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ashy Tales

2 years ago

Horrible business practices. Don’t tell me on the phone with a sick dog you can make a payment plan and we’ll do anything to make it okay and get the dog seen. You come up with absurd tests you don’t even think are helpful just to charge me money. Yeah VCA big lake lost my business immediately. Horrible people.

Nicole E

2 years ago

Erica recently helped my husband and I with some administrative items that came with the dental visit and she was absolutely amazing! Quick to respond, gave a solution, and followed up. I genuinely appreciate her level of customer service and will be repeat customers because of it. Beyond that, the vet and technicians did a phenomenal job cleaning our dogs teeth and helped us with questions and dental solutions along the way. Great experience!!!! Thank you!!!!

Leanne Carter

3 years ago

We transferred our records to the Big Lake VCA because they have been excellent with our dog. We have received friendly, professional care, they have sent us coupons for services savings and gone above and beyond to help us in an emergency. We needed shots today to keep our dog updated and they put cheese on a board for her so she was distracted for the shots and she was so excited, she didn’t even flinch! The BEST!


3 years ago

My outdoor cat, Lulu, came home acting very funny. About 18-20 hours later I decided to take her to the vet. I figured she had gotten a hold of a poisoned mouse. As soon as the vet walked in, she said, “No, this looks more like antifreeze …

Page Hall

4 years ago

We took my retired service dog there for a swollen toe. Dr Fischer told us she had a tumor, took an xray and stated it showed minimal bone intrusion, and she needed the toe amputated to above the next highest joint, also that she needed a large upper canine tooth extracted. Then I received an email of her records where it stated there was NO visible bone intrusion. I'd explained that we want compassionate, conservative care; the suggested mutilation recommended seemed to be neither, so again we drove all the way to Soldotna where we trust Twin Cities Veterinary Hospital. There, they did a biopsy of the toe and a full dental cleaning with xrays. The dog does NOT have a tumor, only scar tissue from snagging her nail (we'd explained the nail injury clearly). She also does NOT have an infected tooth! After receiving the biopsy results I called asking if they thought perhaps any refund of our over-300 dollar exam visit might perhaps be appropriate to refund, or if they had anything else to say; we've received no reply whatsoever. This is the second time Wasilla vets have tried to mutilate my dog unnecessarily rather than doing a simple biopsy. If we'd done as told she'd be incontinent and missing part of her abdominal cavity as well as part of her hind foot. How incredibly cruel and heartless, looking to make thousands of dollars while unnecessarily mutilating and disfiguring my beautiful dog in her old age. She's served me well and has earned the conservative and compassionate care we seek. Shame on this clinic!

Eimiaj Illil

4 years ago

This is an amazing vet clinic. All the staff are helpful and kind. The front desk staff let us in 10 minutes before opening when our dog was having an emergency, even though the vet wasn't there yet, to get him to the back and hooked up on an IV and monitor. All the staff took great care of us and showed upmost professionalism and compassion and let us know our options. They were so kind and let us say goodbye to our best boy without rushing. I recommend this vet 100%. I cannot praise them enough.

Eva Barney

4 years ago

We painfully went through kidney failure with my 3yr old boy who crossed the rainbow bridge 3-22-19 they have a peaceful room and caring staff I was blessed a vet I can count on again in a painful time they were very thoughtful and …


4 years ago

I am very disappointed with this veterinary hospital. Our expectations were not met. I was looking for alternative medicine for our dogs . I researched for holistic veterinaries in Anchorage because we wanted to take our dog to a holistic vet while we are there for vacation. The VCA Big Lake Hospital showed up in my Google search. I checked their website and I was happy to see on their website that they offer alternative medicines. It is not in Anchorage but we were willing to go to Wasilla to take our dogs in this clinic as long as we are getting a holistic vet. I called them and specifically asked the receptionist for a holistic vet, I explained to her the situation that our two dogs already went to several traditional vets for their condition and that I am just looking specifically for an alternative medicine. The receptionist was not really nice, I find her quite rude. She said , they still need to do an initial check up. I said ok that’s fine but I repeated again that I am looking for an alternative medicine. My husband also found the receptionist quite rude. When we went to the clinic, I was really expecting that we will be talking to a holistic vet who knows about alternative medicines but my husband and I got confused because the vet who was scheduled to assist us does not know anything about alternative medicine, she kept insisting about traditional medicines such as steroid and hormone therapy. We kept explaining to them that we have done all the tests already and we need different options , we need alternative medicine. Finally, she was able to understand that we need holistic vet. She was nice and doing her best to help, but the issue here was that our expectations were not met. We do not need to go to this clinic to look for a traditional vet , driving around 300 miles, going out of our way from our vacation just to get another traditional vet. We have lots of good traditional vets in Fairbanks and our local vet is also very good and knowledgeable, someone who has lots of experience in the veterinary field already. What we do not have in our small town is a vet who practice alternative medicines. After the vet was able to understand the reason why we were there in their clinic, she talked to their holistic vet and gave us second hand information. I felt that we wasted our time, and our expectations were not met. Sure we got these herbal medicines but I was not able to talk personally to the holistic vet so she can explain to me clearly what are these herbal products she prescribed. She was not able to check the dogs herself too. They did not charge us for consultation, I think it looks like a promotion for first time consultation based on what I saw on their FB page but the supplements or herbal medicines are very expensive compared to if we buy them outside. The receptionist did not do her job well. To me, that is being incompetent. There was miscommunication. For the clinic, please do not advertise that you are offering alternative medicines in your clinic, if you really don’t offer it so you don’t waste the customer’s time and money. On the other hand, if you are offering this type of service, make sure that if the customer requested for it, the customer gets that. Very unprofessional! In addition, I recommend that the receptionist needs to undergo customer service skills training to improve her customer interaction as well as her listening skills. Moreover, this is the only vet clinic that we ever visited that never gave us courtesy call to check the dogs after our visits. Overall, the experience was not good, and we will not come back to this clinic anymore.

Sarah Wills

5 years ago

Can't say enough good things about this vet hospital! Have been taking my pets here for over 20 years. Multiple different vets and each one is better than the next. Thanks from all my fur babies.

Dana Avugiak

5 years ago

This vet clinic did an amazing job on my doggie’s teeth. His teeth were very gross and covered with buildup. Now he had a movie star doggie smile! Dr. K did such a good job. Sorry, I don’t know how to spell this vet’s last name, but she’s great and understands rural pets. My dogs are from a village and have a more cautious temperament, but Dr. K was great with both of my shy dogs. So glad there is a vet office around that understands that not everyone out here is a millionaire, but we still love our pets. Prices are reasonable and they are very honest about telling you if a service is optional. Not like some other money grubbing vet clinics I have been to where the estimated make my eyeballs pop out and I have to feel like a grinch with my doggie’s care. Big lake is super understanding about pet owners needing to keep costs down so they can access services for their pets. Thanks!!!

Karen Kirkpatrick

5 years ago

VCA Big Lake has been taking care of my pets for many years now. I have cats of my own, and when I've had foster cats who've needed care (including emergency care), the staff has been completely awesome. Sadly, I most recently had to have one of my beloved cats, Boo-Boo, euthanized. Their newest veterinarian, Dr. Kidder, was very kind and gentle with my kitty and me. I love that they built that "crying room" which is comfortable and non-clinical where you can hold your fur-baby as they are sent over the rainbow bridge. This is the 2nd time I've had to use them for this purpose, and both times, the staff has shown such wonderful compassion. They even have an electric candle on the counter in the waiting room that is lit, with a sign letting folks in the waiting area know that someone is saying goodbye to their pet and to please be respectful and quiet, (or something to that effect...I was crying so I don't remember exactly how it was worded). When I got there, I told Erica at the front desk (she's awfully wonderful), that I wanted the vet techs and veterinarians present to see Boo-Boo (who was 19 years old), and see what crippling effects declawing a cat have on them as they get older. Erica informed me that they refuse to declaw cats, or to do any of the other maiming procedures (docking of ears/tails). If it was possible, this clinic went up even higher in my estimation. This proves, to me, that they are more about humane and compassionate care for our non-human family members than they are about making a profit off doing unnecessary convenience or cosmetic surgeries. Thank you, VCA Big Lake.

Ryan Hand

6 years ago

Big Lake vet is amazing! I had to take my rabbit to the emergency vet and the next day they wanted me to bring him into a vet for a check up the next day. Everywhere was booked or I would have to drop him off but luckily big lake was open. I brought him in and they were so kind as soon as we walked in. I had some x-rays sent over and Dr. fisher wasn't sure about the x-rays so asked opinions of other doctors. She also went above and beyond for us making sure he would be okay. She did such a great job. Also on top of that they sent a thank you card to me afterwards, super nice! Big Lake vet is our new go to vet! ( I had to write this on my brothers account haha)

Elliot Nash

7 years ago

One of the BEST vets I have been to. Everyone from the people at the desk to the vets and assistants truly cares about my pet as it was their own. Until my job sends me and my family to another state big lake is my vet!!

Amanda Campbell

7 years ago

The Dr and staff were great with my little Izzy! Even with my girl being so high strung and anxious, they did amazing with her! Definitely a huge difference from the previous vet clinic we had been using since she was a puppy.

Julie Busch

7 years ago

Dr Fisher was wonderful to Dakota Blue.

Eila Gomez

8 years ago

If the man in charge of this hospital still is Bryan Baetsle, there is no better place to go. He goes way beyond duty to save a dog, He CARES. Sadly very few vets in this world that are like that. He is the BEST. Wish there was someone half …

Laura Saunders

9 years ago

I was on my way to a dog show in Anchorage and my Russian Blue, Enjoli, had developed serious symptoms the day before. I could not get her into 3 vets in Fairbanks so decided to take her with me. I stopped at the first vet hospital that I …

Willow Phil

9 years ago

I've been going to Big Lake-Susitna Veterinary Hospital for 14 years with my dogs and cats. It has always been easy to schedule an appointment for a new pet or an animal that is having problems. This past March my old dog collapsed on his way to breakfast. I called BLSVH at around 8 AM and Dr. Hambach was checking him out by 9 AM. (I live a half an hour away from the hospital) The diagnosis was such that having him put to sleep was the best option for him. The staff and doctors were all very compassionate and understanding and allowed us plenty of time to say good bye. The next month my wife adopted a kitten from an adoption clinic in Eagle River. She call BLSVH on her way home to set up an appointment and was told she could stop by for a wellness exam without an appointment. This was on a Saturday when they generally don't do walk-ins. Just this past week I adopted a new puppy from animal control to replace the dog that died in March. I was able to get an appointment the next day to make sure it was safe to allow the puppy with the rest of our animals. I love the way Dr. Lehman gets down to the animals level and does the exam so the dog hardly knows it's being examinded. This hospital is staffed with professionals that not only care about their animal patients but the people that own the animals. When one of my dogs was diagnosed with diabetes Dr. Lehman called all around to find a place for me to get the insulin my dog would need at a price that I could afford. I just can't speak highly enough of this organization.

Walter Martinez

9 years ago

Not far from my house and they do great work! I highly recommend them.

Valerie Amos

9 years ago

I drive over 10 miles out of my way to take my animals to Big Lake, passing three other, closer veterinary offices to do that. The care, compassion and expertize is amazing. I have been taking my animals to Big Lake Vet for years and …

Sigrid Klein

9 years ago

We know BLSVH since November 1999 when we rescued our 'best friend' Buddy and can only praise everybody there for their knowledge, exceptional care and the love they provide to all pets. …

Sandra Chatterton

9 years ago

I think they are top notch! Even though I now live in Palmer, I would not consider changing to a vet near my home because my dog and I trust the doctors and staff to give us the best care they can. They have alway shown alot of kindness, …

Richard Lindsay

9 years ago

We have been with Big Lake Vets for years. Drs. Baetsle, Hambach, Fisher, & Lehman are all very caring and knowledgeable professionals. The staff is always helpful and caring. We wouldn't go anywhere else. Thank you for all you do.

Mary Sagal

9 years ago

After sampling almost every veterinary clinic in the valley, I chose BLSVM hospital to care for my kennel of canines. The doctors are highly intelligent, good diagnosticians, and excellent surgeons. The staff is professional and friendly.

Kathy Chapoton

9 years ago

The staff expertise at BLSVH is exceptional and thorough. We have a kennel of racing sled dogs and when needed, we feel each dog gets the most up to date treatment and we get extensive information on the course of treatment and after care. …

Jamie Smith

9 years ago

Veterinarians, vet techs, and staff are well-qualified and personable. Everyone shares a love of animals whether your pet is a dog or cat or one of the more exotic animals. BLSVH is open six days a week and tries to set appointments to fit …

Jack McCarl

9 years ago

An outstanding veterinary hospital.... our pure-bred "Polish Redewski Shepard", Mr. Fetters, absolutely loves the care he gets there!!!!!

Helen Thomas

9 years ago

While spending the weekend in the Big Lake area, our 4 yr old pup was hit by a car. We immediately called Big Lake-Susitna Veterinary Hospital and explained the circumstances, saying we had a Vet in Anchorage but didn't want to drive that far. Even though it was late on Friday of Labor Day weekend they said to bring him right in. As soon as we walked in the door his condition was immediately evaluated, which fortunately was not life-threatening. We saw Dr. Fisher who examined him very closely, explained how she would treat and stitch his wound. It would take a while to do so she suggested we leave and come back at closing time. I know that Dr Fisher and other staff stayed after closing on this holiday weekend to care for our best friend. The good news is, our boy healed well and fast. Both he and we, had excellent care. The office was very clean, lots of relevant reading material and books and every staff we encountered was professional, friendly and compassionate. Thank you.

Haley TumSuden

9 years ago

This is one of the best and most professional vet clinics I have been too. The staff there is very helpful and open minded, and they always like to love on my dogs and give them plenty of cookies when I go there. I can't even begin to say enough good things about the veterinarians there. I have never had a problem with them trying to push their products on me or belittle me for the products I choose to use already. They're one of the few vets that doesn't believe in overvaccinating (Dr. Fisher suggested I get a blood test done on one of my dogs to find out if he even needed the vaccine before she gave it to him). When I was having trouble putting weight on my other dog she even suggested supplimenting some hamburger into his diet. Their offices are very clean and inviting, just like the staff that works there

Dee Loesche

9 years ago

I have been a client of Big Lake Vet for many years and no matter how large or small the need of my animals the staff always has been wonderful,be it for wellness checks or major surgery. They are professional but warm and caring with each animal.If you care for your animal this is the place to take them for all their health needs.

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