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Brent Nance

2 years ago

The workers were very friendly and helpful


2 years ago

An employee approached me because I was needing help, found the product I was looking for, then found that it was cheaper on and got me the same price in the store.

Sebastian Jackson

2 years ago

Excellent customer service! The store is clean and well lit. Unfortunately they had sold out of what I was looking for, but the staff were cordial and accommodating.

Jade White

2 years ago

Staff here are so helpful

Shelley Savage

2 years ago

Excellent deals, saved $22. Store had what we needed Cashier was pleasant and helpful.

Todd Ferris

2 years ago

Store is clean and organized.

Shantay Cloud

2 years ago

Tiny store but the customer service is always great. Jacob is amazing!

Monique Johnson

2 years ago

Josh was helpful and friendly!

lakeshia dash

2 years ago

I have made an appointment for my Bichon to get groomed on several occasions with Ashley. She is always canceling appointments at the last minute when your dog has been on the schedule for months. This is ridiculous. I will Not be Returning to This location. The management team needs To hire a reliable grooming staff.

Marjorie Thomas

2 years ago

Let me first say that the service was great. Aimee the cashier was super nice and helpful. What concerned me was that I found some cold medicine for my cat on their website for $6.79. I could purchase it online for pick up in store. I decided to just go to the store just in case I wanted to get some other items. I found the medicine and the price in store is labeled $17.99. I take it to the cashier and it rings up as $17.99, $19.00 with tax. I tell her and show her where is $6.79 online and she says no problem and gave it to me for that price. I can’t help but wonder if I hadn’t checked online first I would have over payed a lot. I saw several other times priced the same way.

Kali West Coast Swag

2 years ago

Always have everything I need all pets are happy and great customer service love this location

Neda Michell

2 years ago

Nice selection of small pets. The staff is really courteous and helpful!

The Harvesters

2 years ago

Staff very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable!

Cindy Strong

2 years ago

The young lady that waited on me was very nice and knowledgeable. She helped me make good decisions to set up a new aquarium. Even though we were very rudely interupted by another customer that apparently just couldn't wait another second, she kept her cool and was quickly back to me. I wish I had gotten her name, but cudos to her! I think my aquarium looks great, thanks for her help.

Eva Popek

2 years ago

Great selection, clean, great employees, always very friendly and helpful

Jennifer Maichel

2 years ago

An associate found the type of probiotics that I was looking for and held it for me to pick up as it was the only one left. Very nice employees, great prices, overall an excellent store!

Melissa Knight

2 years ago

I'm so sorry I did not get the cashier's name that assisted me at the front of the store. Her customer service skills is the reason for the 10 and the reason, I would return. She is the epitome of what customer service should be. Amazing attitude and projected a true desire to be there and be of assistance. So sorry I did not get her name because she most definitely deserves recognition!

Wayne McDonell

2 years ago

The animals looked happy... even the mice. Apparently they can't read the sign below their habitat! Click photo to see why. Then click ????????????

Mikelyn Willis

2 years ago

Allison, was one of a kind. She was your true definition of how a store employee should treat customers. My boyfriend and I decided to grab our first fish tank at the new place. Allison was very patient and knowledgeable of everything we needed to purchase. Also, she offered to share if we needed any additional assistance or concern after our visit, we could come back. She’s a great asset to the team! Thank you Allison, you ROCK!!

Dana hairROX

2 years ago

Finally got our kibble (Rotal Canin) in stock.

Derby Downs

2 years ago

First time I've ever been in one and I enjoyed myself. I went with my sister to have her aquarium water tested before she added her fish and they were very informative. If you're interested in add a pet to your household every Saturday and Sunday, pets (cats and dogs) are brought to be adopted. Almost made me get a pet, lol.

Diana Bailey

2 years ago

very helpful when I needed help. Return and replacement was to my satisfaction

Kassidie Kittle

2 years ago

Well they didn't had one item

Marissa Beery

2 years ago

Super clean! Quite a few dogs for adoption!! And cats.

Nico Pierini

3 years ago

I love it, it's clean, place smells good. The fish section it's in perfect condition (fresh and salt water). No dead fish in any tank, all the tanks clean. I was just happy with this place. I will keep visiting this store. Good Job. ????

Rebekah McAllister

3 years ago

I am very happy that I can get the instinct raw cat food at Petco. Some of the other stores run out a lot. Thank you

Tuylur Ellerbee

3 years ago

To say that this place has an amazing customer service doesn't do it enough Justice. Everyone that I've talked to in the store has a enormous Love of animals, but not only that they're very knowledgeable about them and able to help you in any way you need ☺️ They have everything you need AND on top of that all their animals actually look healthy ❤️

Trevisha Taylor

3 years ago

The representative was very knowledgeable

Amy R

3 years ago

This store always has the best inventory, everything is always clean and organized. They also have the best selection of fish and small animals. Most of my shopping is at Petco, not only for new pets but also supplies needed to care for them. Could not pick a better store

Lexia and dream

3 years ago

They are extremely unprofessional I went to get my dog groomed I wait over a hour before I made the choice to go check on my dog and see if he was ready just for them to tell me that the groomer was sick and running back and forth to throw up which is unacceptable because it’s COVID 19 and she is showing symptoms she should have been sent home immediately and someone should have reached out to me to let me know that the groomer was sick way before having me wait 1 hour I then ask the manager if there is anything they can do she said no which is very unprofessional when you have wasted over a hour of a customer’s time I’m so disappointed in petco. I will be calling the store manager and see if he can help with this issue. Update: I did speak with the store manager he was helpful .

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