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Glen Mohler

2 years ago

They have helpful friendly caring stuff

Stacie Fortson

2 years ago

I have had a wonderful experience with East Mesa Animal Hospital. Dr. G figured out what my cat needed to make a full recovery. My sweet Judith is the most thankful of us all. She enjoys her days now that she isn't dizzy and having seizures any longer. Judith has returned to complete normal feline behavior. Chasing our kitten around and playing as if there was never anything wrong with her. This came at minimal cost as well. I truly appreciate everything Dr. G and her staff have done for Judith and our new kitten Josephina as well. And that was my first experience. I wish all my pet visits were that wonderful. My 3rd cat, Janet, was treated awfully!! Thats putting it mildly. She was manhandled and traumatized from her visit. All we went for was shots and a check up. Janet will never be taken here again. I was afraid they hurt her very badly. I am now looking for a new Vet. Stacie Fortson

Jeff Galbraith

2 years ago

Nice clinic. Waiting area had a slight odor but nothing too bad. Staff was attentive to our pets needs. Got to witness them dealing with a difficult dog and it's even more difficult owner. They were as professional as they could be given the circumstances. I wanted to step in and tell the owner to behave.

Karla McClain

2 years ago

How can you call yourself an animal hospital if you can’t euthanize a pet at end of life.


2 years ago

It is the best in my opinion the group of veterinarians. They helped me thru the hospice of my best old cat Oliver. From care of his illness to euthanasia they did an excellent job.

Lindsey Duke

2 years ago

No words can describe this vet office on how terrible it is. In the beginning of taking my husky as a puppy everything was great, the staff was sweet to my pup and he never had any issues. Then I took my dog a few weeks ago due to him waking my husband and I up screaming and whimpering in pain in the middle of the night. Deeply concerned I took him in and when I tell you I was about to grab my dog and walk out, I absolutely mean it. Two vet assistance were laying on top of my dog putting almost all their weight on him trying to get him to lay down but he resisted as any dog would, then another assistant came in grabbed his back to legs pulling them out from underneath him to get him to lay down. Last I checked I was in a vet office not a rodeo. I then spoke to Dr Gruminski about what was going and she basically treated me as if I know nothing about my own dog. She prescribed me a muscle relaxer and antibiotics for my dog and sent me on my way. I then came to realize that the antibiotics caused my dog to become lethargic, concerned I took him again and told her about it but she blamed it on the muscle relaxer though I had already finished those and was only giving the antibiotics, she insisted I kept giving them to him but I refused. My dog then started to wake up screaming in pain as if someone was stabbing him. Frustrated and restless I made an emergency appointment at another vet to come to find out that my dog has valley fever! Dr. Gruminski assumed it was just a pinched nerve. She never listened to me and never bothered to run more test. If I didn’t go to a knew vet my dog could be in pain than he already is. If you truly care about your pet do not bring them here.

Rick Lynch

2 years ago

Don't take you pet here.... the vet is very rude and not helpful at all. They would not give an estimate to neuter my cat until they seen him and even after that they still would not tell me how much it would be also asked for a social security number I have never been asked by a vet for that. Anyway please take your pet somewhere else.

sleep time

2 years ago

I do not know how this place has 3.7 /5 ratings i feel it should be around 1.5/ . Maybe some of the people coming in they had a successful outcome because it was something really obvious and eazy to identify, the doctor and nurse is pleasant talking nice not rude definitely but unfortunately she should not practice this vet work anymore .She might be amazing awarded doctor 10-15 years ago and alot of experience but at this point in time she should be retired long long time ago already.I went in with my cat took 20 mins to be seen by assistant then another 15 for the doctor wich is not alot at all , the doctor took the cat in her hands feel his tummy bladder etc etc and said he looks ok plus no dishydreted symtoms .Diagnostic out of her mind with no blood work done by this vet office or any xray was kidneys problem and send home with medication for this .Cat got much much worse from medication went on diferent vet and surprize cat had a intestinal block plus bladder problems and the intestines had a loop wich created all this, now because we came late our cat is in huge danger so please please i beg you i could write alot more about the whole situation but don't be cheap and don't try your luck as roulete for this doctor to find what your companion might have it will be a lottery and you might lose your frend.I came because i did not trust the rest of the reviews of 1 and 2 starts and sombody close was lucky enough to have a good experience and recommended this vet and said don't believe the reviews which unfortunately looks like they are true

Sietske Holt

2 years ago

Too bad I had to give a star at all! If I could do the star system, it would be 0 for the front desk... 0 for Dr. Kern... 5 for Dr. B Gaminski. We have waited in and outside the office for HOURS! NO explanations! All the whilst having them all bickering about eachother. How NOT to run a business, comes to mind. But Dr. GAMINSKI kept our beloved Hailey-Girl alive for three years, just by finding the source of her issues and then addressing them with prescription food, routine visits and the needed medications. Now that Hailey lost her battle at 14 years, we will definitely NOT go back. Not until all the rotten apples have gone.

Delia Carranza

2 years ago

Went there in 2015 with my shar pei mix for a rash on both front legs. Was given topical ointment and sent on our way. Unfortunately it became worst. To the point where the skin looked raw. Smokey was taken in for around the clock treatment. After a couple of weeks we were able to bring him home with lot’s of care. We were under the impression that he was better only for him to pass 4 days later. Needless to say the bill was not that cheap and after paying all but $280 that we would come back to pay. After loosing our dog and being upset I completely forgot about the balance. I received an email from my HR department at work that my wages are being garnished by them 6 years later.

Tina Patton

2 years ago

My family and Jethro miss Dr. Kern. Jethro ran in the door for his appointment and cried for her. We wish you well Dr Kern, and miss you so much.

Kim Maxwell

2 years ago

I had taken my dog here in Feb/March and the vet techs were awesome with her. However, I took my dog today for aaaa nail trim and what a disaster of a visit. Brooke was extremely unprofessional, she not only scolded the techs in front of me but also snapped at me. My dog was terrified and she immediately muzzled her and put a towel over her face. During my previous visits the techs were extremely loving and patient with my dog. Not Brooke, she didn't talk to my dog, offer her or a treat, or ttttry anything that would be of comfort for my dog. In my past visits i was asked to stand in front of my dog so she could see me. Not this time, Brooke scolded me for trying to help. My dog started to urinate, and instead of stopping to maybe put a towel down Brooke continued the trimming, and i got ssplashed with my dogs urine, thanks Brooke. She also caused her to bleed, which i know happens but brooke scolded the techs and said the stop bleed stuff was mixed wrong. She stopped two or three separate times to remix. If she had been a bit slower, calm and more understanding then this visit couldve been more pleasant for me and my dog. Ill try one more time at the request that Brooke not handle my already terrified dog. Brooke needs to find a different profession she was rude and stressed my dog more than what she already was.

Josh Burns

2 years ago

I took my big 90 pound dog in there today. They were able to accommodate a same day appointment. My dog was very anxious as he is a new rescue from the county shelter. The staff were so patient and helpful with him. The front desk ladies were friendly and helpful. The vet didn’t run a bunch of unnecessary tests. I will definitely be back with both our dogs. They were knowledgeable and the visit was reasonably priced.

Anna Van

2 years ago

I have had many experiences with many vets over the years. This office will not hold your hand, will not sugarcoat. They are straightforward and realistic. Excellent care, and the vets are working with a wealth of experience and knowledge. Ultimately, these old hands, that never bought into the sugarcoating of vet practice, are the absolute best for realistic care for animals. Straight shooters! I recommend highly if you seek Doctors who are only interested in being doctors.

Val Flake

2 years ago

I heard about the service they provide here and have a relative that took their sweet dog here when he was sick. I was her ride there to the clinic. They waited for almost an hour to be seen and when they were finally seen it was a very slow process. I mean slow. Dr. Kern was apparently very rude and old. The whole process took an eternity! Place is old-school, I saw a lot of paper files and can only take certain payment for cards. Would not recommend coming here. We're not going back that's for sure. My sister also said the doctor and the staff didn't seem to interested to be there. Place is cheap but if you want better care for your best friend and want staff that genuinely seem to care, go somewhere else!

buddy friend

2 years ago

Hate the new staff. Fron the Vet, Dr. G. To the kennel attendants, There used to be a kennel attendant that worked there named Tre. Was told Tre no longer worked there, due to some conceded, entitled broad named Brooke. We will never board our cats or dogs there ever again, and will do everything possible to destroy this horrible place, via blog,this review, and horrible word of mouth.

Jazzmen Valentin

2 years ago

I will never come to this place again. I brought my dog here when it was time to put him down. They were so unprofessional about the entire thing. For one, the front desk, didn't have the information about why we were even there. Then they advised me the vet I was supposed to have was not there, and that someone should have called me to reschedule, but never did. So they squeezed me in with another vet. We were back there for 2 hours before anyone came in to see us. When they came in, the vet asked 3 techs to come put all their weight on my boy to hold him down. I advised them, this was not necessary, and asked if they could just sedate him if they were concerned about him moving, and Id gladly pay for it, and she said they will not do that, and I'm more than welcome to go elsewhere. It was already such a hard time, and I feel like their bedside manor was just terrible. She then had the 3 techs come and hold him down, and the fear in his eyes. I tried to hold him for them, and they wouldnt let it be. The last thing my poor baby had happen, was 3 strange people just put all their weight and hold him down, while he sits there, terrified to be put down. It was just terrible, please save yourself and your baby the suffering of these people.

History Coach

2 years ago

They obviously love animals here.

D Muniz

2 years ago

Love EMAH I know my dog is in good hands with Dr. Kern. Best vet Ive ever had the pleasure of meeting and her staff is just as professional.

Josh Murrietta

2 years ago

Haven't been to the vet frequently since I self administer my dogs shot. Came in today for her rabies booster and a nail trim. Waited 2 hours in the waiting room past my appointment time only to be put in a room for 40 min before the doc finally came in. Spent about 5 seconds in the room before walking out leaving us alone for another 20. At this point both my dog and I are agitated. Tech tried to pick her up and manhandled her onto the table, she obviously reacted so they immediately wanted to muzzle her. Then the tech again puts her on tge table and pins her down for 15 minutes until the doc finally returns. At this point I said to simply do tge trim and shot and will be needing her records before I left. Never felt more like we were a number as I would hear the techs having side conversations and both vets strolling around nonchalantly.

Life is Good

2 years ago

They are super slow and super expensive.

Michelle Aldama

2 years ago

Was very caring while I was dealing with a heartbreaking situation.

Tina Leon

2 years ago

I've been using this vet for years. Yes sometimes you have to wait for a really long time to be seen, but I'll tell you that we had to take our dog in who was having a major seizure or back to back seizures and they stopped what they were doing to save my dog. I know that others had to wait until the other vet could arrive and it sucks but in the future I'll be more mindful when I'm in the waiting room. Sometimes you just have to wait so that another family doesn't lose their baby and we all forget that sometimes, myself included.

jamie grubbs

3 years ago

Very professional. My cat broke his front leg and the Vet I had been going to for over 20 years and NEVER had an issue with couldn't get me in so my neighbor recommended this place and they fit me in asap and got him the surgery he needed. And have been very good thru this whole process.

Jared Henderson

3 years ago

Went in fifteen min early for appointment, after waiting two hours w no explanation I left. Good luck

Demia Perkins

3 years ago

Do not take your animal here! (Sorry so long but i feel like everyone needs to know what happened) My dog had bite wounds from a dog fight and actively bleeding, It took forever for them to get us in. (only picked them since they were still open). My dog had to have surgery and she pulled through which I'm not trying to be ungrateful for the things they already have done for her but its not ok. Was sent home with only three days of antibiotics and my next visit was 5 days from now. They said they were going to do the surgery early the next morning. It wasn't until 3ish in the afternoon that they actually did it. Therefore she stayed another night on my dime. They gave me an estimate on how much the surgery was going to be and the visit also anything like the anesthesia would cost, the medicine would be extra (figured that). Then when I actually got to bring her home they cut off the circulation to her leg (the one that had the iv in it ) because they put the wrap on too tight and since it was hurting, my dog didn't want anything to do with them taking it off nor did they say anything about it to me (who knows how long that was actually on her tight like that cutting off the blood supply to her leg.) No communication because what if I didn't notice it? Which is highly unlikely since her leg was three times her normal leg size. They didn't say anything about it not even the fact that they had trouble taking it off or tried. Well let me tell you something I had trouble taking it off, it was that tight. Now forward to when I bring her in for a check up. They didn't even have me on the schedule at all like they were supposed too. I'm waiting in the waiting room while its getting packed full of other animals. I ask if I can just reschedule and they ask me to just wait a little longer. So I ended up waiting another hour after I have already been there 45 mins. They finally call me up and say can you leave her here over night? Like really more money out of my pocket for your mistake for not scheduling me and time wasted for you to just wait to tell me oh just leave her here! I also tell them that she needs her pain pill at a certain time, they said they had no problem giving it to her when the time came up. The next day they don't call me to tell me anything then waited for after closing (mind you she had been there the rest of the afternoon and the whole next day) to call and say she is ready. I get there and im waiting an hour and a half for them to get things finalized so I can take my dog home. Then I had to ask about medication like she needs more were you going to send me more? Since they know how much they sent me home with in the first place I shouldn't have to ask. So again I knew that medicine would be extra but shouldn't you know that there are going to be more visits after they take the drains out (yes she had to have drains in).. they need to have more stitches to close the holes where those drains were. You would think that they would have included that with her surgery price they gave to me take care of her completely. Like how could you not know that they had to be taken out and further assistance is needed. So then let me go to when my dog actually came out and let me just say im not an expert on wrapping dogs with gauze but I'm sure it wasn't supposed to look like it did. didn't cover any of her drains nor where she had gotten stitches. Started unraveling just going out to my vehicle to take her home and I didn't start with something great to begin with. Then during that night she was winning a lot and seemed like she was in pain. Like just maybe they forgot to give her the medicine they prescribed her for the whole day and a half.. please tell me this isn't true since i had trusted my dog for them to give her the medication she needed to keep her comfortable. Although the ladies in the office checking in patients have been very nice and apologetic to me this experience and the neglect and lack of communication has made me regret even considering them for my dog.

Mellissa Frost

3 years ago

Wow, I will never go to any other vet. They care about your pets and you its not about the money.

Sharon Martinez

3 years ago

Loved the staff. And loved the price. The vet office visit is only 55 dollars the cheapest i found.

Ronnie Villasenor

3 years ago

After 9 years of searching, we have found our new veterinarian(s). The vet tech won’t come around with those price estimates while your pet is being treated. They actually care about treatment.

Shannyn Pharo

3 years ago

I had to have my cat Nala put to sleep. They got me in right before closing time with short notice. The entire staff was wonderful and caring. Thank you for making such a hard time a little easier.

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