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amber rayne

2 years ago

Have gotten several pets from here and was always happy with how healthy and friendly they were.

Latonya Watson

2 years ago

The only place I take my flock for nail and wing trims. Great service and prices

Seth Fania

2 years ago

Amazing shop with all the feeders and amazing rotation of animals!

Asmaa Munir

2 years ago

We had good experience with Animal Atlanta. We got one of our parrot from there. They sure care the birds.

Chrissy carlisle

2 years ago

This place has the rudest employees! They talk to children and adults like garbage! Why have birds out in the middle of the floor front and center that shouldn't be touched, held, or surrounded! Heck don't even look at them! Because there WILL be someone telling you in the rudest possible way not to touch them, pick them up or basically get near them! We absolutely will not be back! Every single time we go in someone if not everyone is rude! Please consider a cleaner, nicer place to do business!

Alyssa Vann

2 years ago

This is a great exotic pet supply store

Nicole W

2 years ago

I wish I could give you 10 stars. This place is phenomenal. From the moment I called to the moment I left. Gave this business a call looking for some bunnies or guineas for my little one. Remy, I hope I spelled it correctly, answered the phone. I could tell it was busy but she literally took a good ten minutes answering all my questions. There were some baby bunnies on hold, she took the time to call the people who wanted them and then called me back to let me know they were for sale again. Her customer service is exceptional. Upon arrival....your store, the coolest! We were in awe. From pulling in to the woman with birds on her shoulder in the parking lot to being greeted by your employees and lovely macaws. The selection is immaculate. Birds, bunnies, guineas, the tortoises!!! All the reptiles really. Just wonderful. We requested Remy, she showed us some bunnies, guineas, anything we asked to see. Long story short, she helped us pick out our new babies. She was so patient with us. She showed us cage options. Noticing there were no girly colors she went and personally found a purple one for my little girl. Put it all together, set it up fully for us, down to the cute little bed. Her knowledge and information she had to share was thorough. Highly recommended! I can't thank her enough. She spent a good 2 hours with us not even knowing if we're were buying anything. We will be forever customers, what a great first impression. Thank you for taking your time and making my daughter's night, you are appreciated.

Michele Funck

2 years ago

Thank you guys for all you did to help me with info. And knowledge as well as hand feed/raise my baby bird! She is a sweetheart and spoiled already!

John “Big Papa Pump!!” Massa

2 years ago

Great old school pet store, high prices but they have what u need,mice , worms etc ..Unlike the big box stores!! Cool overall experience.

Daniel Brewton

2 years ago

All I get from here are bearded dragon items/dubias, but they have so much more to offer!! I have never walked into animal atlanta without seeing amazing friendly people showing their passion for animals to customers! It's loud so I can't stay as long as I always want to because I will get a migraine, but oh it is worth a migraine staying to talk to the people or wander around! Friendly staff and very open to helping anyone who walks thru the door as they would family.

Ana Perone

2 years ago

Whenever you get a bunny they think that they can just go in a tiny cage and be fine along with other small animals did you know that you should aim for a minimum of 24 inches by 12 inches, and at least 12 inches tall and for a bunny is an expen so knowing that they do not provide their animals with peek standers is terrible!!!!! provide better info on your animals care and tell people people true info

Brianna Syme

2 years ago

I walked in here to get a few snake things but ended up walking out after looking around for a few minutes. This place is sad.! No hides for the snakes, baby ball pythons housed together with no hides, a huge boa stuffed into a little glass aquarium with not even a water bowl. So sad.! Not sure how they are still open. I have reported them and hopefully someone goes out there soon to investigate.

Sandra Kitchens

2 years ago

I have a 30 year old Yellow Nape Amazon that I raised from a baby. First time at Visiting today and having Bufords wings clipped, nails clipped. The treatment I received was Awesome. Everyone so kind, and knowledgeable about parrots. So wonderful to Buford even though he can be very aggressive. Purchased seed without sunflower seed & this store has so many different toys, beautiful cages and birds. Thank you so much, really enjoyed myself today.

S Lovejoy

2 years ago

Great selection! Owners and all employees are super friendly and helpful. Will answer any questions or concerns you have. Did I mention they carry all LIVE needs/stages for your reptile family member!! They are also military/veteran friendly. Great customer service, great interactions, and you can interact with all the animals there as well! ???? If there’s a wait, they make sure to acknowledge you, and will treat you with the same respect. Given the current times great customer service rarely exceeds expectations. This place is the exception! I don’t mind the 30+ min drive, because I know I will be taking care of every time!

Krissy Sullivan

2 years ago

Okay, I have been looking for a pet shop like the one I had back in Texas. As soon as I walked in the store, I was overwhelmed with all the stuff they had! And the smell, well let's just say, that's how you know it's a REAL pet store. I was greeted with a bird. Signs said we could pet gently but not to pick up. Well, this baby bird just hopped right on me, up to my shoulder. I feel in love! The workers there were so sweet and didn't mind her staying there a while. Made my heart warm. I came looking for live feeders for my snakes. And they have everything I was looking for. I have found my forever pet store! Thank you for your kindness. I will be returning probably weekly.

Sarah M.

2 years ago

This place is wonderful. The animals are well cared for and friendly. The staff is polite and helpful. They selection of items is great as well. I try to only shop here whenever possible. Thank you everyone at Animal Atlanta for being awesome :)

Kelsey Henderson

2 years ago

Love the help and experience this place offers!

William Nicoletti

2 years ago

Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I buy seed and board my birds. My birds are happy there. The staff connects very well with my 2 parrots. They cut My parrots wings and nails. Very affordable. We love the owners. They are real pet lovers

Sarah Turner

2 years ago

I've only been once and they have great service! The staff was super sweet and helpful. They are well educated on their animals as well, I was looking to buy a bird and they helped direct me to a bird that could be right for me. I had a great time and it was very neat to see their variety of animals.

Dylan Wagner

2 years ago

They're always very polite, helpful, and knowledgeable. Will continue to come back.

Dorothy Sanders

2 years ago

Very awesome people and the Owners and employees are very friendly and knowledgeable.

Courtney Chambers

2 years ago

Thank you so much for your tips with my ball python! Shes eating well now thanks to you guys and your advice!

Billy CEO (Billyceo)

2 years ago

Update : they refunded me most of my funds so updated to 4 stars but my pain won’t go away my snake passed away today RIP LoKi sad experience great customer service

Patti Dobbs

2 years ago

Very slow and couldn't even find what I needed for 20 min , finally found it in their unorganized store. Was not pleased at all.

Sarah B

2 years ago

Staff is very helpful and knowledgeable

Things to know About autism

2 years ago

Amazing customer service the woman who works there is so nice and very helpful showed us around the shop and helped me pick my new Bird which I named Cody, prices are very affordable we got a dusty-headed Conure for only $500 and he was a baby I say that is a good deal all of their birds seem to be in good shape and they even had some rescue birds they get all their babies from breeders (except some of the rescues because I’m sure they probably don’t know where they came from) and raise them up to be sold I can tell they wanted to make sure that it went to a good home because they were showing us what we needed for the bird and made sure that we had all the right stuff also when you walk into the store there different types of baby birds to look at and some of them you can even interact with overall I rate this place could be a perfect pet shop and it was worth the 3 Hour Drive


2 years ago

Very interesting and friendly, felt kinda cramped.

Todd DeBert

2 years ago

Love these guys. Called ahead and they had plenty of Exoterra options in stock. Even reserved one for me. Worth the 90 minute drive. And support local!

Miss Meowington

2 years ago

Great stuff for your pets! You can really tell they care about the animals there!

jenny mccarty

2 years ago

The best place to get reptile food it's family owned and they are always super helpful. The animals in there are always very well taken care of.

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