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Jesika Campbell

2 years ago

It was easy to make an appointment to get a consult for my dog. I had to put down a deposit when I booked the appointment. The service was friendly and prompt. I felt like some of the treatments they suggested was up selling, and the services were pricey, but lower than a lot of the competition in the area.

karrie lavalley

2 years ago

Curbside, they explain all that they do for your appointment. They are loving ladies and give respect to the owner and pet

Barbara McLean

2 years ago

I wouldn't take my dog anywhere else. The system they have in place because of Covid is efficient, quick, and actually kind of fun. My dog got to flirt with the vet techs and his vet, I sat in the car. They were done within 15 minutes. If only human doctors were this effective!

Jerry Tadlock

2 years ago

Call to make a appointment for my dog Maggie over a week ago, still haven't called me back to set up the appointment. Called left message name phone number mine and the gf and nothing!

Kyla Ryan

2 years ago

Office staff was extremely friendly and kind. My dog was taken in for a check up to see why he was having bloody stool and I wanted to discuss his bad breath and see what was going on with his coughing or gag reflex. The primary concern was stool and some vomiting. They worked him in quickly same day which was awesome. They ran a fecal exam and offered other services. The vets assistance or tech couldn’t explain to me what each did and why they were being offered. She was very vague and couldn’t answer my questions. The vet came in prior to this and let me know what she recommended but was in a rush and the staff was verbal that they were very swamped. I decided to do fluids and medication with a fecal exam because the rest cost too much and was not clear on how that would help. I figured the fecal exam would be most telling for why we were there. I was advised to leave and they would give me a call or wait in the lobby for 10 minutes while they ran test. I decided to leave because other dogs and people were in the lobby(totally normal). I didn’t get a call but figured they were busy so I would later. I called close to closing time and they said it would take 48 hrs. I called 4 times in 2 weeks and kept getting pushed aside. Finally a gentleman answered and took the time to look into my dogs results. He was fine by then but still I just spent over 200 on this visit and wanted to know the results. All were fine luckily. They also ran a parvo test, which was understandable since he was showing some symptoms. However, he was vaccinated and they didn’t say, “ hey we want to run a parvo test before he comes in because reasons A,B, and C. Plus if he was positive he would be putting other dogs at risk which we can’t do. Has he had a vaccination and it will be this much, are you okay with this?” I felt rushed and was unaware of what to do through our whole process as this has never happened to my dog. Overall I felt like the clinic staff and vet were very friendly, but understaffed with too much volume. I think that they could have been more thorough or scheduled me when they had more time or let me know they’re too busy and I could have gone to another clinic if I wanted to be seen same day. I wish the staff had taken time to go through my dogs profile sooner or spoken to vet sooner to get me results. Lesson to myself for future visits to a vet clinic on being my pets advocate to make sure all concerns are covered, make sure I ask about pricing before something is done.

Ben Emery

2 years ago

The Clinic is the best thing you can do for your pet. The staff is the most caring people you could hope to have taking care of your pet.

Nicole R.

2 years ago

We were disappointed with the disorganization. Confusion about appointments, charts, and medications.

Nancy Callado

2 years ago

Not fond of text not personable

Elsa Cruz

2 years ago

I cannot believed how incompetent the staff in this clinic!!!!I called to request a Bravecto for my pup 2 days ago. I was told that it will take 24 hours to get the meds ready, when I called to follow up they can't find the request on file!!!!! so the man I spoke to, did not document my call and my request? Are you freaking kidding me? I moved here from Cali so it's really surprised me how people run their business in this town.

Athia Sikyta

2 years ago

Really great care and wonderful bedside manner. My little doggie was so comfortable, because everyone was very attentive to her during the entire exam. I'm also really impressed with the follow up care and really happy overall.

David Truby

2 years ago

I am not normally a client of the company, but what a class act! My elderly cat was out of a special food which is sometimes a challenge to get! They are Awesome! They gave me at least 18 cans! Value is about $3.50 a can! The door is open at this establishment, for a reason! THEY CARE!!!!!

Richard Bosch

2 years ago

During the most difficult part of any pet owners life, Kaibab veterinary clinic was very reassuring, compassionate and professional with the transition of our beloved Boxer Ohno, thank you.

Sean Miller

2 years ago

They take great care of each furry patient and communicate clearly what is needed for the best health of your pet!

Susan Warmbier

2 years ago

Doctor Monet Marvin was so wonderful. We are visiting Flagstaff for Thanksgiving and she took time to be very thorough with us, although we're not regulars. She spent a lot of time completing her exam of our 14 year old dachshund and answered all of our questions. The staff was welcoming and professional. We'll return to this office whenever we need services in Flagstaff.

Dennis Heun

2 years ago

Always great care for the "kids".

Karen Raskin-Young

2 years ago

They made my 10-year-old cat's first visit to a vet in years as comfortable and helpful as possible. Best of all, when I couldn't get an appointment elsewhere for 2 months, they saw us in a relatively short time and took care of everything at once. I'll definitely be back.

Sheryl Johnson

2 years ago

Great place to take your cat. They are kind and caring.

Scott Bakalor

2 years ago

Great vet. Would recommend to everyone.

Pat Rowold

2 years ago

Have had kind gentle experiences from the staff and the Vets. Will always take my pets there.


2 years ago

Understanding and kindness of Staff was too notch. Our experience was a very professional and caring appointment. Thank you to Doc and staff ????

Alyshia Gonzales

2 years ago

Super friendly and great with animals. I took my first "daughter", Royal, here for her spay surgery and everything was a cake walk.. with my second, "Roxy", I was a bit nervous because she isn't as well behaved as her sister LOL, but I was SHOCKED when she was so at ease with the workers and the whole process! If my girls like them, I LOVE THEM! I highly recommend ????

Jose jr Meza

2 years ago

My dog Deezeldorf was not doing well,tried taking him to Emergency Vet.and they said I would have to wait in the car for 3 or 4 hrs.before they could see him,so I asked if there was another place I could take him and they said Kaibab vet was open.That is my vet, so I said cool.I called them while I drove there, told them that he was not doing well and I need him to be seen.They put me on hold for 20 min.and they came back while I was in the parking lot and said they could not see him. I got on the phone and got a hold of Canyon Pet Hospital and after some convincing they agreed to see Deezeldorf, so I left Kaibab vet and drove to Canyon pet right away,probably took me no more than 5 min.by then Deezeldorf heart had stop and I took him in right away,they took him immediately and tried to resuscitate him,but they could not bring him back.He died. My little buddy was 9 yrs old and never needed to go to the vet he was completely healthy the day before. I had been bringing my pets there for over 10 yrs. Just wish that they would understand how much people hurt when a very loved pet dies.. I still have 3 dogs,but I will not take my dogs there again. They pretend to care, but if it's a weekend,they don't.So don't believe the facade they give you when they take your money and say how good your dog is. NEVER AGAIN!

Braydn Sorensen

2 years ago

*I would give zero stars if possible* We have had our cats checked up at this establishment for years, and our 10 year old cat recently started being lethargic and wouldn't eat. We tried to get an appointment for her, as we were extremely worried. They couldn't see us for weeks out and said "good luck". We were thankfully able to get her into Continental pet hospital last week, where they diagnosed her with FORL, a degenerative feline tooth disease that is extremely common in old cats. Our new doctor said this has been manifesting for years, and with the proper checkups, we would have known about this issue before we had to get 12 LOWER TEETH REMOVED because of their incompetence. Emergency bills of $1500 and counting. Now our old lady is missing her entire bottom jaw of teeth thanks to Kaibab vet clinic missing it repeatedly for years. Highly recommend getting your pets vet needs done elsewhere. I believe Kaibab should be paying her emergency vet bill due to their negligence.

Carly Granet

2 years ago

Very compassionate and professional staff. I’ve had nothing but great experiences here. Clean waiting room and examination room. Vet tech did an excellent job explaining my dogs procedure and estimated cost. My dog, Milo, absolutely loves coming here and his tail wags every time we come back. Thank you for your hard work and professionalism! We love Kaibab!

Joan Daley

2 years ago

Kaibab Veterinary staff are caring, compassionate and competent. They put me and my cats at ease every time we have been there. They have even called a few days after to check on my cat and make sure she was doing okay after treatment. I highly recommend Kaibab Veterinary Clinic!

Lauryn Maxwell

2 years ago

Our family loves Kaibab!! Our amazing vet has always taken such good care of our pup and has gone above and beyond, checking in to make sure she’s doing okay a few days after we take her in after she’s sick. Kaibab is a gem. Thank you to everyone who has made our experience there so comforting!

Shanna Ramat

2 years ago

We are so grateful to Kaibab Veterinary Clinic for helping us to save our litter of Irish Wolfhound puppies. Mama's labor stalled and our regular vet was out of town. Kaibab took us in and treated us like our girl had always been a patient. We left with a healthy Momma and all of her pups are doing great. Thanks Kaibab! - Dubh Cu Burrow Wolfhounds

Patty Porte

2 years ago

I'm new there well my dog isn't very nice people

Elise Burnette

2 years ago

Great place to take your furry, and not so furry, friends. Very kind and caring! Top notch service!

Cheryl Smith

2 years ago

Our family is new to the area our dog has an issue where he is bleeding through his private constantly for a week now.. he was seen at this facility monday and was given an antibiotic and injection.. since then the issue has worsened.. they apparently mis diagnosed his condition and we were told today surgery is likely needed but they can't get him in for a surgical procedure for 2 weeks to bring him back if he rupture or hemorrhages. We can't imagine that he is not in pain. For anyone from the flagstaff area that sees this notice if you can comment on who the best service is for our 4 legged family members it would be greatly appreciated. Being told to wait this long is very concerning and unacceptable. This makes no sense. When we have emergencies here in California our pets are seen right away as they care for our pets as a regukar hospital cares for people as they see our pets are just as important. I am not getting the same vibe from the vets thus far in the Flagstaff area. We brought our dog to 2 vets the same day and neither treated him. We are looking for a vet clinic that makes pets a priority and provides treatment timely depending on circumstances. July 27, 2021: i just read your response to my post about a month ago. Your re not completely correct or honest which makes me question the integrity of your office. I was on the phone with my daughter when she brought our dog back to your facility for helo your staff didnt care and to send him away in his condition shows no care at all and to tell my daughter that your office couldnt do anything as your office was booked out 2 weeks to bring him back if he hemmorages luckily we didnt accept what your staff said or he would have died. Canyon Prt thankfully realized the urgency of his condition when they saw our dog in his condition and operated the same day correcting the inverted urethra which saved his life. Other people deserve to know the potetional desastaging outcome fron your facility. This was very traumatic for us. Our dogs are not just animals in our hones we consider them part of our family they seserve the same love, xare, compassion, etc. As any other family member.

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