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Janel Mortenson

2 years ago

I have been coming to this vet for almost 10 years now, and I wouldn't go anywhere else. Each time I bring in my rottweiler, we are treated with kindness and attention (and no bully breed stigma!), and my boy Roscoe shows him his love in return. Now that he's getting older (11 years), he's had issues with his joints. Recently, he started limping. Luckily, we already had an appointment for his annual shots 2 days later, so we addressed this limping at the appointment. He was x-rayed and examined and prescribed 2 different medications (for pain and inflammation) for soft tissue damage from a ligament tear. After he seemed to be getting worse by the next week (yelping in pain, occasionally throwing up his food), we called the office, and they were able to squeeze us in for a check up. We requested sedatives since he was not resting well and seemed agitated at home, so we left with this new medication in addition for more for pain and inflammation. The following week, he still wasn't getting better or putting weight on his foot, so they were able to squeeze us in again. They took additional x-rays and determined that due to his age, he could take 4-6 weeks to heal. We're now 3 weeks after his initial exam, so we hope he will show signs of getting better soon. If not, I know the vet will make time for us again. They're the best and really care about our pets/family. The care given to us was phenomenal, the ability to be seen quickly for check ups was incredible, and the cost was not excessive. I never feel that I am being taken advantage of at this vet, and I trust them fully. I live right in the middle of this location and the one further west, across from The Avenue shopping center, so this review will be posted for both locations.

Patricia Trapp

2 years ago

I am so sorry, but I have to be honest and express my experience at this clinic.The grooming was so bad that I can’t even give this clinic one star. After being involved in an accident 5 weeks ago and receiving serious injuries, including a broken hand, I could not brush and groom my dog, Willow which is a miniature Australian labradoodle. Everywhere I called they were booked out to December. I called VCWest and spoke to Sarah, who was very kind and assured me that the groomer, Carol, had been grooming for over 10 years and would do a good job. I knew my dog, Willow had some areas where her hair was matted and would possibly need to be cut low to resolve the issue. That wasn’t the problem. However, the groomer Carol was late and she never spoke or said anything to us until Sarah got off the phone and told her who we were. We were the only ones there. When we picked up the dog, her haircut looked as if it was cut by an inexperienced groomer. Her hair on her face and head were very straggly and uneven, her feet had uneven hairs, and also all over her entire body. Because the dog has allergies, her eyes have dark spots around them. Her eyes were still unclean and had hard and sticky residue on them which we cleaned up a lot when we got home, It was just terrible! This was a horrible job for $60.00! I have been getting my dog, Willow groomed since she was 12 weeks old, and I have NEVER had a problem with any groomer until today. My dog doesn’t bite or fight. She has even been cut low once before in her two and a half years of life, and the cut was perfect and her hair, ears and feet were all cut even. I’m so sorry I didn’t read the reviews first and I’m sorry I took her to this clinic! Dog grooming is not their specialty and expertise at all! Maybe they aren’t too keen at grooming the pets of people of color. Please do not take your dog here for their grooming services! I will never return to this clinic again!

Sandra Neal

2 years ago

Dr William was highly recommended as the only avian vet option. He has a wonderful vet tech, Liz, who took her time to answer ALL of our questions. Very knowledgeable, and a pet owner herself. She prepped us well for the visit. The clinic is clean, and welcoming. Looking forward to long term bird care for Noot, our cockatiel. <3

Carly Suchomel

2 years ago

My husband and I have been bringing our pets here ever since we got a tortoise together -- it was their exotics expertise that was the initial draw. Over a decade later, we won't take our cats anywhere else! The doctors at both TVC West (whom we primarily use) and the other TVC location in Marietta are unfailingly awesome both in their knowledge and their bedside (tableside?) manner. Additionally, one of our cats is a rescue from a sketchy backyard breeder, and he has behavioral issues that can make him very aggressive, requiring him to be sedated before he can even be examined. We are super grateful that the doctors here are willing to do so much to make sure that even a problem patient like him gets the same degree of compassionate care.

Appalachian Rabbit

3 years ago

I have spent half a decade in Atlanta looking for a good rabbit vet. As a House Rabbit Society educator, I am picky about vets to say the least! For many years I went to allegedly great rabbit vets in John's Creek and Decatur and spent thousands upon thousands for what I thought was the best care in the area... then I found TVC. I wanted to find a vet who would keep me informed on the process, options, cost, and prognosis of my bunnies' health, and who would answer all of my questions thoroughly. I was not getting this at other rabbit-savvy vets in the Atlanta area. Dr. Wilson and TVC-West have exceeded my picky expectations and I could not be happier. I've been telling all of my bunny owning friends about them and several of my cat/dog-owning friends have also made appointments with them now! I wish they had a referral program ;) The things I love about Dr. Wilson & TVC-West: His expertise on rabbit care. He knows rabbit science and he keeps up to date on recent research. Rabbit science is constantly evolving as rabbits are seen more and more as house pets and not as 4H/farm animals. The bedside manner & thorough communication with me. Dr. Wilson explains every single thing to me in clear language - I am not a vet, but I understand basic rabbit anatomy and common issues. I have had previous vets in the area would treat my bunnies in the back rather than in front of me (I like to talk to them about what they are doing and seeing on the exam as they perform it), or who are waiting to leave the room when I have questions. I get it, you've got animals to treat and I'm probably annoying. But I have questions about my baby, and I am trying to understand! Dr. Wilson has always given me his full attention. In my most recent visits, he has been treating an abscess on my bunny's cheek. He explained what he thinks caused the abscess, how rabbits typically react to these kinds of issues, what treatment options were available, which he would recommend, what medicines we’d try and why, and what next steps will be taken depending on the effects of the medicine. He drew diagrams, showed me x-rays and situated the pictures with a plaster rabbit skull model so I knew what I was looking at, and did it with patience, kindness, and respect for my own understanding. He answered every question I had & followed up through email with additional info. The cost is super affordable, which is rare for exotic treatment. I would empty my bank account for my bunnies if I had to, and I have had to at other vets who tack on every little thing to a visit. I've spent less going to TVC-West in 4 or 5 visits than I did for a single visit for the same diagnosis and worse care elsewhere. I have even noticed they haven't charged me for things they did that were not included in my original estimate (such as extra xrays). When I compare the same costs at my old vet, I was paying $1300+ for appointments that cost $200 at TVC-West. I can tell they just want my bunny to be healthy and they're not worried about nickel and diming me. The only thing that could possibly make my experience at TVC-West better is if they were open 24/7! Of course, my bunnies always decide to get sick at midnight on a Friday, so not having an affordable vet open on the weekends that I trust makes me a little anxious. This is a big ask so I will continue to feel fortunate they are open 5 days a week. The staff is also super friendly, helpful, attentive, & just seem like a fun group in general. It takes me about 45 min to get there from Atlanta but it is WORTH the drive. I can't say enough good things & I'm thrilled so many of my other bunny rescuing friends in the area are starting to use them too. They've all texted me after to say they loved Dr. Wilson just as much. I have heard Dr. Oguni is also a great rabbit vet at their practice but haven't had the pleasure of meeting him just yet. 10/10 stars, 1000% would recommend, thank you for being accessible and wonderful for bunny families.

Xavierta Thomas

3 years ago

BY FAR THE BEST VET!!! Reasonable prices! Great for exotic animals! My bunny developed an abscess on he's face a few weeks ago. I decided to take him to TVC for an exam and to evaluate surgical options. The doctor is like an encyclopedia lol. He is extremely knowledgeable and can answer any and every question you may have. Very professional and attentive! Also, moved up the surgery date with out me even asking. I'm very happy with the results and grateful for their help. He looks great and he's back to acting like himself again. Wonderful customer service! I'm forever thankful!


3 years ago

I used to take my pet rats here and they received wonderful care, so I started taking my larger fur kids (dogs and cats). We always receive prompt attention when we arrive. Especially during the times now, they try hard to not keep people waiting in the waiting room, but usher them promptly to an exam room so everyone is not congregating together in the waiting area. All the staff is friendly and informative. Dr. Wilson is always great with my dogs, and takes the time to make sure all my questions are answered, without making me feel rushed or silly if I ask questions. There are closer vet clinics to me, but I will continue to go out of my way for the superior service I get a TVC West.

Michael Vallone

3 years ago

Excellent care and affordable too. My pet snake started getting tumors; a very rare condition for snakes. Both exotic veternarian doctors handled my snake’s condition with personal care and concern....and the surgery cost was very reasonable, helping me to make the decision to extend my snake’s life. Also, they were willing to transfer my snake to one of their other locations for my convenience to pickup. Highly recommend.

Marie John

3 years ago

I brought my bunny in this morning for a check up before she gets spayed. The all of the staff were incredibly nice, they gave me great advice on how to care for my bunny and reassured me about her surgery! I feel safe taking her here and they also offered to help with any other questions I had. This will definitely be the clinic I take her to in the future and I’m sure she’ll always be in great hands!

Kelly T

3 years ago

Dr Wilson is an excellent vet! He’s very knowledgeable on rabbits & very willing to spend time explaining everything. He also is very trustworthy— only recommending what is necessary for my animals at the time of the appointment. I have seen other rabbit vets in the last and feel like I am being nickel and dimed. But not here! Will only bring my bunnies to see Dr Wilson.

Brandon Nguyen

3 years ago

Thank you for helping us with Bailey last week when he passed away! We'll definitely come back more. You guys were so professional and caring!

andrew ashley

3 years ago

Terrible service! The doctors don't care about your feelings, all they care about is pointing fingers and coming to conclusions on who did what wrong. While they were telling me my pet needed to be put down, the doctor basically said i caused this and was even saying he hated how people buy exotic animals and even trying to pin point everything i did wrong, which wasn't much because i had everything and did everything he said i wasn’t. In a time a crisis, do not go here! They said i need to put my pet down, to later find out talking to an actual professional, he could've gotten better, it would have just taken some time! I am beyond angry at them for putting me through this! He even put his personal feeling into it and explained about his experience and his friends who did everything wrong! He just didn't want to try!

A Cam

4 years ago

Very unprofessional! Don’t waste your time and money. Take your pet (s) elsewhere especially if you are a person of color. I felt discriminated against. They charged my pets more and changed visit price every time I call. I received such bad service. Trust me do not waste your time!!! The front desk is very unprofessional. I’ve complained on their behavior as well as the doctor. Again people of color DO NOT bring your pet(s) here. This office is very prejudice!!!!!! Such a bad vibe!!!!

Allison Kaylee

4 years ago

Yesterday I brought in my leopard gecko to see Dr.Oguni and I am so happy that I did. I was having the worst time finding an exotic vet that could see him on such short notice. Liz and Dr.Oguni were so nice and so caring of my baby and he is already doing so much better. Thank you all!

Anna Yeung

4 years ago

I had my bun neutered here, everything went great! He fully recovered and was himself after 24 hours. Dr. Oguni and his tech were amazing! You can tell they both care about my bun. I had so much anxiety about his surgery since I researched that rabbits have high death rates due to not metabolizing the anesthesia well. Dr. O was actually my 3rd veterinarian I went to! The other clinics were quoting me $300 and $600. The first one was not qualified to be an “exotic vet” at all, even though she said she was. The 2nd vet did 2 years of residency in exotics and I was confident in her skills but she was charging $600. I’m so glad I found this clinic through a friend’s recommendation because not only is Dr. Oguni knowledgeable and extremely experienced in neuter/spay surgeries it was also the most affordable! Highly recommend!!!

Beth Oswald

4 years ago

The vet tech and the vet were so patient with all of my questions. They treated my cat well and were sweet to him when bringing him back. I had a great experience with them and we plan on staying!

Dan Bohn

4 years ago

They are great with reptiles and very knowledgeable about reptiles! Will be bringing all my reptiles to them.

Heather Ryan

4 years ago

Dr. Ali and the techs have treated both my cat and dog and we have always been given prompt, compassinate, and knowledgeable care while there. Prices are reasonable and they do take care credit-a must for emergencies!

Jamie Spencer

4 years ago

The Veterinary Clinic and The Veterinary Clinic West are the most amazing clinics ever! They go above and beyond every day! Dr. Ali Daniels is highly skilled, compassionate and dedicated to each of her patients! We will never go anywhere else!

Jennifer Beaullieu

4 years ago

Amazing for small animals and exotics


4 years ago

My guinnea pig was a lil under the weather and found this place online and went for it as they got her in quickly...liz was my piggie honeys case manager and she explained everything and answered my questions without hesitation...dr brad …

Susan Young

4 years ago

I can enthusiastically recommend without hesitation The Veterinary Clinic West to all who are looking for quality, loving and comprehensive care for their pets. They have been taking care of my Golden ever since she was 8 weeks old…they truly care about her and they treat us with the upmost dignity and respect. I trust them with my dog’s care. I highly recommend this team of experts for all your pet’s needs from immunizations to serious health issues. All are GREAT, including the Doctors, the very competent and caring receptionists and technicians. The Veterinary Clinic West is the BEST!!!

Sandra Ramirez

4 years ago

My bunny just got neutered here and everything went excellent. Staff is super nice as well! Very pleased and thankful.

Erika D.

5 years ago

What an unbelievably rude receptionist. Spoke to her on 4/5/18 twice and she was nasty both times.

Shelby Redmond

5 years ago

I love this place! I have a bunny and a chameleon. My chameleon ate rocks and they were able to remove them and help him recover. They were so helpful! They have also seen my bunny and helped make sure he was healthy and happy! I highly recommend this place! The excotic vets are amazing!


5 years ago

I usually don't leave reviews but Dr. Oguni and the team there have always been amazing to me and my many dogs. I have lots of stories to prove it but I will keep it short and just say, I highly recommend them.

Stephanie Rogers

6 years ago

They see everything. Dogs, cats, lizards, birds, snakes, etc.

Nikki Peebles

6 years ago

Love everyone at this office. Has been my exotic vet for a little over 2 years. Recently my guinea pig became very sick and the doctors, Erika and Stephanie worked very hard diagnosing him. Unfortunately my piggie had a tumor and had to be put asleep. They were so comforting and gentle through the entire process. Thank you guys for your hard work!

Kenyetta Riley (Sportykeny)

6 years ago

Great staff. Really caring and patient

Kamilah Amica

6 years ago

They're a great clinic and great with treating exotic pets!!!

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