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Jamee Valet

2 years ago

Thank God I didn't take my own fur babies here, but my best friend recently did because her dog was showing signs of heart failure. They did not take her seriously and her dog almost died because he wasn't given the proper medical attention right away. Luckily she took it seriously and got a second opinion elsewhere, which saved his life. If your pet has something serious going on, please go elsewhere. Very disappointed in this clinic.

Clarence Sawyer

2 years ago

They were very helpful and informative. Quick service too, spent little to no time in waiting room. Will definitely come back for future pet needs.


2 years ago

Veterinary visit, check up and shots. Very pleased with visit.

K.C. Ellis

2 years ago

Absolutely first class all the way. The entire staff was very kind and helpful. Prices are reasonable and within range of other vets.


3 years ago

They called everyday to check up on Sigifrid. They were professional and caring. Wouldn't trust anyone else with my furbabies .

Madlain Hanna

3 years ago

Great service. Than you all for caring my dog Jemmy

Luis Rodriguez

3 years ago

Fast service. Great customer service. Friendly staff!

Kayla Clark

3 years ago

Absolutely wonderful experience!! Very curious staff and the doctor was so great! Definitely helped our kitten ❤️

Katelynn Chambers

3 years ago

Went here hoping for advice on how to better care for our rescue. The front office staff is SUPER nice and caring. However the vet doesn’t listen. Had to tell her THREE times that our dog is NO longer having an issue she previously was. And I was looking for advice and how to help her sensitive stomach but instead for an expensive bill and a list of other things she wanted to give us including a medication for diarrhea which I again, explained THREE times she didn’t have anymore. ????????????‍♀️

Cyndi Butcher

3 years ago

Friendly, honest, great advice and positive.

bernie Chavira

3 years ago

Great service, thank you all for taking care of our Dog!

Andrea Kamel

3 years ago

I highly recommend this vet. It is such a pleasant experience. The vet is so nice and welcoming. She gave me some easy solutions to change at home for my cat and since making those recommended changes my cat has been much healthier than she was before. This is a great office. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend if you want the highest quality of care for your pet.

Sherrian Beagle

4 years ago

I love Dr. Masaih and her staff is so caring and supportive. I brought my little Mickey in after he had been misdiagnosed at another vet clinic and was suffering. The whole staff worked so hard to save him and everyone there was just devastated when they couldn't. Their support and kindness was wonderful and Dr. followed up with me personally the next day to tell me how they all felt so sad and to check on me. I won't take my 2 little guys now to anyone else. They are so well cared for there!

Sondra Waldmann

4 years ago

I had a very bad experience at this vet office. I brought in all paper work for my two animals--a dog an cat. I wanted a second opinion on both. In spite of having all of the paperwork and lab reports the vet did not bother to bring them into the exam room and discuss the findings with me. Immediately after telling me I needed labs, even though I had labs, less than 3 months old, she left the room to have another person bring in an estimate of new lab tests for my two animals of $506.00+. When I said I could not afford that much money, she came in and then did a cursory exam of the two animals. That was it. She never said another word to me or have any concern whatsoever for my animals and their needs. If no labs, then no help. What a non-caring veterinarian? Never will I go there again!

Ch So

4 years ago

We took our cat in to see what his problem was with his breathing. we went in at 9am , an was told they would put him on oxygen, and they would call us back when they got the results back. Less then an hour later they call us to tell us that our cat had died when they tried to administer the oxygen. I paid almost $900 to have him checked and we find out that he ended up dying. We ask to have his body cremated and returned to us, it has now been over a week and we have not received the remains. After calling almost every day to find out what happened to my cats remains, we find out they sent him the "Ever Lasting Paws" (which has one of the worst reputation in Arizona) for cremation. We were told that the paper work was lost and they could not find it. Now I'm being told it will be another week before they can get his cremation done... how do I even know if it will be my cat or just a stray they found and killed to cremate. I will never take another animal to this veterinary hospital again. This cost me $900 for nothing, and this is why I do not trust these places, they want more for their services then a regular human hospital and give only a minimal care to assure the pets owners get what they pay for. There needs to be a law that regulates these veterinary services. I feel that I was duped and lied to by this facility. I really feel that anyone who wishes to take their pet to this facility... BEWARE OF THEIR SERVICES. We finally got the billing of the services of our cat, now take in mind that my cat died at their clinic in less then a half hour from when they took him to the exam room and they called us back telling us he died. It is very disturbing that our original bill included speedy services to get results of the problem my cat had, but that was never done, . The final bill did remove the speed status but in its place they added another charge and doubled several other charges to make sure that the final bill was as much or more then the original charges. So in all reality Dignity will rip you off at first chance available by either adding more charges or doubling charges to make the Final bill higher then what it should be or the price and services agreed upon at initial services. My Final Bill for services NOT performed, and Services that I feel they did not do, cost me $879.66 for a DEAD CAT.

Sergio Tinajero

4 years ago

This is the only place both myself and little Sandy our Pom. Are happy. They treat her with great care and love. And another important point they listen to our wishes and work to meet our needs. They are like home when you walk in their door what a nice place to trust your precious ones to. sergio and Judy Tinerjero. Sunlakes

Sam Hanna

4 years ago

This clinic is amazing and they are very friendly. I took my dogs over there and the staff and Doctor are very nice and compassionate. I appreciate their honesty and care they have shown over the years.

Robin Beasley

4 years ago

I'm changing my original review of 5 stars to 3 to reflect what I now know to be the norm for DVS. A lot of the prices are inflated. Also so many times the doctor is not actually there even if you have an appt. I was asked at least twice to reschedule because she made a last minute decision to not come in for one reason or another. I've even been asked to leave my dog and come back later because the doc had decided to go do something personal for awhile even tho i had a scheduled appt. So I can no longer give DVS a five star rating and I have moved my babies to another vet. My belief is you either want to be a vet or you want to play at being a vet and this vet just seems more interested in playing at it then actually being available and providing quality service for good pricing. Nice waiting area tho and everyone is very nice and loving to the animals.

Patti Olson

4 years ago

Doctor takes good care of Mindy She's nails and glands.

Megan Werwer

4 years ago

I am writing this review under my married name because I've noticed that this vet very unprofessionally responds to negative reviews with cruel responses blaming the reviewers for their animals' illnesses and revealing details about the reviewers' cases to make themselves look better. But after my experience with this vet, I would definitely trust the negative reviews and take the vets’ words with a grain of salt. My dog was a patient here over a year ago because his usual vet didn't have an appointment on short notice. He's very old, had very little appetite, and wasn't looking good. I don't remember all the details, but they did lots of (expensive) tests and imaging, then told us he had severe internal bleeding and we needed to put him through emergency surgery in order for him to survive. We made the very difficult decision that he was too old for surgery, which was extremely traumatizing for my family. We weren't ready to let go of him just yet, though, so we took him home. They sent us home with the wrong dog’s imaging CD (or maybe they sent us home with the right one and had been looking at the wrong one themselves?) and pain meds that made him much sicker than he was without any meds at all. They told us he only had weeks left, but we were holding out hope that he'd miraculously improve on his own (which they did say could happen) - and guess what? Over a year later, he's still here! I've taken him to his regular vet since then who said he likely had some sort of virus or flu that was going around at the time (which this vet didn't even mention as an option) and that the issues they claimed were causing internal bleeding definitely weren’t cause for euthanasia or emergency surgery. We legitimately almost put down our beloved family dog for no reason (or put him through a surgery that he probably wouldn’t have survived). A single visit to this vet nearly cost my dog his life, not to mention the emotional trauma it caused my family. The only reason I'm writing this review now is that they just recently called (over a year later!) to check up on the dog they claimed would die in a few weeks if we didn't go through with surgery. They must have put the wrong year down in their books - which is a very fitting way to round out the whole ordeal, I guess. Definitely think twice about taking your pet here for anything serious, and ALWAYS get a second opinion before putting them through something like surgery or even putting them down.

Maysa Hanna

4 years ago

I had a very good experience at this clinic. Staff is very friendly and accomodating. My dog was suffering from back pain. Doctor took care of my dog and his doing very well now.

Matthew Khalil

4 years ago

I love the whole staff from reception through the doctors. They are all very informative , kind and understanding. I'm not sure of how there prices compare but I don't care. When it comes to the health and welfare of my girls (dogs), it really doesn't matter. I completely trust them.

Marie Drummond

4 years ago

This is the worst place to think about bringing your pet. They will rip you off with phoney fees and demand you continue to return in order to scam more money from you just to get a refilled prescription. DO NOT see this vet unless you want to be a victim of poor services. They treat your animal with disregard and care more about extorting money from you than the care of your pet.

Maria Drummond

4 years ago

I am very disappointed with this vet. I really hoped after reading some of the reviews that I would get an honest doctor. But what I got was an office that nickel and dimes you to death and tries to extort more money from you when you want to get a prescription filled. After only one week of first seeing this doctor. The receptionist informed me that regardless of the fact that the doctor had earlier told me she could up the amount of prescription for my dog, after only one week I was now being told I had to come in for another paying office visit to have the prescription refilled and increased in dosage. AFTER ONLY ONE WEEK!! Talk about ripping off their customers. If you are partial to your money I would not see this vet. They will rob you blind and act as though they care about your pet. I truly believe what they do should be reported t the veterinary board or the Arizona Attorney General.

Lyn Cash

4 years ago

I brought Drexler there for a check up and they were so friendly and helpful!

Kristina Pfuhl

4 years ago

Horrible communication, unable to tell me WHAT caused my cats death in their office, charged 900 for "emergency treatments" that noone other then the vet seems to know anything about, took a full week to get cats ashes back and very rude calls from them. May update after getting final paperwork when ever they decide to give me that. - 9/12/2019 Edit Response: So your saying that my cat Charlie was not in your care? I was trying not to get to specific, but since you want to be specific, Charlie died in your care, after the vet stated that while his breathing was harsh, he should have been "ok" once you got him on oxygen, because his coat looked and felt fine, and an hour later, I was called and advised that he died. then it took more then another week for Dignity Vet Hospital to get the final billing statement ready based on "emergency treatments" that were supposed to have been performed that ONLY the vet knew about since noone in the office could tell us anything about when called.

jim lauber

4 years ago

Very good experience. The entire staff seems to be dedicated professionals and genuinely concerned about their patients. The only negative experience was that the fee was more than expected and not explained clearly beforehand.

Dave B

4 years ago

Well... it has been a month now since we lost our beloved Taylor. We miss her terribly... as she was a one of a kind canine companion. I just want to thank Dr. Masiah for making a very, very sad experience somewhat bearable. Our Taylor took an abrupt turn for the worse in her fight against the final stage of cancer ...and she let us know that she wanted relief... so I called Dr. Masiah and she came to our house on a Sunday. Her demeanor was remarkably soothing for all of us .. and the love she showed Taylor at the end was remarkable. Dr. Masiah is a beautiful person with an amazing heart and soul. Without Dr, Masiah.. I truly don't know how we could have handled this experience. Thank you Dr. Masiah.

Cody Fuller

4 years ago

Not good at following up even with serious medication needed.

Jan Parker

5 years ago

When we adopted our new pup, we got a free exam here. They were very friendly and caring. You can tell they really care about the animals. Even though it’s not the closest to my house, I’ll take her back there when needed.

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