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Stephanie Brown

2 years ago

Great place to bring your fur babies!♡ Very nice staff welcoming I've been taking my cats for years

Kathryn Booker

2 years ago

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Dr Cullotta, and his entire staff. Great veterinary services for both my beloved Winky, and myself... Thank you for caring about us. Y'all are the best!!

Jacob Khassan

2 years ago

Staff was so kind. I really like here


2 years ago

I've taken my cat Roger here for about 2 years. While it was always on the pricer side, I appreciated that they were able to see my pet so quickly and at last minute. However, I'd say at least half the time, the reception area is always swamped because of this. I can recall a time I waited 30 minutes passed my appointment, and nearly walked out because I was not even acknowledged to check in. I am active duty and need my day time appointments to be kept punctual. My last appointment I was given expired medication. Unfortunately, with this being an emergency situation, I gave the medication to my cat as soon as we got home without reading the label. I am really disappointed with myself, especially after reading other reviews with the same situation. I will be taking my cat to Companion Animal Hospital from now on.

John Worrells

2 years ago

First of all you will never speak to the Veterinarian. All interactions are through the assistants. I just moved to the area and brought my dog in for a routine exam. I was told that my dog's teeth were in terrible shape and several extractions will be necessary. I was a bit surprised but... if it was necessary, I agreed. A few weeks later I came in and they explained that I would need to pay upfront the high side of the teeth cleaning estimate $2,200. I paid the bill and headed out. When I came back and picked up my dog and the assistant told me "all went well, teeth are in great shape." I asked how many teeth needed to be extracted? None, just needed a cleaning. Good news I was told that I will be refunded about $1000. Why was I told the teeth were some of the worst the Vet had ever seen??? This was just a teeth cleaning that I paid $1,200!!!. Stories did not line up and I was way over charged. This place is the type of place that just cares about making money. If you want interaction with a Veterinarian who can take time to show you the issues there are several other options out there. Stay away!

Chrys Ryals

2 years ago

Our girls were not happy with us, but the care they were given was great!

Ronnie Greene Ministries Inc.

2 years ago

My one-year-old Yorkie, Milo developed some gray mucus in his eyes. I called my vet and explained his situation, so they asked me to wash his eyes and to keep checking his eyes often, and if the mucus didn't go away, we were to bring him in. The problem was we were leaving Atlanta for a little vacation in Destin. We arrived in Destin and after a few days the mucus was still coming back, so I called three or four vets, but they were all booked except for the Emerald Coast Animal Hospital. I was able to get Milo in and they examined him and found out he had a bacteria infection called conjunctivitis. They prescribed a few prescriptions and he is now back to normal and doing fine. I recommend Emerald Coast Animal Hospital to all who need their pets medical needs met.

Anthony Davis

2 years ago

I brought my little boy C3PO in because he had a very bad urinary blockage. The staff at Emerald Coast Animal Hospital has been absolutely incredible and you can feel the love they have for animals. I was worried I was gonna lose my little dude and they took amazing care of him and now he's back to his normal self. The doctor is such a great human being and I'm thankful to him and the staff for taking care of my kitty. I will be forever grateful. I highly recommend this office if your animal needs care. The kindness C3PO and I have recieved here is unlike any place I've been. Thank you so much to the staff!

Gary Nelson

2 years ago

Poor communication, provide services without informing prior to billing. Make sure you pay before services are provided to avoid additional charges.

joe gomez

2 years ago

Worst than a shady mechanic, make sure you pay before services are rendered so you are not surprised at additional services performed you dont ask for.

Jon Gomez

2 years ago

Make sure you pay for your services here before they perform them, or you will be surprised at your total. I am guessing this is why they charge you after services are performed because they will provide services without telling you. Think of it like going to get your brake pads changed and your mechanic changes your brake pads AND rotors, "because it was necessary" but you never asked for new rotors, and they didnt tell you they were doing it until it was done and now your bill is 300% what they quoted you. Will gladly go elsewhere and let my customers / friends / relatives know not to use them.


2 years ago

I wish they were more polite and considerate.. All they care is making money and not animals. I will NEVER come back to this vet. **There are A LOT OF negative reviews about the vet. I recommend you all to find another vet because there are so many 5 stars reviewed vets around this area. I don't want anybody to experience the same thing I did at this vet..

Kathy Davis

2 years ago

Great vet. Cares for your pets

Madelyn Blanton

2 years ago

I won’t be using them again for any of my animals, they’re so worried about getting money from the customer that their customer service is absent. These lady’s at the front desk need more training because half of them are lost and have to pull other people from different departments to help them at the counter. They want to charge you more and more money but when you ask why and what it’s for they have no explanation! I asked for a described receipt because I have gotten emailed receipts but where it says description it’s blank so when I asked they couldn’t even tell me in person, what I was even paying for. I wasn’t paying more money for something they can’t even tell what it’s for. They’ll try and charge you for things you didn’t ask for or that they didn’t even tell you about until after the appt. Not ok. This business is more worried about making money then the care for pets and the customer service.

Norman Rowey

2 years ago

They were very passionate and caring about my dog... And they are very reasonably priced

Rebecca Nelson

2 years ago

Make sure you pay before they do any services so you are not surprised with extra costs added to your bill. Poor communication.

Sarah Rey

2 years ago

They’re trying to charge people more money after giving them a quote at the beginning of the appt. They’re not being upfront with customers on what they’re giving or doing to your pets until they want to charge you more money after the appt. They couldn’t even tell me why I owed them the amount of money they were trying to charge me when I asked what was for, I asked for a decried receipt so I knew what I was paying for and they couldn’t provide it. Needless to say I won’t be going back here. Plenty of my friends and family of this area have had the same issues and trust me word of mouth goes a long way.

Mrs. BreeZii

2 years ago

Took animals there from a rescue to be fixed. They also have fixed my puppy's before. Always treated animals with kind hearts and they make sure you understand the after care instructions as needed!

Rachelle Schmidt

2 years ago

Great place. This place saves lives!

Jordan Robertson

2 years ago

Couldn't ask for a better veterinarian. This place has been so helpful when you feel helpless. Highly recommend


2 years ago

My fur babies were well taken care of. Every staff member was very kind and was able to give TONS of knowledge with care for your fur babies. I will NEVER take my fur children anywhere else beside Emerald Coast Animal

Ryan Graves

2 years ago

They took the best care of elrick

Charles Godfrey

2 years ago

Love this Vet. Been bringing our 4-legged family members here for years

Amy Potts

2 years ago

I took my cat in today for emergency urinary blockage and they want 2738.00 to treat my cat! The vet did not even try to express his bladder, gave no antibiotics nor paid meds when I requested because "he thought it would interfere with the new vet" (I am having to take him to a new vet THAT WILL WORK WITH ME) If an animal is suffering IN PAIN the very least you can do is give it pain meds whether the animal is seeing a new vet or not! All the vet cared about was the money. If I did not have the money, tough luck! No payment plan offered of any kind. I was told if I did not pay for it in full when picking up my cat, I could not get my cat! The vet seemed to have no compassion at all towards me or my cat. When I took my cat to the Destin Emergency Clinic, in the middle of the night I was charged the same amount for the same care except without an xray and Destin Emergency Clinic vet has compassion. He gave my cat pain meds, antibiotics and expressed his bladder where he could pee. I will never go to this clinic again. Shame on you Emerald Coast Animal Clinic for you lack of compassion.

Thomas Schwingle

2 years ago

Receptionist was polite and courteous.

Lani Z

2 years ago

I brought my dog here when he had something wrong with his testicles. Turns out one of his testicles ruptured. They said he needed to be emergency neutered because he was going to start bleeding internally. An outrageous price they wanted. I told them we didn’t have that much and asked if we could make payments. They said “no” without hesitation without another option, they wanted all of it upfront. So I paid the initial visit fee and left. I went to Murphy Vet Hospital and they were a million times better and more personable. They remembered me from going with a family member who took her pets there. Those sorts of things matter when you’re looking for a place to CARE for your pets. Anyway, they they did it a lot cheaper and were so helpful and kind to my dog. Emerald Coast Animal Hospital does NOT CARE about your pets, from the staff members to the doctor. They don’t give you options, they don’t help you. They are all about money. The doctor here has no business being an pet doctor because he is not an ANIMAL PERSON, he is not compassionate. Don’t take your pet here if you are wanting someone to treat your pet as you do.

Heather Walsh

2 years ago

I had an appointment today and was sold expired medication. Upon calling to resolve this issue I was told it wasn’t “technically” expired, it was still good for at least a year. After speaking with 3 different ppl I was finally told I could bring the one back and exchange it but the other one that I can’t read the manufacturer’s exp date on, I was told all the ones they have on their shelves are good through 2023. Its also their printed label that states it’s expired. I’m not sure why they wouldn’t update their own labels. If the label had not said it was expired I probably wouldn’t have checked for a manufacture exp date. My last time going here after being regulars for over a year. I will find my 5 dogs another vet. The sad thing is the meds I was given didn’t even need a prescription. I could have purchased in date products for 1/3 of the price from chewy. If this is your vet check your expiration dates before checking out.

Heather Holder

2 years ago

There is NO BETTER Veterinarian than Dr. Culotta !! He is compassionate, his personality lights up the room and his experience shows when he treats patients. He is a 10 ! His staff is wonderful as well. Very helpful, smiling faces, just a breathe of fresh air !

Chloe brown

2 years ago

0 compassion. I’m very upset with how my mother was treated when she took our cat with issues with his bladder. They wanted about 3k for the procedure. Obviously a lot of people wouldn’t have 3k lying around and they could have been a lot nicer while my mother was in a room crying and they just came in every so often to ask if she found the money. We took him to a different vet (north side vet clinic) and they got him in IMMEDIATELY for 2k LESS. AND they’re working with us. Maybe y’all shouldn’t treat people terribly because they can’t afford a high cost procedure.

Catherine Figueroa

2 years ago

I had a 15yr old Maltese (Scruffy) that had to be put down, he has been a patient here all his life and at the end all they cared about was MONEY! Zero compassion or care about anything else! Dr Colotta is truly DR DEATH for dogs!! DO NOT bring your pet to this place!!! I'm not saying that what happened to Scruffy was your fault! but 100% you made a traumatic experience that much more HORRIBLE! because everything had a dollar sign to it! After 15 years of being a patient you never offered me anything for free even as Scruffy was dying! All you guys cared about was "Yes we'll do this, but it will cost that!" I really do hope this establishment closes down and goes out of business! You are the WRONG person to care for other people's pets!!

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