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Sose Knows Best

2 years ago

I have found multiple animals in need that had been hit by cars and left to die and both cases happen to be when all the other vet clinics were closed, I’m thankful for the staff at the emergency vet care being open and willing to help whenever I bring these poor animals in for immediate care to end their suffering. I know the work is hard and most often heartbreaking ???? so I just wanted you all to know I appreciate everything y’all do there!

Morgan Estes

2 years ago

Wonderful, compassionate staff! If I ever need emergency care for my animals again, I will be coming back here. Would highly recommend them.

Stacey Harrison

2 years ago

They took great care of my dog! I hope I never need them again but if I do I will not hesitate to take my furbabies to them!!

LaShawnta Hodges

2 years ago


Krystal-Coach-Mom Garner

2 years ago

I called because my dog was attacked by another dog and needed wound care and possibly stitches. I was told it would cost approximately $300-$500! When I told her I could pay $200-$300 today and the rest this week, she basically told me they would not help my dog. Normally I would have that amount on my emergency card but we had another emergency two days ago. ( 3 kids ). But to let my dog suffer over money is CRAZY. I am in great standing with my vet and they have all my info. I’m highly upset. It’s not like I couldn’t pay anything. I understand they are a business. But in the animal business you have to care more about the animal.

Felicia Sanderson

2 years ago

I'm rating 5 stars due to Dr Jesse Leith. My precious Sugar didn't survive last night. We literally just laid her to rest. Tore my heart out to let her go. Sugar was 13yrs old had a severe heart murmur kidney stones and other health issues her whole life. Dr. Leith explained everything to me from arrival 7pm until 3:30 am. Sugar had no symptoms except refused food and wasn't acting like herself. His treatment plan was good but her little ❤ just couldn't rebound. I know he did his best for Sugar. I knew she was loosing the battle to live and so did he. Cost was considerable but Sugar was priceless to me. I'd hand over any amount if it would've saved her life. Rest in Peace Sweet Sugar. ❤.


2 years ago

Our puppy was having an anxiety attack! The nice lady at the front desk helped us and our puppy out! She made us feel very welcome and she calmed!

Nickiea M

2 years ago

I don't know where to start with this supposed pet emergency care. I will digress to say that the other 1- star reviews were very accurate when it came to them being unreliable, unprofessional, desperate for money, lack of communication, and a host other bad characteristcs that you shouldn't have to deal with when bringing an injured animal to get help. For some reason, the staff believe they can speak to people the way that they want to rudely without disregard that they are infact a business but purely lack the acumen to deal with people or matters of pet care. As I was told so boldly by one young something, there are 3 other emergency pet facilities and as smart as her mouth was, that was the smartest thing she said all night in our 6 hour wait. And I'm happy to say our beloved pet is doing much better without the aid of them trying to nickle and dime us every hour of the way. It was pathetic and they should be ashamed. Reading reviews are important. Take someone elses experience into consideration before you make the wrong choice and end up at this place.

Evie McCombs

2 years ago

If you can make it to Emergency Pet Care in Trussville they are AMAZING. We called on the way there on Sunday (after Anniston denied us over the phone saying the doctor was in surgery.) One of our dogs suffered a severe eye injury, but we knew she was stable enough to make the hour drive. A tech was waiting for us to pull up! They took her into emergency surgery immediately. The doctor came out while the tech was prepping her and talked with us about options. She was very sweet and sympathetic! Within 2 hours they finished the surgery, and Sugar was waking up. We got to bring her home that same day. They took such good, and timely, care of her! The best part about it all is they are VERY reasonable with costs. Wayyy more affordable than Anniston has ever been. Sugar is doing well, and we are thankful for the care she received at Emergency Pet Care! ????

Missy Ray

2 years ago

I can’t say enough praises for this facility. At a very critical time, for my cat, Tabitha, the Vet in charge, & all of the staff were so kind & compassionate. I thank you all so much.????

Miranda F

2 years ago

Staff was very helpful and caring towards my family's elderly cattle dog. They did testing and gave options for what to do next. When we decided that it would be best to humanely euthanize, they allowed us to be with her while it was done. We are very appreciative of them.

Shaunda Petrie

2 years ago

I just called them to help me with an animal our dog injured. It was a baby raccoon. I say was because it died while I was on the on the phone, while the woman I spoke to essentially called it vermin. I just needed them to help me figure out who to call. Instead, she hung up on me.

Falon Wesson

2 years ago

The receptionists and staff are extremely disrespectful. Also, they wouldn’t take out my pets IV and sent my dog home with one.. odd. They recommended for me to take my pet to another vet ( one that wasn’t an emergency , although the situation was defiantly an emergency ) & they were right, another vet was far more helpful . This place is awful. Also, they said we needed a cat scan (2,000$ was the price I was told) and most likely a 8,000$ surgery for a “fractured jaw”. The next day I went to my regular vet, who confirmed that no surgery was needed because there wasn’t “any possible way for his jaw to be broken” and that it was just a wound. Didnt even need stitches.

Cory O'Connor

2 years ago

I would leave 0 stars if it was available. Only came because it was the only vet open on Sunday. We filled the paperwork out and they said they would come get our dog in a little bit. Waited in the car for 2 and a half hours before we just left because they never came and got our dog.

Emily Frazier

2 years ago

Emergency Pet Care was there for us during one of the worst 24 hours of our lives. Our baby Mack Reese had previously been to our routine vet twice for hacking. He was sent home with steroids and antibiotics both times for allergies and a URI. After the second time, within 24 hours - he was literally drowning in his own fluid. I knew this was not just allergies and advised my father that we needed to take him in to Emergency Pet Care ASAP. Dr. Mayne confirmed that he had severe pulmonary edema caused by significant Congestive Heart Failure. We were blindsided and had no clue he was suffering from this. She was so warm and compassionate as we discussed options and outcomes. She allowed us to call and check on him as many times as we wanted. She was able to make him more comfortable on oxygen with Lasix to take the fluid off of his lungs as he stayed overnight . She also recommended a round of strong antibiotics to fight of any secondary infection that the fluid may have caused in his lungs. Unfortunately after an overnight stay, Dr. Leith believed our baby’s kidneys had started to shut down due to the lack of urine output despite being on the Lasix. He was 15 years old, and his body was just too weak to handle the strain of everything going on. Dr. Leith took to time to discuss options, and in the end told us that we had done everything that responsible pet owners could do - but that he believed the outcome looked grim for Mack. We had decided that we would give Mack until 5:00pm that afternoon and help him pass on, if there was no improvement at that time. But, I wanted to visit with him before then and make sure I was able to soak up our last bit of time together. Dr. Leith and Sam made this happen for me. I was able to go into the clinic and sit on the floor by his oxygen cage and pet him, tell him how much I loved him, and leave a T-shirt that smelled like me, so he would have it for the rest of the day. When the time came, my father and I were put into a room and Mack was brought in to us. We were able to spend some time with him, rain him with face kisses, positive affirmations, and love. Dr. Leith allowed me to hold him in my arms, directly to my heart, while he worked around me to administer the sedative and drug that would help him easily pass away. Our Mack passed in my arms, listening to my heartbeat - while being kissed, loved, and told how thankful we were for him and the joy he had brought us the past 15 years. I couldn’t have asked for a better passing for him, and I am so thankful for the compassion and love that Dr. Leith and Dr. Mayne showed us and our sweet boy. As painful as it was, it was the right choice to end his suffering, and I wouldn’t trade those last few moments with him for anything in the world. Emergency Pet Care gave us superior support, and the ultimate gift of being able to say goodbye to our baby in an honorable and respectful way. They even gave us a bag where we could take him home and bury him right in his favorite spot of the yard. They did everything they could for us medically, financially, and emotionally - and there are not enough amazing things I can say about these people! You can tell they are called to help animals, and that they love what they do. Thank you ALL for the love and compassion you showed the entire Reese family!

Witchy Tea Time

2 years ago

I cannot stand this place- we've had to take different pets there on different occasions because usually they're the only ones open on Sundays or past 12 or so. Each time they have shown no empathy and have not helped in the slightest. If I can help it, I'd recommend avoiding them.

Airona Sneath

2 years ago

The lack of communication within the office was staggering. No one seemed to be on top of anything and there appeared to be zero communication between staff.. Rather than admit our baby there, we opted to get what was necessary in the immediate (which I had to repeat a few different times as they didn't seem to understand what I was saying) and then beg our vet and techs to take our baby on, despite them being closed at that time. Thank goodness our vet and the techs where we go are amazing and took our baby in same day. Just from the disorganization and the lack of communication, I wouldn't have trusted this emergency clinic to treat a wet towel, let alone a live animal.

Jessica Mathews

2 years ago

We took our cat for a blocked bladder. This was the second time this had happened so we thought we knew what to expect. First Time happened during regular vet hours so we took him to his regular vet. As pets do -with the second time he waited exactly one hour after they closed to block. So we took him to Emergency Pet care as they are right down the road and had done amazing with our dog the one time we had needed to go before. Everything seemed fine and well until it was pickup time. The lack of communication was *astounding*. They gave us our poor cat with an IV and catheter still in, the iv had duct tape holding it together. Peter was sedated but looked dead which is unnerving when you think you are going to pick up a happy healthy kitty. A large amount of medicine one of which needed to be administered via a needled syringe (we are not vet techs). Apparently we were just supposed to know That we would need to continue his care at his regular vet when they opened on Monday. We also found out at pickup (not when I called Sunday for an update which would have been a great time to let us know) that he also had tapeworms. (A common issue in cats but not one we knew was an issue as he doesn’t have a visible flea problem). Thankfully our regular vet was open at 6:30 on a Monday morning for us to immediately take him in and drop him off. We dropped him off around 4:00 on Saturday, but a catheter wasn’t inserted until Sunday (which was communicated to us by our regular vet, not Emergency Care). I can’t say we will ever return purely based on the lack of communication.

Karen Carroll

3 years ago

I cannot say enough good things about Emergency Pet Care! I unfortunately have had to bring my pet in on multiple occasions. The doctors always discuss their findings and then a technician comes and speaks to me about their treatment plan and cost. Sometimes there is a wait time, but they are there for emergencies and the sicker pets are seen first (which I totally understand). I have always been pleased with their service and how they treat my Sammie. Will highly recommend.

Tara Grier

3 years ago

I called ahead with a possible snake bite. My dog was shutting down it was so bad. Was told to call when entering parking lot. Was then told a lot of people have come in since I called and we would have to wait in the car. Don’t see the …

Karre Self

3 years ago

The Drs and Vet Techs at Emergency Pet Care are some of the finest people around. They all have such love and compassion for all animals. Highly-qualified and highly recommend. Thank you for all you do to take care of our babies.

Kyndal Herring

3 years ago

So thankful for the promptness, kindness and professionalism shown by Dr. Buird, Sam, Kelsey, and others when our dog was attacked and needed immediate attention. I can’t thank them enough!

Rose H.

3 years ago

This staff was so, so kind and patient with us when our beloved Bo passed away. They gave us all the time we needed to say our goodbyes and couldn’t have been any more courteous. The office cat even came into the room to check on us. We were at peace when we left.

Scott Mitchell

3 years ago

Very good place to take your pet to die! Mrs k mis diagnosed my puppy and charged me 700 dollars she seems like she is not very intelligent when dealing with pets. Oh and don't be surprised if she tells you you should have brought him back!

Vicki Meeks

3 years ago

There is never a good time for an emergency especially during COVID and the holidays... but I’m so thankful to have this group of professionals close to me. My fur baby got attacked by a neighborhood stray and I was frantic and of course in between paychecks. On the phone they gave me a lot of info upfront about what to expect when I arrived. They took my pup back and the dr called me after they assessed by baby who needed to be hospitalized for the weekend. I had no money budgeted for this so the lady came out to my car to help me with financing options with care credit and for that I am so thankful. After a long recovery my baby is back home and hopefully I won’t need them again but they will be my first choice if I do. I can’t thank them enough for everything

wayne linnear

3 years ago

My 5 year Rottweiler has been going to a vet for a couple of month for severe allergies. Eventually he got worst and his limbs began to swell. I took him to Emergency Pet Care and they diagnosed …

Victoria Goble

3 years ago

Horrible service was told it would cost us 1500 for them to just do X-rays, sedate, etc. They did absolutely nothing for my dog. DO NOT TAKE YOUR ANIMAL HERE.

Sheree Dean

3 years ago

Our dog had a terrible gash that needed stitches. While shaving her the burned her with the clippers and we had to take her to a different vet less than 24 hours later due to the burn. Our poor girl was traumatized from whatever they did to her.

Tyler Hill

3 years ago

I’m at BEYOND grateful for Dr. Mayne and the staff of Emergency Pet Care! I have a 9 year old Doberman that was unfortunately suffering from bloat one evening. I immediately rushed him in once I started recognizing the signs. Upon arrival, …

Kalah Carter

3 years ago

My 2 year old Black Lab, Gracie, got my son’s inhaler off the kitchen table and chewed it up. She came into my room and threw up....a lot! I knew right then something was wrong. I started looking around the house and found the inhaler with teeth marks in it. I panicked!! I have never had to use an emergency vet so I was freaking out on who to call. Well, thank goodness I came across Trussville Emergency Vet. I took Gracie up there around 10:30, they checked me in and immediately took us back. The vet and vet tech were absolutely amazing!! The vet tech let Gracie stay in the break room with her all night long and watch Netflix. They took about $1,500-2,000 off of my bill. They treated Gracie like absolute royalty. She was monitored overnight and had to get potassium injections (I think that’s what it was) because albuterol weakens that and they monitored her heart rate all night because the medicine increased it tremendously. I went back and got her at 7 a.m. and she was so content and could tell they were very sweet to her. If I ever have to go back I will not go anywhere but Trussville Emergency Vet. The best Emergency Vet around!!

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