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D Gable

2 years ago

Heather was fantastic with our dog. First time we got a rescue puppy and it was a challenge before Heather took her for a couple of weeks of boarding and intense training. Our dog is a whole new dog and such a pleasant experience now! Worth every penny!! Thanks Heather for training her and teaching us how to maintain those behaviors.

Susan Fox

2 years ago

Heather is awesome! After one session our pup, who previously pulled hard on the leash, was walking nicely by our side. They give you all the tools during your session and you can work with your pup outside of that to get those skills down. Very impressed!

Logan Huff

2 years ago

If I could give more stars, I 100% would! I have been struggling with my dog for 2 years now. He is reactive to new people, random children, new dogs, loud trucks - you name it, he's scared of it. As he's gotten bigger and stronger, it's harder to maintain him when we walk on the leash. He has literally dragged me to the ground before chasing after something! I did socialization classes, puppy training, in-home training, everything! Nothing worked until we found All-American K-9. We had Bob as our trainer and he helped us SO much. I can now take Oakley outside on the leash with CONFIDENCE - it's sounds like a small task but it's the most rewarding feeling! I can now have friends over without him freaking out and getting anxious. Moral of the story, if you're looking for help with an anxious/ reactive/ scared/ aggressive-type dog, YOU NEED TO USE THEM!

Brian H

2 years ago

Heather with All-American K-9 did a great job explaining training concepts and how to put them into action. She communicated clearly and provided situational examples to help me understand what I need to do for my dog's training to be successful. I feel like I have a new dog with the same demeanor and playfulness. Bailey has come so far in such a short period. I highly recommend All-American K-9 if you have dog training needs. Thank you Heather and Bob for the great work and support in training my dog!!

T Cooper

2 years ago

We took our 3 year olds boxer and met with Heather. She was very knowledgeable and taught us what we needed to learn to train our boxer. Before training, he would pull on walks, pull towards other people and dogs. Now, after only 4 sessions, he is 100% better behaved. I was skeptical in the beginning and almost went with another company. I’m so glad that we did not. Plus, to make it more appealing, they offer a guarantee. I would recommend to anyone looking for a dog trainer.

Maureen Shannon

2 years ago

Very knowledgeable, friendly, experts with dog training even the most difficult breeds, I have a Belgian malinios. Thank you All American, I highly recommend Heather, she lives and breathes dogs!

Jason Bradley

2 years ago

Best thing I could have ever done for my dog and I. I trained my dog like I knew what I was doing, but once I realized I couldn't go any further I called American K9. The actually taught me how to teach the dog and not teach the dog for me. So valuable and I recommend it to anyone having basic issues with their dog. Hand down a class act group of trainers!!!!

Heather M

2 years ago

All-American K-9' 2-Week Board and Train program changed our lives. Through this program, our shy and timid rescue pup, Kali, learned skills that help her overcome her fears and live life with a new level of confidence. Rather than running from her shadow, she now looks to us in times of need, self-corrects, and simply trusts us to take care of her. In public, my husband and I continually get complements on how well behaved she is! Thank you so much All-American K-9 for your program and a special thanks to Kali's trainer, Heather, for such a wonderful gift!

Nancy Colon

2 years ago

My private sessions gave me the tools to make sure that my dog Reyna has the structure and obedience so she can prosper, and removed any fear that i had about handling a puppy! Lessons were great well informed, explained everything so that i could understand and execute! Thank you!

Tyler Vestal

2 years ago

As a first time dog owner I felt I needed the training even more than my dog. And that's exactly what happened. We were showed everything we needed to know to make our dog the best he can be in all settings. He came away leash trained and under our total voice command. We were given tips on how to correct several behaviors as well as teach several new ones. I give my highest recommendation to All-American K-9. If you are ready to put in the work, then these trainers are ready to teach you.

Shea Franklin

2 years ago

All American K9 was such an amazing training experience. We had worked extensively with our dog as a puppy but we could not break his habit of chasing cats while on walks. After being pulled to the ground on multiple occasions we sought additional resources and found All American. We did a 4 week training program but they already had our dog paying attention and disregarding cats after the first week! Our trainer Heather was awesome and really helped us work though every habit/behavior the dog (and we) had so we could be consistent and effective with his training.

Nancy Schwab

2 years ago

Today is Charlie's third day back home after his board and train with Chase. We are absolutely impressed with the training Chase provided! Walking with Charlie is such a pleasure now. Chase was patient and explained in great detail how to work with Charlie, so that he could continue to improve at home under our guidance. We highly recommend this training to anyone wanting a well-mannered dog! You won't be disappointed.


2 years ago

I LOVE All American K9!! And we especially love our trainer Erika! We are return customers, and have placed both of our dogs Kessler, and Lilah through their board, and train program as soon as they were old enough, and have had nothing but wonderful experiences, and results. What I liked most is that they are honest people, and care about us vs other trainers we’ve dealt with in the past that only cared about the money. Our second dog was a backyard bred poodle, and has genetic issues due to poor breeding. When I talked to All American K9, instead of just taking my money, and promising to fix these issues 100%, they educated me on what genetic issues were, and let me know they could teach the dog obedience, and that would help but that she may always be a nervous dog, and gave me some recommendations on what we could/ should do. I chose to still proceed with the training, so that at least she would understand her commands, and Erika went at my dogs pace. She got to know my dog, and took her time with her, and was very patient. I appreciated that because my dog was a complete spazz, and not an easy dog to train in my opinion. In the end we have a very calm, and collected dog. She understands what is expected of her, and a lot of her neurotic behaviors have diminished. I’ve learned that Obedience is everything when it comes to confidence building, and you can totally see how much more confident my dog has become now that she has her training to lean on to feel safe. I would recommend all American k9 to everyone I meet, these are people that are very straight forward, and won’t BS you. They are worth every penny, and I’m grateful to now have two wonderful companions for my kid’s to grow up with.

Melika Vranac

2 years ago

Completed the 4 week training for my 1 year old German Shepherd with Bob. Friends and family, my apt building, and even our vet (that Leo used to lounge and growl at) have nothing but amazing things to say about Leo after his training. He has been a different dog from his first session and everyone is so impressed. I am especially. Before training, he was dog and human aggressive and I couldn’t take him anywhere without causing a scene or constant pulling. His leash manners were so bad I didn’t think he could ever be taught. We actually completed a training program before them and I got so discouraged with the lack of training we received I wanted to give up. Bob really knows his way around dogs though and it feels so great to finally have control. We honestly have a better bond than before and the training allowed me to actually enjoy my dog instead of constantly stressing about him. Best part is he’s just getting started... I can’t wait to see his progress in 6 months-1 year!! I truly can’t recommend All American K-9 enough. Thank you guys for everything your methods were a game changer for us!

Matthew Susa

2 years ago

Chase & team are amazing! These guys are the definition of professionals. Our 5mo German Shepherd Dog responded very well to the training and made insanely fast progress. He is now an absolute rockstar. Would highly recommend!


2 years ago

We want to thank the professionals at All-American K-9 for the exceptional training our 9 month old puppy received. We have absolutely nothing negative to report about this company. A special thanks to HEATHER. We could have never accomplished this without the training you gave our dog, but more importantly the education you provided to our family. The change in our dog's behavioral can only be described as extraordinary! There is great comfort in knowing we will have a wonderful pet for many years to come!

C Harvey

2 years ago

A coworker recommended all-American K-9 Her dog is one of the most well behaved dogs I have ever met. We took Stella to work with Bob and she is now a dream to walk No more tugging. I loved training in the park where there are lots of distractions. We will continue to work on training and I will have a wonderfully trained dog too.

Liz Eckburg

2 years ago

I LOVE LOVE LOVE All-American K9s. We had Bob as our trainer and if you listen to his direction then you will see results quickly and your pup will be happier. After our first lesson, I worked with my pup on her walks and before her second lesson she could already heal perfectly, sit when I stopped and she didn't pull or chase, she was the perfect walking buddy. By the second and third lessons my pup learned to sit and stay as I walked away and ignored her while talking to Bob. My parents think All American K9 are miracle workers BUT if you don't humbly accept their direction then you will not succeed, so listen patiently and watch things all work out for your companion. Thank you Bob for your excellent training!

Tim Weiderhoft

2 years ago

We love our experience with Heather at All American K9. You can tell she really cares about the success of our dog, family, and the training provided. Huge fans!!

Lizzie Allison

3 years ago

My husband and I used All-American K-9 for our male Shepherd mix, Mason. Before the training, he was aggressive toward our other dogs, pulled on the leash, and had no inside manners. We finally decided he needed formal training and had him attend the two-week board and train program. On the drop off day, we met our trainer, Chase, who Mason was very nervous and unsure about. He also pulled on the leash and was scared of noises and people walking in the area. Chase explained to us why Mason was behaving the way he was and addressed all of our questions and concerns prior to taking him. Throughout the training, we received video updates on Mason's progress and were amazed with how much he had improved. When we picked him up, Chase went over everything Mason had learned and showed us how to walk him with the e-collar. Chase is very knowledgeable and was able to address all of our questions and concerns prior to, during, and after the training. We are continuing to work with Mason on a daily basis to maintain his current level of training and correct any unwanted behavior. Overall, we had an excellent experience with Chase and highly recommend All-American K-9 Dog Training. Our deepest gratitude goes out to them! P.S. We also highly recommend checking our their YouTube channel for before and after videos of the many dogs they have trained over the years! This really solidified our decision to have Mason trained with them.

Ben Graeff

3 years ago

After adopting my Belgian Turvuren a few months ago, I knew I had to get her some formal training. I interviewed a couple local dog trainers, but after speaking with Bob, I knew All-American K-9 was the one and I chose the private sessions. On the first day, I met my trainer, Chase and he was awesome! Stryker (my dog), was barking at some other dogs and he came right up and explained why she was doing what she was doing. His psychological knowledge of the dog is incredible and makes sense of the training techniques. After our 1st training session, Stryker was walking by my side, sitting when I stopped walking, speed up and slow down based on my pace. Each week we would incorporate additional "commands" and by the 4th session, Stryker was staying and then recalling back to my side when she was in an extended 'stay.' I never thought she'd be able to do that, but it's been amazing. She goes everywhere with me now and is so well behaved and gets so many compliments on her obedience. The best part is that she seems 10x happier and gets excited when we go on adventures. Thank you, Chase and All-American K-9!!

Matt Arnold

3 years ago

We trained our dog through All-American K-9 and let me just start by saying how incredible they are. We have a very busy, very fun and very energetic Doodle who went on for 6 months without manners or good behavior. When we booked through All-American K-9, we spoke with Bob who told us in great detail the schedule of the 4 week training program. He answered all our questions and tailored the program to fit our dog’s needs. Our trainer was Chase, who worked with our little guy. Chase was great! He knew exactly what he was doing and taught us how to properly train our dog. What we found in this program, was that in about 1 month, we noticed that our dog was 70% better in just a matter of weeks. After the 4 sessions, our dog had great manners, didn’t door dash, walked great on a leash, and learned to respond incredibly well to all voice commands, extended sit and stay, come and heel. He also learned to stop jumping up on people which was a great thing. I cannot tell you enough how happy we were with All American K-9 and the amazing training that we received from Chase. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for great dog training.

Sarah Jacobs

3 years ago

I am grateful for Bob and All-American K-9 Dog Training. I was unable to control my 16mo Labrador. This was his last chance before making the decision to re-home him. After the 1st session, I had a new dog. Finally, I was able to take him on walks and other places without worrying if I was going to be able to control him. My dog wasn’t the problem. He just needed to clearly understand what was expected of him.

Jordan McCann

3 years ago

Had an awesome experience with Jessica! We Brought in our 3 year old rescue in for training. We adhered to all her suggestions for training and could have not asked for better results. We noticed big changes after just the first visit and they continued to progress from there. Now we have a happy pup that we can take almost anywhere with us! We would highly recommend this training and Jessica was great to work with- she was professional in all interactions but also very personable and made us comfortable during the training sessions!

Julien DA CRUZ

3 years ago

Really impressed by the outcome on the training. Our 1 year old German was agressive towards other dogs when outside. We tried multiple training that showed very little to no improvements. After the first session Ekho was already different. At the end of the training he was way more relaxed in the house and outside. He just 3 weeks he became a well behaved that we are proud off ! We highly recommend the training and the team that was really helpful and gave us a lot of tips !

Jared Richards

3 years ago

Chase from American K9 was a great trainer. He provided me with the tools and guidance to be confident walking my dog anywhere and to prevent any altercations between my dog and another dog in the future. I will continue to train my dog this way because it is effective.

Jack O'Connor

3 years ago

We went to All-American K-9 training to help train our 5 year old border collie/pit mix. We worked with Chase and loved the experience and results. Our dog has become better behaved, listens to commands, and calmer around the house. Can't thank All-American K-9 enough!

Isabel Wagenborg

3 years ago

Beyond impressed, and worth every penny! We have a 7 month old Vizsla who was extremely hyper, and out of control. He would jump all over us, jump all over the furniture, counters, and we couldn’t even walk him because he would drag us. He would bite us playing, and scratch us. We tried to train, and he would just ignore us. We were so exhausted, and drained. Finally we decided to send his little butt to the professionals. 2 weeks in a board, and train program, and he came home a completely obedient dog! He is extremely calm, and relaxed around the house. He no longer jumps on furniture or counters. He is so well behaved he doesn’t even knock down our 1 year old. She can now hug him, and pet him, and they are able to bond. He’s so good that my 1 year old leaves her toys scattered across the house, and he doesn’t even touch them. He doesn’t steal socks anymore, or shoes. This was way more than what we expected. Our biggest concern after the program was that he would revert back, and not listen when the collar was removed. Well a week after his board, and train program we took him to take the Canine Good Citizen test. He passed with flying colors. No collar. The evaluator said his leash skills were the best she’s ever seen especially in a 7 month old puppy, and she trains service dogs. We couldn’t be more proud of him. Erika was our trainer, and we give all the credit to her. She did a wonderful job with him, and was there along the way providing us with feedback during his stay, and patiently answering alllll our questions. I highly recommend All American K9, and would do it all over again if we ever get another puppy in the future. From out of control 7 month old puppy to Canine Good Citizen in just 2 weeks. That says it all in my opinion.

Eliane Ahdoot

3 years ago

We had a great experience with All-American K-9! We are so happy with the results of having our poodle trained in their board and train program. Highly recommended!

Christina Szydlowski

3 years ago

After finishing my last training this week with Heather, I've had time to reflect on the progress my 7 year old Pomeranian Maltese, Max, has had over the last four weeks. Before the training, Max had severe separation anxiety (to the point I couldn't leave my apartment because he would bark, dig, and cry in his crate the whole time I was gone), aggression towards other dogs and people, and would bark at anyone and anything. After the training, Max sleeps in his cage the entire time I'm gone, I can take him on walks without pulling, barking, or growling at other dogs/people and I can take him to restaurants, stores, parks, etc. with no issues. ALL IN FOUR WEEKS. Everyday isn't perfect and there have been a few mental breakdowns (on both mine and Max's part), but if you are willing to put in the work, this training WORKS. Max had to relearn everything he's known in his 7 year life, and was able to make all of these changes in four weeks. I still cannot believe it. I highly recommend this training, and specifically Heather. She taught me everything I need to know to successfully train my dog and answered any and all questions/frustrations I had. If you are thinking about doing this training - DO IT. You will not regret it!!

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