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Megan Moira

2 years ago

You will not find a veterinarian as kind, comparisonate and knowledgeable as Dr. Roberts. The staff is wonderful and pricing is fair as well. Great place to bring my fur babies.

Kathy Kellogg

2 years ago

Very clean, staff is very friendly. Took my cat to have his nails clipped.

Christie Gatti

2 years ago

Dr Roberts is the best.

Becky Perez

2 years ago

Excellent care for all of our pets!

Robert Stewert

2 years ago

The doctor was amazing. We came in believing we were going to have to put our dog down and ended up leaving with a health plan and having affordable care for him. We expected $3,000 due to what other vets have told us recently and ended up spending only a fractionof that. It's been a few weeks and he is doing awesome now.

Jono Martin

2 years ago

Caring and supportive! Works with you to get the best care for your furry family members. Clean and friendly... best place ever!


2 years ago

The line is always busy. Only open for 3 days a week. Never follow up or return phone calls. Did not refill prescriptions on time, not reliable. They said they sent the previous but they didn’t. Stuffs are very unreliable.

Maritza Luna

2 years ago

I would 100% recommend to anyone. Debbie and her team played a crucial role in the recovery of my frenchie pup who was fighting a severe case of parvo. They made sure to check her for everything possible to make sure she received the right treatment. Debbie was always available and ready to help with anything we needed. Felicia the technician caring for Bella made sure to provide her all the support and cuddles she needed to feel comfortable while she was away from home. Thanks to all their care Bella made it back home after 2 intense weeks in the hospital. She's on her way to a good recovery. I can't say how thankful we are for everything they did to make sure she survived. To anyone needing care for their pet I would say I recommend them completely.

Jay Wohlfeld

2 years ago

Friendly, great prices, Dr. Carr does a great job explaining what your pet needs are, highly recommend

Jenna Pavleck

2 years ago

The new vet Dr. Robert's is wonderful. These guys really care about the animals and about providing affordable care. The Follow Your Heart Rescue is also amazing.

Joy Wadliegh

2 years ago

We adopted our puppy through Follow Your Heart. I was so impressed by the whole process and what a great start our puppy was given by the foster family. We have taken her back to the animal hospital for follow up appointments and loved them as well. I would recommend Follow Your Heart to anyone looking for a vet or to add to their family.

Troy Schieferstein

2 years ago

Compassionate for animals and humans

Crystal Jones

2 years ago

Always friendly and gentle with pets. Loving and understanding.

Janet Harris - Benny

2 years ago

First time at this vet. It was very clean inside and everyone was super friendly and amazing with the animals.

Kristie Adcock

2 years ago

Very compassionate and caring. They've always taken excellent care of our dogs, and have helped a few of our dogs cross the rainbow bridge. Highly recommend Dr Carr and his staff.

The Neals

2 years ago

Love this place so much and reasonable prices!

Carrie Alexander

2 years ago

This is the most caring vets office I have ever experienced and I was a vet tech in other offices for over 10 years. The entire staff makes sure your pets are 100% taken care of and offer solutions that are helpful and affordable. They have definitely gone an extra mile for every one of our pets seen. Our pets have been treated exceptionally at every visit and so have we. We Love everyone of the Doctors! Very grateful to everyone there especially when we had to have our beautiful Poko taken too soon due to illness. Recommend this office to anyone that cares deeply about their furry family members!

Chris Simmons

2 years ago

Even before I walked in the door for my appointment I could tell that they truly care about your pet. Such a great experience and I would trust all of my animals well being from routine vaccinations to surgery they are in good hands.

Cathy Messenger

3 years ago

What a wonderful experience. Dr.Carr was very caring and down to earth.

Retha Caldwell

3 years ago

Great care at great prices

Tragic 4F

3 years ago

Great staff very friendly, I'm not to sure my feline enjoyed it as much as I.. Snip snip..

Becca Reidy

3 years ago

I just became a client of Follow Your Heart Animal Hospital and I'm ve4y satisfied. I have a small 501c3 non profit Rescue and have over 15 dogs in my home, and get a discount for my babies. Love their vets, especially Dr Carr. Even during the pandemic I

Jenny Matejov

3 years ago

I would NEVER recommend Dr. Carr to anyone. My corgi puppy, Meelo, was a Follow Your Heart Rescue dog. So he got the rest of his shots free. I took him for a check up to my personal vet, and he came back positive for giardia and he had conjunctivitis in his eyes. The founder of the rescue kindly offered to let me have Meelo be seen by their vet. She recommended I see Dr. Carr. 4 wks ago: brought him to Dr. Carr for shots and to get his eyes checked out. This was a couple days after emergency dental surgery at my vet, so he had sutures in his mouth still. Dr. Carr comes into the exam room and grabs Meelo by the neck of his harness and starts trying to look into his mouth (WHICH WAS OBVIOUSLY SORE BECAUSE HE HAD SURGERY A COUPLE DAYS BEFORE). This freaks Meelo out and he starts trying to get away and is screaming. I ask him if he has to hold him like that, and he says yes. Meelo continues to freak out and tries to bite him. I understand having to hold dogs certain ways to prevent getting bit, but he was not sensitive at all. He blamed it on corgi temperament. Today: I went with an open mind. I have been working with Meelo daily on being restrained, paws touched, mouth opened, etc! And he has been doing well. The vet tech is about to take his temperature when another tech says they need her right now. We wait and a tech comes in and says, sorry we have an emergency. Obviously an emergency is more important... I said I didn't want to wait longer than 15-20 minutes. I also said he doesn't really need to see the vet, just vax... She says she will ask Dr. Carr, but normally the techs aren't supposed to do them. I'm not sure why, since literally every other vet I have ever used has techs doing the vaccination appointments. Eventually Dr. Carr comes in. Doesn't knock... just comes in. He asks about my puppy's name and I told him it's from a cartoon show as I lift my puppy onto the table. He doesn't say hi to Meelo, or introduce himself, or give him a treat or try to make him feel comfortable. He just starts doing a body exam. At that point I asked him to handle him more gently and go slower. Dr. Carr grabs my puppy by the neck harness and starts pulling him towards him. Meelo freaks out and starts fighting and screaming. I asked him if he can hold him a different way because I don't want him to be traumatized. He keeps holding him and says "he's fine, he's not going to be traumatized, he's just being a corgi". I said "last time you grabbed him too quickly and tried looking into his mouth days after surgery which really freaked him out. Since then he has been really nervous around new people. I'm trying to make the vet in general and seeing you be a positive experience and I don't want him to be even more traumatized" So he lets go of my dog, uncaps the syringe, and just gives him the shot in the neck. I grab Meelo to hold him as he goes to give him the 2nd Injection and Dr. Carr says "you can do it" (hold him). Guess he didn't care if Meelo got scared and tried to run and fell off the exam table. Dr. Carr tosses the empty syringes on the table and sighs. He starts to leave and goes "that was dhpp, rabies, and lepto. Good?" I said "no, I also asked for bordetella." He says "well that one is oral so I'm gonna have to hold him for that!" I said "okay" because he does fine taking oral medication. A couple minutes later a tech comes in, gives him the liquid in his mouth no problem. Dr. Carr technically didn't do anything wrong. At the same time, working with pets means working with pet parents. And he needs to be more sensitive to that if a pet parents has a concern about his practices and approach. These were the worst vet experiences I have ever had. I feel strongly that my puppy's reactions were because of how he was handled, and how Dr. Carr didn't take the time to try to make him feel comfortable, or attempt a different approach. My experience with Dr. Carr and this vet was completely unacceptable for a veterinary professional and I am not comfortable with the way Dr. Carr handled my puppy or the situation.

ladylnglegz 13

3 years ago

I cannot say enough about this wonderful place. Dr.Carr and the staff are amazing. My precious baby is always in the perfect care here.

Sandi Atkinson

3 years ago

Staff and vet are amazing

Thomas Guth

3 years ago

We were going to Hounds and Grounds to check out the store and coffee. We were very disappointed in as much as the name of the store had been changed and certainly not the coffee we were expecting.

Robin Cummings

3 years ago

Food with no taste, very expense drinks. We had two drinks each it cost us $43.00 just for drinks.$81.00 dollars for lunch. Never again!!!

Nick Wright

3 years ago

Dr. Carr is the absolute greatest. We actually followed him here from a previous animal hospital. Highly recommend this office!

Mike Taylor

3 years ago

Really good place and really nice people. We love our new puppy!!

Lysiane Doucette

3 years ago

Amazing staff and Dr Carr is the best!!

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