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Misty Smart

2 years ago

These guys are amazing. For follow up visits, they only charged me about half the initial office visit. I have taken my pup to 3 other vets and they charge full price every time. I can’t say enough about this place. Amazing.

Cynthia Roth

2 years ago

Our Sweet little dog was diagnosed with a tumor & I was referred to VSOA's Veterinary Clinic who had the treatment that could help our dog live a longer life with us! They were super quick to get her in asap to start the treatment with the Veterinary Dr. coming in on her days off to take care of our dog & that is a very special thing for them to care that much to care for our needs! The Tech staff who work with the Vet has also been very attentive to the care our dog is getting also going above & beyond just normal care for her! I would very much recommend VSOA to anyone who need the special care they give in treating your pets special needs! They are loving, kind, respectful & take care of our dog as if she was one of their own! Thank you Dr. Preziosi, Tech Assistants & Office Staff for the wonderful care our dog is receiving from all of you! CR


2 years ago

Our Rottweiler was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia. We were offered several options. We chose the surgery with a ulnar osteotomy. Dr. Mike Edwards performed the surgery. We could not be more satisficed with his performance. Not only a great surgeon but a real dog person who kept us informed at all stages. Their staff were outstanding in caring for our little girl and communicating with us. We would highly recommend Veterinary Specialists of Alaska. After 6 month Hannah is 100%. Dr Edwards is an outstanding surgeon. i highly recommend

Leann Beltran

2 years ago

Too difficult to get in contact with anybody at this place, especially a higher up

Stacia Joyce

2 years ago

My 4 year old Alaskan Husky had to have TPLO surgery. Dr. Dahlberg and the staff at VSOA are amazing. It took awhile to get an appointment because everyone is busy but it was definitely worth the wait. Dr. Dahlberg is wonderful, she called me right after the surgery to let me know how Hazel's surgery went. The staff took amazing care of Hazel and the continued follow up has been wonderful. I highly, recommend VSOA for all your veterinary needs.

Lazarus Johnson

2 years ago

The surgeon, Dr. Edwards is the best. But my dog spent the night there after her surgery and I was a little horrified to find out, after-the-fact, that they keep dogs there unattended by humans from 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. I find that a little outrageous, actually. UPDATE: I just saw this response from the clinic so I decided to call James today. The receptionist seemed hesitant for some reason, then came back on the line and said he was on another call and that she could leave him a message to call me. So I said, yes, leave him a message to call me. This was before noon. He never called.

Wendy Higgins

2 years ago

We really appreciated Dr. Pilgram. He wasn't rushing into surgery until he was sure that was what was needed. He was proactive and had the surgery room booked so if that was the need he was ready. The plus was Marilyn ( the yellow lab from The Lodge at Columbia Point Hotel) loved him the moment she met him. Thank you!! She will be playing fetch soon!

Shannon Housen

2 years ago

Thank you to Dr. Preziosi and Gwen for excellent quality care! My dog has terrible allergies. With Dr. Preziosi shot serum and Gwen’s help with a medicated bath, he’s doing so great! It has changed his life. I’m so grateful!

Jenna Malek

2 years ago

When I first called to get a consultation with VSA appointments were booked over a month out. However, I was able to get on the cancellation list and luckily got in a week early. The vet we saw was wonderful! She explained everything very thoroughly and honestly, which was much appreciated. We look forward to continuing to work with VSA to get our puppy back on her feet.


2 years ago

I was supposed to have an interview with JAMES SCHMIDT for a position in this hospital specifically. We scheduled for a Microsoft meeting, and when it hit the time, I entered through the link I was given. I waited for a few minutes and decided to try and log in to see if that was the issue, but nothing. I waited 30 minutes, and I emailed him during that time twice to see if we could reschedule in case he forgot or if I made a mistake, and I’ve received no emails back. It’s been about a week now. It isn’t hard to email a person back. I’m very disappointed because I really wanted a chance to work at this hospital, but now I’m unimpressed with how they handle things. Edit: he never apologized and basically gaslit me in a new email to think it’s somehow my fault

Breanne Rose

2 years ago

I do not recommend this company.

Erika Van Calcar

2 years ago

I love VSOA and they are the only place I trust... 3 TPLO's and 1 knee dysplasia surgery (2 different dogs). However, this last time we saw a different surgeon and had a completely different experience. Since my girl got sutures instead of staples, we did not have to go back after 2 weeks and get them removed. They did call and check on her and I was encouraged to send an email with pictures of the suture line. I did just that and also asked some medical questions. I also ran those questions by the gal who answered the phone, who said that since they were medical questions, that someone would get back to me... that was a week ago. I have a friend who's pup had the exact same procedure done, but with staples. She received follow-up instructions for what to do between week 2 and 8. So far I have received nothing. I still love VSOA and will continue to use only them, but this latest experience has me a little disappointed to say the least.

Danette Williams

2 years ago

I have been so happy with my dog’s care here!! I was thrilled to be able to get in to see Dr. Preziosi with my dog’s foot infection. She is amazing, and I always feel like she has time to explain his progress to me, and answer my questions. The customer service there is excellent, from the receptionist, veterinary technicians to the doctors. They are all so friendly and efficient. I am so very thankful for my pup’s progress!

Melanie Robertson

2 years ago

The team at Veterinary Specialists of Alaska have been absolutely wonderful with manging my doggo's allergies. They are patient, understanding, responsive, capable and kind. I would definitely recommend them.

Erin Byrne

2 years ago

Dr. Preziosi and her team are great. They are very dedicated to finding out what the issue with my dog is and figuring out a treatment.

Julie mettler

2 years ago

We have a long standing relationship with VS of AK, due to the “luck” of caring for two dogs who both had/have life long allergies. You couldn’t ask for a better team of people to help navigate these challenges. The entire practice makes you feel welcome and part of the family. We are grateful to have these specialists in our area. I don’t know how we would have managed the unique needs of our furry family with Dr. Preziosi and her team.

Dawn Shewmaker

2 years ago

The staff was super friendly and informative from the moment I called looking for information regarding allergy testing. The helpfulness and cheerfulness continued the day of our appointment. I didn't feel rushed at the time of the appointment and my questions were answered in a clear, direct, and easy to understand manner. I would highly recommend this place.

Bob Martin

2 years ago

Extremely responsive and working hard to help critters and their owners during the pandemic. I was very impressed with their service and follow-up!

Dawn Lanning

2 years ago

The staff and facility was very nice, open and spacious. Offering treats for our fur babies in the waiting room. Excellent information and diagnoses.

Tracy Frable

2 years ago

My fur baby was recently seen for a urethral blockage. Dr. Dahlberg and the staff at VSOA were very professional from pre-op to post-op. My sweet bulldog had been through an ordeal prior to this surgery leaving me anxious. One of my concerns was Bowser under anesthesia. Bowser aspirated during an emergency surgery less than one month ago causing pneumonia and an extended stay at Pet Emergency. Dr. Dahlberg was aware of all of my concerns , she explained her surgery plan in detail and what she expected. During a post-op conversation I was told Bowser was getting anxious and started to pant in his kennel prior to surgery. Dr. Dahlberg advised keeping him comfortable and calm was a concern, so Bowser was let out of the kennel to "chill" and relax with the staff before he was sedated. I loved hearing this. Knowing Dr. Dahlberg and staff cared this much about Bowsers well being touched my ❤. Bowser is four days post op and doing better than I expected. VSOA has checked on us and let us know they are just a call away if needed. Although Bowser has weeks of recovery ahead, I can see he is already feeling relief from his corrected blockage. Bowser has also seen Dr. Preziosi at VSOA for allergies. I spent so much time thinking his allergies were food related, I was wrong. Happy to report Bowser has made it through almost a full year without constantly itching and no hot spots!!!

Deonna Wells

3 years ago

The staff here is awesome to my kids(pets)!! Whenever I call always friendly. My Tater loves the doc and will recommend to anyone who needs a pet specialist!! Thank you so much!

Christina Jones

3 years ago

Their customer service is great. Their doctors are informative and responsive. They go above and beyond for the proper care of our sweet pup. They make whatever you need done worth every penny.

Diane Hirshberg

3 years ago

VSA has taken care of our old labs and lab mixes twice now. Most recently it was surgery to repair a severely damaged ACL for our 11 year old lab mix. We are amazed at how fast our Bear has recovered from what is frankly a brutal surgery, and how much the staff truly care about his well being. It does help that he's a beautiful and sweet guy, but we feel like everyone was committed to getting him healed up and also to being safe given COVID. Very pleased.

Geoffrey Wright

3 years ago

Great outfit. My dog has lupus. It was a complex diagnosis, and I went to multiple vets in town trying to figure out why my once-healthy young dog was suddenly miserable. The docs at Veterinary Specialists of Alaska figured it out and worked out a treatment regimen that has kept him happy and active for the past nine years. (He was two when he was diagnosed.) Beyond that they have friendly staff and great customer service. Mortimer (my dog) love to visit, and so do I!

Sheila Macias

3 years ago

I am pleased with the service at Veterinary Specialists. The staff is great to work with. They have taken good care of my buddy.

Eileen Something

3 years ago

Veterinary specialists of Alaska is definitely expensive, but I think they're worth the price! Our dog has been dealing with skin issues for over a year and it's so nice to have gotten allergy testing done and his own specalized formula for his allergies! Dr Preziosi's team is responsive, professional and super caring and kind!

Tisha Seger

3 years ago

Any experience with my fur babies i have had with these folks has been absolutely top notch. I highly recommend them to anyone. Thank you for taking such good care of my pups.

Scott Langley

3 years ago

Customer service here is top notch. Amazing attention to detail throughout the entire process. The Dr. spent the time explaining every detail of the procedure my dog was going to have... in minute detail! I've never had a Dr spend that much time with me. Should be held as the standard bearer!

Sandy Thomas

3 years ago

Very impressed with Dr. Rohn and Lynn for Solo's consultation.


3 years ago

My dog came here for a consultation to see if she was going to need knee surgery. I ended up finding out that she ruptured her CCL. She got the TPLO surgery to repair the ligament. Doctors, Techs, front office staff are all very helpful, professional and kind. This was a difficult thing to go through, especially since my dog is only 2.5 years old and we were loving hiking and exploring Alaska. They are confident she will make a full recovery and we get back to hiking and dog park in the spring.

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