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Theresa Henry

2 years ago

We adopted our pandemic pup back in April 2020 and Chester Valley has taken care of him since we got him. We can’t say enough good things about their care and their responsiveness to us. He just had his yearly physical and we were in and out in less than an hour. Given the back up at all of her vets in town because of all of us adopting I’d say that’s pretty good!

Karen Adams

2 years ago

Oh my gosh. I would not recommend this clinic. The office staff is not as kind as you would expect when working with your sick pet. Our dog was seen there several times due to unexplained weight and muscle loss. When we asked questions , as they asked us to, about a holistic approach and vitamins and glandulars they sent us a letter saying they could no longer accept our pet as a client in the middle of treatment! and possibly cancer. our pet is on medications and is suppose to have follow up assessment for bladder infection in 2 weeks and now we have no clinic to go to! and will have to pay to establish somewhere else during this time. We worked with Dr. Harmon in the past with our other pet and she was very nice and supportive. I am completely shocked by their unprofessionalism. It is one thing to say they do not support a holistic approach and make appropriate recommendations, but they didnt even do that. I am very sad and scared for my pet.

brenda archibeque

2 years ago

I think its ridiculous how no one is taking new clients. And your website says you “care” about animals. Especially being in a military town. You would see alot more business if actually cared about pets and their owners

Katrina Liebich

2 years ago

Great operation. The staff were friendly and I was happy they had Covid protocols in place (met us outside, waiting room closed, easy texting options for communicating). They were able to get our old dog in quickly on a wait list when we weren’t able to get him into his normal vet for emergency care. We are very happy with the services they provided.

Kiara Valencia

2 years ago

Chester Valley Vet is a life saver!!! And is a all around great and compassionate vet clinic that I've experienced while being here. We had a short notice drastic change in transporting our pets overseas and our usual vet in Eagle River wasn't helpful at all with our situation and responded very rudely to us and declined to assist us or at least offer some suggestions for help. After searching so many others and getting literally the same response. It was so refreshing and set us at ease when Chester Valley said they could help us and all in the same day!!! Our family wouldnt be together today if it wasn't for Chester Valley and all the hard work and compassion they gave to us.

Stephanie Marie

2 years ago

Never had a complaint, I have always felt assured that my animals are in safe and capable hands and am satisfied with the care they receive

Rachel Markovich

2 years ago

I’ve been bringing my dog here since I got him earlier this year. I have no complaints about the well puppy services. Today I brought my dog in because he’s been sick for the last several days. They took such great care of us! The vet spent lots of time with us to discuss treatment options and benefits of potentially doing diagnostic testing but was not pushing one way or the other and being very mindful of the costs associated. They doted on my dog and I felt confident with the treatment plan. I felt I paid a fair price for the services. Yes I did have to wait a while for the walk in services but they have communicated with us reasons for the wait (bad staffing across the country) and are actively trying to improve the process. I was able to wait for most of the time in the comfort of my home and then they contacted me about an hour before they were able to see us. I’m so thankful that I was able to use the walk in service rather than the expense of a local pet ER. And by doing the walk in visits I was able to be seen next day and not wait several days or weeks. Thanks for all your hard work!

David McNease

2 years ago

I do not recommend this clinic. I was exposed to someone that broke into my house 3 days before my appointment. I called in to let them know I was sick and they wrote me down as a no show. They have since denied me services. When I asked they told me I needed to find another clinic. They also require that your animal be filmed for "training purposes." I guess they don't need business. They were rude when I asked for an explanation. Now, 30 Aug, 2021, over 50 different people have contacted me about this business and told me that the current leadership and management is just as I have explained. I would not take a sick animal to this clinic as they will likely kill the animal and then point blame away from their poor services.


2 years ago

In office visit was great and very detailed. The pick up without seeing the vet is okay but not as detailed. I understand that the vet is busy and covid precautions are in place but would prefer to meet with the vet insted of dropping off my pet with the tech. So much is lost when you don't meet with the vet. That said, Chester Valley is great and I appreciate that they are taking on new patients and the vet was very knowledgeable and thorough. I would recommend.

Taryn Mccullough

2 years ago

I love this office and the staff, it is really difficult to get an appointment, but overall I feel my pets get really good care. They are great with cats!


2 years ago

The clinic consistently has you wait 45 mins to 1.5 hrs after your scheduled appointment time before being seen. They charges $45 to $60 to write out the prescription if you want to fill it online or at Costco. They don't have a veterinarian on staff during business hours. Even when an appointment is scheduled with the veterinarian, you are not guaranteed to see them. Unfortunately, I will not be able to go to this vet clinic anymore after 32 years. It's sad to see a place that was once an amazing veterinary practice go downhill so fast.

Barbara Hilton

2 years ago

Fridays they have walk in to see the vet after 1pm. Got there at 12:30. 5 hours later left office. It took 4 hours sitting in the car waiting. They need to work on their system. Vet was caring. Not sure if I will go back. Office was clean and smelled nice. Cost is about the same as other vets. Time was the only reason they got low stars.

Asam Munye

2 years ago

I should’ve read the reviews before I even went. I wish I could rate lower then a one if I could. Do not come for a “walk-in”. I’m totally disgusted by the lack of professionalism. They do “walkins”. I’ve tried to come in 3days for a “walkin”. First day came 2 pm for a walkin to be told walkins last till 4 pm but they can’t take my pet in because they’re at MAX complicity which doesn’t make sense if they start walk ins at 2 pm... second day I called to see if I can come in for a “walkin”. They rudely said I can’t because of the same reason they said the day before. 3rd day decided to call at 11am and finally thru said I can come in but there’s people in line already . When I came in I saw no one there it was completely empty. I texted and checked in with the form they make you fill out on website. I texted and checked myself in. I patiently wait in the parking lot with my kittens in the car for 4HOURS, 4 hours. I get a call after me waiting in the car for that long with my kitten saying they can’t help me now and to come back at 6am..... My whole life I haven’t experienced such disgust for a “veterinarian clinic” in my life. That was so unprofessional and that should never pass in a real business.

Mary Ann Moeller

2 years ago

What a great place. I trust them with my dog and that's saying alot.

Heather Swanson

2 years ago

Our family has been bringing our pets here for over 20 years. They have always treated us and our pets with kindness and grace. Our dogs love their visits and our old dogs used to escape the yard and run away *TO* the vets. That should say it all!

D Haas

2 years ago

Chester Valley team takes good care of my baby cats! I bring my cats in for lion cuts and their shots.

Tasha Dougherty

3 years ago

Took my Saint Bernard to their walk in hours. I had no idea what to expect. I was so excited that they agreed to see us so soon!! They treated us so so well. Everything went great and even though I would have agreed to anything they suggested, I was not taken advantage of. The doctor explained everything to me and I really had a good understanding of what was going on. My dog and I are happy!

Jill Balgie

3 years ago

Should have read the reviews prior to using this vet. Couldnt be more disappointed. First off charging 120.00 for a booster shots. This was after paying for a full exam and shots 3 weeks earlier. Then wanting another 120.00 for yet another booster 3 weeks later. Beyond that though, the day of the appointments my husband and I both had the flu. We called 8 hours prior to the appointment and they still charged a 68.00. Then receiving a snarky email eluding to us not caring for our puppy that "needed" care. We just wanted a quick booster. No need for or pay for a full exam. So upselling services! Gross!

Jason Lankerd

3 years ago

Great and safe place to take your puppies. Took great care of our pups even with an emergency. Great staff and always friendly to our needs.

Erin Robinson-Wilson

3 years ago

The entire team at Chester Valley deserves commendations for their realistic, reliable and responsive service. My dog had an emergency situation and I did not have an appointment and walk-in hours had passed. I called Chester Valley up and they did not hesitate to get him in. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all communications we’re done via phone and email and although it killed me not being by the side of my pet, I knew he was in good hands and was kept informed every step of the way. Dr. Tobiason is by far the most compassionate and realistic veterinarian I’ve ever had for my fur baby. She clearly has a passion for what she does and she is a gem to work with. We’ve had to make some tough decisions and the entire team at Chester Valley has been supportive, communicative and understanding. I’ll continue to bring my future pets to Chester Valley!

Dawn McClain

3 years ago

I scheduled an appointment for my cat's grooming. I was told that if I don't complete the online registration, then my appointment wouldn't be confirmed. After hearing the price, $180-200, I wasn't in a rush. 3 weeks later, It was during covid, I wasn't feeling well, and had been self quarantining. I honestly forgot about the appointment, I never signed the online registration, and didn't get a reminder call. One day, I get an email demanding a payment for $70 for no call no show. I tell them what I was told, and that I was sick. They then tried to say I signed paperwork agreeing to pay a fee for not showing. I asked for them to send me this signed documentation (because I never signed anything like that) they told me they didn't have to provide me any proof and would take me to court for $70 if I didn't pay it. I'd like to see them try it. They then told me I could never bring my pets back, which was fine with me! They're still sending me emails demanding payment. I want proof of the document I signed. Nice vet, horrible office manager!

Christiane Craig

3 years ago

They worked well with what we could pay. Without the loss of quality of care, for my felines. And we’re very understanding of my concern for my hurt kitty. I had to bring in a couple of them over the years. And their walk in times seems to be perfect, cause I never needed to take them in on a emergency walk in any other days. Once I was able to get a same day appointment. So they can be very flexible. And are very good with medication refills.. Once on the weekend also. But that was our fault. I didn’t know we had ran out then ‘ my dad skipped a day or two on giving his cats her meds’. Thankfully they were there for us/the cat.

Ashley Seabolt

4 years ago

Dr Harmon was great to work with, the vet techs and staff were lovely as well. Great bedside manner. Thank you!

Team Inner Peace

4 years ago

I picked my dog up from being boarded with them from May 22 to May 30. My dog has a bruise on his nose. They didn't even tell me that he had a bruise. I checked on him 2 times while gone and wasn't even made aware of this. I even had to go …

Madison Bird

4 years ago

Took 3 attempts at a blood draw to get a basic metabolic panel on my cat. Tech acted really weird afterwards and just handed my traumatized cat a left the exam room. Not cool

Caitlin Johannes

4 years ago

I take both my cats and dog there. I know I be a little overbearing at times when it comes to my pet's health but they are always patient with me and communicate treatment plan options. In my experience, they are on the conservative side of …

Ashley Valerio

4 years ago

Dr Versteeg and the Vet tech were amazing! It was my first time there with my husky and I was in and out within forty minutes. They explained things very well and were nothing but kind and respectful. Took amazing care of my dog and were very transparent about what things would cost before they preceded with anything.

Samantha Jacoy

5 years ago

in shock !!!! today I brought my 13 year old dog who has severe skin issues to get her euthanized as me and my family discussed our decisions it was very hard but we made the decision to do that. I took my dog in with my grandmother who …

mike lemmons

5 years ago

Be careful, Your first appointment will be far cheaper than any other. After that OUCH! This is the most expensive vet I've ever been to... I also had a question about one of the meds that were recommended for my dog as …

Sophia A

5 years ago

Took good care of Pepper

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