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blake bridges

3 years ago

I have been here the dude is stupid. Didn't feed my dog for over 24hrs.

Paul and Lynn Sprang

3 years ago

I brought my dog in to have a large fatty deposit removed. Surgery was smooth with a quick recovery. The staff was very friendly and professional.

Nancy Davis

3 years ago

We had a wonderful experience with Dr Kinney. He’s so professional, honest about diagnosis, and very personable. Has a sincere interest in what you’re saying about your fur baby and doing his best to make a bad situation a better one for you. Liz, his wife, is so compassionate and dedicated to the practice and her profession. She’s his anesthesiologist. I never worried about my dog, Maybelline, being put under.Additionally, they are quite good about keeping you informed on how the surgery went. No review would be complete without me mentioning Linda, the office manager. What a love. She’s the first person you talk with so she makes the first impression on you. She’s so welcoming and easy going! Puts you at ease. I feel fortunate to have the care they have provided Maybelline with. I’m hoping she won’t have more cancer issues but if she does I feel Dr Kinney will continue to help us.

Michael King

3 years ago

Very professional and showed genuine concern for my feline family member. Very clean and modern environment. My experiences here have been top notch, and affordable.

Mary Wilson

3 years ago

Dr. Kinney has been taking care of my Dobermans since they were pups. I moved from the Cobb County area a couple years ago and had not seen Dr. K. in a couple of years as a local vet tended to their routine care. Recently my female Doberman "Mama" had to have surgery that 3 other doctors (including the local doc) refused to do. It was not life threatening but it was complicated. Dr. Kinney agreed to the surgery only after my Dobie's weight was decreased and her thyroid was stable. He felt doing the surgery before that was putting her life at risk unnecessarily. With his help I got her weight and thyroid stable and a month later the surgery was accomplished without complications. I was kept abreast of her care and well-being at all times via phone call or text. His reassurance was a game-changer as she is a 7 yr old Doberman and I was very worried. He treated my dog with tenderness and kindness and treated me with 100% professionalism and respect from the very get-go. My Doberman has adhered to all post-OP instructions and follow up appointments and will continue to do so. This was the 2nd surgery Dr. Kinney had performed on her although the first was six years ago with zero issues at that time either. Dr. Kinney is a referral practice so I will continue getting routine care for my Doberman at her regular vet but I will return to Dr. Kinney if the need arises in the future. I take cues from my dogs behavior when they interact with vets and my Doberman loves Dr. Kinney and loves going to his office.

Madeline Anders

3 years ago

Awful veterinary practice. Extremely unprofessional with your time and the care of your pet. Dr. Kinney covers his botched surgeries with endless excuses. Other reviews are very accurate. Don’t take your pet to this place.

Dianne Beams

3 years ago

First of all I would like to address the ones that are reading these reviews and looking for that special place to take your beloved fur baby for care. Think about it. Even with the negative reviews they still have 4 ½ stars out of 5. That should tell you something good. Do NOT believe everything you read here. You will not find anyone more qualified, caring and loving to take care of your precious family member. How many other vets do you know that has driven for miles just to rescue a fur baby, bring it back to health and find it a loving home? Or take an animal in because it has health issues and care for it themselves? I have even known them to rescue other animals, nurse them back to health and set them free. I have had multiple fur babies in my home for almost 40 yrs now so I have had the opportunity to experience many types of vets. There has been those that made me feel as if I was another number only there to put money in their bank acct and was in a rush to get rid of me so they could move on to the next person, and some that I felt like they didn't want to be there and was only there because they had to be. But I have never had people that made me feel as if they cared for my baby as much as me until I met Dr Bill and Ms Liz. People don't dedicate their lives to caring for animals anymore than these two wonderful people. We have enough to worry about in these troubled times. We shouldn't have to worry about giving our beloved fur babies the best of care. Some of these reviews is just horrible, uncalled for and down right lies. I would like to know how some of these reviews even came about considering some of the people that wrote them have never even met these two caring people much less use their very capable experience and services. It's really sad to think that someone's life can be so empty that all they have time for is to stir up trouble with good people. In Proverbs 6:16-19 God tells us how He feels about people that lie, bare false witness, devise wicked imaginations and soweth discord among others. “He hates it”. His words not mine. As a matter of fact He considers it to be an abomination. All we can do for people in this mind set is pray that God shows them grace and mercy and that He will show them the way to a better life. So if you really want someone to help you care for your fur baby do not believe all these horrible reviews and lies. I have been in public service long enough to know you can't please everyone but you sure can't please the ones you have never met. The good out ways the bad here. You will find no one more capable, loving, experienced and caring than these two people. God bless

Daniel Carter

3 years ago

Never have i encounter a more disgusting vet in my life. There the worst of the worst. Avoid this place I have never been treated with such level of disrespect. Cold heartless people. …

Cody Vollrath

3 years ago

I took my infant dog (less than 3 months) in to be treated for a broken leg. We had his surgery done by the doctor, who didn’t seem to care at all, and wasn’t even there the next day when we came to pick him up. They didn’t bandage the wound or clean it, we were given little after care. They prescribed my puppy an opioid as pain medicine.When I looked into it, it is highly addictive and caused withdraws and tremors. We went back 2 weeks later to have the stitching removed and the doctor said “she looks great” (my pup is a boy), handed him over and walks out . My dog’s leg never healed correctly (it stays completely straight @ a 180° angle) and now he doesn’t use his other hind leg. Why wouldn’t you put his leg in a cast, so it could set properly? DO NOT take your animals here, they butchered my dog and didn’t care at all . The only redeeming quality about the place is Linda, the lady at the front desk. She is very sweet , but everything and everyone else there is highly unprofessional. DO NOT GO HERE!

catalina b

3 years ago

Worst place to take your pet. So much lack of care and empathy. I cannot believe such people can work with pets. Don't risk your pet's life, chose another clinic.


3 years ago

Tl;dr - My pup got a parasite from their office (Giardia), her "absolutely necessary" surgery was in fact NOT needed, and her "easy and straightforward" (their words) surgery was not at all successful. Prepare to wait for hours for various reasons for routine procedures (traffic, running late, family emergency, pet emergency - all excuses I was given at different times. Hello readers, I am actually writing this to amend my original post, which was a glowing review of Dr. Kenney and Liz. Let me tell you more: My pup didn't need the surgery they performed -- I have had 3 additional opinions since the luxating patella surgery was performed on her in November, and all of them have resoundingly said that she didn't need it. Dr. Kinney and Co. (Town and Country West) both told me she needed it because it would end up causing her terrible arthritis, her mobility would end up being totally impaired, etc. This isn't true. The doctors I have taken her to since then (with the original xrays and with new ones) have all said it wasn't a necessary procedure, that they wouldn't have operated on her as she was exhibiting no signs of pain or favoring the other leg. But wait, there's more: The surgery was UNSUCCESSFUL. I was told by 2 vets that her luxating patella she just had operated on less than 3 months ago (when I took her for a 2nd and 3rd opinion) was still at a Grade 3 (on a scale of 1-4, with 4 being the worst). That's exactly what I was told her "grade" was prior to surgery. Both vets seemed flummoxed as to why surgery accomplished NOTHING at all. --- Here's some more information about my visit with them: - They did not respect my time, aside from the very first time I went to see them for the consultation. I was in their office (to pick her up post-surgery) for FOUR HOURS waiting for them to get it together. I was very patient and tried to be understanding, however. - When I returned for a follow-up, I waited for them to get to the office for over an hour (with my pup, anxious). - A week after I returned home from surgery, my pup contracted Giardia (a parasite that is in contaminated, usually by feces, water), for the first time in her life, despite having been inside with no walks or sniffs around outside (because...knee surgery, I had to carry her outside and she couldn't walk on her own). But I tried to be understanding...again. - Dr. Kinney was not professional at all, and to be perfectly frank, he didn't even hold my pup correctly, even prior to her surgery. He held her away from his body a bit, almost like he didn't know what to do with her. but even this was fine, because Liz was great and Lumen (my pup) loved her. I beg of you, please don't take your beloved baby here. Some other people's replies here are 100% true as well. I've spoken with them personally.

Bchbum (Bchbum)

4 years ago

Very kind and knowledgeable. I was sent there for a 2nd opinion. The referring vet got us in pretty quickly.

Devin Reilly

4 years ago

This surgeon did a horrible botched job on my dogs surgery a year ago... Went to another vet for the yearly check up on it & this vet was completely astonished & he could not believe this surgeon even had a veterinary license.... if you love your pets, please go somewhere else.

Fallon Richerson

4 years ago

Your pet could be maimed and then you could be blatantly lied to about their carelessness if you bring them here. Careless, sloppy, and dishonest veterinary service.

Kady McGarr

4 years ago

My dog went in for knee surgery and left permanently scarred. Something happened during surgery that will not be acknowledged and my dog was offered incorrect care for three weeks which made the situation worse and caused much unnecessary …

Keith Jones

4 years ago

Our lab had TPLO surgeries - one last year, one this year, on her two back legs. A few months after the first one, we couldn't even find the incision on her leg. Dr. Kinney has a house behind his practice that he or his wife stay in when there's a late night surgery, so that they can check on the patient through the night. That's dedication! Even though it's an hour drive one way, I'd do this for any other surgery on my pup. Great job, caring staff.

Rebecca Trigg

4 years ago

I have been hesitant to write this review because like the other negative experience posts all I am expecting to hear are excuses. I will start off, because I know this will be long, with the fact that Dr. Kinney is NOT a surgeon. He does …

Fatima Lozano

5 years ago

The staff and Dr. Kinney did such a great job with my rottweiler. There was no discrimination whatsoever. Minnie fractured her leg and Dr. Kinney preformed a very long and delicate surgery. I had updates and text messages from the staff even after the surgery. We had compared prices with other practices and they gave a much better price. Im talking about thousands...they show professionalism and love. Definitely recommend.

Anthony Junior

5 years ago

Let me start out by saying thank you Dr. Kinney and your wife Liz. My German Shepherd had tore his knee and required surgery. Not only Dr. Kinney explain and show everything in detail that would be necessary in the surgery, but he took the …

Charles Dallavalle

5 years ago

It has been one year since Dr. Kinney and his staff saved my dogs leg. Dolly an English Pointer got out of a fenced yard and was hit by a car. Her leg was broken in half, her hip cracked and a small fracture on her jaw. I thought I would have to amputate her leg. Dr. Kinney evaluated Dolly and felt that he could do surgery on the leg and hip. He felt strongly that a 4 legged dog would do better even if the leg and hip performed at 90%. Well a year later the bones have totally healed, her leg muscles have developed and she is know running without a limp. Dr. Kinney, his wife and staff were excellent. They called me the night of surgery and kept me posted on the progress of the recovery. I recommend them to all of the dog owners I meet. Thank you Dr. and Mrs. Kinney.

Cheryl Payne

5 years ago

Thank you Dr.Kinney,Liz and Tammy for everything you all did for Tyson.Great people and very compassionate. We Love you guys❤❤ Check out photo with Tyson &Tammy on Valentine's Day.

Teresa Baxter

5 years ago

Dr. Bill Kinney is the Best veterinarian in the world in my opinion and his wife Liz has the most Beautiful Soul.

Julienne Walker

5 years ago

North GA VRP is AWESOME! My little Lola had surgery here on both her back knees. They did the back left leg first as it was worse off, and we came back about 6 months later to do the back right leg. Dr. Kinney performed the surgery, and he …


6 years ago

Thank you for your work with the pups of Atlanta Boxer Rescue! The staff is so caring, and the service is top notch!

Thomas P

6 years ago

I cannot thank Dr Kinney, his wife and Tammy enough for the outstanding support and veterinarian services provided for my dog. She needed and received double TPLO surgery and she's back to walking, jumping, running when she can. It's been a great recovery and I couldn't be happier. I highly recommend Dr Kinney to anyone! They are reasonable in price to.

Mitch Solomon

6 years ago

He did the best he could to help my dog.

Michelle Farrar

6 years ago

Dr. Kinney and his staff are wonderful. Very laid back environment and all treated both myself and my cat with kindness. I highly recommend them if you need a procedure done (ultrasound in my boy's case) that your regular veterinarian most likely does not have access to.

Julie Kiwus

6 years ago

Fabulous doctor - he truly cares about and loves your furbaby!

D “MsATL” Middleton

7 years ago

My animal had surgery in 2016 and this practice offered VetBilling, a program that offers a payment plan, which was a life-saver. The doctor is knowledgeable and did a good job with repairing my pets injury. I was only unhappy with the customer service a month after the surgery. Very busy location. Hope this helps.

Susan Johnson

8 years ago

Wow! What a great experience I have had with Dr. Kinney and his staff. I have a Doberman that has always been active, to say the least. Age and constant wear and tear caused damage to both back legs creating so much pain for my girl, …

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