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Kerry Strode

2 years ago

Always kind, compassionate,, thoughtful. Willing to answer any and all questions. Their love of animals is evident and the staff cares about the pet owners as well.

Salinda Sims

2 years ago

Asked me a ton of questions and wasted like 25 minutes of my time when I was trying to find a vet to bring my neighbors puppy to when he had parvo just to tell me they had no openings for close to two weeks.... He would've been dead by then

Joshua “J” Gholston

2 years ago

I like the approach and appearance of this place. Didn't have an appt but for those that did, their wait time was basically nothing. Not having an appt I didn't feel I was there too long. Dr. was to the point with what treatment plan she wanted to do and loved that they were making a f/u appointment as well also prior to departure.

Steven Skolnick

2 years ago

Very attentive to your pet. Very friendly staff.

Athina Tennant

2 years ago

We have brought our pets in to All Creatures for a few years now and appreciate that they take such great care of them. We, unfortunately, just had to put down our 11.5 year old girl and they were extremely supportive and courteous the entire time. We will continue to keep our pets here as long as we can, knowing they're getting great care.

Christian France

2 years ago

Very smart vets that personally remember and care for our pets

Danelle Marie

2 years ago

It is very rare that I write on line reviews but as a professional RN for almost 30 years I felt compelled to. My animals have gone to this facility since moving to Alaska in 2016. I took 2 very elderly dogs (one newly blind) to this facility for just a simple nail trim. I was not pleased about the curbside check in especially with a blind animal who shakes so bad in new environments he looks like he is having a seizure. Truly his nails could have been trimmed in the parking lot. Why you may wonder? Well while sitting in my truck waiting for my dogs to be returned to me, my friends and family who were with me (including 2 children) were oohing and aahing at the beautiful dog in the vehicle next to us. The owner walked the dog a few times so we had a great birdseye view. In fact I complimented the owner on what a beautiful animal she had. Imagine our horror when a couple employees came outside with very large and full syringes (as a nurse I had a gut feeling what was going to happen)- and they literally put that dog down right next to my vehicle with kids as witnesses. Once the dog was put down the body was wrapped in the vehicle and the owner took off with it. The kids screamed and cried at what they just witnessed and to this day any time we drive down the Palmer Wasilla Hwy, the horrors of what we witnessed are brought up. Covid or not, there is a time and place for professionalism and putting an animal to sleep in public view of many people, as the parking lot was full, is never acceptable. It was completely obvious to the staff that there was a truckload of people watching everything, especially since they were careful the door of the other vehicle did not touch my truck as we were parked so close to one another. I did call and report my issue and no one ever reached out to me. I have since transferred all 7 of my animals to a 24/7 facility in the valley who allows me to enter mask free with my fur babies. I felt that this experience was necessary to share as I personally review comments all the time before experiencing new businesses, medical providers, etc. Hopefully this review helps others out there when making decisions about their precious fur babies.

Eric G

2 years ago

Great vet and personnel. Highly recommend.

Kristine Kennedy

2 years ago

Service has been efficient and friendly. Curbside service since Covid, as a new customer I haven't been inside with my dogs for a visit yet.

Colleen Coulon Love

2 years ago

I had a horrible experience. Go to Tier One.

Jackie Hawkes

3 years ago

My last 3 appts with these guys have been pretty bad so I'm changing my 5 star review into a 2 star. 1st I brought in my Sweet gsd for vaccinations and my cat because within a month his hair had changed from thick and shiny to dull and very thin with lots of dandruff and odd scabs covering his body. They asked a large gentleman to take my dog to the back and they immidiately treated her like a vicious beast even though she was super sweet to everyone in the lobby. I told them quickly that she didnt bite but they still manhandled her roughly and I could see she was really freaked out. While she was getting her vaccinations I told the vet what my concerns were regarding my cats fur and skin and before examining him she laughed at me and said he was fine. I told her about how his fur quality had changed so dramatically and she said it was seasonal changes and as for all the odd scabs covering his body, it was just cat fights. Not once did she inspect his skin, but I was still charged for the exam. Then my dog came in, immediately ran and hid under the chair and peed all over herself absolutely terrified, she barely fit under the chair! That was her 6th vet visit and she had never before acted that way. After deciding to get my dog spayed cheaper w aspca and prepaying for the appt. I noticed she was doing this weird nesting thing under my shed and when I told the vet at all creatures he convinced me that she had an infection of the uterus and had to get spayed immediately with them. By this time they were doing the outside collection due to the pandemic and when my phone died the morning of her appt. and I wasnt able to call them to notify them of my arrival, I tried to ask 3 different techs who were outside to notify the office of my arrival. I was standing outside my vehicle, wearing a mask and waited for each of them to finish talking w customers before politely asking my inquiry and yet, all 3 of them, in a 20 minute period ignored me completely as if talking to me was against policy. Finally the 4th person I talked to responded to me and did as I asked, but now I was 20 mins late for my dogs emergency spay. Turned out after her $600 surgery that she was perfectly healthy just had a false pregnancy. When the tech told me this over the phone, instead of apologizing for their $600 mistake she said condescendingly that she needed to get spayed anyways and that I was lucky the vet hadnt charged me more! As for my cat, 6 months later, nothing had changed regarding his scabs, dandruff, and dull hair, I did a quick search on the web and discovered he had skin mites! Something a vet should have easily been able to recognize. Definitely switching vets now but the receptionist named Debbie has always been nice so I give them 2 stars. Aspca is great though!

Brenda Peterson

3 years ago

It was a wonderful experience. They came out and got Buster, examined him and called me a few times to let me know what was happening.

Susan Munford

3 years ago

Very safe procedures in place. You call the posted # upon arrival and let them know your names and # you are parked in front of. They come to your car and take your pet. Always pleasant and kind.

Bonnie Fant

3 years ago

They care sooooo much about your nonhumanoids... I really recommend them.

Valerie Schach

3 years ago

Did not understand Stars you rock

Theodore Kelly

3 years ago

They are such a great team..

Steve Korte

3 years ago

They take good care of my dog and are the best veterans in town

shedale martin

3 years ago

They are very helpful and patient with you. I would recommend them to everyone

shannon brumlow

3 years ago

Locally owned Alaskan business. The owners & employees here are GOOD people & they truly care about All Creatures!

Savannah Gross

3 years ago

We've used them in the past with no real issues but lately I cannot even seem to get through to them. I either get placed on hold for 10+ minutes and have to hang up, or their line is busy. We ended up having to switch vet offices because of it.

Rose Walker

3 years ago

Everyone was patient and kind. Took care of Chocolates health certificate so he could fly home with me. Reasonably priced too.

Ronda Lynn “R&B” Hale

3 years ago

They treat your pet or in my case, your family very well.

Pamela Eiting

3 years ago

I reside in Seward, Alaska which is a good 3 hours from Wasilla. However, my indoor rabbit (free roam with kenneling at night) was not eating or drinking and seemed to be in pain. It was late night/early morning when I called two different pet emergency numbers in Anchorage. Neither one was able to care for a rabbit. I then made the decision to drive to Anchorage in the hopes that I would be there when vet offices open for the day and could get someone to look at him. We called every office in the area, sometimes multiple times, trying to find someone qualified for rabbits to examine him as soon as possible. Rabbit digestive systems need to be moving pretty constantly and 24 hours is the max for no food, no poop/pee, so there isn't much time to wait for an appointment on another day. Time is of the essence! I talked with All Creatures Veterinary Clinic knowing that it was a bit farther North, but needing a better answer than "we can keep him comfortable" that some vets offered. Thankfully, All Creatures Vet Clinic was able to make time for me and my bunny. Doctor Jenn was so helpful and seemed to really care about my rabbit and his well being. She was able to examine him, give him fluids, and sent us with medications for gut motility and pain. I am happy to report that my bunny made a full recovery and is doing well :) :) It may be 3 hours to drive there, but I will be continuing to use this veterinary clinic for regular checkups for both of my indoor rabbits! Thank you Doctor Jenn and all of the staff at All Creatures Veterinary Clinic!


3 years ago

They are the best. Wouldn't trust my pups to no one else.

Alyssa King

3 years ago

Got a dog who hates getting their nails trimmed? GO HERE! Best nail clippers in town! I had to take my dog in because we discovered blood in her urine. My normal vet was booked, so I called All Creatures. The just so happened to have a cancellation. When they took her in they ask about her nails. I normally can’t get my dogs nails trimmed because she freaks out and usually ends up hurting herself or the nurses. We told them to give it a try, but that she would fight them. Sure enough, she came out with nice short nails and not a scratch on her. They were able to determine my dog had a UTI and put her on antibiotics. She is all better now!

Lindsey Wise

3 years ago

This is going to be long: Our dog and loyal friend of 13 years, Lola, was at the end of her life this week. I was kind of in denial and thought maybe she would get better, well she didn't and she lost the ability to walk and stopped eating/digesting completely. I realized it was time to help her pass and prevent further suffering. It was an agonizing decision and the day before Christmas Eve. I called All Creatures to see if they could do anything to help. No hold time at all. They said they could see her Christmas Eve for sure but would call me if anything came up sooner. The called me later that day with an opening in their schedule for her. Their facility and operations are very covid safe. They came out to our car to get Lola. The vet called us shortly after to discuss what they were seeing with her and how we wanted to proceed. They went over every option and explained step by step how each one would play out. We all agreed it was Lola's time to go. They had us pull around to a side door and my husband, son and I were all able to go inside and snuggle with Lola one last time. They brought us yummy treats to give her while she laid next to us on a comfy bed on the floor. They gave her the medicine through a long tube so we all could be closest to her and hug her while she fell asleep. They let us stay in the room alone with her as long as we wanted. They are going to make a pawprint in clay for us from her paw. Her ashes will be ready to get after the holiday. They stepped into a truely terrible, heartbreaking situation and helped shape it into a moment of peace and goodbyes. Every question was answered and they helped us feel comfortable making a decision when I was pretty paralyzed with fear. I don't know if I'll ever get another dog after hurting this much but if I do, these guys are going to be vet office we use.

Karen Anne Tanner

3 years ago

The best in the Valley!!!!

Kim Lowry

3 years ago

My first visit.. They are extremely busy but they also took their time with my pet.. Thank you!

Lavinia Harris

3 years ago

The vets are great and the staff is amazing.


3 years ago

Very impressed. Vet came to vehicle 2x to discuss my dog's treatment and in between visits called with updates

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