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Blank Blank

2 years ago

Absolutely love banfield! If it weren't for them we would have lost our dog. Thankfully they listen and know what they are doing. We have seen/dealt with a few different vets here, and they are all so wonderful, and care about the animals so much!

Jack Urbani

2 years ago

Took my dog in for shots. After picking her up. The receipt had a full list of shots it supposedly got with a hefty price to match. I took her to real vet recently only to find out she only received he rabies shot. The list does not match the list at the back where any shots given had a stamp. They use deceptive practices like this. TAKE YOUR DOGS TO A REAL VET! I called the BBB

Sheila Miner

2 years ago

Employees not working should leave the store. Hanging around the store is not a good look. I got push back from an employee who told me him "not on the clock". So, asking for a manager I found that there were several managers. One was kind enough to help me. Gathering around registers when not working does not help the business AND confuses the customer.

Christine Hotham

2 years ago

Very caring and took Very good care of Sami and Chippy

Lilly Gray

2 years ago

Very friendly and very good with my little one

Sierra Ferguson

2 years ago

This is crazy. I made an appointment maybe a week ago regarding scheduling an appt for my dog for booster and a checkup on her previous infection. The appointment was scheduled for today Monday Nov 15. I get a call Saturday morning (Nov 13) asking me if I could reschedule my appointment to Tuesday and I simply declined to reschedule my appt. Then today Monday Nov 15 an hour before leaving for my 10am appt (which I have to drive an hour for) I get a call asking me if I would reschedule for a different date because they are down a doctor. This is very unacceptable. You guys already called me to reschedule two days ago in which I’m pretty sure you knew already you were going t be down a doctor that’s why you called. I simply declined again to reschedule because my dog’s infection is important as well as I can’t keep rescheduling boosters because of you guy’s inconvenience then my dog’s shots will be invalid and then she’ll have to get shots/boosters again. Banfield needs to get it together.ALL OF THEM OVER THE US

James Calfee

2 years ago

They always take excellent care of my boy my only complaint is that occasionally when he gets back he'll have a little spot on his nose probably from rubbing it against the cage he was kept in until we come to get him but it's never been a big deal. He does not seem bothered. It's just me being an overprotective pet parent still big fan of Banfield and will still continue to bring my boy here.

Kimi Wickham

2 years ago

Very unhappy with the service I've received on 09/23/2021. Dropped my dog and cat off in the morning and came back around 12:30 and was told they haven't been seen and won't be ready till after 4. I got them back and had no one come out to …

Lori Seasholtz

2 years ago

Won't take my baby anywhere else

Heather Carr Kimmons

2 years ago

Loving caring staff for your sweet fur baby!

A Year to Volunteer

2 years ago

Our pup Domino needed a check up and some immunizations and we dropped him off at this location at 7:45 AM and were able to pick him back up at noon. The staff was friendly and they took great care of him. We love using Banfield because we live full-time in our RV and so having access to care nationwide without having to drag paper records is super beneficial for us. I would certainly recommend a wellness plan and Banfield Pet Hospital. They have worked great for us!

John Stefanik

2 years ago

This is some of the best veterinary services I have ever seen. I would highly recommend Banfield if you want quality care for your pets.

David Jordan

2 years ago

Two year user of Banfield’s wellness program. Scheduled drop off appointment for our dog for this previous Saturday. We were slightly nervous due to it being our pups first time under anesthesia (he was having his dental cleaning done) staff even offered to trim his nails while he was asleep. We had to drop him off by 7:15 and were told that we would receive a phone call when his appointment was finished and he was finished being observed after the anesthesia. 5pm closing time rolled around and we’d yet to receive a call so we went for pick up. Long story short: he was in a cage from 7:15 til almost 5pm while never being let out to use the restroom the way he is trained to do. When his nails were cut, they were cut far past the quick and we have been experiencing bleeds for the past two days. When asked about not receiving a phone call the clerk, Zach, tried to explain to me that a plug next to the anesthesia area started throwing sparks and the fire department had to be called and that they suggested shutting down the electricity. Not only does that have nothing to do with not receiving a call when service was done but it makes me worry even more about animals being put in care near faulty equipment. When asked about him being let out of the kennel during that long period of time, it was explained to me by Zach that they are only let out for bathroom if the vet is needing a sample and not properly taken care of in that environment. The vet did not take the time to speak to us about the visit and despite being promised a follow up call the following Monday, we have yet to receive any correspondence from the vet. We did not even get our dogs paperwork back from the vet visit until I was forced to reach and ask for it via phone. We will never bring our dog into this place again. They are unprofessional, undereducated, unreliable and entirely negligent to basic animal needs. This is a corporate entity who stacks up their entire caseload by offering a cheap wellness plan and rushes through their responsibilities because they either don’t have enough help, or the help they have is so entrenched in their complacency that they’ve decided not to care about the animals brought in to them. Either way, they’ll hand you the number to their corporate headquarters without taking responsibility and suggest you take an hour out of your day to sit on hold while others that are experiencing the same issues lambast the office with requests that will never be fulfilled.

Monica Robinson

2 years ago

Love the doctors and staff at this location. Very nice and focused on what we need. I take all of my critters here.

A Heart Beat

2 years ago

I really like the vet here because she is very thorough with her exams. She goes out of her way! I highly recommend this vet and staff. The staff is very friendly, nice, and helpful!

robert mckee

2 years ago

Advertised have low prices, but actual cost 4 times the same work did at another vet. Then they didn't want to give me change citing coin shortage. When I complained wouldn't let me see the manager. Complained to corporate website. Manager calls me 6 days later tries to blame me for what happened says my language was bad, which was a lie. Then she lied to me about the manager no being there. Stay clear of them!

Brian Busch

2 years ago

We have 3 babies. They always take care of them with great experience

J Howard (MrsGoodwrench)

2 years ago

The staff here is so sweet and caring. We had to put our 9yo Chocolate Lab down due to a massive tumor on his liver. The team that was by our side for the whole process was so genuine. I was crying on the office floor and they comforted me during one of the most difficult days of my life. I had Cannon cremated, but before that they made an imprint of his paw for me. And the urn they offer is simple yet beautiful. Today my family received a sympathy card from them, hand signed by their amazing team. So, thank you to all of you there. You are forever in our hearts for the compassion that you showed. ♥????

Edward Holley

3 years ago

It is super convenient. I could drop my dog off and he could get everything he needed taken care of. Any other time he needed to be looked at for any reason I would call them they'd have me bring him in to be checked out.

Sharon Foust-Mills (Sharon)

3 years ago

Had to take our dog to be euthanized. They were kind. I don't understand why I was quoted $121 on the phone but then charged $199? Would rate 5 if I had not been overcharged.

Alex Most

3 years ago

All the girls were nice & helpful. We were given all the options & prices upfront & given time to decide what we thought was best.

Nikki Stevens

3 years ago

Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. Genuinely cared for my sick kitten and was able to get him back on the mend. Prices are comparable to most stand alone vet clinics in town and they offer several wellness plans that make yearly care of your pets more affordable and convenient.

Lindsey Howard

3 years ago

This place as a whole is pretty expensive compared to others but I did know that my puppy was safe. During covid times, I did have to drop her off and come back an hour and half later but the vet techs did keep me updated and were very thorough!

Liza Ragsdale

3 years ago

We like the doctor very much but the staff, not really. Communication is disconnected. The voicemail says they close at 6pm due to COVID but actually they close at 7pm. When I tried to return their call during business hours, well I got the voicemail saying call back during business hours. Maybe they are understaffed.

Martina Joseph

3 years ago

We have been taking our baby to Banfield ever since she was a baby (2018), but here lately the service has gone downhill. I have always been present when the vets have seen her, but having to drop her off has been traumatizing. I dropped …

Nathon Geri

3 years ago

Unless you want to drop 4 grand at the emergency vet, worry about your dog all night and deal with attitude dont visit or use this place for your animals spay or neuter. They did a god awful job stitching and Frankensteined our dogs staples. And told us it's our fault because the dog was overactive. Working from home gives me the ability to keep my dog under wraps, the craziest she got was taking a pee, but somehow ended up with a hernia and busted incision twice. I have owned many pets before and this is a first. There are so many great vets in pensacola, but this isnt one of them. Please proceed with caution. The attitude was tolerable at first, but after this last incident I'm over it. Dont expect a caring vet who will go above and beyond for your fur family. ????????????


3 years ago

I would not recommend this specific banfield hospital. I've always taken pets to a banfield but recently canceled my membership because of this location. I do not drop my pets off. Apparently that is the only option right now even though the store is open. That makes no sense. I also found it to be dirty and it took almost a month to get appointments for my dogs when they weren't having the restrictions so I'll be taking my pets elsewhere. The one in Miami was fantastic and I could always get my pets seen the same week and even same day if i really needed to. They never made me drop my pets off and were always happy to work with my schedule.

Tattoo Sammy

3 years ago

I’ve been using this company for over four years since my dog was adopted from the Humane Society. For the last several months I have not been able to take my dog in due tou there new methods of handling patients and my dogs severe anxiety. I called today 3 times after opening to finally receive someone on the other end. I was then explained for a second time I would have to leave my beloved pet for up to six hours depending on who shows up that day. Then the receptionist informed me that they could get me in in five days. Also said that I should go find a emergency vet since his ear should be looked at ASAP. I didn’t realize I was paying $30 a month for over four years to have to find another vet to care for my pet. Also came to the realization that they’re so busy that they can’t care for the patients that they have.That is my fault and I’ll save money and take my business to someone else more capable.

Leopoldo Hernandez Vargas

3 years ago

Yeah my cat love their food. When he finish he go to sleep in my socks drawers

Rylea Birrenkott

3 years ago

Made an appt through the app. People are friendly but the wait is long

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