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Charles Sanderson

3 years ago

Today Sunny came into the shop today to get groomed and when I asked the owner how he wanted the dog to be done and he stated “cut him short but not to short”. I stated that Sunny was already pretty short already and a 3 blade would not take off much hair, so I suggested a 5 blade and the owner was ok with the measurement. Lastly, when I started working on Sunny’s nails he would not allow me to touch his feet. I explained to Sunny’s owner that he was being aggressive on the table and I did not want to injure the dog and the owner was ok with that and paid and left.

Josh F.

3 years ago

Do NOT go here. I paid $45 for my 20 lb terrier and asked for almost skin tight with trim. The only person there (Charles) only went down to a 5 and barely touched his nails because he didn't want to "cut to the quick." I've taken him to other places and paid the same price for a much better job. It's a rip-off. I don't know how their other groomers are but hopefully Charles isn't the best. Edit: Charles Sanderson was the groomer and gave himself a five star review which is a conflict of interest. The next day he would not let my wife and I talk to the manager and kept making excuses. This is not an honest groomer. He is lying about us agreeing beforehand about using a 5 blade, and he lied when he said he trimmed Sunny's nails, when he barely touched only a couple of them. He is making up stories. I posted this review not to "get back" at the groomer but to warn everyone NOT to bring your pets here. I have never had a worse experience with a groomer.

Sally Remer

3 years ago

Was able to get in within a few days at a reasonably rate and well groomed

Barbara Ralsten

3 years ago

Helpful and fair pricing. Clean too.

Mary Ethen

3 years ago

I don't think it should even get one star. There is a groomer there, Lisa Barnhardt who absolutely butchered my Wheaten Terrie today. She also said she had to muzzle him which surprised me, He is six years old and NEVER had to be muzzled before. Chances are she doesn't really know how to handle a dog. When I called her to let her know how unhappy I was with this cut, she told me that was how his hair grows (I guess I wouldn't know as I have had him for six years) then she suggested I come in so i could see how bad he behaves and when I said no thanks she said great and hung up on me. How professional. Don't take your dog here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bailey Collier

4 years ago

Absolutely thrilled that the owner, Carol, is back and got rid of the bad apples! She has been making changes and getting the shop back together after a trying year. Small dogs, big dogs, cats. You need a simple bath or a full groom, this is the place to go. I highly recommend this place if you have a matted fur baby. They are very careful and do everything they can to brush them out. If it's not possible and is stressing out the animal, they always call to ask if shaving down is okay. If not, they do what they can. Will always take my babies here because I know they will be in caring hands!

Boots Sooths

4 years ago

Carol has a big heart and will do her best to have your dog be confortable, and clean when in her care. 5 stars

Donna Conley

4 years ago

How do businesses not know that the simplest things can ruin a customer's opinion from the very first step into the dirty door to the filthy chairs to the unclean floors. They could be the best groomers in the world butt cleanliness is a major problem. And when it looks like that I'm not going to give him a chance to groom my dog.

Lynn Underhil

4 years ago

I love love love how my Siberian Husky looks after Lisa Burnhart cleaned her. uup. She looks beautiful and is no longer shedding hair all over my furniture and clothes. I will be back many times.

Patty Jeney

4 years ago

For anyone looking for a groomer….I would not recommend The Groom Shop on Esperanza Blvd. I took my father-in-law’s Bischon in to get groomed. The owner of the shop and a guy working with her groomed him. When I went in to pick him up he was shaved so much you could see his pink skin. They said he tried biting the guy. The owner was very rude to my husband and I when we came to pick him up. Not very personable at all. I had taken him in there one other time and Lauren groomed him and didn’t have any problems at all. She said he was very well behaved. She is no longer there. That doesn’t surprise me any. The other thing is she did not finish cutting his nails. Someone told me to take him to Aunt Cheryl’s to finish cutting his nails. I took him this morning and they were great. He was good for them. He let them do what needed to be done. Please don’t take your dog to The Groom Shop if you don’t want your fur baby mistreated. I have since heard from many with the same stories.

Dennis Whitten

5 years ago

Horrible experience! Don’t ever take your dog there for grooming. The place was filthy and the grooming was beyond horrific!!

gary McBride

5 years ago

I asked our vet who he uses for his groomer. That was good enough for me. She had a couple of issues from another groomer and everything has cleared up. Thanks ????

Luke Stogsdill

5 years ago

They are the cheapest place in town, and deal with a lot of matted dogs if your dog got shaved it's probably because clippers wouldn't go through the hair, because you didn't brush them! Love my dogs coming home after a visit here

Mary Jane Cleland

5 years ago

they asked me, at the outset, if he would need a muzzle. they had been advised my dog had never had issues with any other groomer but if they felt the need to use a muzzle, ok. when i came to get him, i was advised he had bitten everyone …

Carrie Button

6 years ago

Carol and her staff are incredible with animals. Dog and cat whisperers, they know how to get results from nervous pets. My animals always come back looking great and feeling relaxed.

Richard Gomez

9 years ago

The Groom Shop-DOES NOT EVEN DESERVE A RATTING (could not publish with out one) I took my pet for a basic grooming and was told over the phone that it was going to be from $25 to $30 for a basic wash& cut. I should have paid attention to …

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