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Teela S

2 years ago

The poor dogs bitting on cages. That behavior tells me they are in there for way too long! Animal abuse at its finest! These places get animals from mills. It smelled so bad, you will walk out smelling so bad! Even my hair smelled like this shop. Staff were awful and rude! Adopt Don’t shop!


2 years ago

DO NOT buy a animal from this place. We purchased a puppy about 3 weeks ago & they told us she got fully treated for a upper respiratory infection which we were okay with because they said she was treated. We her took home & the next day she wasn't eating or drinking water. The day after that she ended up in the Vet & they told us she wasn't fully treated & that she has severe Pneumonia. The Vet had to keep her for 7 days to treat & monitor her. So now after we spent a lot of money purchasing her from Petland, We had a medical bill over $1500. We didn't even have her for a week & already had to pay that much money out of pocket for something that could've been prevented. I called Petland a few times to complain & to let them know that Petland should be held responsible for the whole bill & all they tell me is sorry & to file a claim on which its been more than a week & we still got no response or call back. I feel Petland or someone other than my family should be responsible for the whole medical bill.

Miranda Hartley

2 years ago

friendly, knowledgeable staff and adorable puppies

Grant Urmatam

2 years ago

Faith helped me get my beautiful Pomsky puppy. She was really wonderful and informative and fun to talk to.Go with Faith when you shop here!

Felicia Golly

2 years ago

$5500 for a shar pei/pug mix... no thanks. The pups are cute but not that cute.

Bell Jj

2 years ago

Way too expensive for animals. The staff didn’t really care about them and took an hour to help me out to find out on getting a dog and then I said I’m not getting the dog cause they were rude and horrible employees. One employee was just on his phone and kept hiding from customers and then told me that he couldn’t help me out cause he was getting off in 5 minutes. He was apparently the manager but he looked like he knew nothing about animals or customer service. If you want a pet then do not go here !

Nicole Kaylor

2 years ago

Sales attendant Faith is amazing!!! She has a great personality and was very thorough on instructions regarding the sale of a puppy, and how to properly care for a newly bought puppy. She was able to answer all puppy related questions.

Kristen Travers

2 years ago

The staff is very inexperienced. They sold me a puppy under false pretenses. I was told the puppy's knees were still developing and that eventually the puppy's knees would be fine. I went to the vet only to be told that this was untrue and that the dog had stage 1 and 2 patellar luxation and that it could be a need for surgery down the road.

Josh Stafford

2 years ago

Sold us a puppy with Giardia, told us spay was free but charged us $300 on receipt, told us that getting a one day extension to go to the vet for a 1st checkup to keep the puppy warranty would be no problem, just had to call the vet… was denied by warranty company and now have no warranty on the puppy. Completely unethical company. The manager named Faith, could care less about good customer service and the sales associate Paloma lies in order to make sales.

dorinda blackstone

2 years ago

We wanted a family puppy for our little apartment and the staff helped us find the perfect dog. We told them we were surprising our daughter and they were so helpful and even offered to take video for us when we brought her in for the surprise! The dogs were all very reasonably priced. There was no pressure and they let us look at and play with several dogs before we made our choice. We’re so happy to have this dog added to our family and give her a forever home! Thanks to the staff that helped us today. Our daughter is extremely happy ???? Thank you to Faith, our sales associate that first suggested this puppy!

Cindy Campos

2 years ago

Thank you Faith for providing us with super friendly and exceptional service! We bought 4 ferret pups from her and they are healthy and thriving. They are high quality ferrets. They are so much fun to watch and play with. Ask for Faith because she is SUPER knowledgeable and personable.

Richard Muñoz

2 years ago

Clean animals and cages. Cool people.

Vane Bonuccelli

2 years ago

They don't know how to attend and don't accept tourists

a’mijah Climmons

2 years ago

Got our amazing Pomeranian from here!!! Faith was our sales representative and she was amazing with my family and I! Genuine and very informative. As for the other workers I cannot vouch for them. Them Being the only reason this review is receiving 4 stars. Do not work with pets if you do not love animals. More importantly do not work with animals if you aren’t educated!

Blake Sanden

2 years ago

Very poor puppy store, almost like a puppy mill IMO. One of the ladies made the dog yelp and and scream when handling. No real manager in charge just finger appointed supervisor in charge. No people skills you pay nealy $4000 for a dog and they act like there doing you the favor. The warranty is a complete joke they force you to go to there vet who's pricing is ridiculously disrespectful. These employees have 0 customer service skills and when you ask to speak to the GM or the owner they say they don't know. No one is really in charge. Plenty of better places than this dump heed the warning and let our experience hinder the same thing happening to you.

jordan Rawlins

2 years ago

Super over priced used dog store. Their bird likes to bite.

Андрей Звездин

2 years ago

Absolutely terrible customer experience. Absolutely arrogant manager, she didn’t want to process item return until she did put me and my wife through the whole road of hassle and insults. I pray to God this establishment will go broke soon

Kevin Mc Gee

2 years ago

OK. But didn't have any cats

It's Queen Tee

2 years ago

Just like the previous customer 4 weeks ago, I came in for a specific puppy. I walked in and was not greeted what so ever. There was 5 employees standing around. I decided to look at the puppies through the window and another set of customers walk in and immediately was greeted. I walk over to the 5 employees standing at the register and ask if someone can help. I had already previously called and spoke to someone and scheduled to come in. All the employees were not trying to help me like they was trying to put me off onto the next one. Finally The employee I spoke with on the phone helped me once I can finally remember her name. I asked to see the specific dog and was able to pet him. For the price I decided to go through the finance company so I wouldn’t have to pay the full amount upfront. The employee took my info and went to the back somewhere to run it. After a little while going by a different employee came out and stated I was completely denied and there was nothing they can do for me. I decided to just leave and not go with the cash purchase. I wake up today the next day with a phone call at 7am from the finance company asking did I still want to go through with the purchase. I tell them I was told I was completely denied. The rep stated they never denied me and I was approved and just need to verify my identity and go through with the purchase. She also stated she don’t understand why I was told I was denied because I wasn’t denied. At this point I know why I was treated that way and can’t believe at a place of business this is still going on. It shouldn’t matter who or what color the customer is, you should get the same treatment.

Paws On The Runway

2 years ago

It sucks that you can’t respond to the owner’s response unless you change locations! I spent thousands of dollars on a Pomeranian that was born with an inverted eyelid! The eyelashes were scratching against the surface of the pup which would eventually lead to blindness!! The surgeries and the suffering that poor pup needed, I could not handle so I had to return him! I was more concerned with his health issues than my refund and couldn’t believe you could even sell a puppy in that condition!!! My kids loved him so returning him broke all of our hearts! That’s when I decided to shop online and was blessed with the perfect little guy from Kansas!! Born on a large farm with love!! For the huge amount charged more should be done to insure the sell of a healthy puppy!! From the reviews I read, the owners leave a generic and scripted response and then get to drop the mic on the conversation! To respond to the owner of the Summerlin location… you can get all that and more including AKC registered parents as well as pups with champion bloodlines online! The cost even includes shipping! If you can match that, let’s talk! And P.S., there seems to be a common complaint about not greeting customers!?! Maybe all locations need to work on that because I had that issue as well!! No Generic Response Necessary!

dora bell

2 years ago

Faith is AMAZING!! Best service ever! Made sure we understood anything and everything made sure we got everything we wanted so sweet and kind super personable! And we were super nervous but with her excellent service we feel confident leaving. Based on her alone I would definitely come back thank you so much for our new family member!! #ChocolateYorkie

The Rumor Collection

2 years ago

I came to this location after visiting the one on Charleston thinking I would receive the same great service. I was looking to take a puppy home the same day. As soon as I walked in nobody greeted me. I walked in for one puppy in particular so I knew exactly who I wanted to see. There were 5 employees standing by me but not one greeted me, asked if I needed any help. They didn’t say a word to me. I attempted to get their attention, they all just dispersed. That was my first warning. When someone else walked in they asked them what they needed right away. I was the only African American customer in the store. It seemed as I was the only one not receiving help when trying to. Finally, An African American worker helped me and I had to raise my hand to get their attention. They were very knowledgeable, but everyones customer service was terrible. I finally was able to see the puppy I came for which was a perfect fit for my family but I couldn’t get anybody to come answer my questions. When I called another worker he told me the person that was helping me would be with me soon. It seemed like everything was commission based. I only needed one question answered and I was ready to take a 5000+ dog home in cash. The worker took forever to get to me and again, it was throwing the price of the dog, what they offer etc. no personality what’s so ever. I chose not to buy the dog because of the horrible service I received. I felt like I was discriminated and this is why Puppy Boutique will receive my money every time.

Dutchman 72

2 years ago

That place was great. The employees were friendly and very professional. They cleaned every booth after every use. The red McCall was wonderful. But I would not try to pick him up he will take a snap at you.

Candy Smith

2 years ago

My husband bought me an over priced dog

Kayla Flock

2 years ago

It is obvious this company only cares about commission and greatly lacks customer service. They put on a fake persona of being animal lovers but are the opposite. The advice provided is greatly wrong, and they try to talk you into unnecessary items. I tried to return an item the very next day and was told they absolutely cannot do anything for me and I am basically $300 out of luck. They will not even accommodate a credit or partial credit of ANY sort the very next day. It is apparent that once you walk out that door you are just another sale. Don't expect any sort of customer service from here, I will be sure to tell everyone I know to steer clear of this place and will shop elsewhere for my animal's supplies.

Chaos Angel

3 years ago

I came in a few days ago and saw the manager yell at what I assume is to be a trainee who looked like they were gonna pass out from stress, all the animals look dirty and the smell was unbelievable. The staff was also rude edit: So I recently learned that the manager's bird who lives in the store will bite costomers and the staff doesn't do anything about it

Peter Goto

3 years ago

Great customer experience! Very thorough.


3 years ago

I loved the fact that as soon as I got there I was greeted and someone helped me right away. Thank you Cassie for helping me find the perfect cage for our rescue bird, the perfect temporary home for her recovery and release.


3 years ago

First things first. These dogs are extremely expensive, so if you can afford it go for it if not, be careful and look elsewhere! Now putting the price aside. We had been visiting this place for the past few weeks or month and finally got our black german shepherd puppy. She came with an adult sized kennel, dog food, a good amount of her shots, and had already been properly socialized. We got her at 12 weeks and she's currently 15 weeks now (3 months) perfectly healthy, and using he kennel and the toys we gave her. The dog food is not that great though, so don't rely on the food they give you and instead have another one prepared. The staff was EXTREMELY patient. The card kept declining because we went over the card limit and it was a lot of paper work and calling the bank and such a long process on our end and they stuck by us the entire time no attitude, just patience and reassurance! I do not regret getting my pupper Mika but make sure you can afford the money knocked off because those interest fees are terrifying

Deanna Brown

3 years ago

Was told we could come look at a puppy they didn't close till 7 when we got there at 6:20 they were already closed we were super excited just to be let down when we arrived

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