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Mara Crocker

2 years ago

Disappointed is an understatement. We adore Christina and for the first year—we loved bringing our pup here and even prepaid for large packages because we planned to take him for years HOWEVER after some time we started to notice every time we picked him up, he reeked! Like, roll the windows down on the drive home stink! Despite speaking with staff, he continued to come home dirty. Sometimes it was so bad, the staff would bathe him at the end of the day because we couldn’t even take him in the car. We heard he plays in the water bowls but he smells like he rolled around in a landfill all day. We eventually stopped bringing him last summer because the front office began to smell as well. When we found out our remaining 11 visits expire next month, we decided to take him back to avoid losing our remaining visits. First day back today, we picked him up and again, he reeks! His paws and face are black with dirt! He smells so bad, he is sleeping on the other side of the house until we can bathe him. He is a big fluffy dog so bathing him is a chore. We are kissing the last 10 visits goodbye and will find a new day care. It just isn’t worth it anymore.

Lisa Ferer

2 years ago

Most of the staff are very pleasant and helpful unfortunately there are a few who are extremely rude which makes me wonder how they are with my fur baby. They're very reluctant to share info. They made me feel like I was putting them out by asking questions. I went to pick up my pup this afternoon and the place was locked up and dark inside. When someone did come to the door I was told they closed at 2:00 and had already proceeding to board my dog. No one said anything about closing early when I dropped him off. There were no notes on the doors or at the desk about early closing. I apologized over and over again but when the manager, I'm assuming, came out she told me she called me twice and when I said I never got the calls,, she got up and walked away. I want a place that's good to my dog, but customer service is a really close second and this place is lacking in that department!!!

JB Barry

2 years ago

Such a great team and they treat our EeeBee like a member of their own family.

Global Computer

2 years ago

I've never heard of a doggie day care, but my four legged buddy can't wait to get here...if I grab the leash and head to the back door he knows he's going on a road trip his tail is a this place.

Carmen Aaron

2 years ago

Penny loves it and was very excited to go for the day !

Ben Bredeson

2 years ago

Please read the full review beyond the first line. Full Disclosure - I did not use the Pet Play Place, nor did I go to the physical address. During normal business hours (10:30AM on a Friday), I was looking for a new Dog PlayCare for my pup that was closer to my residence. The Pet Play Place in Kennesaw was located close by and, based on Google Reviews, had a positive rating. The website had sections outlined for the services offered in a logical way. Dog PlayCare had some basic information but no prices listed. The site offers a live "chat" option that says it will answer questions. I would assume this chat box would not be able to answer medical questions or things that could widely vary. Based on other providers I have used, PlayCare places offer static prices for this service (after the fee for consultation and any needed medical items). Due to my job I could not call or go in to get a price. Obviously the chat service seemed like an amazing tool to use. I sent a simple, pleasant inquiry about the costs and processes of PlayCare. Immediately there is a message saying that by providing my contact information I consent to having it shared and used for promotional and marketing purposes with Pet Play Place and affiliates. I had not shared that, so I was not worried. I get a quick response where I am told I need to provide my name, email address and cell number for a response. I declined to provide it; I do not want more spam to sort through. The responder would never give any more information other than I was required to provide my contact information in order to get anything. There were limited changes before I informed them I would look elsewhere and they continued with wanting my information. I am sure this tool is outsourced, but, if it could cause business to be lost, it should be re-evaluated.

Karin Murray

2 years ago

My husky loves PPP!!! He gets super excited driving up to the door and is wonderfully tired when he comes home from playing so hard. The staff are super friendly and obviously care a great deal about all the pets there. So glad we found this place!

Preston McCarthy

2 years ago

Pet Play Place has been a Holy Grail for our little fur baby!! We use to live in an apartment complex with a dog park so our pup Mega had tons of friends and play time everyday. We recently moved to our new home in the Kennesaw/Acworth area a couple months ago and Mega really missed interaction with other pups. Pet play place has really kept our baby from depression lol ! The staff is AWESOME & He loves going to play, and he comes home super tired! I can tell he's being treated well because he's always so eager to get back lol!

Sasshan Guliano

2 years ago

Great place if your dog loves dogs. Open play inside A/C and outside as well best of both worlds????

Barbara Galloway

2 years ago

Our pets have stayed at Pet Play Place when we go on vacation. They are always excited about going. Picked our dog up this last Saturday after being boarded for a week and once we got home and unloaded, he jumped back into the car as if he wanted to go back. Appreciate the care and attention they receive while there.

Dani Humphries

2 years ago

My little Milly loves coming to play. Beats being left alone in a crate any day. Love the hours 7a-7p. Would love to see an expedited check out process for pups that are prepaid for daycare. The after work pick up can get a little busy, but ya'll always handle it with grace.

Ellyn Reynolds

2 years ago

We love Pet Play Place for doggie day care. Staff is friendly and take good care of our Buddy:)


2 years ago

My puppy loves it there. The staff shows him some extra TLC which he loves.

Jim Livingston

2 years ago

Our furry baby can't wait to go to Pet Play Place. She is well taken care of there and she loves it! Would highly recommend.

Nancy Mckinney

2 years ago

Boarded Gilda for a week. She was worn out all night after we got home. Evidence of hard play! I had her bathed and brushed out before pick up. She looks great.

Phil Cannizzaro

2 years ago

My dog has a great time there. Thanks!


2 years ago

Rizzie loves to go to Pet Play Place and the staff is wonderful. Rizzie went to the facility for the 2 week obedience program. It really was the best thing for Rizzie and me. I moved so she had some issues, but she is great companion and she loves her new fenced yard. I will need to go back for refreshing my skills with working with my sweet Rizzie.

Beccy J

2 years ago

Pet Play Place is fantastic. They offer lots of activities for my dog to join in, and she loves it there. She's also much cleaner after daycare here than in other centers she's gone to. Her allergies have improved since playing at this daycare - which is a BIG win for us.

James Pitt

2 years ago

Great staff, love that they know my dog by name and seem happy to see him. Huskey mix that never tires and always comes home happy and ready for a nap.

Linda Morris

2 years ago

Our dog LOVES to go here and always comes home a very happy dog.

Susanne Johnson- Berns

2 years ago

Professional, friendly and puppy loving good!!! We have been using your services for 15 years....keep up the good work )

Todd Lee

2 years ago

Great staff. They offer lots of extra things for pets to keep them engaged and happy.

Tangye Watson

2 years ago

Mark is the dog whisperer!!! He is a miracle worker! Also, Kristy is so sweet and kind. My dog stayed 2 weeks and was boarded and trained. We had been through training before, with another local company, but it didn't stick and the commands were not intuitive and natural for us. I'm so pleased with her progress in such little time. I am enjoying her so much more.

Becky Loveland

2 years ago

We boarded our Hope over Thanksgiving last and had no trouble, so felt comfortable boarding her while we went on vacation this summer. Picked her up Monday, 6/28, after a 10 day stay (we would have picked her up Sunday, but no pick ups are permitted on Sunday). Almost immediately, she began a sneeze/cough I’d never heard before. By the time we got home (15 minutes), she had sneeze/coughed multiple times and we noticed discharge in her eyes. My daughter also pointed out a scab on one of her paws. None of this had been mentioned to us at all; Christina checked her out and indicated she’d “done great” during her boarding period. Hope’s sneeze/cough continued through the week, coupled with very little eating and lethargy; Friday she seemed to be on the mend, but overnight she woke with diarrhea. Her sneeze/cough was unmistakably the kennel cough “honk” and was worse than it had been all week. We took her to the emergency vet today, Saturday, and she was, in fact, diagnosed with kennel cough, for which she’s been vaccinated. When I contacted Pet Play Place and spoke with Cameron, his response was “OK, thanks for letting us know.” What? I reminded him that our pet had been brought to PPP completely healthy, and no one had made any mention of anything different when we picked her up, despite the fact that she began exhibiting symptoms as soon as we left the property. He said he would “check on it” and get back to me. It’s troubling that 1) our dog contracted a highly contagious virus while in the care of PPP, 2) the staff of PPP failed to advise us whatsoever of any change in the health status of our dog, 3) there was zero concern uttered when staff was advised of this highly contagious virus being present in their facility, and 4) there was nothing even close to an apology made, and only a vague one when pressed. It’s evident that very little time or attention was paid to Hope while she was in the care of PPP, as no staff member noticed the change in her, or the hideous sneeze/cough she was doing frequently upon her discharge. Our sweet pup is sick and miserable and we are out $200 on top of what we paid PPP to “care” for her. We won’t be returning.

Alicia Still

2 years ago

Alyssa is the best! So is Cameron and Christina! They consistently show love and care to Sydney and give me updates when I call! Alyssa even laid down and snuggled with Sydney so she would feel safe and loved! She comes home happy and tired and not sick! She loves it there! They all need a promotion!

Nicole T

2 years ago

Hailey loves going to Pet Play Place. I know she is being well taken care of.


2 years ago

The highlight of my dog's day is pulling into the PPP parking lot. Never a bad experience.

Tracey Nierling

3 years ago

My dog loves Pet Play Place. He has been coming for 8 years and have always had a great experience!

Kyle Pritchett

3 years ago

Very friendly and helpful staff. Pet play place made our young german shepherd feel right at home. Would highly recommend this place to family and friends.

Sarah Marshall

3 years ago

Worked there for one day and was let go the next day for looking sour faced. I was having a bad day. And they still haven't paid me for the one day that I did work.

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