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Joy-Ming Newsome

2 years ago

I just feel like they are really unprofessional. I submitted my application and never heard back on if I was approved or denied, but I heard from my her roommate about them calling her and asking questions about me. It just seemed really odd to not even acknowledge a person who’s trying to give a cat/kitten a home or let them know if you have concerns with their application or whatever the case may be. I decided to look elsewhere and that probably was a good decision on my end because I love my fur baby. I do not get good vibes from this organization and will not adopt from a place who wants to pick and choose who they want to contact.

Charlene Samuels

2 years ago

I completed an application a month go and send a email about adopting a cat and have heard nothing . I never seen anything like this in my life

Nancy Forshaw

2 years ago

Very dedicated to animal care, and run by experienced and knowledgeable people. Very clean, safe conditions for animals.

Allison Pate

2 years ago

This place and everyone in it is amazing!!!

Luke Willis

2 years ago

I begged for help. My husband just passed away. They never have answered or called.

Carla Bates

2 years ago

Great organization ran by outstanding people! They are truly a blessing to the community. Can't say enough about their compassion and dedication.

Carol Schaffhausen

2 years ago

I find some of the low ratings for KKHR very interesting. Many bad reviews are due to “sour grapes” and there is usually always more to the story! The Haven is very careful about who they allow to adopt! It’s about the cats getting the best homes possible. KKHR has invested time and money on each cat and they love each and every cat in their care. One recent poor reviewer stated they stopped by on a Tuesday afternoon and no one was there. If they took the time to check out the website, FB page or the signs, they would know the Haven is not even open to the public on Tuesday afternoons! Volunteers clean & feed every morning and feed every night but there are limited hours for the public. It’s an all volunteer rescue and there is no way the rescue can stay open all day every day. Yes, they require applications and they pay attention to details. I’m sure it’s a shock if your application is not approved. However, if you really love cats, then you should be grateful that this rescue puts the cats’ welfare “first” when considering potential adopters. Those making the decisions have years of experience and know what to look for and spend many hours carefully considering each and every application. No, they are not perfect but they have seen many sad situations due to irresponsible cat owners. Better safe than sorry. Therefore, they make every effort to assure that their rescued cats and kittens go to the best homes. I applaud them for their efforts and after reading some of the negative comments I can understand how some people are disappointed. However, I admire KKHR for their diligence in checking out potential adopters and their desire to put the cats’ welfare above all else.

J. Lanier

2 years ago

If I could rate them lower I would. They never responded to my application request for adoption. The only good thing that came out of them is because of their lack of response is that I went to GBHS and adopted the best two kittens. I would not recommend them nor will I suggest that you waste time going to them. Spend your time, effort and caring hearts by adopting from the Greater Birmingham Humane Society.

Lucky Mamf

2 years ago

No one ever contacted me . So I went by at 3pm on a Tuesday no one was there. Could see the cats through windows they all looked in fine health. But after waiting 5 days no response. Good luck getting a kitty from here????

Melissa Macon

2 years ago

I called and tried to ask about this place taking some kittens in that were homeless.All I got was a recording saying that they can't take in any more cats.

Sheree Ford

2 years ago

Have not heard back from them.

Drew Phillips

2 years ago

Do not do any adoptions with Kim!! She holds no empathy for animals and will happily let an animal suffer if she has personal prejudices against who you are or who you associate with.

Skye McCammon

2 years ago

I never post google reviews! But this was such an amazing experience! Getting my sweet Buffy and adding her to my family! Kitty Kat Haven is such a wonderful place! The foster parents are incredible and everyone is easy to work with!

Michael Matthews

2 years ago

It's impossible place to get a hold of anyone. Been trying to adopt few weeks.

Megan Snow

2 years ago

Kinda of disappointed that I was denied an application just because I won't be housing the kitten indoors for their lifetime. The email denying my application was borderline insulting with the assumptions that I wouldn't know and don't know how to take care of a kitten/cat when I've been a responsible pet owner with multiple pets all my life. I'll go to humane society where I can pick out a kitty who needs a home without discrimination!

Scott Gloor

2 years ago

If you're looking to adopt a cat, this is the place to go! This place loves cats and have their best interests at heart! ????????

Lynn MacQuarrie

3 years ago

Great place to find a cat that is a match for you. Staff members are very nice and thorough. Lots of kitties that need a forever home.

Savannah Grace Herring

3 years ago

I tried to ask a question to get a cat of my property cause my cats keep going insane and they hung up in me

Lori Jones

3 years ago

We got our new kitty family member just before Christmas. He is soo sweet and fit right in to our family. A few things I love about KKH is they are cage free (the foster that raised our baby did an amazing job), they truly love cats and look out for their well-being, and they continue to support our journey with our new furry friend. I’ve had many questions and they answer each one. They juggle so much yet still answer every single one of my questions. I’ve just fallen in love with not only my new little kitty but KKH as well.


3 years ago

What a great group of cat lovers!!! Adopted a new furry friend today and couldn’t have had a better experience! Everyone was so helpful and nice. Definitely have to go and see them if you’re looking for a new kitty!

BaileyJ 239

3 years ago

They were very informative and the lady who showed us around even knew all the cats names! Their cats are so sweet and it’s such a unique place to visit if you want to adopt a cat.

Noxxy Boy

3 years ago

Very, very friendly and the cats are very well kept. definitely will keep coming here

Ashley Richardson

3 years ago

Best cat place ever


3 years ago

I had volunteered with this shelter for just under a year, and I never expected it to be as bad as it was. First of all, the volunteers are fantastic and really love what they do, and what they do is so important. When it comes to the Board, I have never met such childish and rude adults. The volunteer coordinator, Brenda, is so kind and was the only one who ever made me feel welcome. My first day volunteering, the founder yelled at me because I called a cat fat. It was morbidly obese and suffering from health issues due to its weight, but she thought it was funny to get mad at me for just stating a fact. Also many on the board and some of the older volunteers who never met me got extremely mad at me for mentioning that there was clay in the water fountains, immediately becoming defensive and saying that they suffer from certain pains. Whenever it came to my own chronic pain and suffering, causing an inability to do many of the tasks they still made me do, they turned their heads and acted as if my pain was less valid and non-debilitating although there are days where I am unable to move for hours (so it's pretty debilitating). When trying to explain certain media platforms and trying to help sync up everything, they blatantly ignored me. Instead of asking for clarification if something didn't make sense, they once again acted with the maturity of middle-schoolers. Not only did that hurt because I was trying to help increase adoption rates, but they actually turned me off of even wanting to be near them. Finally, at the few adoption events I attended, they bullied potential adopters so frequently that I hesitated to adopt from them. If they could even just work on wording with people, they could get more inquiries and adoptions. Adoption was the only thing I never regretted because the cat is so amazing. They have strong prejudices against certain answers on their adoption form, and will sometimes pass on letting someone adopt just because their previous cat ran away. The irony is that many cats under their care have also run away. This is a natural part of life that will happen to cats no matter who is taking care of them, but that is not a reason to pass up an adopter unless there are other red flags as well. This review is not intended to stop anyone from adopting. The whole point of animal shelters is to adopt, and it's so important! If you are considering volunteering though, find somewhere else. There are definitely places out there with more welcoming, kind, and mature adults.


3 years ago

Was told that because I was in bankruptcy that I'm not able to adopt but that's not the kicker I was also told that I would never be able to adopt from them in the near future I know there application says they can deny you for any reason they want but seriously tho and the lady said because it takes money to send a cat to the vet like I'm just so completely broke I Cant afford a cat

Parveen Fayyaz

3 years ago

I don't like the place there

Tatiana Neuman

3 years ago

Great people that were dedicated to helping us find the perfect addition to our family! They take care of their shots and their neuter/spay which is super great.

Stella Burton

3 years ago

Top notch facility and a dedicated volunteer staff. Doesn't get much better that KKH!

Natalie Hummel

3 years ago

Happy cats roam free throughout their very own house. The catio is a site to see! Make sure to pay your respects to Marcus, the Mayor of the Haven.

Moniaree Jones

3 years ago

False leadership to adoption and I do not recommend them. Arrogant, and unappreciative of Cat food donation. Treated exceptional child poorly and do not reply to emails. This is a not for profit organization and they have a clean nice area for the cats. That’s as far as the professionalism extends. Had us go across town to another facility thinking we would get a cat for a high functioning Down Syndrome child and we left with being told references would be checked and we could come back for cat. References were never called because I checked. Cat was given to a volunteer they said. Why would you show a cat knowing you would not get it or why would you not give it to the people you showed it to as available? Very distrustful and very misleading. Don’t go here! Go to he Humane Society and you will even get a receipt for your donation. Sad that a sweet cat lost a good home to a child that needed it. Shame on you!

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