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Michele Gibson

2 years ago

Did a Great Job with my senior dog.

Zach Stepp

2 years ago

Unfortunately we had a bad visit a few weeks ago. They shaved our miniature schnauzer completely without our consent due to “matting”. After our visit he developed a very bad ear infection due to three very bad cuts in his ear. Emergency vet on a Sunday turned into $600. Never had a bad experience before this. It may have been done by some of her younger staff?

Yamilet Valencia

2 years ago

Unfortunately this place has horrible customer service!! It's been a few times that I walk in before my appointment time and stand there completely unattended for over 5mins. There is a window were employees can see you as soon as you walk in....and the fact that I can't get a simple wave (hand jesture) acknowledging the fact that I'm there really irritates me. I don't expect to be serviced the second I walk in but like I mentioned a hand jesters that you realized I was there is more then enough! I also called to make sure my girl was ready and their response was less then pleasant! Your pet services are great but customer service is also important!

Nelia J

2 years ago

Took my dog for a bath and de-shed. When picking him up, I asked if they were able to get a lot of loose hair off. Apparently that was a dumb question since I was quickly told no since his breed “doesn’t shed a lot.” The sole purpose of this grooming trip was the de-shed since he’s been shedding a TON the past couple of months. All that to say, he doesn’t seem to be shedding any less since he got home. At least he smells good though. Another thing is that apparently you need to leave your dog for 3.5 hours. It would make more sense if they would call you when your dog is done. It’s not a great thought thinking that my dog is sitting in a kennel for potentially hours when I could easily pick him up. update: I appreciate the response. I would have liked to hear all that while I was there. It was my first time taking him to a groomer and no one explained any of that stuff to me. Let your customers know what all you did to their dog. I also would have liked to know that I had the option of picking him up earlier. I was told to not wait for a call and come at 3.5 hours later. There was very little communication. Work on communicating better with your customers.

Michael M

2 years ago

Best possible place to take your little one. Extremely professional with each and every customer. Great price for the time and care taken! 100% recommend!

Amber Sisson

2 years ago

She always does a fantastic job with my dog, even when she comes in looking like a mess.

Dana Whitaker

2 years ago

I don't know how they do it ???? but my Min Pin is literally impossible and they cut her nails perfectly in just minutes. Thanks y'all ????

Adam F.

2 years ago

Excellent pet grooming facility, expect a week or two lead time due to high demand of their services, however we have been bringing our schnauzer here for nearly a year and they are pros!

Andrew Braun

2 years ago

I literally never leave negative reviews... but the fact that in my wife’s review the owner is responding by saying that we missed our Monday appointment (which they are closed on) as opposed to a Tuesday (when we actually booked)... and said they called us (they didn’t - no missed calls or vm’s)... is disappointing. Just own up to your mistake instead of being defensive and compounding lie upon lie. Could’ve made it right but insist upon telling us we’re the ones who messed up. Do better. Take your business elsewhere.

Kelly Braun

2 years ago

*Sorry in advance for the lengthy review* We have been bringing our dogs here for over 3 years now and always had a pretty good experience up until now. We have even recommended Canine Chic to our entire neighborhood Facebook page on several occasions and I also have recommended it on the Doddles of Georgia page. The only complaint we ever had prior to now was appointment availability was slim and it seemed like they didn't have enough employees to keep up with the demand. However, today's experience completely turned me off from this place and I have no plans to come back here or recommend it again. We made an appointment for both our dogs several weeks in advance and we blocked it off on our work calendar while still on the phone talking to them so we could make sure there weren't any work meetings that would interfere. When my husband showed up to drop our dogs off he was told our appointment was for yesterday which is a straight up lie because they have always been closed on Mondays and we never in 3 years could get an appointment on a Monday. I decided to call them and ask if they accept appointments on Mondays and I was told no they were closed. When I made myself be known and asked why she sent my husband away telling him his appointment was for Monday, the owner got defensive when she was caught in a lie and started fumbling over her words saying that on occasion she will book appointments on Mondays to keep up with the demand. She then said she is personally working 7 days a week until 7:30PM every night. I don't believe that is true either because they clearly state they are closed on Sundays AND Mondays. That sucks for her if she truly is doing that but it still didn't make things right with us when we know for a fact they booked us for Tuesday. As an owner, she should have done something to make the situation right for improperly booking us but instead she was defensive and made excuses and didn't offer anything at all to make it right to fit us in. I even asked why she had not called to confirm our appointment in advance or even reach out to us to see if we were coming that Monday morning. She lied and said she did call and leave a voicemail but when I went back to our call records there were zero incoming calls or voicemails for my husband's phone and same for my phone. She wouldn't even make an effort to fit us in any other day in the next week. She said her next available was a month away and couldn't make arrangements to get us in sooner than that. Considering she messed up our appointment, I felt like there was something better she could have done to make things right. Instead, she lost a once loyal customer. Don't waste your time trying this place out. She can't keep up with her appointments and you will be stuck waiting weeks or months trying to get in. Word of advice to the owner- hire some help!

Laura Coomes

2 years ago

Always get wonderful service here for my Lab!!!

Noel Roses

2 years ago

Ladies very polite but could not handle my Labrador/Shepard dog....not their fault but would suggest for trained, mild tempered lap dogs to go. Walk-in service, no appt needed. Prices reasonable for nail trim.

Jessica Rabbit

3 years ago

Amazing. They turned my shabby THICK haired overweight Pomeranian into a precious, petite looking teddy bear. He used to wheeze while sleeping, always hot. He would lay on cold bathroom floor at night to cool off. Now with his adorable shave, he sleeps deep and silent. And they cut his tail into a perfect pompom and his face in such a sweet teddy shape. Even the paws look exactly like a teddy!! There’s not a single cut from clippers or snip from scissor shaping out of place. He also smells so clean and sweet. Plus the price was very low for the amazing job they did. I love this place!!!!

Meghan Schaub

3 years ago

Canine chic does a fantastic job with grooming, at an affordable price.

Cyd w

3 years ago

After so many hit and misses with petsmart and becoming increasingly frustrated with a the add on price hikes we decided to have our Standard groomed with a professional.. They did an AMAZING haircut . We will be back! #???? love!


3 years ago

I visited this location for the first time today after a horrible customer service experience at another place in Woodstock. I was immediately greeted with a smile. I informed Holly of the dilemma that I was in. She immediately took my puppy back and trimmed his nails. The price was reasonable, they staff was super friendly, and I will be back. Holly was a gem on a rainy, nasty day, and made my previous experience at the other store not so bad because it led me here. Thanks Holly :)

Addie Goninan

3 years ago

They do a fantastic job! They do walk ins for dog nails and that’s really appreciated!

Wolf love Noelle

3 years ago

This was my first time and my dogs have never looked so good. Also Lazarus my Maltese normally has anxiety after being groomed and he did not. The staff are very nice and I will be recommending them.

Donnie Prince

3 years ago

Very friendly. They do great work on my miniature Schnauzer.


3 years ago

Very personable staff and easy to make an appointment without waiting weeks. I would definitely recommend this grooming place for your dog. They even ground my dogs nails when I requested to minimize the sharp edges on her paws.

Elizabeth Wences

3 years ago

My neighbor recommended this place and I’m so happy I listened!!! I can’t express in words how happy I am with my puppy’s hair!! I will definitely be going back!

James Van Dyke

3 years ago

Great groomer, they treat all the dogs well and they look fantastic when they are done. I moved away from Woodstock, but still take my dog there to be groomed. My previous dog was blind and this was the only place she didn't freak out, when we left her there.

Jason Murphy

3 years ago

My dogs love it! Any other groomer we have ever taken them to they cry and hide when it's time to go and come back miserable but here they come back clean and happy and ready to play (or lay around all day). The prices are extremely competitve and the quality is great. They don't seem to have a full time receptionist or intake person I think the groomers just take turns with intake and checkout so the process sometimes feels a little rushed but I imagine that helps to keep costs down. I highly recommend them.

john malinowski

3 years ago

Great place thank you for being there for us!

Kasey N Whitworth

3 years ago

So... to regular eye she looks fine, an yeah but not $100 bucks great. There was still Mud all over her feet and legs when I picked her up, clipper lines and tuffs of hair randomly on her from that could have been scissored off or clippered off to make her look cleaner. She had cut marks in between her toes, her toenails had been quicked (cut to short), top knot comes to a point and isn’t rounded( so she’s like a cone head), poms are not equal lengths, her sanity area is very red and irritated. And there was still hair in her ears. Is she cute, yes, but I’m not excited about all the mud still being there and hair in the ears. Ps not a fan of the tail as it’s not blended at all it just looked like it’s tacked on to her.


3 years ago

Very professional in the end product my pup was even more beautiful than ever

Lyn Barger

3 years ago

Great grooming service. Been using them for years!

Marshall Clack, II

3 years ago

Great Customer Service! Alanna was pleasant to work with and they did a fantastic job on my goldendoodle's first cut.

Mike Aenchbacher

3 years ago

Charged me and didnt even wash my dog. Dont go here ever

shawn skeen

3 years ago

I have been going here since it opened. My dogs love to go & see Brittany. She does a great job making the dogs love her.

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