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Annette Harrison Hogan

2 years ago

On 11/5/21 i took my dog to Eastmont was given antibiotics for gum infection and sent home without knowing that today 11/28/21 I would learn that my dog is in stage 5 heart disease. I wish my baby didn't have to suffer for me to find out how sick she really is. Thank you Banfield for finding out

Jess Ayala Tebbe

2 years ago

They really care for the animals and they make sure you understand everything they do by far one of the best ones I have been and we are military so we have seen quite a few banfields for about 13 yrs. They always go above and beyond

Kenya Nunn

2 years ago

My dog Nemo has been a patient at Bandfield since 2013. They have great service. Never had an issue with quality pet care. The doctor will call and update medical treatments so there are no suprises. Top knotch five star rating from me.


2 years ago

I got my puppy his Optimum Wellness Plan under Banfield Pet Hospital, where we pay a monthly bill around $50+.. But everything is included, even his (neuter procedure).. Sometimes, our supposed to be bill will come up to more than $300+ and we don't pay anything, because everything is included in the wellness plan. We can go and schedule for visit whenever we want to and we get updates whenever our puppy is due for a booster, vaccine.. etc.. They even check-up ans call the next day, just to know if our puppy is doing well after his vaccination. Everyone her is so accomodating, they explaim home meds. very well.. they give you receipts ans documentations of all the things that they do for your pet, every visit. The grooming area is just beside the hospital and technically it is located inside pet smart, so you can just grab your pet supplies right after. In my opinion, the entire team is doing a really great job! I only trust them when it comes to my puppy/baby.

Mike Barker

2 years ago

They are so amazing with my dog Scarlett and our new kitten Sabrina! The staff here is just the absolute best!!!

J Johnson

2 years ago

Beyond frustrated with appointment policy. We are on the wellness plan, so I cannot switch vets without throwing that money down the toilet. Otherwise I would change in a heartbeat. They are using coronavirus as an excuse to do everything at their own convenience rather than taking into account the needs and wellness of the pets themselves. They make you bring your pet in in the morning and leave it like some sort of work order or car to be worked on when they feel like it and then picked up much later. This is needlessly traumatizing to my cat who hates to be at the vet. It has been over two hours now and still waiting for the vet to even look at the cat. I’m so angry I could cry.

Robert Foster

2 years ago

Great place to take your pets super friendly and helpful

Nicole Etheridge

3 years ago

I highly recommend the puppy plan and Dr Randall and of course the staff there is great they all love animals and that's what matters

Ben Cooper

3 years ago

The pet plans are well worth the value. There are also plenty of locations if you happen to be traveling.

william miller

3 years ago

It is with a very heavy heart that I am leaving Bainfield after 9 1/2 years . My sweet little Chihuahua Sir William “Tinker” knows all the staff which are wounderful and he has the best Doctor in the world . They are always talking about how sweet he is . Two years ago Sir William and I moved to Lake Martin and as we both have continued to age it has just got to be to much to drive into Montgomery for his checkups and visits so we have found a clinic here in Dadeville . I must tell everyone this , in the 9 1/5 years of his wellness program and getting his shots on time Sir William has never been sick one day in that 9 1/5 years that is awesome !! Thank you to all the women and men that have touch our life’s the last 9 1/5 years .

Tammy Harsha

3 years ago

The staff is so nice. And they tell you how much everything is up front so no surprises.


3 years ago

My great dane puppy was in pain and they were able to see him right away rough housing with older sister he got hurt they took great care of him. Very thankful for the Vet, vet techs front desk. All were thoughtful and very professional

carl stokes

3 years ago

Do not let these people talk you into any of their monthly health plans. It is an absolute joke. They say you get a major discount on all services, what they don't tell you is that they are 3 times more expensive and most of the local vets. Then every time I took my dog in there was always some upcharge. I will never be going back in there and will be making sure all my friends do the same. Many of the reviews say they are very nice ... and that is true... people can be nice to you while they screw you.

russell barrow

3 years ago

A very good place for your doggy

raven mayhan

3 years ago

Most amazing vet facility ever! Staff went above and beyond with our dog. The vet called and checked on him twice after we had left the vet. Very caring people. I would highly recommend this vet facility.

Ralph Griffith

3 years ago

an excellent place to go to the veterinarian is very very well-mannered very knowledgeable and he took care of a pet dog Charlie he could a tumor off very very well done office Towne and Charlie is healed up within a week would recommend to anyone if you love your pet this is the veterinarian for you!!!

Kathrine Barker

3 years ago

Great staff! Always helpful. I was a member of their dog health plan, but I recently moved to an area without a banfield location. I'm really sad to have left their services...

Judy Broach

3 years ago

I have used Dr. Randle for 2 or 3 years. She has been excellent with my babies. I have used Banfield’s wellness plans and have no complaints. Without the plan, the prices are high. You get a lot for your money with the plans and best of all I get Dr. Randle. The staff is also very friendly and caring. My only “complaint” is because of COVID-19, I have to drop off. I have never liked to leave my babies. As a nurse, I understand.

Camelia Edwards

3 years ago

Nice and friendly environment. I love how Dr. Pervett take great care of the animals

Brianna Moore

3 years ago

Friendly and very knowledgeable staff! They always take care of my pets when I visit and call to check up on them when yo leave. They are local, convenient, and get you in a out in a timely manner. Pictured is my guinea pig Reese being treated here. He was calm and trusting with them so that was a good sign! Love this place and their employees ❤

Yanis Calderon

3 years ago

I took my dog ​​and he told me that it was not serious and then he told me if there was a lack of commitment to the animals and they sent me to the emergency room and he died

Gabbie M

4 years ago

This is a wonderful Banfield that you can take your pet to. Excellent staff and they really take the time to address any concerns regarding your pet. The wellness plan definitely does help cut down some of the cost of services.

Gretchen Perry

4 years ago

Madeline is the best to work with. She treats the pups like her own. She is knowledgeable and caring

J Girl Chill

4 years ago

The doctors and nurses are super nice. The have a wonderful insurance plan, as well. They really help with the worries that come with getting a new pet.

Marlene Rogers

4 years ago

They took very good care of my dog, Daisy.


4 years ago

Very upset. I took my dog in for a surgery and check up in July. While I was there, they talked me into the monthly wellness plan for my dog. So I chose the $39.95 option. Not ONCE did they tell me it was some sort of contract that I had to fulfill for a year. Not once did anyone tell me I had to pay $39.95 for an entire year, and if I wanted out, that I had to pay the remaining amount. Are you kidding me? I'm cancelling my plan because my dog doesn't need it and I can't afford it. They even told me I could cancel it at any time if I pleased, not once telling me it would charge me for the remaining months. Now I'm stuck with paying the rest of the $480 when I do not want to, and do not need the service. I JUST switched to Banfield too when this happened. Looks like I'll be looking for another vet since they clearly can not be honest and tell me the IMPORTANT information we would need to know. Just sucking money out of you is all it is.

patty rovnyak

5 years ago

I took my dog to the vet this afternoon. He had been to the vet two weeks because he had a couple seizures and they thought he had epilepsy and put him on medication. Last night I noticed his belly was turning black in some places. So I took him back in. We saw a different vet. She took a look at the black spot and said she didn’t know what it was, went to see if it could be a side effect from medication. She came back and said no but she said she still didn’t know what was causing the blackness but wasn’t concerned and then spent 20 minutes trying to convince us to buy their wellness plan. So I ended up spending $40 for a sales pitch. Vet could careless about what was wrong with my dog.

Bryan Whitefield

5 years ago

Just visited Banfield Pet Hospital, and it was amazing. Visited this clinic to have my puppy Roger vaccinated. It went well. Everything was fine. The service though is what it makes amazing. I mean the receiving clerk was very well hands on all the time. From the check in to when we leave. 5 stars for that effort. My puppy was not even stressed for a little bit. The doctor was very skilled. He really knows what he was doing. The doctor even go for an extra mile by giving some advice on what to feed my puppy and what to not. This will be my first time to raise a dog actually. Yay. Will really go back here to Banfield Pet Hospital for Roger's updated vaccine. 5 stars for the service. Stay great.

David Clark

5 years ago

The staff were so friendly and helpful with getting paperwork and checkup for our dog while we’re evacuating from hurricane Michael! Hey were able to get her shot records even with our other location off line. Thanks so much!


5 years ago

They treated us great and stayed after hours to help our doggy

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