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Lincoln Busselle

2 years ago

Took our dog in with an unknown issue, dog was lethargic & not eating well, and within a few hours had a diagnosis & treatment underway. Within 24hr we were able to get our dog back home with a treatment plan & she's doing well. Thank you 1st Pet for your rapid response & professionalism.

john srajer

2 years ago

Took my very old dog in and were very professional

Erica P

2 years ago

We have taken soooo many of our pets in to first pet! Every time we come in they really care for our furry babies. I find it very reassuring that I can call after my pet is discharged and ask questions. Staff is friendly, calming atmosphere, and my pets needs get met. The vets always give awesome thorough updates when they are able to. Thank you everyone.

Wendy Kennedy

2 years ago

Waited three hours no one wa S around to tell us when doctor would be in ..ridiculous. I hada sick kitty

Tommy M

2 years ago

After hearing the test were good found my dog in critical shape a week later. Plus was charged more than what I was told over the phone.

Stacy Ortega

2 years ago

Thank you for saving Bella!!

Rocio Beynon

2 years ago

We recently had to put Boni, our 17 year old down and they were so sweet. We just received our prints and with them came a card with condolences from the office. I can’t tell you how much our family appreciated this gesture. Thank you 1st Pet. Thank you Jeff and the doctor that was with me in the very difficult process. ❤️

Randy Smith

2 years ago

Ok I want to very clear I would only bring my dog to this place again if I had no other choice! They did save my dog's life BUT in the middle of my dog bleeding to death all they wanted to do was figure out money ???? first my dog was second everything with this place is about money ???? first ???? ???? ???? my dog had stepped on something very sharp and cut open a big pad and went all the way to the Artery and it was almost a 8 minute truck ride to them my dog ???? had lost a lot of blood and was losing it FAST and all they where worried about was dollars ???? and the dog was second ???? ???? we did meet a young lady wen I picked him up that was so kind and was about my dog and not money at all but one angel among all these devil's well I am sure u can see what I mean and the worst part was I payed almost 1600 dollars for all of this only to have 2 of his Stitches come untied and his pad to start coming apart again I called them to ask if they could Retai his stitches and was told that I WOULD HAVE TO FRIST PAYA EXAM FEE OF 250 to have them Is retired and let me be very clear here he didn't pull them they had come untied and they expected me to pay again to fix something that should have been dunn right the first time so unless I have no other choice I wouldn't bring any animal to this place ever this place is not for the pet's its for the green I would post pic's but I can't find any way to add them to my review

Mary Mac

2 years ago

I've brought three dogs here, two for injuries and one for illness. The staff is outstanding, they clearly care about their patients and their people. They went out of their way to make things as easy in on me and my pups as possible. I lost my boy last night, and they gave me as much time as I wanted and needed to say goodbye to him. I never felt rushed or pressured to get out and everyone was gentle with and respectful of my boy.

Ma. Alejandra López

2 years ago

My dog stubbed his toe which resulted in his nail partially coming off. They were quick to assist him at 1st Pet. The crew was very friendly and patient with restless and super anxious Rayo. They took good care of him and were clear with their communication. We truly appreciate the whole team. Thank you once again for being so gracious about the bloody mess we made and for the festive wrap. Happy Holidays!

Kenneth Hood

2 years ago

First Pet Vet provided me first class care from the moment I called. Before I arrived they moved my kitty up the triage board so he was assessed in minutes and began receiving care to stabilize him within minutes. Another animal hospital offered a room for us so we could wait for 3 hours to be assessed for care. Nuf said.

Jen Redmond

2 years ago

Loved our experience. They were gentle with my senior dog, and provided extra care and information. I was impressed and felt good about having future visits and surgeries when needed.

Jeff Schwartz

2 years ago

We had a great experience! Fantastic staff! Thank you!

Hannah Greenberg

2 years ago

A huge shout out to Alex and the entire team at 1st pet. Alex treated our sick cat like she was his own. Every worker there was compassionate and straight forward about their capacity to take care of our animal. Thank you so much!!!

Gayl Hardeman

2 years ago

I really appreciated the vet's calling me to discuss Jasper's lab results and recommendations for going forward with his diabetes and the hypoglycemia that may have caused the two seizures he had this past week. 1st Pet is very professional. That we could get in to see a vet and have our dog evaluated and diagnosed the same day as I called, when no other vet could see him for weeks, is worth a lot. Thank you for your care and service, 1st Pet.

Drake Miera

2 years ago

Thank you for your kind hearts this morning with helping us say goodbye to our Little Rollie! You showed so much Care and Compassion! My son and I thank you for making us comfortable to say goodbye to our Baby! God bless

ciera mcanlis

2 years ago

I will start with saying that the Doctor here was very through and listened to what I had to say. However when being discharged by a vet tech I was not made fully aware of how to care for my dog or what side effects to watch for. During the “discharge” conversation with his vet tech I was told how my dog misbehaved during the exams and how hard he made it for the vet techs to do their job. He was lightly sedated and I was NOT prepped on how to care for him once home and things go look out for. My dog cried for 4 hours after I picked him up. He was very upset, lethargic and just all around sad. I wish I had known this was likely a side effect of the sedation. I only knew this from doing my own research on the internet. Instead of giving me a reprimand on my dogs behavior it would’ve been nice to actually have been given direction and professional advice that I came for.

Brittany Velasco

2 years ago

I am furious, we went in to seek some help for our sick dog, we were suspecting PARVO (she's been on a waiting list for vaccines for FOREVER) she had obvious symptoms (bloody stool, lethargy, drop in temp and excessive vomiting) and we were hoping to get ahead of it. They sent us home, insinuated she wasn't emergent because she was "aware". No tests, we didn't even see a vet. They told us to get her vaccinated, make an appointment for a vet and keep an eye on her symptoms. We went somewhere else (unfortunately the next day) told them the SAME THING and they immediately took us back, for the safety of other dogs of course, and within an hour or less, we got our results and the other place began working on her treatment plan. We could have had an extra day of treatment though. An extra day to give her a fighting chance and IMPROVE her chances.


2 years ago

I appreciate the great communication from staff and doctors. Even though I hated leaving Alfred there , it was helpful when they told me it was going to be 3-4 hours. I was able to go home and come back. I also appreciate how well the doctor explained Alfred’s plan of care options .

Alexis Nicole

2 years ago

The staff was extremely friendly and very helpful. They checked in on us often as we waited for our puppy to be seen. I’m rating it a 4 star only because we waited 8 1/2 hours to be seen by the vet. (We understand there are emergencies, but that’s still a long time to wait) So, as a piece of advice, please make an appointment, we called ahead of time to see if we should make one and they recommended that we just go for a walk in. Other than that we have no complaints. We loved the environment and know that our puppy was in good hands. We will definitely be returning.

Amanda Gile

2 years ago

Our dog Archie was just in and the service we received was top notch. I am so grateful for their service, professionalism, and understanding. Archie had eaten part of a rope toy last weekend and over the week he had vomited a few times. We had an appointment for a recent ear infection with his primary for later today (Friday) but when we woke up he had started vomiting A LOT. So we called around and 1st pet in Mesa had a significant wait and I wasn’t sure of the process (they made the check in process sound very complicated) so I decided to try the chandler location on a whim - I’m forever grateful to have found them. Once my husband got him to the vet, they took them right away to their own room. Once the dr saw him, he gave us our options. Due to vomiting and not being certain of our rescue’s initial puppy shots, parvo was suspected BUT due to our admitting Archie is prone to eat ALL things we started with X-rays. Sure enough, they found it. Instead of doing the easy test for parvo (and getting paid for it) they logically did X-rays first and never needed the parvo test. In addition Archie is 130# and mouthy - NOT aggressive. However, we had asked they use a muzzle for everyone’s comfort and safety. Archie also doesnt like to be sedated and in order to do the tests and keep him comfortable that was the best course. Just when we thought it was time to pick him up, Archie had had enough and wouldn’t allow the last bit of needles needed…so the dr had to sedate him some more and didn’t charge us for it. I never at all felt they were trying to gauge us for money. In fact, I felt like they truly understood how hard it was to make these decisions AND try to take money into consideration. Thanks everyone at 1st Pet Chandler!!

Angela S

2 years ago

Very caring and compassionate. Great customer service.

Charlie Woodhull

2 years ago

Supposedly an emergency hospital but told me I couldn’t bring my dog in because they are too busy and only have one doctor. Most unreliable and unhelpful vet I’ve ever been to. I live two minutes away and they are constantly unable to care for my dog. Would strongly not recommend them for primary or emergency care.


2 years ago

If your pet needs help right away, this is the place.

Christina Copley

2 years ago

Moby had a terrible Grand Mal seizure at 2 am and we had to make the choice nobody wants to make and we were not prepared. When I called 1st Pet crying into the poor girls ears (I think her name was Kelly) she was so calm and so kind and compassionate I suddenly felt relieved. It was always my biggest fear that when the moment comes it will be chaotic and stressful and my baby will know. After the seizure we took Moby for a last walk in the park like we did every day for 10 years and then we drove to 1st pet crying all the way there. When we arrived, 2 girls greeted us outside and came to help. They were so wonderful to Moby he was completely relaxed which helped cause he always stressed when we entered any Veterinary clinic. What can I say, Moby passed in our arms in peace , a room filled with love and tears. Dr. Ryan Bunce was amazing and gave us all the time we needed to say our goodbyes. Thinking back, I don’t think there is anything I could’ve hoped for that didn’t happen or wasn’t offered at 1 st Pet. And when I posted on Living Chandler FB group about our amazing experience hundreds of people confirmed and shared my opinion about this place. They’re truly the most wonderful people and if you ever have to make this difficult decision and don’t know where to go you can be rest assured that you’re in good hands with 1st pet on Warner Rd.

Jeff Klein

2 years ago

Dr. Nicholson is the best! We had to put my service dog, Max down last month. Dr. Nicholson gave us the pros and cons, Max had aggressive, inoperable oral cancer. It was a tough decision, but we had to do things right for Max's sake. Now we are left with a 10 yr old pug mix with slow moving kidney disease. We definitely take good care of our animals, and Dr. Nicholson appreciates that. Her caring and down to earth attitude makes for a professional relationship that knows no bound. We are happy to recommend 1st Pet to anyone who wants an exceptional experience.

Jillian Gill

2 years ago

On November 9th, 2021 my puppy Benji was REALLY sick. I called 1st Pet and they said bring him in and it would be $200 emergency visit. I was fine with that he is my baby after all. When we got there Benji was progressively worse and having trouble breathing but they were in no rush and said he needed a parvo test. I knew he didn’t have those symptoms. Sure enough the test came back negative. I was told someone would be back shortly. Two hours after coming in my puppy was actively dying in the room and we still hadn’t been seen. My daughter runs out yelling we need help my puppy is dying. Finally a man comes in and was like “oh shit” and on the walkie yelling code red in Rocky Mountains ( the room we were in). They get in and he was basically gone. They got him back to the hospital area and within minutes he was gone. They came and grabbed me right before he was gone. I kissed him on his head as his heart beat the last beat. Meanwhile I have two kids having melt downs because their puppy just died. All anyone said was sorry for your loss. Are you kidding me!!! With the condition he was in they should have gotten his weight then taken him to get him stabilized. His sickness was so quick. Monday he was sick Tuesday got him to the vet and he dies. My normal vet was booked and so this was the only place I found that had availability and I wanted to save my baby. I felt they did not care about my baby and only wanted my money. I felt he was not respected by any of the care team and it upsets me that they tried to put it on me saying I should have gotten someone sooner. AVOID THIS PLACE!!!! My baby might still be here and on the road to recovery if they had taken things seriously. Save your baby and go to a place that will love your fur baby how you do and show respect for them. Still out $440 because of this fiasco. Their prices are all about profit. It cost $90 for the parvo then so I could special cremate my boy $350!!! Thankfully since the doctor never saw him we didn’t have to pay $200 emergency doctors visit. I had lost a cat a few months ago and at my home vet it was a little over $150 to have her cremated and I got so much more things with her in that package. I regret not taking my boy to be cremated at our home vet. Both vets use the same cremation company.

Josh Kendra

2 years ago

I never expected the complete disregard I encountered from this company. I had an unexperienced or overworked tech that didn't know what he was doing. My kitten is now in a worse condition then he was. This surgery just happened 48 HOURS AGO. THEY MESSED UP AND WONT TAKE ACCOUNTABILITY! This is insane and this company is a SCAM. DO NOT TAKE YOUR LOVED ONES HERE. - Explanation below. My kitten needed emergency surgery and was taken here. He needed stitches on his lower abdomen and I decided to book an emergency visit. I have a few reasons for my 1 star rating. 1) DECEPTIVE - Extra unnecessary charges. Summary: The quote I was provided included unnecessary blood work that was only explained AFTER I asked why it was necessary. Apparently this blood test is what they LIKE to do to on every animal. $160 bucks for this optional test that is only disclosed after questioning. SHADY. 2) UNSKILLED WORK- Terrible surgery completed Summary: I paid almost $800 for surgery on my baby's lower abdomen. They cut a V shape into his stomach to stitch and only used a few poorly placed stitches. They left an open gap to let the fluid drain that was alarmingly large. I could see inside of him. 3) IMPROPER/LACK OF CARE- My animal was not sent home safely. Summary: They only sent him home with a small cone that was TOO SMALL to keep him from accessing his stitches. I followed all the instructions provided and was not made aware it might be too small!!! I kept him secluded to avoid stress, as directed, and monitored him intermittently throughout the day as he was sleepy from pain meds. The next time I checked on him he had opened a stitch WITH the cone on. The already large gap left open, was now shockingly huge and horrific. I cannot properly describe the feeling of horror and dismay I felt by seeing this wound. I can now see the inside of him even more. 4) THEY DO NOT STAND BY THEIR WORK- They do not hold themselves accountable and hold zero liability. Summary: I called to explain my kitten was not sent home safely. I trusted them to make the right call and followed all their direction. They explained their tech chooses the cone based on size and location of wound. OBVIOUSLY THEY DID NOT MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION!! I tried to reach corporate or management and was told they are unavailable. They did not offer any type of discount or solution for fixing their poor judgment and improper care. I would have to pay the entire bill again.

Josie Hendershot

2 years ago

I was able to meet with Dr. Kreissler for an internal medicine consultation (Chandler location). He was really thorough, provided excellent communication, and recommendations for our Blue Heeler - Bogie. We immediately followed his suggestions for more physical activity and mental stimulation along with a change in his diet. Bogie is responding well to these changes. We appreciated the information he provided to educate us. We immediately moved forward with these steps in the best interest of Bogie. We also appreciate how attentive his vet technician Erin was with asking the appropriate questions. Thank you Dr. Kreissler, Erin, and to the entire 1st pet staff for your continued world class service that you provide to our furry family members.

Justine Sabol

2 years ago

The entire staff was very friendly, knowledgeable and comforting in treating our senior dog. Dr. Berko and Dr. Kafer explained everything well and gave us our options and time to make tough decisions. In the end they gave us what we needed to take our dog home to be comfortable for his end of life journey even making us aware of at home euthanasia vet services which seems like a better alternative four our family. Wait times were reasonable and the staff made us feel better during this rough situation with our dog's diagnosis, even texted us pics of our dog early in the morning. I would highly recommend 1st Pet!

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