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Jason John Cruz

2 years ago

Coming here i have a deeper love, respect all the dogs here just want to be loved adopted, when you adopt a dog love him

Lisa Wiggins

2 years ago

No kill shelter. I've been wanting a couple of kittens for a while, so I went here. Very happy with my decision. Friendly staff.

Jim Bro

2 years ago

Why are our tax dollars going to this place? They do not do their job. When you call about dogs running through the neighborhood killing cats, goats and other dogs, they never show up. Now they are closed on Wednesday. You also get the 3rd degree dropping off a stray.

Debra Brier

2 years ago

Good place for all animals

Dianne Anderson

2 years ago

I went in to find a dog in the shelter.....

Kate Scott

2 years ago

I called on Wednesday explaining my situation. Was promised help, just needed to bring the animals in on Friday. On Friday, I get there and they are closed for training. On their fb page, it states they posted AFTER that phone call, they are closed on Friday (discovered this after arriving.) When I arrive, I'm called a C@#t and a Karen as I am reaching out for help. I asked if they can point me in the direction of some place that can help, and she laughed at me and said 'nope.' When I called the number on the door, I'm told this is my problem, and that if I leave the animals there, it's considered illegal abandonment. Unhelpful, rude, and cruel people. Avoid at all costs.

Pamela Rabon

2 years ago

Awesome place. Check out all the animals. So many need fur-ever homes. We adopted 3. Check them out.

T Newma

2 years ago

Came here looking for a cat we took in recently that went missing. The staff on duty here were super helpful! It's hard for me to come to places like this because I want to leave with every pet I come across. I would encourage everyone to come here and adopt! These little buddies need homes. God bless the ones who care for, and love the animals of this world????.

tia moore

2 years ago

Very nice facility and friendly staff.

Angela Maxwell

2 years ago

They do a great job under difficult circumstances with limited finances. Did not find the perfect buddy for our older dog yet. We'll be back and keep looking. Donated to help. The community could do so much more to help. Wish everyone realized how much they do.

Devin Park

2 years ago

I frequently foster for other organizations in the area and have adopted a few dogs as well. I recently had two of my dogs illegally surrendered to the shelter by someone who had no right to do so. I saw that they were posted on the shelters website and called to gather more information on how I could get them back. Vickie that I spoke with was EXTREMELY rude. Quite frankly one of the rudest individuals I have ever encountered. She was unwilling to provide me any information and instead laughed at me and said I could “try to plead my case” to the shelter supervisor but that she didn’t want to hear it. She stated I had no business asking about them and that it sucked for me. It seemed as if I was more of a bother than anything. For an agency who claims to care about their animals, they sure have chosen an awful person to be the face of their organization. It is no wonder this shelter has a difficult time with finding animals homes as the very first person you speak with. Could care less about customer service or even the animals. As long as Vickie is working at this place, I will never bother coming back to it again. I will continue fostering and adopting through other organizations instead.


2 years ago

Difficult to physically get into the place, but the staff were very helpful. The techs were very kind taking in a stray kitty we had found.

Katherin Fleming

2 years ago

Went to SRCAC and added a new addition to our home. Little Richard was only 10$! The facility is clean and all of the animals were well cared for. More kittens than I could imagine. My new baby is neutered and has his shots. Made a donation for sure to help this amazing place!

Mark Cooper

2 years ago

I am a disabled veteran. I went and adopted a dog to assist me with my PTSD, anxiety, and other social issues. Even though it should have been evident by the fact that I walk with a cane and my left arm doesn't work very well, I informed the staff of my issues and intentions when I picked a dog. I was assured that the dog I picked was perfect. This turned out to be a bold face lie. As the dog I picked has serious behavioral issues, that the shelter knew about, as the dog had been returned multiple times previously. I have since incurred several broken bones and about $1500 damage to my house because I lacked the strength to control the dog and he is untrainable. When I called the shelter about this I was told that the dog is now mine, and so is the problem, and that I could not return the dog.

Tanya Sanchez

2 years ago

The desk person..was awful. Dropped off two stray cats...she said I had to show a post saying I had tried to re-home them.( you do not, though I had tried that first). She tried to claim leaving them elsewhere would be abandonment and illegal ( stray cats...not illegal to relocate them, especially when they were in danger where they are). Just all around nasty. And WAY overstepping her authority. The rest of the staff was nice..and they did take the that earned 2 stars.

HumbleFish & Reef

2 years ago

I trapped a feral cat that keeps having kittens in our yard, and wanted to bring her to the shelter after reading about the Trap-Neuter-Return program. I was told the Trap-Neuter-Return program is out of money, and just to let her go. So, she will just continue to have kittens and contribute to the out of control feral cat population in our neighborhood. Santa Rosa County is allowing new homes to be built exponentially right now, and each new house built means more property tax for the county. If the county cannot even properly fund its animal shelter, where is all of the money going to? What is the point of even having an animal shelter here??

Rory Chapman

2 years ago

It was a very sad day but thank you again Santa Rosa County animal shelter for your care and concern

Jennifer Hughes

2 years ago

The people at shelter are fantastic, very caring, extremely helpful. Thank you for your help

Roxanne M

2 years ago

Rachel is the BEST!!!! So helpful and kind!

jackie horton

2 years ago

I would give them a big fat zero if I could I've been trying to get them to take one stray cat for the last year now one stray cat is like 20 I tried to take seven orphan kittens in and they refuse to take them tell me well just have a seat and 2 hours and 45 minutes later told me I have two choices either I fostered them or cut them loose they wasn't even old enough to take care of their selves I have a tip for you I don't get funding to take care of orphan kittens and stray cats you all do so do your job

Jill Schlegel

2 years ago

I have the most difficult dogs ever, basically they're all criminals that have been picked up and hauled off to dog jail. They however make our family happy and we wouldn't be devastated if we lost any of them. The officers as well as the staff have been amazing, extremely kind and understanding. They've done more to help me fix the issues I was having then I could have ever thought they would. When they pick up 3 of your dogs in less than a month and 1 of them more than once, it has to be frustrating. They was kind every time, offered me suggestions and contacted me to let me know they got out. They worked with me instead if making my situation more difficult. Best Jail for Dogs ever!

Richard Sonnier

2 years ago

Kind and caring staff. They are truly underappreciated in this town

Nicholas Brandenburg

2 years ago

Booked an appointment and they still wouldn't see us.

Astrie Wheelis

2 years ago

We had a dog that we found we wanted to keep him but didnt have room for him

Lauren Benoit

2 years ago

The lady at the front desk is honestly a horrible person. She has no compassion or care for anyone’s situations. She instantly treats you like you’re a terrible person when you are unable to take care of animals and have to bring them in. My aunt is 75 and my grandmother is 95 and they can’t keep up with two kittens. These kittens live in a nasty home because my aunt and grandmother are too old to take care of them. We have gotten these kittens fixed and vaccinated to make their job easier and to help them find their forever homes. We are already so heartbroken over this and the heartless woman up front just rubs salt in the wounds. She should be ashamed of herself.

Michael Lowe (Max Wolf)

2 years ago

A very caring staff and a nice facility.

Cheryl Stewart

2 years ago

I am fostering a dog for the Santa Rosa county animal shelter and they're absolutely wonderful he had a leg amputated and they needed someone to help so I volunteered because I used to work in a Veterinary office they are doing a wonderful job finding homes and Foster homes for these animals and I think everyone should consider helping

Michelle Hawthorne

2 years ago

I get kittens dumped off at my house every spring, this year it was a pregnant cat, one day later she had 10 kittens. I took care of her and the kittens four 4 or 5 weeks. They would not take them because I was now their care taker. I should have just lied to them I guess. But no I told the truth and because of that I have to figure out what to do with a momma and ten kittens

Shawn Byron

3 years ago

They found my dog that got out, trimmed his hair & gave him a 1 year rabies shot for $15.00. This place is amazing & full of love and respect! Would highly recommend any service needed at this facility! Thank you so much! ????

Bernadette Ensley

3 years ago

Animal Control is useless. They weasel their way out of doing anything about real animal issues every time. I have had 4 different occasions talking to them to do something about dangerous dogs and they always have some excuse about why they can't do anything. I love in Milton and have had 2 dogs literally invade my privacy fence backyard with little kids at home and they just warned the neighbor who had been repeatedly warned to take care of their dogs. The dogs were left out all day and night and constantly escaped their backyard. Nope, no care from Milton animal services. I have been approached by a hostile dog on the Heritage trail, called, no answer. I have recently called about an extremely aggressive dog who harrasses my son and I while walking on the sidewalk on Byrom st, the dog is able to jump over the privacy fence, hanging on it with his stomach, while we have to run for our lives. Apparently this safety concern won't even get reported OR looked into unless the dog gets off the property. Well, if we waited around for that the dog would be ripping us to pieces. Ugh, the utter indifference is glaring. The next dog attack/offense in Milton is on you Animal Services for your willful negligence.

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