professional, gentle, and caring. Dr. Freiberg and the assistant Noah was absolutely amazing, they were not in rush, listened everything we said, and explained all the procedures very clearly. They sent us a beautiful card with kind words about Charlie ( My little pom), they remembered everything I said about my little boy,because it was written in the card. Thank you Dr Freiberg and Noah and the staff of Angel veterinary services.

Ambrosia Boyd

2 years ago

Dr. Ray and Cassie were both so nice and compassionate during a hard time on our family. It was so nice to be able to avoid the stress of driving to a crowded vet office and be able to say goodbye to our pet at home. Thank you for your kindness!

Barbara Mertz

2 years ago

I cannot say enough good things about the compassionate care provided by Angel Vets during the in home euthanasia of my dog. Dr. Ray and technician Cassie came the evening of the same day I called, past their normal hours. They made me and my dog feel comfortable, allowed time to talk and say goodbye and were so gentle during the procedure that my dog had a relaxed and painless goodbye. Sadly, I had experienced five other home euthanasias over the past ten years, and this was the most compassionate service I've ever seen. They are truly angel vets!

Bee Bright

2 years ago

My Dear Min Pin ,was 16yrs& 6 months of a devoted life with us was gently, and very compassionately aided to a peaceful crossing. Angel Vet allowed him to pass on my bed in comfort. He was not apprehensive in the slightest. Thank you Angel Vet Service for a most personal , peaceful and compassionate passing . I highly recommend Angel Vet !!!!! B. Bright

Briana Gonzales

2 years ago

Dr. Perry and her technician were so compassionate yet professional. They explained everything to us as well as our kitty, and they let us guide our experience allowing us as much time as we needed with our pet through each step in the process. This is a decision you never want to make, but I’m pleased with the services I received and I’m happier knowing that my pet is no longer in pain. We were able to give her the most peaceful and respectful death possible.

debra davis

2 years ago

This review is late, but it was time for my Chidi boy to cross the rainbow bridge and I didn't want to take him anyplace so called Angel Vet. They sent Dr Freiberg and an assistant (I think his name was Dan, but it's been a few hectic months) the next day and his passing was the best it could have been. I am thankful for the kindness shown to both of us and would recommend their services for anyone facing this difficult decision.

Louise Gillespie

2 years ago

My angel Gracie has been gone a month now and I miss her every second of every day. I am eternally grateful for the 16 wonderful I had with her. Dr. Ray & Cassie were so loving and caring during this extremely painful time for us. They let me cry, have the time I needed to say goodbye, and were so extremely caring during one the hardest things I have ever been through. Thank you to both of you for your thoughtfulness and caring. Louise Gillespie xoxo

Phillip Leroy

2 years ago

The Services, compassion, professionalism and patience are just some of the stellar attributes of these individuals. While this was my first experience, I would encourage others to seek this as an option. We recently had to let our Little One cross over after 18 1/2 years of joy she brought to our humble lives. I am forever grateful to these fine individuals for their strength during a very difficult time in our lives.

Vera Trigloff

2 years ago

One of the hardest days of my life, losing my little boy Bruno. Dr. Freiberg & her assistant Noah were such kind, gentle and loving people that treated Bruno and the whole family as if we were their own. I cannot express the gratitude and appreciation for their gentleness & compassion. I had great anxiety and fears from a past experience, they were comforting to us all. Thank you so very much for being such great people, people TRULY working in the right field.????❤

Megan Amimoto

2 years ago

Sadly when it was time for us to help our dog cross the rainbow bridge, Angel Vet was there to help us with the process from the comfort of our home. When I called, the receptionist was so kind and understanding. She was patient and compassionate as she explained the process with me over the phone. She was extremely thorough and made sure I didn’t have any questions. When the vet (Dr Debra Freiberg) arrived, she let us know the general flow of what would happen. She made sure we were all comfortable and ready. She quietly listened to us tell stories of our pup and never tried to move the appointment along in any way. She let us be in charge of when we felt ready to say goodbye. Her assistant Liz was also so kind and polite, she even shed a few tears when we were talking about Ruffie. Once we were ready to say our last goodbyes, Dr Freidberg explained everything she was doing so we all understood. Once everything was over, she gave us as much time as we needed to be with Ruffie for the last time. 100% recommend using Angel Vet if you are wanting an incredible experience during such a terrible time.

Justin S.

2 years ago

It's heartbreaking losing a member of the family. Our baby Odeo, well what can I say. I'm 25 and she's been around since I was a little kid. 16 years she's been on this earth. Strange how an animal can see you grow up and love you regardless, through ups and downs. Flaws and all. I've never been perfect and my baby never was either. In all honestly, humans don't deserve animals. They are often neglected and ignored. At the end of a long day when you come home, they welcome you with open arms, or in this case a meow, telling you 'welcome home, I missed you' or when you wake up in the morning, 'goodmorning, I missed you'. I wish I could take it back. But at the end of the day I know it was for the best, and I hope and pray that you guys gave her the dignity and compassion she deserves when you take her away. I commemorate you folks for coming out and doing what you do, it's no easy task, and I appreciate the compassion you showed our family. The house feels a whole lot emptier, less quiet. Animals can't speak, but if our baby could, I know she'd tell us she loves us, even though we chose to play God. Because just like our animals we as humans are flawed and who are we to know what's best for them. I don't want this to turn into an obituary, and this company deserves 5 stars for the service they provide and the respect they give to the family and the pet. They come highly recommended by our family. Hope to see you again one day, thank you for loving us, no matter what. Love, your family.

DJ Lysa D

2 years ago

Compassion and understanding is key when you have to make a really tough decision regarding your furbaby or pet. I knew this day would come but I was hoping I would not have to make that decision for the sake of my “Jeter”. He was almost 14 years old and in the past year I had seen him start to deteriorate. If you had asked me a year ago to make this decision, I certainly would not have been able to but as time progressed and Jeter wasn’t improving, the decision needed to be made soon. An acquaintance and colleague of mine had lost a pet similar to Jeter’s age, a few months ago, and he recommended another local company that handles at-home euthanasia. I got the contact info from him, just to be prepared. When it was time, I reached out to them (the other vet service) and although they seem professional and had high ratings, as well, I just didn’t feel the connection I needed during such an emotional time. I researched other options and the one that kept standing out to me was AngelVet. From that first initial phone call with Misty and even a few days after to scheduling the appointment the following week, she was very understanding, sympathetic and listened when I was babbling about my sweet dog. She was very accommodating and said that Dr. Rachel Bart would be our vet. She said if I ever had any questions or concerns before the appointment I could always reach out at any time. When the day came, last Tuesday 9/28, my nerves started to get rattled just because I wanted to be sure that it would be a very calm and peaceful departure and process for my best friend and for myself - but mostly for him! She explained the process and answered additional questions for me and even offered to reach out to Dr. Bart and inform her of my concerns and special circumstances. Dr. Bart reached out to me about an hour prior to my appointment and immediately was sensitive to me feelings and situation and she promised to it as comfortable for us both as possible. She accommodated me from her arrival to the point of when I’d be ready for Jeter to get his sedation. She gave me as much time as I needed to say my goodbyes. Her assistant was also very sweet, (I apologize I don’t remember her name). Jeter was calm with no complications from sedation to his departure to the Rainbow Bridge. I could not believe how peaceful and calm and how beautiful they made our final moments together were. I simply cannot tell you how tremendously thankful I am for Dr. Bart and her assistant and Misty and this wonderful service that they’re able to provide. Jeter was at home where I wanted him to be,, comfortable and it was very calm and less stressful than being at an actual office. If you have to make this tough decision too, I highly highly (yes twice) recommend AngelVet’s services… The value is well worth it. And, I couldn’t have asked for a such a beautiful ending (and beginning) for my furry lovebug… Thank you again AngelVet xoxo

Laura Dziek

2 years ago

DR BART and Christine were the best made the most difficult thing I had to do just a little easier highly recommend them thanks again your the best me and my skitsy will forever be grateful ???? ????❤

Dustin Maas

2 years ago

Thank you so much to Dr. Ray and Jennifer for your kindness, patience and understanding with us, and with being so caring towards our cat. This was such a hard time and we really appreciate you both. Thank you for the kind card you sent as well, it was truly appreciated. We very highly recommend this company!

Brandy Cooper

2 years ago

Dr. Alexis and Pam were so kind during our very difficult decision to put our beloved Simon to rest. They stayed with us and comforted us as we mourned. Their kindness and compassion will never be forgotten.

Lee Gass

2 years ago

Very professional and polite. As hard as it is for pet owners, the process was painless and relaxed for my dog of 14 years. We couldn't have asked for a better service.

Luke Hanagan

2 years ago

Dr. Bart and her assistant were so sweet, kind and compassionate as they helped transition our sweet Capone. The service they provide, allowing for pets to peacefully pass in their own home vs. a sterile office setting, is invaluable.

Maya Rodda

2 years ago

Today I learned it’s Rainbow ???? Bridge Remembrance Day. It became such a special day for me because my cat of 12 years had passed away this morning. Dr. Alexis and her assistant were the nicest staff I could ever ask for in such a difficult and emotional time. I’m forever grateful for their kindness and generosity. The last words were from her assistant saying “We’ll take good care of him”. This made me imagine angels who I know that passed on, giving me this personal message from the other side of the bridge. After hearing my friend’s experience with his dying cat, I created a personal bank account for my cats to get this type of service in case of an emergency or when the time comes. It’s a promise I made to them and myself. Dr. Alexis and her staff are caring and loving. It’s not goodbye It’s I love you forever, I miss you, I love you Meow Meow. Thank you! -Ana

Phillip Feistner

2 years ago

Dr Perry and Kenni are true Angels. They helped Murdock cross the Rainbow Bridge with peace and dignity. What a blessing they are and the service you provide. i wouldn't want anybody else in a time like this. Thank you so much.

John Wooten

2 years ago

I truly hate that anyone has to go through what my wife and I just went though with our German Shepherd Zoe. One of the hardest choices we have ever needed to make was to put Zoe to rest. From the moment I called the folks at Angel Vet, I could feel the warmth, compassion and sympathy they had for us and our situation. They came into our home and just sat on the floor and listened to us tell stories about Zoe. They asked questions about our experiences with Zoe and they listened because they truly cared. No rush, no BS, just patience and understanding as we said our goodbyes. From John and Lucia, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making a very hard and difficult moment a bit easier to handle! There are not enough stars to give for the peace of mind you gave us in return! Thank you!!!

jason tucker

2 years ago

Dr Ray and her tech, very compassionate, thoughtful and respectful of the situation, time and place. They understood the tenderness of this situation and they helped with words of encouragement and honesty! Couldn’t have asked for a more compassionate set of team players then these 2. We appreciate their time and help and my family appreciates them a lot!

Candice Eisenfeld

2 years ago

I cannot recommend Angel Vet enough. When my Maltipoo, Sydney, couldn't take the pain from his collapsed treachea and congestive heart failure I found Angel Vets on yelp. I'm so glad I chose this company. Dr. Freiberg and Andrea, the assistant, were so respectful and thoughtful throughout thier visit. They were patient, kind, and gentle. After Sydney passed they brought in a darling basket that had a pillow and a blanket tucked into it. They put Sydney in the basket and wrapped the blanket over his body with his head showing. They draped his long, silky ears over the blanket and that is the last memory I have of him....resting peacefully in this beautiful basket. Today I received a hand written card from Angel vet. The card was so beautiful that I burst into tears all over again. I am so grateful for Angel Vet. They are worth every penny. Photo taken years ago.

linda diaz

2 years ago

Dr. Freiberg and her tech came over to help our sweet furbaby Sarabi cross the Rainbow Bridge. They made us feel at ease and we were able to be with our wonderful girl Sarabi until she passed. Thank you so much for being so kind and compassionate on one of the most hardest days we have ever faced.

Mike O

2 years ago

I was able to make a same day appointment. The staff answering the phone were courteous, understanding, and professional. Dr Ray and her assistant showed up on time if not a few mins early. They made such a difficult day as easy as could be expected. They thoroughly explained the process and what to expect. We were given as much time as we needed before saying our final goodbye to our boy Charlie. The dignity they showed our boy was comforting. About a week or so after saying goodbye, Charlie's ashes were delivered to us in a beautiful urn with his name on it accompanied by a single rose. I dont typically leave reviews, but I remember how difficult it was to not only make the decision, but decide on who to choose. I want you to know that you won't go wrong or be disappointed with Angel Vets. Thank you for making such an unpleasant situation as comforting as possible for my family and Charlie.

Sonia Beckman

2 years ago

Dr. Veena and her technician, Hector, we're amazing. I scheduled in home euthanasia for my 19 y/o cat, Duke. It was one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make, and I was still unsure up to the appointment. He was my little love. Dr. Veena made me feel like the decision I was making was right and really put me at ease. Even though I wanted to be selfish and keep my precious baby with me, I know that it was the right decision. Dr. Veena explained everything that she was going to do to help my boy pass peacefully, which put me at ease. Even though I was crying and couldn't really speak much, I hope she knows how grateful and comforted I was. I also received a sympothy card today (which made me cry again) that even mentioned Duke's brother, Earl, who passed in 2019. I didn't even think she would remember his name but she did, which was amazing to me. Thank you!

Jason Gilmore

2 years ago

Dr Freiberg and her technician came out to assist our Dakota over the Rainbow Bridge. They were incredible, patient and attentive. They didn’t spare any detail. We felt so comforted by them and were able to be by her side til the end. They even provided a pillow and blanket for her comfort as they took her away. While I hope you never have to go through this, you shouldn’t look anywhere else to be cared for the best!

Danielle Korban

2 years ago

Dr. Nichola Ray and her Techician were both wonderful when helping us help our 16 1/2 year old beloved Bonkers cross over the rainbow bridge. Although an extremely difficult decision, Dr. Ray was kind and reassuring and helped us to know we had made the correct decision. Although the service they offer is one every pet owner dreads, when it is time, I highly recommend them.

Joanne Flater

2 years ago

Dr Bart and her assistant Christine were compassionate and so kind as we said goodbye to Hunter. Dr Bart reassured us we were giving Hunter a second gift after we adopted him 15 years ago. Hunter passed peacefully in my arms. Appreciate the care we received from Dr Bart and Christine.

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