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Teresa S

2 years ago

Extremely happy with Anthony’s training of our pitbull puppy (and ours on how to manage her). She went from unruly to docile and way more manageable in weeks. He has the dog whisperer gift and you will very pleased with his expertise, professionalism and turn around time.

patricia malisewski

2 years ago

12 years ago we took our 2 pit bulls to Anthony when they were puppies for training and socialization. They turned out to be the best dogs we have ever had! We now have a one year old Aussie who was developing some bad habits. After only a few sessions with Anthony his bad behavior has completely turned around and I am confident he will become a great dog just like our pits! I would highly recommend him to anyone, thank you Anthony!! Patty M.

Sabrina Perales

2 years ago

Anthony has been great to work with. We did the board and train for our dog and I was really impressed with the results! Our dog is now a lot more responsive to commands, listens better, and now we know how to continue his training with Anthony's support which has been really helpful. Anthony is so knowledgable about any puppy issue we had and has always been responsive to our questions even after training. He is so calm and taught us how to correct issues with our pup. We will continue using Anthony for all our dog training needs!!

Playdate -shannon Spahr

2 years ago

Anthony helped us GREATLY with our rescue Zodie! My wife and I took Zodie into our home 3 months ago and he had been in 4 homes prior. Had recently been attacked by a Rottweiler while on a walk with the previous owner. After that episode he developed SIGNIFICANT aggression issues with other dogs and some people as well. We tried walking him in our neighborhood or the park and it was a nightmare. As soon as he saw another dog it was over…he would go into attack mode and there was nothing we could do! It got to the point everyone would avoid us and I had to make sure there was no-one out in order to get him any exercise. Our days were filled with anxiety and couldn’t figure out any way to deal with it. We tried two other trainers and no help… we were ready to give up. I made one last effort. Looked online and saw the reviews and watched some videos for Anthony’s K-9 and thought we would give it a try. Anthony returned my call the same day and scheduled an in-home consultation to see our situation. Anthony was very calm, reassuring, and explained what he thought were the issues and options to help us. We hired him on the spot! I can tell you it was the best investment we could have made! We needed the “hands on approach” that Anthony offers. He immediately gave us the tools necessary to get Zodie back and most importantly showed us the mistakes WE were making. In just 3 weeks the improvements were REMARKABLE!!!!! We are now to the point we can take Zodie anywhere and our neighbors can’t believe it’s the same dog. Thank you Anthony!!!!

Dale Stark

2 years ago

Anthony provided tremendous help with a difficult dog that I didn’t think we could keep. Ended up working out really well. Highly recommended.

Bry Deter

2 years ago

I reached out to Anthony for help with my dogs and did not even recieve a phone call back. Take your money to people who actually care. Fortunately I found an amazing behaviorist and trainer who took the time to consult with me and hear me out before even scheduling an appointment.

Amanda Serafini

2 years ago

Anthony helped me with training my very hyper-active puppy and let me tell you- he was worth every penny! He gave me the confidence and knowledge I needed to be successful with basic obedience as well as behavior modification with some unwanted behaviors/ aggressive tendencies. On top of weekly sessions, Anthony checked in with me frequently via text and still does on occasion to make sure things are going smooth. This demon puppy is a demon no more! Everyone always compliments how well behaved she is and I’m glad Anthony helped me put in the work!

Jennifer Myers

3 years ago

Just walked my dog past a dog he didn't know that was bigger than him and loud. My dog walked with me right past, wagged his tail, and was super well behaved, thanks to this training. He previously had problems with leash reactivity and aggression towards other dogs due to fear. Being able to walk him now without the reactions he had before is such a relief. My dog and I are both happier for it.

gabrielle barney

3 years ago

Before Anthony’s training services I was so lost and didn’t know how to help my dog Junior. He is a rescue who was thrown into dog fighting in his early years and my heart hurt at the idea of my sweet boy not able to accept the love he deserves from other animals and people. After Anthony’s boot camp junior is a completely different dog. He plays more, listens to my commands much better and has been able develop relationships with new people and pups! I am beyond grateful and lucky to have Anthony’s support and HIGHLy recommend his services. The consistent check ins after boot camp helped me learn so much as a pet owner as well. Thank you Anthony!

William Brinckerhoff

3 years ago

Anthony is awesome. He trained us as much as he trained our dogs. We are better dog owners because of Anthony. We also boarded a dog w/ Anthony. She loved it. Anthony took great care of us. We highly recommend Anthony for all dog training needs.

alex r

3 years ago

Anthony changed my life forever! He gave me the tools, knowledge and know how to take control of my fearful dog and help me help my dog when my dog is afraid. He was patient, understanding, considerate, and very realistic about what i could expect with training based on my dogs personality. What really helped me the most is understanding how dogs learn and how training and reinforcement influences behavior. This was huge for me. I can now walk my dog without pulling, get guest in my home without barking or jumping, gave my ideas about regulating my dogs play with other dogs so fights don’t happen anymore and most of all he empowered me to feel more in control of my dogs behavior. I can’t recommend Anthony enough. Be patient, do the homework and you will achieve your goals with your dog. Your dog won’t train itself, you have more power to change your dog than you know!


3 years ago

Very good at explaining what you can expect with dog training. Be prepared, dog training is more about you than it is the dog. My dog is no longer aggressive on the leash when walking or aggressive towards guests in the home. I now have the control I need both in and out of my home. Highly recommended.

Ashley Page

3 years ago

Kora is a brand new dog!! Thanks to Anthony, Kora is now trained in basic obedience, leash trained, potty trained, and friendly with other dogs she meets! Anthony made us feel comfortable with his methods from the initial consultation through to our pickup date. He was honest and realistic with goals and progress. He checked in with us weekly to let us know how she was doing (with videos to match!) and is still in contact with us to ensure WE are still trained! :) COVID has made all things difficult, but Anthony has adapted his methods to practice social distancing, but also keep his promise to be there for us as we transition to trainer! I only wish we had done this sooner! Highly recommend Anthony and the investment you are making with your beloved pet!

Tina Bradley

3 years ago

My need for a trainer began with our newly adopted 8 year old Pit Bull who was a dream to walk until we encountered another dog on a leash and it was a combination of embarrassing lunges and barking, hiding on neighbor’s driveways to avoid conflict and physically trying to contain my dog on the leash. After researching every advertised trainer in the Tucson area, I settled on Anthony. For hours, I read through every review written about him and I decided if the reviews were anything to go on, his services were closest to our needs. I was not disappointed. Sadly, early on in our sessions, Blue passed away and we were unable to achieve our goal of introducing him to a life on the leash without fear or anxiety. Having said all of this, in the brief time I worked with Anthony, I was impressed by his method of taking the time to understand the root of my dog’s problems first and balancing the training of consequence for unwanted behavior with the critical timing of reward for good behavior, all in a very compassionate manner. I knew then that I would seek his services again if our next dog needed help. Enter Fiona, our 1 year old Pit Bull who had zero knowledge of living inside a house. There was no question who I would call but at the time our first lesson was to begin, the local sheltering in place restrictions made it impossible for Anthony to meet her as planned. Thank goodness he reinvented his business to include video training and it was no time that we were finding ourselves learning basic obedience via videos that included audio direction and the very helpful demonstration of Anthony using a dog in his home. If clarification or explanation was needed, he was just a phone call, email or video chat away and with that, and his ever optimistic encouragement, we soon had a well behaved pup in our home. Not long after that we found ourselves in an unexpected need for boarding so we immediately grabbed the opportunity to enlist Anthony’s services to board and train Fiona for additional Off Leash Training. We were relieved knowing she was staying in a safe, qualified, dog friendly home, not a kennel facility, with someone who was not just invested in his business but in the quality of the relationship between dog and pet owner. We picked up our girl 2 weeks later, the same happy, bubbly Pittie with homework for continued lessons going forward in her training. I would not hesitate to recommend Anthony to anyone who is considering the help of a trainer no matter how minor or helpless the situation may seem. He has an abundance of care or training services available, but more importantly, he takes the time to assess the dog’s needs and the owner’s expectations to effectively advise the training best suited for your needs. He not only recognizes the needs of the dog but very wisely addresses the training the humans might learn from in order to understand the body language your dog uses to communicate what it is feeling. Anthony is well worth the money and your dog is well worth the investment. Tina Bradley

Shelley Campeau

3 years ago

Anthony was so great in helping with my dogs leash reactivity. I adopted this older gentleman, Bear, a little over a year ago and he’s the sweetest love indoors and with humans but he’s really reactive on the leash with other dogs (mostly ones who react to him). This is a problem in an apartment community when we constantly see other dogs on our walks. We tried a couple things but Anthony quickly honed in on Bear’s weakness - treats! - and he showed me how to use treats to keep his attention and get us both through walking by other dogs without his usual out-lash - even when the other dogs are barking/reacting at Bear! I feel so much more confident on our walks and it’s like handling a different dog. I’m so appreciative of Anthony tailoring the lessons to both Bear and I to find out what is best for us both...his approach is really genuine and his is committed to helping both dog and owner! And he’s VERY responsive! I really feel this investment was so worth it - not only for Bear but for me too! I will definitely come to Anthony again if I have any other issues with Bear or for my next rescue! Thank you, Anthony!

Michele McKinley

3 years ago

Anthony’s K9 was recommended to use by one of my husband’s colleagues. We gave him a call and met with him. He was extremely knowledgeable and listened to what our concerns were and addressed each. My dog and myself met with him both at our home and at places in the community to work on the behavioral issues we were experiencing with our dog. We received many pointers and training recommendations that we continue to use today. I also have the reassurance that if I need additional assistance I can reach out to him. We have also used the boarding services and were very pleased. I would definitely recommend these services to others.

Marcus Tamplin

3 years ago

Anthony did amazing work when helping us out with our adopted Amstaff named Roscoe. Roscoe came with some behavior and trust issues he inherited from his previous owners and we were struggling trying to train and fix those issues by our selves. After researching we found Anthony and did an assessment in our home. We signed Roscoe up for his board and training package and Roscoe has been doing amazing. we have been able to work through all of his issues and the results have been ongoing. We even board Roscoe with Anthony when we are out of town and are unable to bring Roscoe with us. Anthony's K9 services was the best decision we made for Roscoe. You will not be disappointed.

lerys del moral

3 years ago

Anthony was great, our dog had some pretty bad aggression issues and is deaf so we were struggling on how to correct his behavior. Anthony was great with our dog moose, but even more importantly he was great with us — he taught us exactly how to move forward and has been available anytime we’ve had a question since the initial board and train. I would recommend anyone struggling with their dogs behavior to go to Anthony. Moose has a much better demeanor overall and is much more secure and sweet.

Jason Brown

3 years ago

Anthony is an Allstar trainer, he was able to work wonders with Pandora in a matter of a few weeks. She has the same personality, but now she's obedient in most situations. Anthony did a great job with the sit, stay/wait, down, leash obedience, and place. Anthony continues to follow-up periodically to answer all questions, he also offers tips on how to take my pup's training to the next level. I can't thank him enough, we're certainly impressed with his K9 work.

Carissa Vivirito

3 years ago

Anthony expertly transformed my aggressive mastiff to an obedient pup. Before his efforts, the stress caused in my home and anytime I tried walking my dog was palpable and I wasn’t sure I could keep her. After a month at doggie boot camp staying with Anthony, she returned to me a different, manageable dog (so long as I kept up my end of the training). I highly recommend Anthony for any issues you’re having with your pooch causing you stress. He delivers!

Candace Lucas

3 years ago

Anthony did wonders for our German Shepherd’s reactivity! She was unbearable to walk on a leash and very reactive towards other dogs. Now she can walk in a heel and can be around other dogs without any issues. Our neighbors have even made comments about how well behaved our German Shepherd is these days; all thanks to Anthony.

Betty Rovedo

3 years ago

I can't say enough about Anthony's K-9 Academy and Anthony as a trainer. My tiny pup Inkee was uncontrollable. She tried to attack every dog and person she encountered. I had dogs before, but everything I knew bout training didn't work. She was kicked out of dog training because she was a danger to herself and others. She spent time at Anthony's Academy and came back a completely different dog. I tell everyone this trainer performs magic. Now we go everywhere dogs are allowed and she is a perfect angel in all situations. She is so at peace, you can tell she now leads a happier life. Thank you Anthony for your help. I recommend him to everyone.

Alex Higgins

3 years ago

Anthony is an excellent trainer. He tailored his program specifically to our needs and communicated with us regularly and with clarity. Prior to Anthony's involvement, our dog exhibited unique patterns of aggression, which Anthony worked to understand and ultimately correct, with fantastic results. Prior to the training, my partner and I felt as if we were walking on eggshells around our dog, but with Anthony's help we were finally able to relax. Even after the primary training has finished, he has continued to be a great source of information and assistance.

Ryan May

4 years ago

Amazing job. Trained not only our dogs but also us as dog parents. Two of these dogs did not get along 5 months ago and now they are great together.

Celina Granillo

4 years ago

If you love dogs and etc...this is a great friendly animal place ...

Jessica Dunaway

4 years ago

Anthony was referred to me by a trusted friend. My dog Bentley was a rescue dog and I originally sought out Anthony because my dog was a nightmare on the leash - pulling and lunging at everything in sight. It was a training experience for …

Marisa Hughes

4 years ago

I spoke to Anthony and he was extremely knowledgeable, personable. I'm giving a 4 star rating only because I called for a friend to get information regarding dog training. After expressing my friends concerns with his dog, Anthony seemed to have a clear picture of our dogs personality and what the dog was needing. I would recommend Anthony without hesitation.

Matthew Lee

5 years ago

I'll try to keep this review organized to help anyone who is on the fence about Anthony. Anthony met with me on his day off to evaluate my dog, Sunny, after an 'incident' with my landlord. …

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