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Junior Ramirez

2 years ago


Sandra Bailon

2 years ago

Called this morning to get an appointment and they scheduled me for 11:30. When called to say I arrived they tried telling me my appointment was for 9:30, when I called in at 9:13 and my phone call was 6 mins long. Not sure how they could have scheduled me for 9:30. Also, waiting in the car for almost three hours without my dog being seen. When the vet tech called me at 12 starting the vet was about to see my dog. Literally wasted 3 hours and my dog wasn't even seen. Horrible recommendation.

Erin Lange

2 years ago

I had a great experience with Alta Vista! Would highly recommend and will be going here for all future veterinary needs.

C Z-Anderson

2 years ago

They were very professional and helpful and safe my dog from the most deadliest dog virus out there I am never taking my pets anywhere else

Buddha Fest

2 years ago

We were first time clients to this practice when our beloved Italian Greyhound Sprocket needed to be euthanized on a Sunday, due to a sudden downturn in his health. The staff realized the urgency and created an appointment for us on their busy schedule. The entire staff from the front desk personnel, the vet techs and Dr. Jenkins were tremendous. They were professional, compassionate and friendly during a very challenging time. They could not have been more perfect ! They helped us say goodbye to our dog with dignity for all involved. I cannot recommend this Veterinary Hospital enough !

Gloria Wyble

2 years ago

Posted 2017: Open late. Open on weekends. Good prices. Dr. Jamie Sckrabulis has given great service. Very helpful in explaining how to give meds. And great advice to use prescription dog food with pills if they have stomach problems and don’t like the pill pockets. Regular dog food might not taste good to them and might have to strong of a flavor when they don’t feel good. I don’t recommend peanut butter when they are feeling ill. I have taken 3 of my dogs here during their end of life. The only complication is during my last visit, the assistant walked my dying dog inside instead of picking him up and putting him on the dog stretcher. They thought they were being helpful since his stomach tumor was painful however he could only take 4 steps without collapsing. They made him walk from the parking lot to the patient room. My heart broke ????. I didn’t notice because I was grabbing items from my car at the time. I wish they would have asked me first. He was extremely tired and just laid on the floor and couldn’t get up. He had to be euthanized.

Megan Kendra

2 years ago

I took my cat in for a blockage at another vet location and was quoted thousands of dollars for unblocking my boy, running labs and keeping him overnight. Alta Vista helped for 1/3 the cost and saved his life. They were so kind and truly seemed to care about my pet's well being. Thanks Alta Vista!! Update! My kitten needed emergency surgery and the staff was honestly so amazing. They again gave me a very reasonable quote and fixed my lil guy right up. This place is so reliable and I trust them with any of my pets health and well being.

Stacy Smith

2 years ago

I had to bring in one of my ferals after he disappeared for 3 days and came back in very bad shape they were the closest and one of the only vets opened. When I got there they took him back and took us to a room right away and within minutes the Dr came in and said he was dying and I knew he was but needed to make sure. I appreciate the fact that the Dr didn't beat around the bush he was straight forward and that made me feel at ease because some of these other vets will tell you that they need to run more tests etc... And before you know it you have a vet bill that's more then all your monthly bills combined. The staff was caring and friendly and I'm thankful they were open and I didn't have to make my cat suffer and the price was extremely fair for what was done when I've paid more then that for the same outcome. Thank you to the staff that was there on 10/13/21 for helping me with my boy "Face".

Belinda Sanders

2 years ago

I have 3 dogs and 2 cats that I have been bringing to Alta Vista for many years. I’ve never received anything but professional care. I just lost one of my cats due to old age and they we’re very patient and caring with me as I said goodbye to my 16 year old fur baby. It’s to bad that someone has to take a story out of context and try to sabotage a local business that works so hard to provide care for our pets. They are one of the few clinics that will not turn you away if you are struggling financially and need care.

Craig Reasoner

2 years ago

Always fantastic Very professional ????????????

Ian Upchurch

2 years ago

It's not a hospital, it's more like a small PetsMart with a single vet. They don't do what you'd expect an animal HOSPITAL to do, such as take walk-ins or deal with emergency cases. They also treat your pets rough. When I took my dog in a few years ago, they had him struggling so hard in the back that he tore open a scab from a healing abscess and caused his health to deteriorate even more so, meaning I couldn't just take my dog back home to pass away. Today they made me wait in a line while one employee was upselling pet food and the other guy was languidly helping customers while I was trying to have my now dead kitten seen.

Jody Torres

2 years ago

I have been coming here for years. They have only provided the best. Sure they have been going through some changes but who hasn't. Thank you Alta Vista.

Laine Baker

2 years ago

I have given this place a lot of chances based on reviews from friends, but I’ve seen enough to make my mind up after 5-6 visits. Unfortunately the bad reviews about this business are accurate, and it comes down to poor management and overworked staff at this veterinary office. You can tell that this place was probably great 5-10 years ago, but now is a nightmare to call and visit every time. I have dealt with missing appointments from the schedule, waiting over an hour to be seen, and never being called for results. The most egregious situation I have dealt with is the recent results I had been waiting for regarding my kitten having GI issues. Dropped the fecal sample off on a Saturday, was promised a call by Monday and of course did not receive one. After daily calls waiting on the results I finally get the reply on a Wednesday that my cat tested positive for a parasite. When I asked what the next steps were to stop my kitten from having diarrhea (and you know, potentially getting dehydrated and dying), the response was “The doctor doesn’t have time to talk to you about this, he’ll call you in the next couple of days.” The fact that this is considered a reasonable response by this clinic unfortunately says it all. When I went to pick up the medication and asked for an explanation on dosing, tips to administer, more information on infection, etc. I was very curtly told “It’s on the bottle”. The veterinarians and staff are clearly understaffed and don’t have the time to administer proper care and service to everyone who enters their building, which has resulted in poor communication and service from start to finish. I would be very reticent to bring any animal here for a more involved visit or surgery based on what is considered acceptable care for routine visits. Please stay away

Maria Ortiz

2 years ago

I have been bringing all my pets, and strays for care, and have been extremely happy with the medical and emotional assistance that Alta Vista has given my pets. There were times were even my bill was beyond my means, but they made it easier for me to be able to still take the necessary care of my babies, and pay for their services. My babies always have been happy to be seen here. They once recommended an alternate vet, and even that recommendation was great.

Mimi Sanchez

2 years ago

PLEASE READ BEFORE GOING. I have been going to this vet for years and have always had pretty good service, however today’s bad service outweighed all the mediocre ones by far. I needed to make an emergency appointment because my dog threw up blood 8 TIMES - this information was given to the office. I of course called the vet I always go to (this one) and was told to drop my dog off before 11 so they could see her as they confirmed it was an emergency. They did say it would be a wait but that they would check on her. When I dropped her off I was told that I would be get a call within 30 minutes for intake information. I didn’t get a call. I waited and at about 1130 called again and they finally took the details of the incident… 2.5 hours later. Again I didn’t hear anything. I had to call again at 330 to get answers. I spoke to the vet who told me she had just seen my dog - 6.5 hours later. At this point I am beyond frustrated and anxious. I repeatedly told her I needed to know what was wrong. She talked about everything other than what the issue was. When she heard my frustration, I was told I should go into the office and talk to the manager. The doctor was very condescending and not helpful. Finally after talking about my dogs “physical” the doctor was recommending xrays. They had my dog for 6.5 hours and the only answer I got was “she was stable and the recommendation is to do X-rays next”…. So no closer to finding out what was wrong. I decided to get her since they were absolutely no help and found a new place for her to go to. As soon as I got home she ran to the water bowl. She only does that when she goes very long periods of time without having water. She also made a bowel movement right when she got home which led us to investigate her feces… something they probably could have done had they paid just a little more attention to my dog. She wasn’t even tested for Parvo or anything for that matter. Long story semi short I will never be returning and I have urged my family and friends not to return as well.

Barb M

2 years ago

Don't bring your animals here please! The worst vet ever, very rude and not caring for pets

Shari Adams

2 years ago

If you love your pet don’t Don’t take them here.They don’t have time anymore for you and it takes too long to get in for an appointment even if it’s an emergency. they used to be so good about caring but it’s changed. I am finding another bed to go to after going to Alta Vista for three years.

Oli B

2 years ago

AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COSTS. You can find better service, better quality, and better prices elsewhere. They were not patient with my anxious pet and did nothing to accommodate her.

Slammin' Benjammin'

2 years ago

Alta Vista Veterinary "Hospital" is the Used Car Lot version of a vet clinic. These people don't care about their animal patients, they only care about money. Charge 2-3 times more than any other vet? Check. Adding on additional unnecessary charges to your bill? Check. Down-talking customers and using guilt? Check. These people are pathetic. Pretty much any other vet clinic in the valley is going to give you better service by treating your pets and you with respect without overcharging, lying, or extortion. The only reason they have any business at all is because they have extended hours. That's it. And they have those hours because they're in it for the money - they couldn't care less about the well-being of animals.

Jereme Dornbrack

2 years ago

Been going there for several years Not realizing they were overcharging me My dog has severe allergies and charged me almost double for the allergy shot I could have gotten somewhere else for half The price. My dog had lost 90 percent of her hearing in about a week . Iwas told that there was nothing they could do. Went to another vet and they Diagnosed and treated her she is fine now. No thank you alta vista!!!

Riane Roberts

2 years ago

Avoid at all costs. During the visit they didn't listen to my concerns and blatantly ignored my responses to their questions. I had to repeat myself multiple times. The vet then ran tests and said I would have results in 1-3 days (keep in mind these tests were almost an additional $100). Two weeks have gone by, I have left messages and spoken to the receptionist. Each time I have been told I would get a call back from a manager and NOTHING. I just spoke with the receptionist again to explain the situation, express my frustration and ask to speak to someone who can give me test results. And again, they are leaving a message for the manager to call me back. At this point, I am starting to think they don't have a manager. 0/10.

Mike Anderson

2 years ago

This place is NOT a hospital! Our dog had a bad reaction to a vaccine and became unresponsive and this place was the closest and was open so we rushed him there. I carried him in and told the lady that he was down and unresponsive and had recently gotten shots today. She asked if they gave him the shots there and I told her no, our vet did earlier today and they are closed. She just said well we can't see him, you need to go somewhere else. Horribly unethical and inhumane! I will never bring an animal here!

Michelle Jean

2 years ago

My senior dog experienced a life threatening medical emergency, life or death situation, and required immediate care. I called four other veterinary offices and was turned away; either because they were closing or the scope of the emergency was out of the other veterinary hospital's range of expertise. Alta Vista Veterinary Hospital got me in immediately, came out with a stretcher in the parking lot for my dog, and attended to my dog right away. Thank you Alta Vista for being reliable, 5-Stars!!! Very happy customer.

Bernadette Lariviere

2 years ago

Although the Alta Vista Veterinary Hospital in Ottawa, Ontario is quite a distance from our home it was more than worth the drive to get excellent help for our 15 year old Bichon mix. Misty was treated with kindness and gentleness by each person we encountered during our visits there. Her eye care was second to none and since that time the eye has been problem free. Thank you, each and everyone, for the care you provide to the community.

matt cohen

2 years ago

They were a rude bunch, especially Angie One Dr there told me they shouldn't have charged me $88 for a charge. They wouldn’t refund it The treatment recommended for my dog was wrong. That cost me $300 and a lot of time Poor quality, unreliable, unprofessional, and unresponsive I’ll never go back Btw they were recommended because they were cheap. They were not cheap I can assure you

Lint Away

2 years ago

They legit let my cat die because of covid restrictions. My cat was having a horrible time yesterday and needed immediate assistance. Thanks to these guys being political my cat had kidney failure and died. They said I needed to set up an appointment, hard to do when your cat is dying

Jessica Creager

2 years ago

I've been taking my fur babies to Alta Vista for over ten years. I have always been impressed by the Vets and staff who work there. They are kind and caring. And their fees are less than other places. My only complaint is this past year it's been a pain to reach them over the phone.

stephanie blount

2 years ago

They care about the animals. Not the money.


2 years ago

I was scared and upset when I posted. I have no problem with this office. I continue to return for a reason. Please forgive any post of mine resulting from high emotions. I had my baby before his eyes were opened, fed him with a bottle, he was no bigger than a hamster when I found him. It's going to break my heart if I have to say goodbye.

Angelina Nye

3 years ago

1-800 pet meds screwed up Tuesday insulin order. BUT I Have rx for vetsulin. Was told yesterday afternoon bring it in and they can fill it. Drive across town and vet "doesn't feel comfortable filling" no appointments available. REAL COMPASSION. Asked if I can jut get 12 units to get her thru weekend. Nope.

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